Breaking the Dry Spell

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Big Tits

After dinner they moved to the bar. The new server, Melanie, had to learn how to mix drinks, and Laura indicated that the guys could have whatever concoctions Melanie mustered. There was nobody else left in the American diner by now, and through Thomas’ connections with the waitresses, the atmosphere quickly got cozy and familiar.

Melanie turned out to be a natural, and her drinks were passed down the bar. While Peter was keeping Astrid company on her smoking break in the courtyard out back, Jonathan and Thomas were talking to Laura and Melanie. Laura was plain and slightly plump but had the charisma and energy of a true socialite. She had a good rapport with Thomas and spent most of the time talking to him, leaving Jon to direct his attention at Melanie.

The new girl was fit and short – a bit shorter than Jon in fact – and had messy, short blonde hair. It was probably dyed but had certainly been light to begin with. Her face had a classic beauty to it, but with a streak of something unusual in the features around the eyes and lips. She also had a ring in the lower lip and a piercing in her left eyebrow, which cemented her in Jon’s mind as more exotic than the girls he was used to.

They got on, and by the time the girls had to close the diner, Jon felt like he knew Melanie pretty well – she was between educations, her ex-boyfriend had been “super boring”, and she dreamed of going to the US at some point but couldn’t afford it right now. They kept chatting as Laura counted the money in the registry and put it in the safe, turned off the lights, and locked the door.

Outside in the parking lot, Melanie checked her watch. “Oh God,” she pouted, “I have to be at work again in 7 hours. I live half an hour away from here by bus.”

Jon managed to produce a sympathetic sound.

“I have to go all the way home, go straight to bed, and then wake up and come directly back to work.” There was something in her voice that gave Jon an idea. He wouldn’t usually have had the guts to say it, but he was exactly tipsy enough to bypass his insecurities right now.

“You could just crash at my place if you want.”

She knew he lived a minute down the road on foot, he’d told her as much. “In your apartment?”

“My couch unfolds into a reasonable bed,” he explained. She hesitated, but he could tell she was considering it. “I promise I won’t make any moves. No ulterior motives.”

“Your couch, huh? Yeah, sounds pretty good, I’ll be totally trashed tomorrow if I don’t get enough sleep.”

Thomas, Peter, and Laura got into Thomas’ car and drove off, Astrid walked off towards the bus stop and Jon and Melanie set off in the other direction, towards his building. They didn’t say a word to each other on the way, and Jon’s uncertainty grew along with the awkward silence. Eventually he decided she wasn’t interested in sleeping with him, so there was no reason to be worried. He was just being a nice guy. She would sleep on his couch, and he’d get to know her marginally better over a bowl of cereal in the morning and then probably never see her again.

He closed the door behind her and motioned towards the kitchen. They both dropped their coats and shoes there and she followed him into the living room. “There’s the couch,” he said, helpfully gesturing towards it. She sat down while he went to the wash room to prepare for bed. While he was brushing his teeth, he inevitably tried to play out what to say to her when he came back out, and eventually settled on an opener he thought would give her an easy almanbahis adres exit that would let both of them keep their self-confidence intact.

When he came back, she was idly flicking through some advertisement she’d picked out of his paper bin. She threw it back in and got up. “So…” he started, and second thoughts immediately crowded his mind. He didn’t want to be a creep, but… nothing ventured, nothing gained. Inaction had been his problem his whole life. “Where do you want to sleep?” He smiled what he hoped was a shy and charming smile, “the couch or the bed?”

“Where are *you* going to sleep?” she asked. He tried to analyse her facial expression, but it told him nothing.

“I’m sleeping in the bed either way.” He was so relieved that he’d managed to say that without blushing that he almost didn’t care what her reply was going to be.

Again, she was thinking. When she made up her mind, she said nothing. She simply smiled the most incredibly mischievous smile Jon had ever seen in his life, took a step towards him, and kissed him.

