BRF 03.4: Nadia vs. Tony

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As the steamy, long drawn out match between Jia and Paige came to an end, Claire hoped these last two fights would move quicker. It was already 12:30 AM and she didn’t want to have to spend all night closing. She picked up the mic and quickly began on the next announcement.

“Our penultimate fight tonight will be a mixed boxing match between two fit combatants. Their match will take place in three minute rounds until a fighter is knocked out by ten count. The winner will receive a 2,500 dollar bonus as well as oral pleasure from the subservient loser. Introducing first in the blue corner. He stands at 5’11”, weighs 178 lbs, and is a 27 year old personal trainer. Please welcome Tony in his debut to our ring.”

Tony calmly disrobed and showed off his fit, muscular body for the cheering drunk crowd. His olive skin was practically without blemish and his overall appearance made him look more fit for modelling than fighting. He gave a handsome grin to the audience as he relaxed back against the ropes. Short black hair was styled but practical on the fighter and his brilliant green eyes made many of the audience feel butterflies. Wearing only a pristine pair of blue, 12 oz gloves he had bought himself and white boxer briefs, little of his toned body was left to the imagination. Most notably, the fit boxer had a large, muscular ass with thick legs to accompany it.

“And in the red corner. She stands at 5’5”, weighs 144 lbs, and is a 29 year old fitness instructor. She holds a record of 1 win and 0 losses in our ring and is hoping for another decisive victory tonight. Give it up for Nadia!”

The Persian woman threw away her robe and let the audience soak in her thick body. Her large nose thankfully hadn’t been broken in her last fight but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Her long black hair was impressively braided tonight and she had a severe look about her. While athletic looking in her red gloves and black panties, most of the audience were drawn to her large ass and tits. As much as Nadia hated to admit it, she loved the attention she received. Her own thoughts in the moment were centered around dominating the beautiful body standing across the ring.

Beckoned to the center of the ring, the two fighters stared down as the rules were explained to them once more. Nadia, once again the smaller fighter, locked her brown eyes with Tony’s green. Even this, usually cold woman felt herself melt a little from her opponent’s charming appearance. She was flattered to see her opponent was having a similar reaction as the bulge in his briefs shifted and grew.

The tense moment ended as the two touched gloves firmly against each other and returned to their corners. Tony did his best to maintain a calm composure but his thoughts were swimming with excitement. He had always enjoyed sparring lightly with friends in the past but this would be his first real fight. Facing off against a skilled and beautiful opponent like Nadia was just icing on an already enticing cake for him. Shaking his head, he tried to focus on his strategy for the upcoming match and not on his opponent’s attractive curves.

Nadia was having similar issues as she returned to her corner. She wanted to dominate, to beat Tony senseless before roughly fucking him but something about the strong, almost jovial made her hesitate. He looked like a man who knew how to have a good time and frankly, he had the body of a roman god. The usually dominant Nadia found herself wanting to please him in any way possible for a brief moment. She dispelled these thoughts and turned her attention back towards winning. Claire had mentioned a possible championship bout next month and a win here would make Nadia one of the few fighters with more than one win. The thought of winning Bayan Eskort a title to hold over all these weak bitches made the Persian woman ache with desire. She would have to beat the sexy hunk before her if she wanted that chance.


The two boxers stepped out of their corners, cautious with their gloves raised in defense. They circled each other slowly, waiting to see who would make the first move. Trying to get in her opponent’s head, Nadia taunted him with a smile on her face. Bending forward and letting her tits hang loose, she said, “I do hope you don’t have any problem with losing to a girl. I’ll make this quick for you if you’re good for me.”

Tony smiled handsomely in response and beckoned her with his glove to come at him. Annoyed that Tony didn’t seem entirely enthralled by her yet, Nadia charged forward with a jab. Quick on his feet, Tony ducked away from the shot and fired off a jab of his own. His opponent got her gloves up in time to block the jab as leather hit leather with a loud smack. Hungry for first blood, Nadia swung a left hook towards his body and was pleased to feel it slam into his abs. Tony let out a little grunt from the blow and then stepped back with caution. His opponent hit harder than he expected she would and judging by the wicked grin on her face, she craved his pain. He blocked another jab before just barely managing to step out of the way of a powerful uppercut.

