Breeding Blondie Pt. 02

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It’s been a week since I bred Blondie in the club bathroom. For the first few days afterwards, I honestly didn’t think of him much. Between work and the gym, I was pretty busy, but as the week went on, he crept back into my mind and invariably those thoughts made him creep back into my boxers as well. The last couple of days, even the slightest thought of him makes my cock twitch. It instantly starts to throb and swell as if it thinks we’re getting ready to slide back inside him. Just the thought of his tight hole wrapped around my girth is, agh, fuck. I better not finish that thought right now.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m at the office. Every inch of my screen is stuffed with work I should be doing but I can’t pay attention to any of it. I’m far too distracted by the bulge pushing against the fabric of my trousers. I shift around in my chair and hope it’ll go down, but it point bank refuses. It twitches, spasms, and throbs but it will not soften even a little bit. I toss my head back.

“Fuck. I need to cum.” I run my hand over my bulge and feel it stiffen between my fingers. It strains against my boxers and it almost hurts. Between the quickly swelling shaft and my full balls, there is just no fucking space down there right now. My eyes dart between my computer screen and my phone. I grab the latter and open up my contacts list.

The phone rings and it keeps doing just that, I’m worried it’s going to go to voicemail, then the call is finally accepted.

“Hello?” I’m greeted with an unsure voice on the other end.

“Are you free right now?” I get straight to it. With every passing second my cock gets harder and there’s only so much pent up energy the seams of these suit trousers are going to hold.

“Who is this?” Blondie sounds confused, but I’m sure he must recognise my voice.

I chuckle as I continue groping the firmness between my legs. “Forgot me already? Not so long ago you were pressed against a bathroom door taking my–“

“–Oh, right. I know who you are. Sorry you didn’t give me your number, so I didn’t know–“

“–I know I didn’t. I took your number and told you I’d call when I needed to unload. You seem like a clever guy, so I’m sure you’ll know I’m not just calling for a chat.”

There’s a pause and I’m sure I hear Blondie take a drawn out gulp. “I’m meant to be studying.”

I sink back into the chair. It seems we’re playing cat and mouse this time. Fair enough, I’m game. “I won’t take up much of your time. And I promise you’ll be going back to your books much more relaxed.”

“Last time we had sex, I couldn’t walk properly the next day.”

I grin as he admits I achieved what I wanted to. If a bottom is walking fine the next day then clearly I’ve had an off day when I ravaged his ass. “Good. That’s what I like to hear. Is that a problem? Are you studying for some kind of race?”

“No of course not.” Blondie scoffs but from the tone of his voice, it sounds like he’s smiling.

“Well then what’s the problem? Listen Blondie, we both know this is gonna go down just like at the club. We can do this whole back and forth bit, but inevitably I’m going to end up inside you. You know it. I know it. So why not just skip this bit, what do you say?” I pull my hand away from my crotch and fiddle with my pen instead.

Blondie takes a deep breath that almost evolves into a moan. “I really want to. Last time was amazing, but this test–“

“You can spend the entire weekend studying. Take a breather and enjoy yourself. The more you make me wait, the more I’m gonna make you pay for it.”

“Oh yeah?” There’s no mistaking it now, Blondie is practically moaning the words now.

“Last time you couldn’t walk for a day? If you’re not careful, you won’t be able to sit down without thinking of me for a week.”

“Fuck it. I can be ready in like 20?”

I smile, knowing I’ve gotten what I wanted. “Perfect. Send me your address, I’ll swing by and pick you up.” Before anything else can be said I end the call and start packing up. I slide a couple of notebooks into the drop drawer and lock it shut. I switch off the computer and pray my semi eases a little as I stand up. As I step out of my office, the intern catches my eye at the photocopier. Normally my eyes would have drifted from his tanned face and brunette hair down to his peachy cheeks wrapped in his tight trousers, but today I just offer him a smile and a “have a nice weekend.” as I briskly move past him and head to the elevator.

As I step inside the elevator and press the button for the ground floor. The intern is still watching me with a disappointed look on his face, a look I’ve seen a million times before. It’s the face of a guy who wants to be put on his knees and fed every inch of my dick, only to find they’re not getting it today. Maybe someday intern boy, but not today.

