Brian and Kara Dating Friends

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second story in the series


Brian got out of bed and got dressed. He was in the living room watching television when their parents returned home from work. Their mother immediately went to the kitchen and began preparing supper. Kara appeared in the kitchen and helped her mother fix supper. After they had eaten, Brian returned to his room and turned on his computer. He sat down and signed on to the Internet. Brian was busy surfing the net when he heard a knock at the door. Brian hollered, “Come in.”

When Kara walked into the room, Brian laughed, “You knocked this time. I didn’t know that you knew how any more.”

Kara smiled, “The way this afternoon turned out, I figured that I had better knock for fear that I would get knocked up.”

A look of concern crossed Brian’s face as he asked, “When you were having sex with that guy, you were taking precautions; weren’t you?”

Kara replied, “Yes, Brian. I’ve been on the pill for almost a year and I made him wear a condom. The pill doesn’t prevent diseases. I just said that to see if I could rile you. It worked.”

“You sure can be a bitch when you want to. ? Mom and dad are home, so I know that you didn’t come in here for a replay of this afternoon. What can I do for you?”

“I talked to Jill tonight and she is coming over tomorrow to swim.”

“Was I part of your conversation with her?”

“That’s why she’s wearing her tiniest bikini tomorrow.”

“Damn, I won’t know which body to be watching tomorrow. Her body is almost as nice as yours.”

“Thank you for the compliment; but I know that you’re saying that as part of your plan to get a repeat of this afternoon.”

“I’m saying that because it is true. Although I want a repeat of today, I still think that you have the sexiest body in town — several towns in fact.”

“I’m still thinking about what we talked about, so don’t push it.”

“I guess that since you are bringing Jill over here that I had better try to round up one of my friends for you.”

“No. That’s taken care of. It seems that Jill and Bob had a discussion about people that they wanted to go out with during the summer and Bob mentioned an interest in me. He’s coming with Jill tomorrow.”

“That’s good. I’m going to enjoy watching two fine scantily clad bodies tomorrow.”

“In case you are totally unaware, Bob has a fairly nice body too. I’m curious to find out if he packs as much into his swim trunks as you to.”

The thought of Jill’s visit had Brian out of bed much earlier in the morning than normal; he had showered, shaved and dressed by nine o’clock. Kara noticed that he had used after-shave that morning and had dabbed some cologne on his body. She chuckled at the way that her brother was primping for Jill’s arrival. As she was trimming her bush, she realized that she was reacting exactly as her brother was. She was trying to look as enticing as possible for Bob. She was laughing at herself as she continued to prepare for the arrival of their guests. The siblings were ready by ten-thirty and they sat and talked until Bob and Jill arrived.

When the Sampsons arrived, Jill and Kara reintroduced their brothers. Brian laughed, “We hardly need to be introduced. We graduated from high school together. We had at least one class together each semester last year and talked to each other once or twice a week. I think that we know each other.”

Bob giggled, “Hell, earlier in the year, we were both going out with the same girl at the same time. Of course, two naïve dumb shits didn’t know that until later that we weren’t the only two going out with her at the time. I guess that we were dumb and dumber; but we left her with dumbest and he didn’t thank us for it.”

The girls were laughing as Kara took Jill to her room so that they could change into their swimwear. Brian took Bob to his room so that they could do the same thing. Once in Brian’s room, Bob asked, “Out of curiosity, do you know why I was invited here today?”

Brian smiled, “I think that our sisters are trying to play matchmaker. Yesterday, Kara and I were talking and she suggested that I might like Jill. Your name was also brought up when we were discussing guys that she could go out with. I’m sure that conversation and one that Kara and Jill surely had, has dictated the make-up of this group.”

Bob was a little uneasy as he proceeded, “Brian, I’m a little concerned about this. You and I’ve always been friends; but I know what you’re generally after when you go out with a girl. I’m not sure that I would be comfortable with you going out with my sister.”

