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Brenda and I were just catching our breath after a round of spirited sex. We were lying in bed with her head on my shoulder and her finger twisting some of my chest hair.

“Mikey?” She only calls me Mikey when she wants me to do something that I may not like.

She lifted her head off my chest, looked me in the eyes and said, “Would you like to go to another party with me?”

Brenda and I had been together about 6 months now. We had met in a bar, had good chemistry and on our second date we were in bed together. We are both in our mid 30’s and in good shape. She is a manager at an international financial firm and I own a small engineering firm. The last time she asked me to go to a party with her, it was a corporate party where promotions were announced. The women all migrated to one side of the room and the men to the other. The men talked about work all evening. Brenda was the exception to this general norm. She grabbed me and started introducing me to various people. I was introduced to the CEO and his wife. He and Brenda had a spirited discussion about something going on at work. I learned that she could hold her own with him. She was intelligent, confident, witty in addition to being a very attractive blonde. She took me around the room introducing me to various managers and their wives or girl friends or husbands or boy friends. She seemed to know everyone in the room. We walked up to one couple standing off by themselves. It was obvious that neither were comfortable being at the party. The guy looked like he would rather be at his own funeral than at this party. His suit didn’t fit him well and the shirt collar was too tight. His wife was equally uncomfortable. She had been to a hair dresser and wore a new dress, but she didn’t know how to wear either. Brenda introduced me to him. His name was Joe, his wife was Mary. He was the building maintenance manager. Quickly, Brenda had both more at ease, laughing and starting to enjoy themselves. Brenda knew how to work the entire corporate ladder and was well liked by all.

My response to her questions was, “Is this another corporate party like the last one?”

“No, silly. The woman that owns the spa I frequent and her husband are throwing a party at their house next Saturday.”

“I suppose this will be one of those parties where the women gather in the kitchen, drink wine and talk about the kiddies while the men are in the family room watching some boring baseball game and drinking beer.”

“Noooo, not exactly. This will be a swingers party.”


“A swingers party. The owner of the spa and her husband are swingers and throw a party every few months. I was out of town for the last one, but they purposely scheduled this one for when I was going to be in town. Just think of all the new tits you can play with, the new mouths that can wrap themselves around your dick and the hot pussy that will be running around. All available to you if you want to play.”

I had never been to a swingers party. I don’t think I even knew anyone that swung. Now this smart, foxy, beautiful blonde laying next to me wanted me to go to a swingers party and watch men fuck her while strange women fucked me. Well, this is a new side to Brenda.

She brushed her tits on my chest. They were always tits, never boobs or breast, just tits. Same with her pussy. Always pussy, never anything else.


I looked at her, “Sure, why not? I hope this isn’t a bunch of out of shape women looking to get laid by a strange cock.”

She laughed. “The ladies are all beautiful in their own way, but none are fat. Typically the ages of the people that attend are mid 20’s to mid 40’s. There is one older woman, probably 55-60 that comes alone. Her husband died a year ago and she uses these parties to satisfy her needs. She may have the best body of all the ladies. There are also a mix of nationalities. There may be a couple from India, another from France, another from Africa, and of course Susie, the owner of the spa, is Japanese and her husband is asian as well. So there are a variety of sexual traditions that will all mix together in one glorious night of SEX!”

I laughed and asked, “How many couples typically come to these parties?”

“Usually 8-10 get invited and 5-6 show up.”

“OK, it sounds like fun. I’ll go with you.”

“Awesome, now play with my tits and fuck my pussy.”

The next week was a busy week. Brenda was out of town for a few days, I had some proposals to finish and get out, one of the projects was behind schedule and having financial problems that required my attention and I was interviewing some young graduates for a couple of open positions that I was trying to fill.

I arrived home from work late Friday night. I walked into the condo and Brenda was there, having a glass of wine and wearing a sexy transparent bra and panty set with thigh high silk stockings. I love her choice of clothes.

“Hey lover, I hope your week was better than mine.” casino siteleri

We compared notes. Her week had been as stressful as mine.

I changed into a pair of boxers she had given me, poured myself a bourbon, sat down next to her, put my arm around her, pulled her in and gave her a kiss that included a lot of tongue. We separated, looked at each other and she laughed. As she reached for my crotch she said, “I think this is going to be a wonderful weekend!”

