Bridesmaid Gets a DP Pt. 02

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At the reception, I couldn’t help check out Livy’s sexy shape as attended to her Maid of Honor duties. The remembered feel of shafting her virgin pussy while Mike buggered her equally virgin asshole kept my cock in a constant state of arousal. Just 18, and getting her 2 virginities taken in a hot DP, what a spirit.

As soon as the band started playing music, one of my other cousins found me and pulled me onto the dance floor. I had my Uncle’s daughter, 20-year-old Barbara Morrison, aka Babs, in my arms. The music was a slow dance, and she wiggled against me. She was a nice 5’8″ 130 pounds, with dirty blonde hair, I could feel the press of her grapefruit-sized breasts against me as she pressed close during the slow dance. I saw her turn her face up to me, smiling as she felt my prick pressing against her.

“Mmmm, do I turn you on, cousin?”

“Oh yeah Babs, you are so sexy.”

“I wanna get kinky, I’ve always wanted to get fucked by my cousin! Let’s find a private bathroom, and you can ream me there!”

Her eyes were bright as she pulled away, took me by the hand, and led me down a hallway. Just down the hallway was one of the many bathrooms. She opened the door, deserted, perfect, she pulled me in, locked the door, and pulled me into a heated embrace, our mouths clinging together, tongues dueling wildly with each other. Babs moaned deep in her throat, and she reached under her skirt and shoved her blue lace panties down until they dropped of their own accord.

She broke the kiss, and purred, “Feel me, feel my cunt, feel how hot and juicy I am for you.”

I quickly did so, and I felt a rush of juices as my two fingers plunged between her thighs, Babs let out a moan of pleasure as I finger fucked her. I felt her hand unzip my trousers, Babs’ warm hand reaching in and feeling up my stiff cock, curling around my rod.

I pulled my fingers out of her snatch and looking into her eyes I shoved them into my mouth, sucking and licking my fingers clean, the spicy taste making me as hard as I’d ever been.

Babs stripped quickly, and cooed, “Give me that cock, I wanna feel your hard dick ramming me, I wanna feel you squirt all over the inside of my cunt!”

I was looking at my 20-year-old cousin Babs, totally nude Bomonti Escort and full of desire. Those green eyes were lambent with lust, her dirty blond hair covered her shoulders, she had such luscious big milk jugs and wide flaring hips, a real hot body, the smoking hot body that really powered me up. The fact that she was my first cousin just added extra fuel to the fire of lust, as I watched her settle herself on the sink counter, perching her sexy ass on the edge, bringing her feet up, and spreading her thighs. I quickly dumped my clothes and stepped forward, my eyes riveted on the sight of my cousin in full heat, her pink seam smoothly hair free, a one-inch strip of trimmed dirty blonde pubic just above her opening. Damn, that was sexy, and she urged me on.

“Come to me, fuck my cunt, let’s be real kissing cousins! I’m so fucking hot, put out the fire lover!”

I was quick to do so, I nudged against her pink heat, and listened to Babs’ long shuddering gasp of pleasure as I impaled her, with one smooth, long push. I felt her legs wrap around his waist as he bottomed out.

“Now, ram my cunt, I’m so hot, just fuck me, let me have it, my sexy cousin!”

I had a full head of steam, and I started to pump in and out, picking up the pace as Babs’ cries of pleasure increased. I looked down between our bodies, I could see my prick, swollen and glistening with her juices, appear and disappear as I fucked her furiously, her eyes were full of lust.

Babs moaned, “Oh Ummm, oh fuck, so good, getting the best fuck ever! Mmmm, hot incestuous fucking, cousin fucking heat, keep fucking me Cuz, make me cum all over my cousin’s prick, just like a horny, incest driven slut!”

I felt another surge of lust, god, Babs was saying such hot, dirty and sexually driven words, holy shit, what a rush. I continued to ram her, savoring the time it was taking to build up a load.

Babs squealed “Gonna make me cum, fuck, FUCK!” and she tumbled into orgasm, her grunts, growls, and squeals of pleasure filled the bathroom as I reamed her out, her pussy clamping tight at me, a pleasure-filled milking pull. I was getting close, and Babs cried out as another orgasm seized her, and she wasn’t done Bostancı Escort yet.