Brian was beginning to feel more like a philosopher than the horny teenager that he was when he replied, “Bob, I know exactly how you have to be feeling. I’ve always distrusted the guys that my sister dated. Eventually, I came to the realization that since I trusted her judgment on everything else, there was no reason why I shouldn’t trust her judgment when it came to guys. Kara is a big girl and Eyüp Escort if she wants to fuck a guy that should be her choice. Hell, she’s my baby sister and I’m not anxious to have any guy fucking her; but she’s going to be sexually active and I’d rather that it be with a guy that I know will let it be her choice. The only guys that I worry about are the ones that I know are jerks because you can’t trust them to leave it up to the girl to make the decision.”

Bob reluctantly agreed with Brian, “I suppose that if my sister is going to have sex with someone that I’d rather it be with someone that cared about her desires.”

Brian told his friend, “I know that if you go out with my sister that you are going to try to get in her pants. If Kara wants that to happen, it will be okay with me. You need to take the same attitude with Jill.”

Bob quickly asked, “Does that mean that your prime interest right now is fucking my sister?”

“I didn’t say that. Your sister is one fine looking girl and anybody that passed up a chance to get into her pants would be a fool. Right now, my objective is to find out if we like each other and we will jointly make a decision about what we might do later on.”

“I guess that you’re right. If you want to go out with my sister, that’s fine. Right now, I am going to watch one of the finest looking girls that ever went to our high school. How today goes, will tell be whether I want to ask her out. Who knows, sometime in the future, we might be finding out if you really mean what you’ve been saying or if you’re just paying lip service to try to get a piece of ass.”

By the time the conversation had ended, each of the guys had changed into their swimwear and they went outside to the pool. As they came out the back door, Bob and Brian saw their sisters arranging things on a table between two chaise lounges. The girls had leaned over the table and both guys took in the view of the cheeks of those tight firm asses. Brian wasn’t sure if he would make it through the day. He had been in their presence for less than thirty seconds and his cock was already becoming hard. In light of the conversation that they had just had, Brian was sure that if Bob noticed the growing bulge in his trunks that he would be sure that Jill’s body was causing his reaction. The truth was that he was reacting as much to his sister’s alluring body as he was to Jill’s.

Bob was totally unaware of Brian’s physical reaction because he was too busy worrying about his own semi-erect condition. These two nineteen-year-olds were going to have to settle down. They had only glanced at the girl’s pert rear ends; what would they do when the girls finished their planned teasing that day? Jaws dropped and cocks jumped when the girls turned to face the guys. The bikinis that the young women were wearing that day were briefer than any that either guy had seen his sister wear before. The only time that Brian had seen more of Kara’s tits exposed had been the day before in his bedroom. Their brothers’ physical reaction to their scantily clad attire did not go unnoticed by Kara and Jill. The girls smiled at each other and leaned back on their chaise lounges.

When the girls were comfortably soaking up the sun’s rays, Kara commented, “We seem to have gotten them turned on a little bit. Your brother sure is sporting a nice sized bulge in his trunks.”

Jill replied, “Yeah. It seems a little larger than the other times when I’ve caught him popping a woody; but it seems dwarfed by that monster that Brian is sporting. In about ten minutes, we’ll see how they react when we get these suits wet.”

Kara laughed, “Yep. These suits were not made for going in the water. I’m having a hard enough time keeping my tits covered as it is. I know that they’ll be falling out when this top gets wet.”

Jill added, “The tops definitely won’t stay in place when they’re wet; but I’m a little concerned about whether our pussies will stay covered. I definitely would like for Brian to see mine; but this afternoon would be a little too soon.”

Kara chided her, “You’re just worried about him knowing how wet you’re getting just thinking about it.”

The girls began laughing and relaxed on their lounges for a while. Brian and Bob had gotten into the water shortly after they arrived in order to keep their erect phallic condition hidden from Kara and Jill. Eventually, the girls went into the water. They swam for a while and returned to their chaise lounges. All of their fears had been realized. Their tops were drooping, exposing their erect pointy nipples and most of their well-formed breasts. Of immediate concern to both of them was the fact that their pubic hair was visible. Kara’s bottoms had shifted to one side enough that the crack of her pussy was exposed. Both of them kept their backs turned to the pool as they rearranged their bottoms in order to provide a modicum of modesty. Neither girl worried about covering their exposed breasts.

