Bree’s Journey Pt. 03

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I heard noise in the kitchen but didn’t think anything of it until I felt Kieran shift behind me. If he was in bed with me…

I shook Kieran. “Someone’s here.”

Kieran lifted his head and listened for a second. He then rolled off his side of the bed to pad to our closed bedroom door. I could hear deep voices but they were too muffled to make them out. Kieran nodded his head and shuffled back to the bed. “Bryan and Daniel are back.”

“So soon?”


Kieran climbed back under the covers and wrapped his arms around me to settle back to sleep. My bladder began to complain. I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep then. “I need to get up.”

Kieran groaned. “Noooo…”

“I need to pee.”

Kieran reluctantly released me from his grip so I could throw on a tee shirt and jeans. I glanced over at him when I was dressed. His eyes were closed. I knew he wasn’t asleep, but he wanted to be. I decided not to disturb him and tiptoed out of the room, quietly closing the door behind me.

I dashed across the hall to do my business and brush my teeth. As I walked into the main living area I noticed Daniel’s backpack resting on the floor beside our wadded-up picnic blanket. We hadn’t even had a chance to pick up after ourselves. I’d thought for sure they wouldn’t return before noon.

“Hi, sweetie.” Bryan kissed me on the cheek on his way to the kitchen.

I followed him. “Sorry about the mess. I didn’t think you’d be back so soon.”

Bryan shook his head. “Me, either. Danny insisted.”

I would’ve asked why, but I was pretty sure I knew the answer. He wanted to get back because I was visiting. Only, not necessarily to see me…to make sure that Kieran and I didn’t hook up. Too late. “Where is he?”

Bryan pointed over his shoulder toward the bedroom. “I see Kieran’s car out front.”

I peered out the window at it. Visions of being shoved down and taken in the passenger seat made my cheeks flush with excitement all over again.

“Don’t worry about Danny.”

I checked to see if my brother was approaching before turning to Bryan. “I’m not. If he can’t handle us being together then we’ll move over to Kieran’s place.”

Bryan looked alarmed as he gripped my forearm. “Don’t do that. It’d kill Danny if you left. Me, too.”

I patted his hand. I wasn’t going to make any promises. If Daniel acted like an ass, I was leaving. But I’d stay until that happened.

I moved around Bryan to the pot of fresh coffee.

“Thanks for making coffee.” I poured myself a cup. “I’ll clean up as soon as my brain is functioning a little better.”

“What was the blanket for?” Bryan was pointing at the heap on the floor.

“We went on a picnic.”

“How romantic.”

I smiled, remembering how our little game had quickly led to so much more. Part of me wanted to share it with someone. As if reliving the memories with Bryan might make it seem more real. But I couldn’t risk Daniel walking in and hearing some of it.

Right on cue, I heard footsteps behind me. I knew without turning that they belonged to my brother. I braced myself.

“Hey, sis.”

I turned toward the voice. Daniel was wearing a wrinkled tee shirt and sweat pants. His hair was a wet, disheveled mess atop his head. Ordinarily, I’d start with some smart-ass remark about his appearance, but decided that I didn’t want to push him. “Hey.”

“Had to shower.”

My brother was hardly any more of an outdoors person than me. We’d not exactly been exposed to it growing up. But I knew that wasn’t the reason he’d rushed to get back home.

Daniel took his cup of coffee from Bryan as he joined me at the small kitchen table. Hovering nearby, Bryan reminded me of a referee in a boxing match.

Daniel took a sip of coffee. “What did you guys do?”

We fucked. I wanted to say it out loud, but I just couldn’t bring myself to provoke him like that. “We went to a park, and then just hung out here and watched movies until we crashed.”

Daniel nodded. “Sounds nice.”

I stared at him, waiting for the sarcastic retort that I was sure was going to follow that response. When it didn’t come, I glanced up at Bryan who was giving me that apologetic and hopeful expression of his. He’d obviously coached Daniel before they arrived. Probably all the way from San Marcos, if I knew Bryan.

“So, what do you guys have planned for today?”

I turned my attention back to Daniel and shrugged. We had nothing planned. Not anything solid, anyway. I’d hoped to sort of talk some things through with Kieran before Daniel and Bryan came back, but it was too late for that now.

