Breaking Point

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Kermit looked up at the massive house in front of him, inadvertently gulping at the sight of the place. This wasn’t his first visit to the Davis family house, but that had always been under much, much different circumstances. He had come here during the day, often to help with schoolwork or, occasionally, just to hang out. But this was not that. Not by a long shot. There were cars parked down the street on this warm June night. There were lights, loud music he could hear from a block away, and so many people. A who’s-who list of their high school royalty. And for some reason, him.

Kermit Green, a nerdy son to a pair of nerds, so named because they had their first kiss while watching the Muppet Movie. He was a math geek that spent his spare time playing games and watching movies. He shouldn’t have even known that this was going to happen. But here he was, about to walk into this disaster waiting to happen. In his hands was a trio of presents, each wrapped in different colored paper. The humble offerings of an innocent young man.

After accepting that he was as psyched up as he was could possibly given the circumstances, he began to walk again. However, he stopped once again, this time to fuss over his appearance. Kermit was far from having a dream bod. The most he could claim was to be tall, standing 6’2. However, he was pudgy. Not fat, but some extra weight that was obvious, especially when removing his shirt. His face was…alright. It wouldn’t be gracing the covers of magazines anytime soon, but it wouldn’t be driving babies to tears either. In front of his hazel eyes sat his thick pair of glasses, only adding to the nerdy appearance. Finally, there was his dark brown hair, always a touch messy. He was dressed in slacks and a button up. Casual, but he still looked nice.

Knowing there was little he could do now, he made his way to the mansion, stepping onto the property like a criminal, dangerously aware of how out of place he was. But he couldn’t let that stop him now. So he made his way past the first few gazes from windows in order to reach the front door, knocking loudly to be heard above the ruckus. It didn’t take long for the door to swing open to reveal a man that was, in many ways, Kermit’s opposite. His tanned skin, sandy blonde hair, and athletic build all wrapped up in clothes that looked tailored made for him.

“Kermit,” he said with a smile, a smile that was so bright and disarming that it had made the bigger teen question his own sexuality when he first saw it. “Come on in,” he said, making room.

“Thanks Christian,” he told the friendly younger man as he entered the house filled with people and music. Christian was the fourth child of the Davis family; the younger sibling of the ones this party was actually for. “How are you-”

“Down the hall. They’re in the main room. Can’t miss them,” he interrupted. Christian had a goal in mind, one that required not wasting Kermit’s time. He had to usher him along towards the real focus of the night. Knowing the nerdy man wasn’t the most aggressive, he had resolved to give him a push. Several, if that’s what was needed.

Kermit looked a touch sheepish. Of course he wanted to move on, but he considered a Christian a friend. Just leaving him felt rude. But he could do so with a clear conscious due to how he was being egged on. “Thanks,” he said, heading off through the entryway and down the main corridor.

When he hit what could be considered the main room, he found the nexus point of the party. People, dancing, music, and (hopefully) non-alcoholic drinks. For the introvert, it was nearly too much to bear. But before he could get blown away by the teenage cacophony, he found himself faced with one of his goals. And it was quite the face indeed.

“Kermit,” Rose said happily, wrapping her arms around his massive form. He did his best to awkwardly return it, though he could only manage one arm as the other was supporting the presents. But she made the hug brief, unwilling to drag it out too long, lest other guests become jealous. So she stepped back, letting him get a full view of her, a sight he made sure to seat into his mind.

Rose Davis was, to put it mildly, a goddess. She had been blessed with good genes and a desire to maintain her incredible physique. Starting at the top of her 5’11 frame was her long, silky smooth blonde hair that cascaded down her back, stopping about halfway down. Her skin was a beautiful tan color, one that was incredibly natural, though that never stopped her from engaging in a bit of sunbathing. Her face was flawless, with sparkling green eyes and full, incredibly kissable lips. Her figure even more to die for. From her full, perfect, G-Cup breasts to her rear so big that it would stick out in any outfit she tried, her body was basically built to tempt anyone, man or woman, into desiring her. Then there were her long, flawless legs and similarly immaculate arms. But what escalated her even farther was nothing to Ankara escort do with her, but her sisters. Rose was one of three identical sisters. And you better believe the others were just as drop dead gorgeous as she was.