Brian and Bob Eyüp Escort Bayan decided that they could not stay in the pool for the rest of the day or they would shrivel up. The decided that they would swallow their pride and let the girls see how their lovely bodies were affecting them. The guys took seats on either side of the two girls and the four of them began to talk. Everyone was aware that the girls were catching furtive glances at the protrusions in the front of the guys’ trunks. They talked for several hours, taking breaks occasionally to cool off in the water. As the afternoon progressed, they learned that there was a movie playing in town that they all desired to watch. The guys finally realized that when they were engaged in conversation, the size of their erections subsided somewhat. They attempted to focus on things to talk about to distract them from the nearly nude bodies next to them.

Late in the afternoon, Bob and Jill went in to the house to dress. They returned at six-thirty to take Brian and Kara to the movie. All four of them enjoyed the movie and there was a lot of kissing and some light petting at the theatre. They stopped to get a sandwich when the movie was over and then found a secluded spot to park. Bob had barely gotten the car in ‘park’ when the two couples were locked in tight embraces. Bob did not take very long to work his hand inside of Kara’s blouse and her bra was soon unhooked. The feel of those exquisite firm globes was every bit as enjoyable as Bob had imagined it would be. In the back seat, Brian was progressing a little slower; but he was soon enjoying the feel of Jill’s tits in his hands.

Kara was soon arching her back in an attempt to drive her boob deeper into Bob’s mouth. Brian had moved a hand under Jill’s short skirt and began to rub her panty-clad mound. As their tits were being sucked and their pussies were being rubbed, Kara and Jill began to rub their dates’ hard cocks through their pants. Brian was becoming concerned that he would cum in his pants when he tried to slide his hand under Jill’s panties. She grabbed his wrist and told him, “Not tonight, Brian. I’ve really enjoyed being with you today and tonight; but I think that we’re moving a little too quick.”

Brian was not pleased with her pronouncement; but he knew that he would have to accept it. He replied, “All right. You control the pace of how things go. I’ve really enjoyed being with you too. ? Why don’t you come over tomorrow and we can spend some time together. I know that I think a lot of you; but it would probably be a good idea for us to learn a little more about each other.”

“Do you want Bob to come along or do you want me to come alone?”

“I think that Kara and Bob should decide whether he comes over or not.”

“I’ll bet that you want me to come over to see if I’ll show you as much skin as I did today.”

“That was interesting in the beginning; but as the day went on it turned out to be a distraction when we tried to talk about things. I wouldn’t care if you came over in a one-piece suit. I’m sure that when we’re both ready that you’ll let me see more.”

“I’ll be there at about the same time tomorrow. The way things look in the front seat; I’m sure that Kara will invite Bob over too.”

Kara was busy straightening her clothes when Bob started the car. They returned to the O’Hara home and the four of them spent another fifteen minutes saying goodnight.

Although it had been after midnight when they got in bed, Kara was out of bed early in the morning. She joined her parents in the kitchen for coffee. Mrs. O’Hara asked, “How was your date last night?”

“Pretty good. I enjoyed myself.”

“What about your brother? Did he seem to have a good time?”

“I think so. Bob and Jill are coming over to swim again today.”

“It sounds like the entire evening went pretty well. What time did you get in?”

“I was in bed a little after midnight.”

“That’s nice; but what time did you come home?”

Kara was shocked at her mother’s comment and exclaimed, “Mom, how could you ask something like that?”

Mrs. O’Brien gave her daughter a hug and told her, “I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t resist the chance to give you a little dig. Is this thing with Bob just a short-term deal or is it something that could get serious?”

“It’s too early to tell. When I’ve gone over to visit Jill, I’ve always thought that Bob was a nice guy. Time will tell about whether there is a future or not.”

“What about your brother and Jill?”

“They seemed to be getting along pretty well. I would guess that they are in about the same position as Bob and I are.”

Mr. O’Hara had left for work while Kara and her mother were talking. Mrs. O’Hara was walking toward the door when she commented, “You guys have a good time today. Just don’t do anything that you’ll be sorry about later.”

Kara kissed her mother goodbye and said, “Don’t worry, mom; we’ll be all right.”

Kara Escort Eyüp watched as her mother’s car drove down the street and then went to her bedroom. She was wearing a short thin nightgown and she pulled her panties off and tossed them into the clothesbasket. Kara went to Brian’s room and found that he was awake, although he was still in bed. She walked over sat down next to him on his bed. Brian remarked, “I’m surprised to see you this morning. I thought that you and Jill would be on the phone trying to devise ways to torture the hell out of Bob and me today.”