The bedroom door opened and my heart tripped a beat. I heard Kieran head to the bathroom and I knew it was a matter of minutes before he joined us. I stilled my nervous hands by gripping my warm coffee mug, and then silently prayed that there wouldn’t be a confrontation between him and my brother.

Silence blanketed the kitchen in anticipation of his arrival. Each second that passed stretched my nerves Casibom further, until at last, I heard the bathroom door opening. Bare feet shuffled through the living room and a moment later I saw him. Kieran wasn’t wearing a shirt, and as a result, I almost choked on the coffee I’d just swallowed. His jeans hung from his hips in the most deliciously naughty way, as if he’d just been interrupted while having sex and didn’t have time to throw anything else on.

That wasn’t far from the truth, but I was appalled that he’d flaunt it so openly in front of my brother. Had he suddenly lost all his marbles or something?

Kieran flashed us his white teeth and dimples as he sauntered straight to me, leaning down and brushing my hair behind my shoulder so he could kiss me right below my ear. “Morning.”

His husky voice and hot breath on my ear snapped every taut nerve ending in my body. Heat infused my neck and face, and I just knew that I had turned a noticeable shade of crimson.

“Coffee, Kieran?”

Bryan’s voice sounded almost too casual, like he was trying to diffuse the tension with normalcy.

“Sure. Thanks, Bryan. How was the party?” Kieran pulled out a chair and looked over at Daniel for an answer as he sat.

“It was okay. Not as big as last year. They have another one in the summer. We’re thinking about driving down to go.”

I focused on what Daniel was saying to take my mind off of the awkwardness of the situation. “From Dallas?”

Daniel winced. “No. Not exactly.”

I looked from him to Bryan, who was setting Kieran’s cup of coffee down on the table. I could tell that something was up just from the way they were avoiding eye contact with me. “What?”

Daniel sighed. “I haven’t told Mom and Dad, yet, but I’m not coming home this summer. I … We’re staying here.”

Bryan moved behind Daniel, patting him on the shoulders. “We can’t go through another summer lying to everyone.”

“…And sleeping apart,” Daniel added.

“When are you going to tell them? About not coming home, I mean.”

“Next week. When we go home for Spring Break.”

I’d forgotten about Spring Break and Kieran hadn’t mentioned it. He probably had plans to go somewhere warm. Someplace where the girls were tan and wore next to nothing. I shuddered with jealousy at the thought. I couldn’t stop my mouth before asking.

“Where are you planning to go for Spring Break?”

I didn’t mean for my tone to come across as accusatory, but somehow it did. I waited for his response, dreading what he might say.

He smirked as he replied. “I did get invited to go to South Padre…” I sucked in a breath. “…But I think I’m going to head north, instead. Check in on the folks. Maybe swing through Dallas on the way…

“That is, if I’m invited.”

I dropped my chin, a little ashamed that I’d doubted him.


I looked up and noticed that everyone was staring expectantly at me. Kieran wanted an invitation right then and there. Once again, my face flushed in embarrassment. “You…You’re welcome to stay at my place.”

“Thanks, Bree.”

Daniel snorted. “If not, you can stay in Bree’s old room at my folks’ place. We’ll dig up the old family photo albums.”

I shot Daniel a threatening look.

“I think that’s an even better offer. Thanks, Daniel.”

I swung my hand to hit Kieran in the arm. He caught my wrist and then held my hand in his on the table, winking and smiling at me.

The guys started talking about the upcoming college basketball tournament, who they thought would be the number one seeds, and the probability of Texas going to the final four. I didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation, except to say that it was rumored that my alma mater might actually make it to the tourney this year. It won me a kiss on the hand by Kieran, who’d continued to hold it in his throughout the conversation.

Eventually the discussion came back around to topics in which I was interested. Food, and plans for the day.

Since the forecast was threatening rain, any outdoor activity would be risky. They offered to take me to the more touristy indoor places, like the capitol, or one of the art museums, but I declined. That was something I could do while they were in class, if I really wanted to. I hadn’t come to Austin for the sightseeing. So, after throwing out several ideas, we settled on a movie.

Bryan offered to run out for donuts and insisted that Daniel go with him. It was a bit of a relief from the awkwardness that was bound to arise from the intimacy of getting showered and ready. There was only one shower in the place, and three of us who needed to use it. To save time, it made sense for Kieran and I to be in the bathroom at the same time, if not actually showering together. But what made the best sense wouldn’t have been comfortable for everyone. I sensed that Bryan realized this. He’d always been the more sensitive one.

