Breaking the Family Ch. 03

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Six weeks after Amanda’s birthday weekend party, our lives were in minor transition again. I had just finished my rotation in Finance, and was fully sick of compounding interest and combo pricing. I didn’t mind money, it’s what we all work for after all. It was just after being on my feet and moving around car lots and showrooms for several months, being stuck in the back office with no windows was like going to jail.

My decisions at home caught up with me too. My wife was entering her second trimester. Her waif body was finally starting to show a bump. We had joked at the beginning that she was so thin that a full meal would show a bump, but now she was hitting the point where there was a countdown until her pants would no longer fit.

On the plus side, her breasts were also growing, and both them and her nether regions were more sensitive. My favorite new game was to creep behind Amanda and caress her breast and lower lips. Half the time I brought her to orgasm within a minute or two.

Her aunt Daniella, who I was being used as a stud bull to impregnate, was also now pregnant. As soon as she ‘passed her test’, our relationship ended, though she placated me with promises that she didn’t want to stop at one kid.

Amanda’s grandfather Jack and I had taken to golfing once a week. It was his chance to teach me the business, and chart the next couple weeks. It was also a low pressure environment, better than sitting in his office.

True to his promise, I reported directly to him, though the organization of the dealership was a little nebulous. Technically the GM of each dealership reported to Jack, though his sons Donald and Marcus basically managed one portion, broken up geographically. I knew the other third used to be managed by Edward, Jack’s daughter Erica’s husband, until his sudden death about a year ago.

Jack and I had discussed me taking over that part of the dealership for now, once I finished my rotation. He had even told Amanda and I to buy our house on that side of town. But for now, learning was my number one priority.

So there we were, out on a Tuesday afternoon knocking balls around. We pretty much had the course to ourselves, so we could talk freely. This was the only time Jack and I could talk about our deal. He said that he didn’t trust the walls of the dealership, and I hadn’t been to his house since Christmas.

“So Charlie. Know everything there is to know about Finance?”

“No sir. But I know enough to know that your son does a great job, and that I prefer offices with windows.” Jack and I had a ‘no bullshit’ policy, so I told him how it was.

“So, what’s next? Service?”

“I was thinking about Marketing. Erica is going to be shorthanded when Amanda goes out with the baby, so I may as well check that one off now.”

“By that one, do you mean my only daughter?”

Jack had asked a couple questions about Daniella and my… activities along the way. I knew he saw the same thing that Donny did and I was starting to… Daniella was a smart, beautiful, fun woman. Her father-in-law loved the fact that she was independently successful, not that he didn’t love having all his kids around the dealership. He saw that as his legacy. A legacy I was being put in charge of, both at home and at work.

“It might. With Daniella being pregnant, I am looking for a new golf partner.”

Jack opened his arms wide as if to say ‘What about me?’

I laughed. “Sorry Jack. You’re not my type.”

“I understand, kid. I would pick Daniella over me any day too.”

“She does look better in a skirt.”

We laughed, and then Jack’s voice dropped.

“In all seriousness though, I don’t know how much any of the women know about our deal.”

“Well, once Daniella announces she’s pregnant, there is bound to be some questions.”

Jack nodded as he lined up his next shot. He wasn’t as good a golfer as me, but he was savvy. He knew his limits and played the best he could within them. Honestly, he could probably beat me on a par 3 course.

“Well, there are six women of age that you haven’t knocked up yet. Hearing you talk, you plan to fuck them all, whether they want a baby or not. So who’s next?”

“This is the conversation that Amanda, Daniella, and I would have every now and then. I said mothers before daughters made sense. I have no interest in Michelle yet. So that leaves Melanie or Erica.”

Jack shot, then replied as he walked back to the cart.

“Ok, work with Erica for the next month. If you decide to have to have her, I will fill her in. If it’s Melanie, I’ll make Marcus do it.”

I knew that was Jack ending the subject of my fucking my way through his family, so I silently went to take my shot.

The week finished out in Finance, and on Monday, Amanda and I took the opportunity to carpool together to her office.

Erica and Amanda worked out of the ‘headquarters’ building, which in all honesty was a tiny office building directly next to a dealership that Jack had bought out of foreclosure and escort izmir gutted. There were no customers at this building, and except for a small sign on the glass, you wouldn’t have known it was associated with the dealership next door.