I head for the car and stick Blondie’s address into the satnav and head in his direction. Before long I’m parked on the edge of the local college campus. It’s a sunny day so the İstanbul Escort quad is pretty packed with pretty things. There’s only one I’m interested in today, and I can see his blonde head crossing the green now, heading my direction. He’s wearing shorts that reveal most of his slim, hairless legs. His shirt hangs a little loose on him and I think he’d fill it nicely if he just bulked up his shoulders and his chest a little.

He smiles as he spots me and I lean across the passenger seat to open the car door for him. He slides in and buckles up.

“Nice to see you again.”

“You too, although it took some convincing.” I raise an eyebrow at him as I pull out onto the street.

“Sorry, I normally don’t leave the house when I have an exam coming up.” Blondie blushes, admitting his own nerdiness.

“But my cock got you out?”

Blondie blushes and bites the side of his index finger before turning to look out the window. “Shut up. So where are we going?”

“You’ll see.” I choose to keep it under wraps for now. We drive for a bit and I’m not oblivious to Blondies eyes drifting to my crotch every five seconds. We pull up at a red light and it’s the perfect opportunity, these lights always take a fucking lifetime to go green. I undo the knot in my eye and undo the top couple of buttons in my shirt, enjoying my first proper deep breath in hours. Next, something else needs to breathe. I reach down, undo my belt and pants button, then pull down my boxers a little. I reach in and pull my cock out. I springs loose and slaps against my shirt. The purple vein that snakes across the base of my shaft is in full force today.

“Fuck. What are you doing? It’s the middle of the day, there are people everywhere.”

I tap my fingers against the steering wheel, still waiting for the light to change. “Those people can’t see into my car. If they do, they’ll get an eyeful. Anyway, do you think it’s comfy packing this much dick into boxers all day?” I gesture down to the nine hard inches resting against my stomach.

“I guess not.” Blondies blushing as if it’s his cock in display. I’m just giving him a proper view if anything.

The lights finally change and press my foot against the pedal. Having my cock out is instant relief, but it’s still spasming, still craving feeling his insides again. We drive for another five minutes or so and I find the spot we’ve been headed to. We pull into the car park out the back of an abandoned building.

“Why are you stopping?” Blondie looks around, clearly confused.

“Because I don’t think I can fuck your brains out and drive safely.”

“Here?” Blondie gestures to the carpark.

“Here.” I reply. “That place used to be one of the busiest clubs in town, but it’s been closed for years. I guarantee you that in the time we’re here, between this very moment and me pumping you full of cum, not a single car joins us here.” I smirk.

“Fuck, I don’t know. This seems risky.” Blondie shuffles awkwardly in his seat.

“That’s what makes it fun.” I take my shaft in one hand and slap it repeatedly against the palm of the other. The contact between flesh echoes through the car and Blondie is reminded of just how full and meaty my cock is. “Don’t you want this?” I wag my cock in my hand at him.

Blondie licks his lips, he’s not exactly subtle. I can read the boy like a book. “Of course I do.”

“Then come on.” I exit the car and get into the back seat, not bothering to tuck my cock away in the process. I’m sure we won’t be interrupted here. He’s not the first twink I’ve filled here. I slide into back seat and lower my trousers properly as Blondie exits and car and practically leaps into the backseat as if he’s scared to be seen out.

I take my cock in my fist and point it towards the roof. “Get on it.”

Blondie eyes me. “What?”

“Get on my dick now. I want your lips wrapped around me.” I pull my eyes from his and point them down at my lap, telling him where to go.

Finally Blondie leans over, cups my balls and takes me in his mouth. I lean back and groan as his lips begin to slurp on my head. He’s not going for broke, just casually easing into it and savouring the initial taste of my meat in his mouth. The odd groan escapes his stuffed mouth as he clearly loves the taste of me.

“Just like that, suck on that head for me.”

He suctions his lips a little tighter around the shaft as he bobs up and down on the first three inches and it earns a groan from me as I watch his head bob on my lap. He starts to play with my balls, running them between his fingers, tugging them and bouncing them a little like he’s simply curious about their shape and size. Between going a week without cumming and the heat today, they are hanging low and heavy. I wish we had more space so I could put him on his knees and just spread my sack across his face so he could lick them properly. He pulls up for air and already that familiar rope of precum tethers my cock to his lips, a visual Maltepe Escort reminder of how he’s just been gobbling me up.

“Taste good?” I run my fingers through his hair until my hand reaches the back of his head.