“Happy birthday Rose,” he said, giving something of a dumb smile as he got a look at her. This curvaceous woman was clad in a beautiful silver dress, one that showed off some cleavage and was tight in all the right places. She also had matching silver high-heels, bringing her up an extra three inches, making the two the same height.

“What the hell is this nerd talking about?” an outside voice chimed in, breaking the momentary connection between the two. A large guy stepped up, a dismissive look on his face as a few other followed. This was clearly the ones Rose had been talking to before she caught sight of her friend. “This is obviously Sierra,” Damien declared, standing next to her with a smug look of victory. “You’d know that if you arrived on time. They told everyone. Sierra in silver, Rose in red, Bianca in black.” Damien, like many young men there, was a popular kid at their high school. He also was one of the men hoping for the slimmest chance with any of the Davis sisters. Finally, he never understood why the sisters even tolerated him breathing air as them, much less enjoyed being around him. Overall, he had a perfect score for conformity.

As some similar mocking teases rose up from the others, Kermit took a hard look at the girl in front of him. While he was hardly some expert on the sisters, he had always been able to properly identify them. And there was no doubt in his mind that this was Rose. But it wasn’t in his nature to pick a fight. And if the sisters themselves had declared this alliterative identification system, there was obviously some reason behind it.

“Sorry Sierra. My mistake,” he said. But he was angled in such a way that he could give the girl a wink with no one else seeing it. And even if they could, they weren’t looking at him anyway. They were all too focused on her. But his tone and actions made it clear that while he had verbally relented, he still knew who she was. He didn’t need her to tell him that he was right. However, despite his observance, he had no idea the effect that his successful identification was having on the silver clad bombshell.

“It’s no problem. Happens all the time,” Rose added, continuing the facade. But before she could get another word out, there were two more voices, these ones identical to her own.

“Kermit, you’re here,” said Sierra, her black outfit coming into view as she appeared at Kermit’s left side.

“Ooh, you brought presents,” Bianca cooed at the three objects in his hands. She completed the set in her gorgeous red clothing.

“Rose, Bianca, happy birthday,” he said to the new arrivals. Just like with the real Rose, he winked at them both to make sure that neither thought he hadn’t figured them out. Amd just like Rose, they understood immediately what he meant. But then as three sisters looked at the presents, they noticed something else shocking. So far, everything they had gotten from everyone had been the same for each of them. But each of Kermit’s gifts were different shapes. He had three different presents.

“Is there anywhere you want these?” he asked, trying to signal his burdens. He imagined there wouldn’t be a big present opening section like there had been when he went to parties as a child. But there was probably some pile he could put them. As he thought of that, he imagined some sort of colossal collection of gifts; a birthday themed dragon’s horde of tribute. While it probably wasn’t that big, the idea did make him smile.

“Oh, we’ll take these,” Bianca said, gracefully and eagerly removing them from his arms. She was more excited for these than any other present she had received. And she knew full well that her sisters felt the same. She’d make sure these were put aside so they could be opened sooner rather than later.

But before the girls could continue giving Kermit attention, they found themselves being pulled away by other friends and acquaintances. Most of them were men, hoping to use this day of their eighteenth birthday to get into the women’s pants. Kermit just smiled as they left, having fully expected this to happen. They would enjoy their birthday however they wanted. He was here for a different reason. And if everything went according to plan, they’d never know why.


“Fuck me,” groaned the man in the passenger side seat of Kermit’s car as he drove through the streets of the city. The football player was definitely not a normal companion to the nerd, but they had formed an unlikely alliance for the night. An alliance that had proven to be highly effective and depressingly necessary.

“I’ll pass if it’s all the same to you,” Kermit joked, trying to lighten the mood. The other man just gave another groan in response. He drive along in silence Ankara escort bayan for a bit before finally addressing the elephant in the car.. “Sorry Hector. I didn’t think it’d be this bad. Thanks for doing that.”