Jack’s office was here too, though he was rarely in it. Amanda’s dad Tony had an office there too, but preferred to work out of a dealership closer to his house. That left Erica to run this building, as well as the advertising and Marketing.

I had shared how surprised I was to find Amanda’s picture on a billboard when we were in college. Well that was nothing like walking around in public with Erica.

Jack’s only daughter had been doing advertising for the dealership since she was in high school. Over 20 years of advertising every car brand her family owned had made her a minor celebrity in this area. The first time someone stopped to take a selfie with her I was shocked. But now that my wife’s first commercial filmed since we returned was airing, I had noticed Amanda was getting a few double-takes. No selfies yet though.

I had seen pictures and videos of Erica in high school and college, and she was a knockout, probably better looking than any other woman in the family. The years had thickened her a little, and now she had a MILF quality that I am sure dazzled most men she dealt with.

She had dark brown hair, which contrasted her with the other blonde women in the family. It was always cut in some fashionable way, the perk of being a ‘face’. Her body was so curvy. Her breasts were big, but not too big. Her ass was ‘big’, but still toned. I know she worked hard to keep her figure, as a visit to her house showed her home gym would put some professionals to shame.

While Jack had raised his boys to take over, Erica had forced her way in. She had gone to college for business and marketing, and I knew that most good ideas in the company came from her. I heard one of her brothers say “We play checkers, she plays chess” when it comes to business.

I was looking forward to my month with Aunt Erica. Both to learn from her and leer at her, but also because Amanda worked there too. How many couples actually get to say that they got to do ‘Take Your Husband to Work Month’?

My first day consisted of sitting in meetings with Erica while we learned what was going to be ‘new’ on vehicles this year. Amanda was off-site at a commercial shoot. Erica wanted as much filmed as possible before Amanda’s baby bump got too big to hide. Not for any sexist reasons, but because it meant that the commercials could play for a longer period without viewers getting confused as to why my wife’s stomach seemed to grow and shrink in different commercials.

Most of the meeting was pretty boring, but both of us perked up when we got to see pictures of a new sports car.

I knew Erica loved her sports cars, and made a comment about ‘Auntie getting a new toy for herself’. Erica gave me a boner-inducing smile back.

Erica was always flirty, but since her husband’s death she seemed more drained. I made it my mission over the next month to flirt with this AILF as much as possible.

The rest of the day was more of the same. I took notes and tried to stay interested, but if I heard one more car described as ‘smart’, I was going to jump out the window.

Amanda was drained too. The repeated perkiness of the commercials was draining on her in her current state. We picked up dinner on the way home, and were just pulling in our garage when my wife’s phone rang.

“Hi Aunt Melanie.”

I smiled, thinking of the second of the AILFs I needed to choose between. Amanda and her aunt spoke for a couple, Amanda listening, before my wife said “He’s right here. Let me ask him.”

“Melanie is trying to increase male interest in yoga classes, and wants you to sit in one.”

I opened my mouth to say something about clothing choices, when Amanda held up a finger.

“Oh ok. Not a real class, just something private. Help her learn how to stretch men’s bodies.”

I opened my mouth again when her aunt must have spoken again, and the finger went up.

As my wife nodded, then opened her mouth to speak, I swiped the phone away.

“Hi Aunt Melanie. As lovely as my secretary is, I thought I would take this call myself. So what is it you want?”

“Oh hi Charlie. How are you? Jack’s not putting you through too much, is he?”

Melanie was a lovely woman, but she was always speaking in ways where you had to read between the lines.

“Jack’s not putting you through too much” meant “Did you bite off more than you could chew?”

Taking the bait, I replied: “No, but I am working with Erica and Amanda now. They say I’m not pretty enough to be on camera.”

“Compared to those two roses you are a bit of a weed, honey.” We both laughed at that.

I took hold of the conversation now: “So what kind of torture are you looking to put me through?”

“Oh, not torture honey. But I want to figure out how to get more men into yoga. I was izmir escort bayan hoping you could let me try some things on you.”

I don’t think she meant that the way I took it, but I decided to continue the double entendre.

“Oh Aunt Melanie, I don’t know if I should do that alone. How about Amanda is there too? You could work with a pregnant woman at the same time.”

“That is an excellent idea. Amanda is an excellent student and always welcome.”