We talked for a while about a variety of subjects and teased each other with sexual innuendo. There was no rush to have sex, there never was. We both knew it would happen and enjoyed the build up to it.

About an hour later I stood up to get her another glass of wine and me another bourbon. While I had my back turned she snuck up behind me, reached around, pulled my cock out of my shorts and whispered in my ear, “It’s time to have your cock in my pussy while you suck my tits.” Forget the drinks, lets get to fucking.”

I spun around, picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her to bed. She was laughing all the way down the hall. I dropped her on the bed, she raised her legs and pulled her panties off. “Leave the stockings on!” She looked at me, laughed and pulled her bra off. I had already dropped my shorts. I pulled her up and kissed her. We shared our tongues and danced around each others mouth. I reached down and squeezed the cheeks of her ass. She grabbed my cheeks and pulled my cock hard against her pelvis. We kissed more.

After separating we both said in unison, “Whew, I love how you kiss!” Then we laughed. I pushed her down on the bed, lifted her legs to my shoulders and began blowing hot air on her pussy followed by my tongue between her pussy lips. Now she was starting to moan a little. She reached for my hard cock and began stroking it and cupping my balls.

“Mike, tie me up and blindfold me.”


“Tie me up, blindfold me, and do what you want to me.”

“What are we playing, 50 Shades of Gray?”

“No, just tie me up and fuck me.”

“OK, if that’s what you want.”

I found some ties in the closet, put a pillow under her ass, tied her wrist and ankles to the bed posts and looked for something to blindfold her with. I pulled a pair of black briefs out of the dresser, pulled them over her head and wrapped a tie around her eyes. She got really quiet. Now what, I had never done anything like this before. I sure wasn’t going to do anything to cause pain. I’m not wired that way.

I touched her right ear as lightly as I could and moved it along the curve of her ear lobe continuing down along her jaw line to her neck. I stopped and moved to her left foot and slowly ran my finger up the inside of her leg to mid-thigh and stopped again. Brenda was starting to twitch a little with small moans. Her pussy was getting wet. I repeated the same moves on her left ear and right leg. I leaned down and blew on her pussy. Her ass arched into the air. Next I straddled her and pumped my cock between her tits while my balls bounced against her chin. She stuck out her tongue trying to capture one of my balls.

I said,”MMMM, what now.” She turned her face towards my voice but didn’t say anything. I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could use but didn’t see anything. I bent down and licked her belly button then continued down past her pussy to her left thigh. I stopped at the top of her stockings. I returned to the belly button and ran my tongue down past her pussy to her right thigh. When I reached the top of her stocking, I lifted it with a finger and ran my tongue under it.

As quickly as I could, I moved to her left tit and sucked it in and licked her nipple before releasing it and licking her right tit.

“Oh fuck, is this good. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this turned on. Keep doing what you’re doing! Ohhhhhhhhhhh”

Licking the outside of her tit, I moved down over her ribs, back to her belly and licked her button again while reaching up to cup and squeeze her tits. I went back to licking and sucking her tits and nipples. My hand moved down to her mound, careful not to touch her pussy lips. I used my fingers to draw little circles all around her pussy before running a finger down the outside of her hips to an ass cheek. She started bouncing her ass trying to get me to touch her pussy. Her pussy was gushing her juice. I could smell it. She was groaning, moaning, and started begging me to make her come.

“Eat me. Pleaseeeeeee eat me, make me cum, touch me. Pleaseeeeeee.”

I touched her rosebud and put a little pressure against as if to stick my finger in her ass.

“Yes, yes, do it. Pleaseeeeee do it. Finger fuck my ass.”

I stopped and pulled my finger away, but ran it past her nose so she could smell it.

“Noooooooo, I gotta cum. Please, I can’t take anymore. I gotta cum.”

Her ass was bouncing all over the bed. She was pulling at the ties, her slot oyna head was moving back and forth.

I took one lick up her pussy, brushed my tongue on her clit and shoved two fingers in her pussy going straight to her g-spot.