“I wish I hadn’t. I swear, that bastard better watch his back next week.” His speech was slightly slurred as he struggled to remain fully coherent. The six and a half foot slab of muscle had made a desperate play at the tail end of the night, taking the drink meant for Rose and chugging it. The drink and the date-rape drug mixed in with it. While it hadn’t been a full dose, it was still enough to completely disorient Hector. Kermit was incredibly relieved it hadn’t reached its intended target. That would’ve been the worst.

“Twelve. Can you believe it? Twelve,” he continued. “They’re supposed to be their friends, yet they all thought it’d be worth drugging them to get in their pants. Idiot fuckwads.”

Kermit pursed his lips as he remembered the evening. He had overheard a guy at school talking about trying something on the sisters at the party. He had enlisted Hector, the only guy in their circle Kermit was sure he could trust, to help watch for anything suspicious reaching the girls. In the end, they had stopped twelve drugging attempts directly. It was a disgustingly large number. Turned out being gorgeous came with some costs he never thought about.

As most of the guests filed out, Kermit had offered to take Hector home, avoiding the offer of cake from the sisters. They were probably only offering him that since they felt bad they hadn’t spoken to him at all after they met at the beginning. But they must’ve been tired and Hector needed the help. But most importantly, they were safe. And they didn’t have to know that some cretins had attempted to ruin the party. That said, he and Hector planned to let them know the names of everyone they had stopped, just so they knew who to cut all ties with.

“It’s more than I expected,” Kermit replied. “I was thinking one or two. Four as a high. Never imagined it’d be that many.” Maybe he had a bit too much faith in his fellow man this time. But at least he had enough cynicism to do this much.

“I thought you were just being obnixly suspicious,” Hector muttered.

“I wish I had been,” he answered. Again, silence reigned. The two of them may have known each other since grade school, but that hadn’t been anything close to friends since then. They were just allies of convenience who happened to know each other from way back. Soon, they were outside of the other man’s house. “I’ll help you-”

“I got it,” Hector interjected. He had his pride. He’d walk into his house under his own power. He may stumble, but he’d do it. He shakily opened the door, ready to head out.

“Thanks again. I know it doesn’t mean much coming from me, but you’re a pretty good guy,” Kermit added. Hector knew what he meant, and there was a sting as he recalled his recent heartbreak. He had met with Rose a few days ago, confessing his love for her and asking her out. She had easily refused, leaving him with his first ever rejection.

“Shut up,” he stammered, though there wasn’t any malice in it. Just the awkward response of a guy who didn’t know what to say. Kermit stayed, watching Hector unsteadily make his way down the walkway and into the front door. He then pulled away, satisfied he had a successful night.


The Davis house was now completely settled down. The guests had all been let loose into the world. Taylor, the youngest, had spent the entire night in her room and was now sleeping soundly. Christian, after making sure the last partner had vacated, had done the most important and immediately necessary cleaning before also retiring. As for the three sisters who had been there to celebrate, they had all gathered in Rose’s room to talk.

“Stupid Hector,” Bianca grumbled as she sat against the eldest triplet’s bed. The dresses were gone, each now in some casual sleepwear of shorts and shirts. But even then their massive assets were greatly pronounced. And the amount of skin on display would make any mouth drool in desire.

“He must’ve snuck something in to get like that,” Sierra added. What else could’ve made him like that? While their dad had made it clear that he had been no saint when he was their age and would be fine if they ended up drinking, they had still avoided having any alcohol at the event. Yet he looked ready to fall over.

“I don’t see why Kermit had to be the one to help him. They’re not even friends. Why couldn’t Cliff or Alex do it?” Bianca continued to complain.

“Because he’s Kermit,” Rose answered, knowing her sister wasn’t really asking why. But it felt worth adding. The girls paused, all knowing it was true. They had known him long enough to know that he was the type to help others. It was how they had met in the first place. Two years ago, he had volunteered to help tutor students in the grade below Escort Ankara them. By sheer chance, he became Christian’s tutor. That’s how they all met and eventually became friends. But as far as the trio was concerned, that wasn’t nearly enough.

