Brief Encounter

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He had taken an early morning train, because he wanted to get to the city early enough to make a quick visit to the art gallery before his lunch appointment. When he sat down in the half full carriage the seat opposite him was empty. He took a journal about cinema from his bag and began to read it. He was reading it for his college course.

Two stations after he got on, a woman in her late forties, but well preserved and attractive in a come hither sort of way got on the train and sat opposite him. She was dressed in an expensive business suit. She had noticed him before she chose where to sit and she continued to look him over as she made herself comfortable in the seat. He tried to hold her gaze, but it was too intense and he looked away, only to look back again immediately. She was still staring, but this time her eyes began to show a little warmth.

She took a newspaper from her bag and began to read it. With her face hidden behind the paper, she lifted her left leg up over her right to cross them and revealed the sheer black stockings that covered two very shapely legs. He could not help but look. She edged forward slightly on her seat and then lifted her left leg almanbahis adresi a little higher, slowly until he could almost, but not quite, see her crotch. He felt his cock stirring in his trousers. This journey was going to be less boring than it usually was. Then she moved her leg up a little further and he was sure he was about to get a flash of her panties, which would be black, like the rest of her attire, and he hoped, sheer.

He almost gasped when it was not a black panty covered gusset, and not even a sheer black panty covered gusset, but a pair of large and puffy and gleamingly wet pair of cunt lips that his gaze fell upon. His cock leapt and was fully erect in a moment.

She lowered her newspaper slightly, so that she could look at him and see his eyes. She looked at him for a long moment and then smiled. Then she slid her leg over her thigh and let it fall to the floor and took a small piece of paper and a pen from her bag. She wrote something on it and then discreetly handed it to him. She stood up and went down the corridor of the carriage.

He unfolded the piece of paper.

‘Meet me in the toilet in two minutes.’

Two minutes almanbahis adres past and then he stood up and followed her. He reached the toilet and knocked on the door. He heard the lock click unlocked and he pushed the door open and squeezed in.

She had stripped down to her underwear, all black and all sheer; bra and stockings and suspenders.

Without speaking she reached for his fly, unzipped it and took out his cock and started to stroke it. Then she leaned forward and down and he felt it slide into her mouth. She sucked him hard and with consummate skill. He tongue work was magnificent.

Then she stood up again and turned her back to him and leant against the wall, raising her arse to show him that she was ready to take his cock.

‘Fuck me!’ she said.

He guided his cock into position and slid it into her. It glided up into her pussy with ease. She was wet, she was hot and she was tight.

He began to screw her, slowly at first, then faster and faster, and he felt her fingers around his shaft, stroking her own cunt lips as his cock rammed in and out between them. She gasped as he fucked her and then she told him almanbahis adres to stick his finger into her arse.

The moment his finger was all the way up in her arsehole, which felt warm and soft and oily as arseholes always do, she tensed, shuddered and then came. She recovered herself from her orgasm and made her rhythm again, pushing herself back at him to meet his thrusts.

Then she said

‘Fuck my arse with your finger and my cunt with your gorgeous cock!’

He was close to cumming and she knew it and she barked at him

‘Fill my dirty cunt with your spunk you bastard. Come on fuck me full of cum!’

More obscenities followed and the sound of such delicious filth was more than he could bear. He fucked his cock into her as deep as it would go and shot four or five strong spurts of spunk into the depths of her cunt.

As they dressed he asked her

‘Who are you?’

‘Whoever you want me to be,’ she replied, and then she said, ‘I will be on this train again on Friday, same seat.’

Then she told him to wait for two minutes after she had left before returning to his seat opposite her. He did as she asked.

When he got back to his seat she was reading her paper again. Half an hour or so later the train reached the city. As they both got up to get off of the train she looked at him knowingly and said

‘The only way for a woman to go to a tough business meeting is with a pussy full of spunk.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32