With a huge groan she came hard. So much juice was coming out of her pussy, I thought she was squirting. Just as she was starting to come off her high, I stuffed my cock in her and began pumping. Just a few pumps and she was coming again. I flooded her pussy with my spunk.

While letting her ride out her orgasmic high, I untied her wrists and ankles, removed my briefs from her head, laid down next to her and held her close. Her eyes fluttered open but it was evident she wasn’t seeing anything. She was still in another world. Slowly her heart rate slowed, her breathing became normal and she turned her head to look at me. A huge smile broke out on her face, her eyes lite up and she kissed me hard.

“WOW, I’ve never experienced anything like that. Where did you learn all that? We gotta do it again. Maybe I’ll tie you up! FUCK that felt good.”

She turned around, engulfed my softening cock and started sucking. As soon as I was hard, she turned around and sat down on my now hard cock, leaned forward to rub her tits on my chest and started bouncing on me. She came twice more before I dumped a load of spunk in her pussy.

We both had to use the bathroom. She went first, I heard her peeing, brushing her teeth and when she came out, she had brushed her hair. I went in, pee’d, brushed my teeth, drank some water and climbed into bed. We spooned together and were soon sleeping hard.

In the morning, I woke, reached for Brenda.

“Not this morning Mikey. You have to have a fully loaded cock for tonights party. Remember?”

“How could I forget? All that fresh new pussy to eat and fuck. MMMMMMM”

She threw a pillow at me and laughed.

We got up and walked around nude. We did shower together, but she kept me at bay. I had some calls to make and so did Brenda. We went to separate rooms to make our calls without bothering each other. A couple of hours later we both finished. I suggested going out to lunch at a near by sandwich bar so we dressed and went to lunch.

We got back about 3:00, but didn’t have to leave until 6:30.

“Mike, I am going to take a bath and freshen up for tonight. By the way, don’t wear any underwear tonight. Clothes come off almost as soon as we are in the door and small stuff like that gets lost so the guest usually show up commando.”

“K. What are the rules for tonight? Are there any?”

“Of course, silly. First and most important is NO means NO. I’ve never heard it used though. Second, no sex with the partner you came with, period. Third, absolutely no drugs of any kind other than alcohol or Viagra. Fourth most of the sex takes place in the public areas of the house so anyone can watch. If using a bedroom, the door stays open, anyone can watch, but no-one can join in without an invitation. Some parties allow closed doors meaning the partners want privacy, but we don’t allow closed doors. Everything is available to be watched. A couple of other things, some people will leave around midnight, but others will stay all night. Generally, everyone is gone by noon on Sunday. If we stay the night, which I always do, you sleep with who ever you fall asleep with, whether you’re by yourself, or with a group of people.”

“Well, that is simply enough. While you are bathing, I have some papers I have to review. When you’re done, I’ll take a quick shower and by then it should be time to leave.”

She came over and planted a toe curling kiss on me and headed for the bath. Stopping and turning around, “There is something else that you should know in advance.”


“You will see me with 3 guys several times. I enjoy being made air tight once in a while and I use these parties for that. I hope that doesn’t upset you when you see me that way. I can get pretty wild at these things.”

” That’s a little shocking. I guess I won’t know until I see it. If it bothers me, we can talk about it later, I guess.”

Brenda was full of surprises this weekend. First was being tied up, something we had never done before, second was wanting my finger up her ass and third was the revelation that she liked being air tight. While Brenda is an intelligent, confident and mostly conservative lady during the day, she seems to have a wild side that I had only caught glimpses of in the 6 months I had known her. I wondered what else I would learn about her this weekend.

Walking into the bedroom after my shower, Brenda was standing there in a little white dress that barely made it to mid-thigh , the top was strapless and a pair of fuck me sandals. She pulled up her dress and showed me her bare pussy and popped a tit out of the top. My cock rose to attention.

“Easy Mikey. I’m off limits until tomorrow afternoon.”

“Sure we don’t need to warm up before the canlı casino siteleri main event?”

She was laughing as she walked away.

I pulled on a pair of black jeans, a gray sweater, a pair of loafers and adjusted my cock. It was time to go.