After they’d gone, Kieran followed me into the bathroom with a change of clothing in his hand. He Casibom Giriş clearly intended for us to shower together, which was absolutely fine with me as long as we got out before my brother returned. I warned Kieran.

“We need to be quick.”

Kieran half smiled, the only indication that he’d heard what I’d said. He lowered his jeans and stepped out of them, his proud cock bobbing with each step.

My eyes widened at the enormity of his member. It was difficult to comprehend just how that thing had fit inside me. And not once, but several times.

“It turns me on when you stare at my cock like that.”

I blinked hard and turned away from him so he couldn’t see how hot his words made me. “We can’t … My brother will be back soon.”

I felt Kieran’s hands lifting my tee shirt over my head. He palmed my breasts roughly for a brief second before reaching down to unbutton my jeans. “I don’t care. But if all you want to do is shower…”

Kieran reached between my thighs, his fingers easily slipping into my wet heat. It was obvious what I really wanted. I stepped out of my jeans, now pooled at my feet, and then widened my stance.

I heard Kieran growl behind me. “Fuck, that’s hot. Put your hands on the counter.”

As I lifted my arms to obey his command, I noticed they were trembling. When Kieran took charge, it just turned my insides to liquid. Everything seemed to fade away but him. His touch, his smell, his voice. All I could think about was him. And the only thing that mattered to me was getting off.

“I love how you turn into a total slut. You make it real damn hard to go slow or be gentle, you know that?”

“Then don’t.”

A hard slap on my ass made me yelp. His fingers were ramming into my eager cunt before I had a chance to process the sting from the swat he’d delivered a moment earlier. “You’re asking for it.” With his free hand, he gripped my hair and yanked my head backward, his fingers still thrusting hard and deep inside me.

I locked gazes with him through the mirror. He looked dangerous. Crazed. All at once, I unraveled. I cried out, my body trembling and knees wobbling. My fingernails tried to dig into the formica countertop, only to scrape along the surface in an unsatisfying way. The way my climax so suddenly gripped me was hugely alarming. Like I had no control, whatsoever, over my bodily functions.

Kieran kept a hold of my hair, my neck straining in the process. His fingers slowed their assault until they were casually sluicing in the copious wetness of my cunt. He’d wiggle them every now and then as if toying with me, an indifferent mocking of my arousal.

As much as I wanted to despise him for how he was treating me, I couldn’t deny that he was playing my body perfectly. My traitorous cunt was already beginning to pulse again.

“You would just keep coming and coming, wouldn’t you?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. I didn’t think that I could, but I’d never been with anyone who’d tried. And it sure felt like my body might continue to climax for him. Maybe all day, for all I knew. “I don’t know.”

“Someday, I’m going to find out. But not today.”

He withdrew his fingers and released my hair. I watched him lick his fingers clean before he pulled me into the shower with him.

It was crowded in there, especially with his hard cock. It was almost like having a third person in there with us. But Kieran managed to pour shampoo in his hand and went immediately to work on my hair. He was completely unbothered by the protruding monster between us, unlike me, who was aware of its presence at all times.

Kieran tilted my head back to wash the remnants of soap from my scalp. He was too proficient at it to be a rookie. I had to quell the jealousy inside me over that one. I hated that there were other women that he’d cared for. Ones who’d hurt him deeply. If they hadn’t left him, he might still be with one of them today.

For some reason, it would’ve been easier if he’d done the breaking up. But the fact that they’d done it, against his wishes, was difficult to handle. He was probably still pining for at least one of them, if not all of them. Are there loose ends he still needs to tie up? We still had so many thing to discuss.

Kieran handed me the soap. In a husky voice, he ordered me to wash him. He was still in his dominant persona, and was now crossing over from caring to selfish mode. His different temperaments were becoming easier to identify. I knew as long as his cock was hard, he would remain bossy and controlling. Once he came, he turned back into the Kieran that most people saw.

It made me feel special that I got to experience the domineering side of him. I got the feeling not many women had been afforded the opportunity. It was a pity. For every other woman on the planet, I mean. Because if I had my way, no woman would ever touch this man again.