“When were you thinking?” I smiled at my wife now, in an ‘I’m going to bang your aunt’ kind of way.

I didn’t really listen to Melanie’s answer, so I interrupted her:

“How about Saturday morning? My golf partner cancelled on me, and I could use this as an alternate workout.”

That time worked out, and I handed the phone back to Amanda to confirm details… like a good secretary.

As the women chatted about other subjects, I thought about Melanie the same way I had Erica.

Melanie was married to Jack’s middle son, Marcus. They had been high school sweethearts, and married almost as soon as they were able.

Melanie took no part in the dealerships. I don’t know if she ever worked, but I knew yoga and fitness coaching was a hobby disguised as a job. That left her free to run the PTO, booster club, and shuttle the kids around as a ‘super mom’.

What hours she did spend ‘working’ were well-spent though. Melanie looked better in a bathing suit in her mid-40s than most women in their 20s.

Her shoulder-length golden blonde hair was wavy. She wore it up a lot, showing off her graceful neck and lean shoulders. Her breasts were small-ish, but proportional on her frame.

Below that was where she excelled. Her stomach was nearly toned to a six-pack, and her legs and ass were extremely toned and fit. I had described Amanda as having a ‘dancer’s body’. Melanie had one too, it was just the type of dancer might be ‘exotic’. I could easily see her muscular thighs whipping around a pole. Hmm, maybe if yoga doesn’t work out?

When the call was over and we were walking into the house, I took the opportunity to use the hard-on my day-dreaming had caused to bend my wife over the kitchen table and fuck her brains out. A couple orgams later, we cleaned up and ate dinner. Saturday couldn’t come soon enough.

The rest of the week flew by in a flash. My flirting with Erica got bolder every day, and I noticed by Friday she seemed to be smiling more, and her shirt got significantly lower-cut. By lunchtime, I was considering whether I might need to find somewhere for a ‘nooner’ with my wife, who wasn’t filming that day.

Luckily, Amanda had a doctor’s appointment, so we left early and fucked as soon as we got home.

Saturday morning arose. At breakfast, Amanda reminded me of our promise to Aunt Melanie. I groaned, as I was pretty sure I wanted to ‘break’ Erica next, so this time would be wasted.

However, I got an evil grin when I realized that instead of using this to decide, I could just use it to fuck Melanie today. After all, I had all month to flirt with Erica.

Making up my mind, I decided to call in backup. As Amanda cleaned up breakfast and I went up to get changed, I quickly called in my other conquest.

“Hi Daniella…”

A few minutes of convincing her later and the youngest of my wife’s gorgeous aunts agreed to join us for this private yoga session. I didn’t tell her that I planned to make it a four-some, but I was sure I could count on her in the heat of the moment.

We were meeting at Melanie’s house, as she had a private gym that we didn’t. We picked up Daniella en-route. The dark-haired doctor came out of the house ready to do yoga. Her pink tank top was cut in a ‘V’ that showed off her lean breastbone. Her purple pants were not as tight as the black pants Amanda was wearing, but still showed off her gorgeous ass.

After Danny jumped in the backseat, the conversation quickly turned to the little Charlies growing in their bellies.

When we got across town to Melanie and Marcus’s house, I could see Melanie was surprised to see her sister-in-law.

“Daniella, I didn’t know you were coming.”

I jumped in to answer: “Yeah, I invited her. She was looking for a new workout. Golf isn’t really anything beyond light cardio.”

Melanie looked gorgeous in her yoga outfit. She had on two tank tops, the outer a light blue, the under, which was probably a sports bra, black. Her black yoga pants were low-cut enough to show her belly button and the bottom of her perfect abs. She had a flannel shirt tied around her waist that I hoped she would lose so I could stare at her fit-girl ass. Her medium-length blonde hair was up in a messy ponytail.

As we headed to Marcus and Melanie’s basement, I confirmed no one else was in the house. I didn’t need Uncle Marcus or Melanie’s daughter Allison to see her mom getting plowed. Not yet at least.

Melanie’s ‘gym’ was a long room with a mirror on one wall. The equipment was at the far end, which left plenty of izmir escortlar room for the four of us. The floor was already rubber mat, but Melanie had put down three mats. She got out a fourth and handed it to Daniella before moving to the ‘front’ of the room.