“Mmm hmm. So good.” Blondie drags the back of his hand across his lips, wiping away the traces of spit and precum that coated his lips. It’s fine, I know he can still taste me on his tongue.

“Go down again.” I tug on his head and before I know it he’s back in my lap, swallowing me like a hungry little slut. I love how quickly he’s forgotten the exam. The image of him fretting and panicking at a desk surrounded by textbooks, contrasted with the idyllic image of him peaceful and happy simply eating up inch after inch of my meat brings a smirk to my face. Cock really does just bring out a different side of boys like this. My thought’s are interrupted by gagging down below. I look down and find half of my cock engulfed between his puffing cheeks, he’s spluttering. We’ve reached the same limit we did last time. Except today isn’t the initial meet. It’s not the first time my girth has crammed his mouth. I don’t give him the get out of jail free card today.

I bring my hand to the back of his neck. “Look at me.”

His eyes stay shut as he chokes on me.

I slap his cheeks and finally his watery eyes look up at mine. “Good boy. Listen to me. Don’t panic, you’ve got this. Stop fighting it and breathe through your nose.”

Blondie calms a little as he begins to take in air through his nose, holding his position on my engorged cock.

“That’s it, see? Good job buddy. I’m gonna give you more now.”

A grunt sneaks out of his stuff mouth but there’s just so much cock in there I’ve got no idea what he’s saying if I’m honest. I hold his neck and push my hips and feed another inch into his hesitant throat. That’s five inches swallowed and the resistance now resumes. I push another inch just to push my luck and that’s six inches now stuffing his airway. Blondie presses a hand against my thigh and I know not to test him any further today. The boy has done well.

“Look up again.”

He does as he’s told.

Tears are streaming down his bright red cheeks. Precum is trickling out the corner of his mouth and he almost looks like a chipmunk with the way his cheeks are puffed out as he gags on me. Fucking beautiful. “You’re doing so well. Look how much of me you’re taking. Just hold it for a second more and I’ll let you come up. Ok?”

Blondie grunts his approval as he nods, the nodding motion of his head makes him gag on me and I toss my head back and grunt. I keep my promise, I savour the tightness of his throat before releasing my grip on him. He drags his head back and gasps as my cock pops out of his lips. He pants like he’s been underwater holding his breath and strands of spit dangle from his smooth chin. I run my thumb across his lips and then his chin and clean him up a little, make him look a tad more respectable.

“Come here.”

Blondie shuffles closer and I wrap my arm around him. I plant my lips on his and I’m met with a concoction made up of the sweetness of his lips and the saltiness of my precum. I press my tongue against his and he moans into my mouth. The kiss is a reward for a job well done slurping on my dick.

“You good?”

Blondie is still breathless but he nods and smiles. I’m glad he’s ok.

“You did so good. Drop your shorts.”

Blondie lifts his hips and pulls his shorts down, setting his own 5 inch cock loose. The paleness of it and the pink tip matches his complexion perfectly. He sits there, cock at full mast, just looking at me waiting for another instruction. I smile at the sight of him.

When I give him no further instructions he takes matters into his own hands, or rather into his own mouth. Without being told to, he takes my cock back in his mouth, moaning as the tip parts his lips. I can’t help but chuckle at his eagerness now. I’m really changing this boy. My eyes drift over to his pale cheeks now exposed without the shorts. I suck my index finger and lean over. My movement shoves another inch of meat down his throat but he’s fine with it. My fingertip grazes his hole and he moans on my cock, then moans again as I push my finger inside him. He’s just as tight as he was in the club. I suck in air between clenched teeth as I feel his lips on my cock and his hole on my finger, entering him from both ends.

I gently slide the finger in and out, poking and prodding the folds and crevices inside him. Blondie keeps bobbing on my lap, but he reaches back and fumbles around until he finds my wrist. He traces along my hand until he finds my fingers. He pulls my finger out of him. I worry for a second but he’s still slurping on my cock so he must be fine. It’s what he does next that surprises me. He takes my finger in his hand, then takes another and pushes them together. He takes my two fingers and guides them back down to his hole, pushing my hand Maltepe Escort Bayan against himself. The hungry little thing is actively saying he wants more fingers.