“Fuck, oh yes lover, gonna make me cum again, cum with me baby, cum deep inside your horny cousin’s cunt, feel me cumming all over your spurting cock, do it, do it, fuck, yes cream MEEEE!”

I could feel her cunt gripping against me, I joined her, and as I squirted a passionate eruption of hot spunk, flooding her with my wet spray of incestuous sperm, she howled out as her third orgasm gripped her full force. That hot, milking pull sucked hungrily at my dick, draining my balls.

Momentarily exhausted, we stayed joined, savoring the feel of their orgasms having been spent totally in each other’s bodies, Babs’ inner heat drawing every drop from my cock.

When we got our breath back, Babs purred, “Mmmm, I needed that so much. That feeling of excitement, fucking my cousin, then your explosion, that wonderful rich, liquid warmth jetting into me, I could feel it putting out the burning fire of need. It was perfect. I need a hot friend with benefits, how would you like to be the one? God, you felt amazing.”

I was quick to agree, I was hooked, cousin fucking was so hot, and the fact that Babs had a smoking hot body, made it an easy Yes. We got redressed, as I enjoyed the sight of my cousin, wiggling her ass for my eyes as she drew on her blue lace panties.

Once dressed, she drew me into an embrace, and purred, “Kissing cousins” then our lips came together, tongues rose up to play, and Babs moaned into my mouth as our tongues swirled together.

Just before we rejoined the party Babs cooed, “I’m calmed down now, but my tight little cunt gets hot and bothered a lot, so expect to be getting lots of action, my pussy is a very demanding girl!”

I looked forward to that!


A few hours later, as the bride and groom prepared to make their departures, Livy pulled me aside, she motioned to Mike and he quickly hurried over. She led us to an alcove away from the party guests.

“My Mom and Stepdad are heading straight to the airport, they are heading off on a 3-week honeymoon to Europe. Which leaves me all alone in the house. See where this is leading?” she giggled, Esenyurt Escort with a lust-filled twinkle in her eyes.

She reached down, a hand for each dick, and she cooed, “Mmmm, I thought you might. You need to sample both my holes, you must enjoy the delights of both. Feeling your spunk running down my thighs as I walked down the aisle felt incredibly hot, and now, we’ll have a nice big bed, and lots of time to enjoy ourselves.”

“I gotta go, my Mom’s gonna drop me off at home. I’m gonna hop in the shower, make sure my tight little almost virgin holes are minty clean and fresh for you both. Come by in about an hour, then you can cum inside me!”

Livy giggled, and as she walked away she wiggled her hips, the sight of that sexy swaying ass drove me up. I was going to be inside her tight little ass very soon.

Mike said, “You are gonna love the tight grip of that sweet ass.”

I replied, “Her sweet little snatch is really hot and wet, she’ll still be virgin tight.”

Mike said, “Damn, just remembering this afternoon has kept me powered up all day. Think she’ll want us to stay the night, I feel like I could go all night with her.”

I said, “I think we might be waking up next to our little naked cousin. I’m sure she’ll be eager to drain our morning loads.”

Mike’s face was flushed, and he said softly, “Damn she was so hot this afternoon. Having her double skewered on our cocks, the way her shoes were slapping against the soles of her feet as we pounded ourselves in and out. Her dress was hiked up, one of her shoes fell off, laying on the ground close to her snow white panties.”

I joined in, “The way she told us to keep fucking her hard. the way her legs were kicking as we worked our little 18-year-old cousin into a sticky frenzy. The heat was incredible, using her as a live fuck doll, acting like animals as we grunted and thrust into our bridesmaid sandwich.”

Mike took over, “The way she felt when we had her quivering body sandwiched tightly between us, we both jammed our throbbing cocks in as deep as possible, exploding, flooding both of her hot holes as she was cumming like crazy, she adored the gushes of hot, wet sperm being pumped into her asshole and her pussy. That superb tightness of her holes milking every drop out of us…and now, what luck, that she wants us again.”

I replied, “And, we’ll get to see how her mouth is, Looking at those pouty, full lips, I get the feeling that sexy mouth knows her way around a hard dick.”

“Tonight’s gonna be awesome,” Mike said, and I was more than ready to get more of our sexy cousin.

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