“Okay, so my goal today is to work with you… three. Figure out the limits to your flexibility, etc.”

With that, the stunning blonde started to demonstrate yoga positions. Now, I didn’t know anything about yoga except being a fan of the pants, but my baby-mamas both had extensive experience. So while they were graceful swans, I was the ugly, uncoordinated duckling. Golf and swimming were no help here.

The session quickly turned into Melanie demonstrating a position, Amanda and Daniella quickly moving into it, and me glancing around trying to match the three of them.

When we finally took a break, Melanie moved the mats so she could keep a better eye on me. Now, she would say the position, and instead of trying to demonstrate it, she would let my gorgeous classmates do that, while she poked and prodded at me.

I will admit, I kind of enjoyed it. Oh sure, the eye candy was second-to-none, but my muscles definitely stretched in ways they normally didn’t. So if Melanie could promise me that my classmates would be as easy on the eyes as these two, I would happily be a regular for her. Though after what I planned for today, she might not want me again.

Melanie caught me checking out my wife in her Upward Facing Dog position, which made her tight little butt stick up, and snickered.

I quipped back “You know Melanie, I think I like yoga.”

She snapped back “Yeah I noticed”, and nodded to the pole tenting in my shorts that I had been doing my best to keep hidden. Oh well, busted.

After round two, I begged off for round three to catch my breath.

With the rookie benched, the veterans took it up a notch. The poses got more complex and complicated. Finally when they were working in the ‘Bow’ pose I saw my opening. For those that don’t speak yoga, the Bow position is when you lie on your stomach, raise your head and legs towards each other, bend your knees, and reach back and grab your feet. Basically your core is the ‘bow’, and your arms and legs are the ‘string’.

Walking over to Melanie’s raised feet, I took hold of her ankles.

“Melanie, we used to do something similar to this in swimming. Let me help you out.”

I was lying, but she was lying on her stomach, legs spread. It was the opening I wanted.

Over her objections, I pushed her legs aparts, stretching her hamstrings and groin. She grunted.

“That’s good. Hold that for a minute.”

When she thought she was done, I didn’t let go.

“Amanda, come take her hands.” My wife came over, and I gave her that smile that told her I was about to take another woman.

“That’s it, hold them above her head.”

“Charlie… what are you?” Melanie’s voice belied her confusion.

At this point, I knelt between the blonde’s spread legs. I motioned to Daniella to take her feet, and the doctor complied. I had not told the doctor what might happen today, but now was the time.

“Melanie, you know Amanda is pregnant, right? Our first child.”

Melanie nodded, clearly uncomfortable in this position on her stomach, arms and legs stretched out. She looked in the mirror, but Amanda’s body blocked her from seeing herself, or me behind her.

“Well Danny, tell her.”

Daniella hesitated, and then answered. “I’m pregnant too.”

I leaned over Melanie now, and whispered in her ear.

“I’m the father of that one too, in case you are wondering.”

Melanie sucked in a breath now, clearly confused.

“I agreed to be the family stud, and Jack told me everything. My deal is that in return for offering my services and keeping everyone’s secret, I have access to any woman in the family I want. And right now, I want you.”

I grabbed the crotch of Melanie’s pants with both hands and pulled it apart roughly. At first it stretched, but then the seam gave way a little. I pulled at that hole and ripped it open wide enough to access inside.

“I know Eddy fucked you. Now it’s my turn.”

Melanie normally had a comeback for everything, but this time she was silent as my finger slipped inside the hole. Finding her hole, I probed a couple times, then guided my hard cock inside, entering my wife’s blonde aunt for the first time.

I heard Melanie’s breath suck in as I buried myself slowly in her snatch. When my body bumped against her holey pants, I heard her exhale a little.

I held it there, waiting to see how this fit MILF would react. I had one hand on her back, holding her down, plus the girls holding her limbs, but I waited to see what she would do or say.

After a heartbeat or two, the senior family member finally spoke:

“I wondered what you all were talking about at Thanksgiving. Such a random group. Then you two moved out here, I wondered what was up. Mmm, good for you Charlie.”

At this, Melanie raised her stomach, pushing back against me. I nodded to Amanda and Daniella, and they let go.

“But knocking up Daniella, I did not see that coming. Eddy couldn’t wait to get his hands on her, you know.”

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