I laugh as I nod at him. He looks up at me with my cock down his throat and though he can’t speak, his eyes say stuff me. So I do. I give him two fingers, then I give him three. I go faster and I drill his hole with three fingers until the slut is practically purring on my dick. I keep going until he pulls off my cock.

“Fuck me.” He wraps a fist around my cock in a move that says it’s not fingers he wants, it’s my cock. I look over to his ass, then around the back of the car. I can’t destroy him properly in this space.

“Get out.” I nod towards the door.

Blondie looks confused and upset. “What do you mean?”

“Get out.” I tell him again as I exit the car. I glance around to check the area, as always the car park is clear and tucked behind the building it’s hidden away from the road. I walk to the front of the car and Blondie joins me, he’s pulling his shorts up as he steps to my side.

I roll my eyes and a smirk races across my face. I nod to the spot in front of me and Blondie intuitively steps into it. He’s facing me, looking up at me with a confusion evident in his knotted brow. I smile at him and caress his cheek, enjoying this tender moment before I rail him. I plant a kiss on his forehead then with no warning spin him around. I push the area between his shoulder blades and he folds forwards, his palms outstretched to break his fall against the hood of the car. I kick my toes against the inside of his feet and he spreads his legs. I tug his shorts down and his hole is exposed in the warm air of the sunny afternoon.

“You’re not seriously going to–“

“Fuck you over the hood of my car in the middle of the day?” I rub my cock against his hole as an answer to his question.

“Are you crazy?” He asks but the fact of the matter is he’s still bent over my car with his ass out.

“Nope. I’m horny and I’m hard and you’re gagging for my dick. Tell me I’m wrong.” I wait.

There’s a moment of silence before Blondie finds words. “Fuck me.”

I smile. Right as always. I press the tip against his tight hole and spit on it before pushing inside him. Just like a week ago, his hole opens for me. It stretches taught around the fat tip of my cock, reaching maximum stretch just before the head pops in and the hole closes and wraps itself around my shaft.

“Oh fuck I’m never gonna get used to that.” Blondie groans.

“Used to what?” I know exactly what he means but I want to hear him say it.

“The way your cock opens me up on that first push.”

I lean over as I continue to slide inside him until my lips are next to his ear. “Trust me, you will get used to it. I’m going to fuck you again and again until your hole is made for my cock and nobody else feels right inside you. You got it?”

Blondie grunts something resembling a yes as my pubes brush against him. Only the second time and he’s already taking me easier than the first, I really did gape him last time, didn’t I?

“You see, it’s all in. Every inch of me buried in your ass.” I grunt in his ear as I begin to thrust. I’m slow at first, giving him time to adjust and open up before I pound him. I pull my top half up and spread his cheeks so I can watch my cock disappear. It is literal magic watching his pink hole swallow me up, then seeing my cock glisten with spit and precum as it emerges from the warmth of him, only to be buried back inside immediately. I keep a slow and steady pace, just sliding in and out and enjoying every drawn out moan that escapes his lips as I open him up.


My eyes open up at the sound of his request. “What did you say?”

“Harder.” He repeats in a still timid voice.

“I’m sorry I can’t hear you.” I smirk.

“I said harder.” He’s finding his voice and speaking up a little now.

“Sorry, still can’t make you out. You’ll have to speak up.”

Blondie grunts in frustration before craning his neck to look back at me. “I said fuck me harder.” He barks at me. Now there’s an attitude shift. He keeps his eyes trained on me.

I smirk as I pull out until only the tip remains inside him. I ram my cock back in, full force, and his eyes roll to the back of his head just as my balls clap against him. “Like that?”

“Faster.” He’s whimpering now but he’s not scared to tell me what he wants.

I tighten my grip on his waist as I look into his eyes. I take a deep breath and go to work. I ram him. That’s the only word for it. I pump my hips and hold him still as I rail his hole. This isn’t lovemaking. This isn’t sex. Hell this might not even be fucking. This is a boy bent over a car getting absolutely fucking railed and loving every second and every thrust. He keeps his eyes on mine while I drill his rapidly loosening hole. The squelching sounds are back, the tightness is gone. It’s free game now, I can go as hard as I want. I bite my lip as the physical exertion combined with the heat sends beads of sweat trickling down my tanned forehead. My balls are clapping against him and they’re forming a sweet chorus with his moans.

I’m pounding him at full speed when I pull out and his hole squelches as air rushes into the now gaping void between his legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32