Steadying himself, Tony smiled at his opponent before saying, “You almost got me there, no wonder you were able to beat up a guy bigger than me in your last fight.”

The frustrated woman stepped towards him with a left hook body shot which he caught with his right glove before firing off two quick jabs. Both caught Nadia on the cheek, snapping her head back before she could stagger away.

“I guess I’m a lot faster though. Or maybe you’re just a little distracted,” quipped Tony. He bounced back and forth on his feet, waiting for Nadia to ready herself once more. She did not like being played with like this. Nadia wanted an all out war in each of her fights ending with her opponents submitting to her. Her opponent just seemed too comfortable right now for being in the ring with her. Scowling, she feinted with a jab before swinging towards his crotch with her right. Tony noticed her changing levels and turned his body so it only glanced off his thigh before stinging her face with a straight right.

Doing her best to hold in a cry of pain, Nadia pressed forward, throwing a sickening left hook into her opponent’s body. She could feel him buckle under it and she couldn’t help but let out an uncharacteristic giggle. If she could fight smart, this sexy piece of meat would be hers for the taking. She followed up with a quick right hook up top that managed to turn Tony’s head before he got his gloves up. Feeling smothered by the pressure, the fit man gave her a hard shove back to create some space. Eying each other with a lust for violence, the bell rang before they could continue.

Nursing his body, Tony sat back in his corner. He wasn’t hurt too bad, but he had never been hit that hard before. His opponent clearly took this seriously and wasn’t afraid to fight dirty from the looks of things. Unsure of what he was willing to do to win, Tony figured it wouldn’t make him a bad guy if he hit her tits. They were certainly large enough targets and this was erotic boxing after all.

Nadia sipped at her water while eying her opponent. The round had felt pretty even overall but she was hoping to press an aggressive pace in the next round. She wanted her win over this himbo to be an impressive one. She smacked her glove together, eager for the action to begin again.


Nadia Anadolu Yakası Escort practically sprinted out of her corner towards Tony. The muscular man barely had time to step out of his corner before the Persian woman was backing him against the ropes. Covering up, he felt power punches slam against his gloves and elbows as she swung wildly at him. Her jab bounced off his gloves with a hard smack and two hooks to his body became glancing blows as they skidded off his elbows. She swung into his hips this time with more success but the shots didn’t seem to do much as Tony rested against the ropes. Frustrated and desperate to hurt her opponent, Nadia wound back for a crushing crotch shot. Seeing this, the battered trapped Italian man snapped his left forward in a stinging jab that crushed Nadia’s nose underneath. The big nose started to squirt a little blood and his opponent’s crotch shot went completely wide. Furious, Nadia shoved Tony against the ropes.

“I’ll suffocate you between these thighs for that one!” she shrieked at him.

Putting her weight behind it, she slammed a straight right into his gloves, forcing them violently back against his pretty face. He fell back against the ropes but his gloves stayed up and his defense was still sharp. Meanwhile, Nadia was beginning to breathe heavy already and her punches were getting slower. She landed another hard left to the body that got a grunt out of Tony but his defense was unwavering. Her punches just weren’t strong enough for the smothering, power shot focused strategy she was trying to employ and had left her a bit gassed as a result. Tony had ample time to see her next right hook coming and countered with a straight right hand before it could hit him. With a crack, she staggered backwards on wobbly legs and it looked for a moment that this would be a knockdown.

Steadying herself, Nadia got her red gloves up as Tony stepped off the ropes and approached her. She tried to keep him back with a jab but even that was too slow to stop her opponent. He parried the shot with his right glove and sunk in a deep hook to her belly in return. Nadia practically doubled over, big tits hanging free before Tony shoved her back up. It was becoming clear that the tide of the fight was shifting as Tony easily punched through his opponent’s defenses with a quick jab straight right combo that snapped her head back with each blow. The thick woman staggered back against the ropes and tried to do her best to look threatening as she spat out some blood.