I waited until last to clean his most private areas. I lathered my hands with soap and slid them around his back to his perfect, muscular Casibom Yeni Giriş ass, slipping my fingers between his butt cheeks and over his sensitive rose bud. Kieran peered down expressionless at me as I very gently massaged his bud with the pad of my forefinger.

I wondered if he’d been fucked there. If he liked being fucked like that, or if he preferred to be the one doing the fucking. We hadn’t had a chance to talk about any of that, yet.

I re-lathered my hands and cupped his ball sack, making sure to be gentle, but thorough. Kieran placed his hands on the shower wall behind me, shifting some of his weight there, as if to brace himself for what came next.

I gathered more soap in my hands for the last time and wrapped both my palms around his impossibly hard shaft. Kieran’s eyes rolled back for a mere second before righting themselves again to stare into mine. I dared not break our gaze as my hands glided up and down his shaft. He was silently commanding me to finish him, and I knew that there’d be consequences if I didn’t. His stern glare whenever I slowed my strokes told me that much.

Kieran lowered one of his hands and wrapped it around mine, crushing my hand between his vice grip and his steel cock. He guided me on how hard to grip and how fast to pump, then released his hold to allow me to continue without him.

I felt so humbled, and at the same time, grateful for his direction. I knew that with him, I couldn’t fail. He wouldn’t let me.

After a few minutes of some very vigorous stroking, Kieran groaned and then thrust his hips into my palm, shooting jet streams of white cum onto my stomach and chest.

I was triumphant. A sense of pride welled up inside me for having brought him pleasure with my hand. It was almost surreal the emotions that overtook me. I’d jacked guys before with absolutely no benefit to me. It was just a way of getting them off. But this…this was entirely different somehow. So much more rewarding.

Kieran leaned down to take my mouth as his hand smoothed his cum over my belly, caressing it into my skin as if to mark me somehow. His kiss was the possessive kind I’d become used to, but there was also a hint of gratitude and respect.

He broke our kiss and he washed my body before stepping out of the shower. He left me to shave my girl parts as he toweled himself dry. His watchful gaze never left my body, and when I turned off the water, he had an open towel waiting for me. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by his attentiveness, but I was. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but the guys I’d been with tended to check out once they’d come. That was far from reality with Kieran. He was every bit as affectionate afterward. Maybe even more so.

After I was mostly dry, he wrapped his arms around me, fusing our naked bodies together, then whispered in my ear. “I wish we had all day alone.”

I nodded, not daring to say anything that might be overheard. We’d obviously been in the bathroom long enough for Daniel and Bryan to have returned.

“I’ll go out and face the enemy while you dry your hair.”

That made me giggle a little.

Kieran kissed the tip of my nose, then mouthed, ‘I love you’, which elicited a huge smile from me. I, in turn, mouthed the same to him, and then we went about getting dressed.



There are so few times in my life when I’ve been absolutely sure of something. This was one of those times. In my gut, I knew that Bree was the one.

Just being around her made me a better man. More confident and sure of myself. More decisive. I was no longer silently questioning my own actions and motivations. Bree made it so easy for me to be myself.


I kept trying to silence the nagging voice in my head. I hadn’t been truthful about one thing. My relationship with Daniel. It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to tell her, it was just that the timing never seemed quite right. I’d been so close when we were playing that game, but then at the last second, I changed the name to Daryl instead of Daniel. I didn’t want her to know it was her brother who’d gotten off to me pissing on him. Somehow that seemed like too much of a violation of confidence with Daniel. It was one thing to tell her that we’d been having sex for the past two years, but a whole different thing to share details of what we did.

I’d probably tell her if she asked, but to divulge details upfront and then admit all those intimate acts were with her brother…I didn’t think she’d handle that very well.

So I was ignoring my nagging conscience until the time was right.

We got through the day without incident, not that I expected there to be one. Bree was a little on edge about it. I could tell by the way she tensed up when I reached for her hand or draped my arm around her shoulders. By the time dinner rolled around, she settled down, though. She even initiated some affection, lightly stroking my arm when she wanted me to touch her.

My thoughts were constantly taking these side trips, like mini lurid fantasies. Some of them I recognized from my horny teen years, while others were brand new. Many of them bordered on disturbing, and all of them starred Bree. I couldn’t get over how just the tiniest things she did and said made me horny as hell.

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