Jon wrapped his arms around Melanie’s waist and she put hers around his shoulders. A 5 year dry spell was about to be broken and Jonathan almost couldn’t believe it. He’d forgotten the feeling of a kiss, and now he savoured the sensation of her piercing against his lips, his tongue toyed with hers, awkwardly at first and then more securely. When they pulled apart at last he was almost out of breath. “The bed, then” he said. It wasn’t a question.

He led her into the bedroom, thanking his past self for bothering to make the bed this morning. They stopped to kiss again and his hands explored her back while hers played with his blonde hair. He moved his right hand down to her ass and squeezed it through her jeans a few times, then he moved it up under her top while his left hand slid down inside her pants to feel her soft buttocks. She was wearing something that felt not quite like a g-string, but pretty close.

She let out a soft moan of approval as his right hand followed her bra around the side and found a soft, perfect breast. It was precisely the right size for her body. He massaged her left breast a little through her bra while they kissed, then he moved his left hand up to the clasp and opened it deftly, mentally congratulating himself for not forgetting that sleight of hand during his dry spell. His right hand gently pulled down the bra and squeezed her enticingly hard nipple between his index and middle fingers.

Meanwhile, Melanie’s right hand had moved down his neck, his back, and into his pants. She was squeezing and caressing his butt inside his underpants, which sent shivers up through his spine. As Jon started playing with her nipples, her hand moved around the rim of his underpants to the front, where her fingers found his rock hard cock. It jumped slightly at her touch, and she felt herself getting massively turned on by the immediate response. She gently wrapped her fingers around his shaft and stroked up and down its length.

Jon shivered a little in excitement at her touch. He pulled his lips away from hers for a moment to pull her stereotypically American mid-west shirt up over her head, ignoring the buttons along its front. She had to pull her hands out of his pants to let the shirt come off, and her bra came off with it. When she was free of the blouse, she relieved him of his t-shirt as well and ran her fingers across his skinny chest, trailing her nails over his skin. She felt him shiver again and grinned wickedly almanbahis adres at the control she obviously had over him.

Melanie dropped to her knees and opened his zipper. She looked up at Jon and flashed him a wicked, wicked smile as she pulled his underpants down with his pants. He almost came then and there. Longevity had never been his strength in bed, and he was worried about how long he’d be able to last. He knew he had to think about something else, but he wanted to fully enjoy the first blow job he had ever received.

She kissed the tip of his cock with those beautiful bright red lips and wrapped her right hand around his shaft, pumping him slowly and gently at first. She kissed around his crotch and his inner thighs, and then she kissed his balls, all the while her grip on his cock was slowly tightening and the movement of her hand was speeding up. He couldn’t help but look down at her and remember some of the porn he’d seen. The way her hips looked from up here was extraordinary, the very essence of femininity.

Finally the moment he’d been anticipating and fearing came as she wrapped her lips over her teeth and took his cock into her mouth. The feeling was extraordinary and without even thinking, he burst out “oh GOD that feels good.” She looked up at him, desire flashing in her eyes. She tilted her head sideways and used her tongue on his head, and he could feel himself preparing for release. “I’m almost there!” She didn’t stop, but took his cock completely inside her mouth again, and a moment later his warm load gushed out into her throat. Much to his amazement, she didn’t even stop moving her lips up and down his shaft while she swallowed his cum to the last drop.

She got back on her feet and licked her lips. He sat down on the bed, angels singing around him, pure bliss emanating from his crotch, which was momentarily the centre of his world. “God, that’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt.”

She laughed a light trill: “well I hope you’re not done yet, ‘tiger’, because I don’t think I actually need more than a couple of hours sleep tonight.” She emphasized the word “tiger” to make it sound ironic, but the associations still went to his head and made his body tingle.

Despite his recent orgasm, he already felt horny again, looking at this incredibly sexy topless tomboy crouching on the floor beside him. He lightly took her arms and pulled her up onto the bed, pulling a few pillows over and stacking them behind her. “All right, you dirty little seductress. The next half hour is all about you. I’m making it my personal mission to make you cum so hard you’re gonna faint.”

