Breasts Veneration

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She was a beautiful redhead, she was nude, lying on a canvas cot her pussy, large breasts, and face hung through openings in the canvas, dangling before a handsome man.

Gloria had gladly volunteered to have her body venerated by such a well-known and influential man. In limited circles his expertise in all thing sexual was gargantuan, and reports of his skill at bringing a woman to the highest level of sexual enjoyment were beyond amazing.

They met at a fundraiser for The Special Olympics.

She was escorted by John Tillman the CEO of Tillman Enterprises who had hit on her for months to go out with him. While he was a tall, handsome man with more money than he knew what to do with, he had a detail-oriented and quiet personality that only held her interest for a few minutes.

She wore a long, green, gown with a plunging neckline that revealed more cleavage than was appropriate for such a gathering, but it had the effect she wanted because it was less than thirty minutes after they entered the banquet hall that Mr. Litman had propositioned her.

During the evening, she had agreed to come to his mansion that evening.

Her excitement level was beyond bounds, and she told John she wasn’t feeling well and would take a cab to her condo.

He reluctantly agreed and saw her to a Taxi Stand.

* * *

‘Not only are you gorgeous, but you have desirable tits. I’m pleased you’ve agreed to allow me to show you how I worship such incredible examples of womanhood.” He smiled up at her.

She returned his grin. “I’m pleased you asked and can’t wait to experience your adoration style.”

His canvas rose until his erection touched her mons, her breasts crushed against his muscular, hairy chest and their lips met in a gentle kiss.

“That was a surprise,” she said responding to his warm, moist lips with her tongue.

They sucked, wrestled, slipped, jabbed, and caressed each other’s tongue.

‘Hum, you sure know how esenyurt escort to stir a girls’ juices,” she said pulling away and pushing against his whisk. “I hope you’re going to add to my arousal with that whip.”

“It’s part of the ceremony,” he lowered himself until her hangers were in front of his face.

He ogled her breasts for a long time, turning his head from side to side and up and down to see their curvaceous surfaces. “They’re as close to perfect symmetry as I’ve seen.” He cupped them with both hands, not touching the extended nipples. “Their heft is in proportion to their size.”

They exchanged smiles as he continued to hold her tits in his warm hands.

His large, firm, but soft hands holding her boobs sent thrills soaring through her.

The wisp of his hands releasing and skimming over her soft flesh combined with their heaving breathing increased her ardor.

“The lines of your breasts have a subtle curve which widens to the roundness of your nipple, areola, and surrounding tissue. They look like concentric grapefruit except for the nipples.”

“I’ve never seen them in that position, but I like your description.”

He raised his head between her descending fruit and moved slowly from side to side. Laying back, he watched her twins separate and returned to each other with a soft bump causing them to reverberate as if blown by a gentle wind.

Staring up at her, he said, “You have marvelous tatas. Are they sensitive to the touch?”

“They are now, and usually I’m aroused if stimulated properly.”

“What do you mean by properly?”

“What you’re doing right now. Slowly and gently being fondled. I’m not aroused by rough squeezing and pulling.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm from breast play?”

“No, not many men can wait that long.”

“Good, I think, I’ll be able to enable you to have a climax as I worship yours. Relax and let’s see how you react to my machinations.” He blew his warm zeytinburnu escort breath over one and then the other nipple. “How does that feel?”

Gloria’s body stiffened and her teats extended and hardened. “Oh, that’s nice. Your breath was cool at first but caused me to feel my nubs being hardened and elongated. That sensation sent thrills of excitement through my body and my pussy moistened. I’m becoming aroused.”

Brad grinned at her response and used his left hand to nudge her right tit in that direction. He watched them sway back and forth like a couple until they came to a halt. Using his right-hand, he pushed her left breast while observing the pair swing from side to side until they stopped. He was fascinated by the movements. The oscillations affected his sensory cortex to the point where his cock gradually hardened by the simple act of observation. “I’m pleased, how does this make you feel?” He pulled her breasts forward and released them.

Her boobs swung toward her chest, bumped into each other, separated, and touched again as they returned to their release point. Not only did they rotate, but they jiggled and wiggled up and down before they moved back to her chest. They continued to waver and thump into each other as they separated and rejoined on their journey to her rib cage. Her boobs stopped and returned to their release point. Like long, pendulums of silly putty they jiggled and reverberated to Brad’s face. “Damn, that’s a beautiful sight.”

“Gloria grinned down at him. “I’m glad you like to watch them, but aren’t you going to go beyond the visual effect?”

He clutched them softly, stopping them. He glanced at Gloria before raising his hands to her chest, taking each tit between his fingers he slowly slid his hands the length of her hangers. Over and over, up and down he caressed her breasts.

“Yes, yes I like that a lot,” she said.

Brad cupped the bottoms of her knockers, squeezed taksim escort bayan them gently, before pulling them toward him and then pushed them to her rib cage. Down and up, down and up, he moved them. His grasp became tighter and his movements faster until he was milking her plump flesh. Without warning, he brushed his thumbs across her nipples.

She jerked and moaned, “Yes, yes, yes.”

He held her secure continuing to rub two of her most sensitive erogenous zones.

Gloria strained to get away from the pleasure surging through her breasts to her pussy. “Stop, stop, that feels too good.”

His tongue touched each one, in turn, then his lips, sucked a teat into his mouth and sucked like a new-born calf.

She tried to pull away, but a set of clamps surround her body holding her fast.

Brad sucked as hard as he could, and his pleasure increased because of her struggles to free herself. He tried to drain her dry, before switching to her other nub and doing the same with the roof of his mouth and his bottom teeth he applied more and more pressure, and he pulled on her nipple.

“Oh God, that feels so good, don’t stop.”

He switched breasts, took the teat into his mouth, and rubbed his file-like tongue around, back and forth, up and down around it with joyful enthusiasm.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God, I love it!”

Her writhing added to his excitement. He released that nipple and adored the other in the same fashion.

Gloria continued to moan.

He freed himself from her nub, pulled both tits toward each other until the nipples were touching, took them into his mouth, sucked and ran figure-eights around her swollen teats until Gloria’s body shook with spasm after spasm.

She climaxed with her fluids gushing onto Brads steel-like erection, and her guttural moan filled the room.

The canvas bed upon which she laid rose from the foot end of the cot, and she slid slowly down until Brad’s crown entered her outer and inner lips.

He heard them coming but was helpless although he struggled to rise. Strong hands held him in place, and a moist cloth covered his face. Desperate to get away, he turned his face from side to side, but everything turned black.

To be continued.

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