“Come on, is that the best you’ve got, you pussy. Even that fat guy I fought last-” she was cut off as her opponent threw a heavy overhand right that crashed against her raised gloves. Even the effort of keeping her hands up was exhausting and Nadia dropped them as she was jabbed in the belly. The resulting consequence was getting rocked as Tony slammed a right hook against her chin. Almost falling over, his opponent caught herself on the ropes and the bell rang before he could follow up.

Tony stepped away from his opponent, having the time of his life. He had fought a great round and it was looking like he would be the victor. Cock growing hard in his bottoms, he rubbed it a little while downing the rest of his water. His powerful chest rose and fell with calm breaths. His only regret in this moment was not fighting like this sooner.

Across the ring, Nadia was full of regrets. She had pushed a pace she couldn’t keep and she was breathing heavily as a result. Tony had made her pay and now her mouth tasted of blood. Downing the rest of her water as well, she tried to focus her cloudy thoughts on the round ahead. If she was smart, she might just stand a chance.


The third round began with Nadia Pendik Escort slowly picking herself up and leaving the corner. Each step was still a little stiff and uncertain due to the hook at the end of the last round. Tony on the other hand still looked as calm and fresh as he did towards the beginning of the fight. Even the drunken audience could tell which way this was going to go. Tony started the action, throwing a jab into his opponent’s belly that she ate as she tried to trade with a left hook. The punch landed but the fit man rolled with it taking little damage. Grinning at her, Tony swung a hard left hook into Nadia’s side that got a cry of pain from the usually hard as nails woman.

Desperate, she went for the same ballbusting uppercut that had already failed her before. Tony was more than ready for the dirty shot and met her with a vicious right uppercut to her chin. Droplets of sweat and even some blood flew as Nadia’s head snapped back and she fell to the mat. Claire started a count as a formality but it was clear from the Persian woman’s rigid, unconscious body that she wasn’t getting back up. Tony had won the fight with a spectacular knockout.

Tony threw his gloved fists up in victory and paraded around the ring. He bounced from foot to foot, taking in the cheers from the crowd. Soon he saw movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see Nadia sitting back up, chest shifting with deep breaths. The fight had been incredible foreplay but he couldn’t wait any longer. He ripped his gloves off, spat out his mouthguard, and stripped away his white briefs to reveal a hard, 5 inch cock that was as straight as an arrow. Nadia’s vision was just beginning to clear as she saw the built personal trainer standing above her. He knelt down and began massaging her tits with his left hand while removing her mouthguard with his mouth. Nadia began to remove her red gloves but Tony moved to stop her.

“Uh uh, I’m gonna need you to keep those on while you suck up my cum,” he told her. She nodded obediently and the two embraced each other’s sweaty bodies, trying to devour their mouths. After about thirty seconds, the Italian man grabbed his prize by the root of her braid and pulled her up to her knees as he stood up. The woman moaned submissively, realizing for the first time that she could be dommed by the right opponent. Tony had a great view of her big ass from this angle and his cock throbbed from the sight of it.

“I know you’re going to be a good sub and give me your best head but I want you to pummel my balls a little with those gloves. You were trying so hard to do it in our fight.” Tony spread his legs apart and thrust his hard cock between Nadia’s pretty lips. He moaned lowly as her warm mouth welcomed him inside. With slow thrusts, he used her to pleasure him. Nadia worked him with her lips and tongue, not wanting to disappoint this man. She would have some serious evaluation to do after the fight but for now she focused on the moment.

Nadia reached her right hand between his legs and tapped it against his hanging sack. He shuddered and groaned from the impact but the way he forced his cock further into her mouth demonstrated that he wanted more. Even the drunken crowd couldn’t help but notice the raw, primal desire building between the two. The victorious man had tamed the wild animal that opposed him and now she was his to enjoy.

Locking her brown eyes with his green, Nadia sent tap after tap with her blue gloves against his balls. Each blow drove him harder until he was roughly fucking her face with powerful thrusts. Nadia’s wet gagging sent him over the edge as he exploded into her mouth. Holding his cock in place until she swallowed, he bent down and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead as he pulled away. The beaten woman purred as he did and watched lustfully as his perfect backside walked away from her and exited the ring. Nadia had experienced something new tonight and as she left the ring, she wondered how she could experience that again with a little shame.

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