Susie’s house wasn’t much different then the other houses in the subdivision. A two story house with an attached two car garage, well landscaped and a manicured lawn. The drive had four cars in it, so I pulled in behind one. There were two cars parked out front on the street.

The door opened as we walked up the walk and Susie called, “Brenda, so glad you could make it. This must be Mike. Please come in. Mike this is my husband Wen.” We shook hands.

Both were dressed in what I would call a kimono but I wasn’t sure they were. Wen reached out and ran his hand up Brenda’s leg and said welcome. Susie grabbed my cock and said, “See you later.” Brenda rubbed Wen’s cock. Susie pointed to the dinning room and said, “You can leave your clothes there. The others are in the family room. You know everyone, Brenda, so you can introduce Mike.”

Brenda grabbed my hand pulling me into the dining room. She promptly pulled off her dress and kicked off her shoes. I got undressed a little slower. She kissed me and said, “Now we can’t touch each other until tomorrow afternoon. Relax, have fun, enjoy yourself and fuck as many women as you want. Now let me introduce you to the others.”

With that she headed for the family room in the back of the house. The room was larger than I expected and it was full of naked people standing around talking and having a drink. One guy was getting a blow job from a brunette and obviously enjoying it. Several people were standing around watching. I was trying to take in the whole surreal scene when Brenda announced, “Hey everyone. This is my friend Mike. It’s his first time at a swingers party so ladies please be sure to make him feel welcome.” Everyone yelled hi and a glass of wine was handed to me. A little blond came up to me and said,

“Hi Mike, I’m Jill. My husband is Fred over there watching Linda give John the blow job.”

Jill was a short blond about 5ft, 2 inches. She had nice tits, a round ass and a pretty smile. She reached down and stroked my cock.

“You’ll get used to this Mike. All the women will probably do something similar when they meet you. It is just our way of making you feel welcomed. You are free to cop a feel of my tits or pussy if you want. I hope to have this cock in it before the party is over.”

“Hi Jill. This is all new to me and it’s going to take a minute or two to adjust to every thing.”

“You’ll do fine. Everyone but Betty is here that is coming. Brenda will be disappointed that Anthony and Miranda won’t be here. They had to return to Africa earlier this week. Brenda really likes Anthony. You know what they say about black men. Well, it’s true in Anthony’s case. Brenda also thinks Miranda has the sweetest tasting pussy here. I agree with her.”

Whoa, what did she just say.

“I didn’t know that Brenda was bi.”

“Oh, all us ladies are, but none of the men are. It’s too bad because I would like to watch a couple of men fucking. Are you bi?”

“No, I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint you that way.”

“That’s ok, I like what you bring to the party!”

With that, she dropped to her knees and sucked in my cock.

She certainly was experienced, it took about a second and she had her nose buried in my pubic hair. While she was sucking, another short blond came up and said,

“Hi Mike. I’m Joanne, Jill’s sister. We’re twins, but not identical. She seems to like your cock. She’s usually not that fast to start sucking a man. Here, give me your hand.”

She placed it on her tit and started moving it around. “You’re not going to hurt them. Go ahead, squeeze, pinch, roll them, what ever you want. I enjoy having my tits played with.”

I looked around the room and every one was having sex of one form or another. Susie and Wen walked in naked and announced, ” Oh good, you started without us. Enjoy yourselves.”

I don’t think anyone really heard her. Joanne dropped down to her knees and joined Jill on my cock. Jill pulled off and said.”When you come, pull out and spray our faces.” She then rejoined Joanne on my cock. It didn’t take long and I was spraying spunk on their faces. Both were laughing and started licking each other clean. When they finished, they stood, each kissed me and said, “We’ll see you later. We want you to fuck both of us.”

They went looking for more fun.

Susie came over to me. “You look like you need something to drink. Lets go to the kitchen and get something.”

I nodded as I looked around the family room. Brenda had Wen, Fred and some guy that I hadn’t met with her. Fred was laying on a low table, Brenda was straddling him and sat down on his cock. She leaned forward and Wen stepped behind her. I realized what was about to happen and was strangely turned on by it. Wen worked his cock into her ass and she reached out for the other guys cock and sucked it into her mouth. She was air tight. People gathered around to watch as the guys began fucking all her holes.

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