If Jon had taken himself aback with those words, it was nothing compared to how Melanie took it. It felt like every ounce of blood flowed down between her legs, and the lust she felt now was some of the most intense desire she could remember ever feeling. Jon opened the zipper on her jeans and pulled them off, then spread her legs and lay between them. He kissed her intensely, slowly, with the passion of long separated lovers, and then moved down to kiss her neck, her chest, her stomach, her thighs.

Her body was screaming at her to touch her pussy, but her self-control prevailed and she placed her hands on the back of his head, pulling slightly on his hair as he licked the inner thighs around her slit. She felt herself biting her lips so hard it hurt, and when he finally slid a tongue up her pussy and circled around her clit, all the air went out of her in a long, hot moan. He licked the hood of her almanbahis adres clit a few times, then sucked her clit into his mouth and let his tongue gently play with it. The pleasure was so intense as to be nearly unbearable.

She wanted to command him to get inside her, but she couldn’t muster the words. For what felt like an eternity, his tongue explored every millimetre of her mound, licking her lips, her clit, her thighs, even tilting his head sideways with her clit in the corner of his mouth, sucking it in and out in the most incredible way. She wanted to scream, and she almost did.

And then he slowly pushed his right index finger and middle finger into her pussy. When they were in as far as they could get, he bent them upwards and ran them along the ceiling of her insides. She finally did scream as she exploded in ecstasy, arching her back, pulling his hair furiously, and clamping her burning thighs around his head.

When her legs finally let him go, Jon pulled back, wiped her juices off his mouth, and looked up at her. It was like she was sparkling. She started to pull him up for a kiss, but he stopped her: “I’m not done with you yet, Melanie. If you think that’s the best I’ve got, just wait until the next round.” After that, he did oblige her and kissed her until her body had cooled down. Then he repeated the process with a few variations, this time entering her sooner with his fingers. Her second orgasm left her entirely demolished, but more content than she remembered being with any other lover.

They cuddled for a while, kissing, tousling each others’ hair. He caressed her breasts, toyed with her nipples, she squeezed his ass, and before they knew it she was on top of him, his hard cock pushing against her wet pussy as they kissed and groped each other everywhere.

“Enough!” She commanded. His heart skipped a beat for a moment; what now? “Fuck me.” He blinked. “I need you to fuck me, now!”

He stretched out of the bed and caught his pants, pulling his wallet out of the left pocket. He got the spare condom out and she took it from him, opening it with her teeth. Again that mischievous grin as she straddled his knees, putting the condom on his cock. Then she grabbed his cock firmly with her hand and lowered herself onto it with a low, sultry moan.

They were both in heaven. He just lay there with his hands on her hips as she rode him, leaning over him to kiss him, kiss his neck, and let him suck her nipples and bite them gently. Then she leaned back, her hands on his knees, and his slightly upwards-bending cock hit her G-spot perfectly. When he put his thumb in her mouth for a moment and then started rubbing her clit with it, it didn’t take long before waves of pleasure overtook her again – but this time she just kept going, bursting through a wall of rapturous delight to come out on the other side sprinting towards her next orgasm.

As Jon had already blown his load in her mouth half an hour earlier, he lasted a lot longer this time. After Melanie’s first orgasm, he grabbed her and turned her around so he was on top again, at first making slow, passionate love to her while they kissed, then grinding her with deep, hard thrusts. After her second orgasm came and went, she got up on her knees and he sat behind her, cupping her breasts in his hand while he slid his cock inside her. She managed one more orgasm, then she dropped to her hands and he pounded her with abandon until he couldn’t hold it anymore and his cum exploded into the condom in her aching pussy.

They collapsed in a heaving heap of sweaty body parts and lay there for a while, spooning. He was lightly caressing her breasts and nipples and kissing her neck. She reached back and ran her fingers through his hair. Then they finally fell asleep.

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