“No. I think that the teasing and torturing are over. I really had a good time last night. How about you?”

“Yeah, I really enjoyed myself. Jill is as much fun as you told me that she would be.”

“You know, it’s a little embarrassing to admit this; but I had to finger myself for twenty minutes last night before I could go to sleep.”

“Hah. It took me about a minute and less than ten strokes to get off. Jill really had me worked up when they left last night.”

“Hey, I promised that Jill would be fun to be with. I didn’t promise you a piece of ass.”

Kara swung her legs up onto the bed and faced her brother. When she saw the tent starting to form in the sheet, she knew that Brian had gotten a good look at her pussy. She muttered, “I need to do something this morning before Bob and Jill get here. I don’t want to be worked up all day. Yesterday, I was so worked up all day that I almost let Bob fuck me even though I knew that I wasn’t ready yet.” Kara pulled the covers off of Brian’s body revealing that he had slept in the nude the night before. She admired her brother’s hard cock, standing majestically tall. She pulled her nightgown over her head and continued, “Brian, would you satisfy me this morning?”

Brian rubbed one of her breasts and kissed his sister before asking, “What restrictions are you placing on me today?”

Kara took his balls in her hand and replied, “There are no restrictions today.”

Brian rolled Kara to her back and began kissing her in earnest while he kneaded her firm, but pliable, boobs. A few days ago, it had only been his fantasy to feast on his sister’s marvelous boobs; but he was now realizing that fantasy for the second time in three days. Today, though, he might be able to realize his ultimate fantasy. If he didn’t go too fast and scare her off, he might be able to slide his prodigious tool into his sister’s tasty tight box. He resolved that he would move as slowly as possible as he tried to bring his sister to the heights of ecstasy. He spent an ungodly amount of time feasting on those fine tits. His hand was rubbing her pussy and he began to slide a finger into that tight slit. Kara was hunching her hips up at his hand as he inserted a second finger into that wet hole. As much as he wanted to move on, Brian continued to suck on her tits and finger her tight pussy.

Kara’s excitement level was reaching a fever pitch. She enjoyed the feel of the fingers in her pussy; but she wanted them to be replaced with a tongue or a cock. Brian was not sure how much longer he could hold out; but he wanted his sister to want to feel his cock inside of her as much as he wanted to feel the velvety grip of her pussy on his cock. He abandoned her glorious tits and began to kiss his way down her body until he mouth reached the juncture of her thighs. His tongue probed at the puffy tender lips of her pussy and he felt the thin neatly trimmed hair guarding the entrance to that heavenly spot. Brian’s tongue slid up that wet channel and he tried to lap up all of the moisture that the young girl was producing.

Kara was experiencing several mild, but pleasant cums as Brian’s tongue slid as far into her pussy as it would reach. He flicked her swollen clit and this caused her to thrash about on the bed. Kara began to moan, “Please Brian, get a condom on that thing and fuck me. I want to feel your big cock inside of me.”

Brian continued to eat her pussy as he fumbled in the nightstand to reach for a condom. When the condom was in his hand, he moved his face away from her dripping pussy and rolled the condom over his hard cock. Brian moved above her and probed at the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock. He slid the tip of it into her and stayed motionless for a moment. He then slid more of his long cock into her tight, nearly virginal hole. As anxious as Brian was to cum, he showed considerable restraint as he worked at getting his entire cock inside of her. It took several strokes before he was buried to his balls in her juicing pussy.

Kara was cumming harder than she had ever cum before and she was moaning loudly. She began to cry out, “Harder, Brian. Fuck me harder. ? Oh god. I’m just about there. Fuck me. FUCK ME. Oh please. FUCK ME HARD. Oh yes, I’m cumming. Yes.”

Kara’s body had gone limp when Brian began to fill the condom that he was wearing. He was pleased that he had been able to hold out until his sister had cum before he blew his wad. Brian fell against Kara’s soft chest and rolled the two of them to their side. They embraced each other and tried to regain their composure. Kara was the first to speak, “You were right the other day. Anything that feels this good can’t be bad.”

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