“Don’t try to act like you’re innocent,” Sierra said, addressing Rose. “You were the one that suggested having a big party like this. You said it was the best way,” she continued. While she wasn’t angry, there was a tone of annoyance. Clearly, the night hadn’t been to her liking.

“I mean,” she started, but stopped. She didn’t really have a defense for herself. In retrospect, the plan had been so stupid from the start. The idea the Kermit would be spurred to action by the sight of them at the party with all those men lusting after them was so clearly flawed. It was a fundamentally broken plan that only made sense in her delusional daydreams. “You’re right,” she conceded, her shoulders drooping. The sadness in her face made Sierra regret her tone. These sisters were not ones to fight.

“Sorry. I know you meant the best,” Sierra apologized. There was little that they could do now anyway. Their 18th birthday would end up not fulfilling their wildest dreams.

“It wasn’t a total loss,” Bianca chimed. “I mean, he saw us…” she went red as she remembered when he correctly identified the sisters. Rose and Sierra shared her reaction. It may seem simple, but to these three, it was everything. They were used to being seen as one of two things: a set or interchangeable. People either thought that they were all one person or they were three copies of the same person. And while they were very similar and very close, there was still something disheartening about being treated that way. One particularly crude guy had once asked out Bianca thinking she was Sierra. But when he was told of his mistake, he only said that it didn’t matter which one he dated. While there were few that went so far as to say that, it didn’t stop them from feeling like that was the case.

But Kermit was different. He viewed them as three similar but distinct people and he always had. That was reflected in the present he had gotten them. A high end set of alcohol markers for Bianca, a new set of needles and threads for Rose, and a pair of books on cinematic history for Sierra. All showed that he knew who they were as individuals. Ironically, this had led them to a very interesting desire: to be a set for him.

“Kermit,” Bianca moaned. Rose and Sierra looked down on their sister to see her hand was already buried in her shorts. She was touching herself to that memory. Each one of them had gotten soaking wet from that little gesture.

Neither of the two older triplets were repulsed. In fact, this wasn’t even uncommon for them. It had been over a year since they had held their meeting where they all confessed to being in love with the overweight classmate of theirs. That had left them with two choices: make him pick one, or try to date him as a group. They chose the latter. After that, the girls had become far more open with their sexuality around each other. After all, they fully intended to end up in a foursome together. This would just help them get used to it.

“Couldn’t hold out at all, could you?” Rose asked as her sister put her lewd show on for her closest family. But when she turned to look the other way, she could see Sierra was following her lead. Taking a look at the beautiful women pleasuring themselves to the same fantasy, Rose decided to join in. But the girls weren’t just imagining him fucking themselves. They also loved the idea of watching Kermit plow the others. Soon, the room was filled with the gentle moans of three amazing women and the sounds of their fingers pleasuring themselves.

“Kermit,” went Rose.

“Kermit,” breathed Sierra.

“Kermit,” groaned Bianca.

Hearing their sisters say the same name only enhanced their pleasure. Shirts were quickly being removed, six perfect tits being revealed to the world, each topped with an erect nipple just begging to be played with. This was soon fulfilled as manicured hands reached up to squeeze them, imagining it was the hands of someone else.

That was how the Davis triplets prepared themselves for bed. Furiously masturbating together while imagining being ravaged by their brother’s old tutor.


Christian had to admit, he was rather disappointed in Kermit when he first heard about the results of the party. He had spent his whole life seeing weirdos and douchebags approach his sisters, none of which he would ever want to be cursed with being related to, even if it was only by marriage. But Kermit was different. The way he treated his sisters was different. And the way his sisters treated him was different. He’d be thrilled if Kermit were to date any of them. But when he realized all of them were crushing on him, he revised his goal. Why couldn’t he date all of them? Yet despite his subtle attempts to push him towards realizing this, the other teen never seemed to catch on. Of course, it was hard to blame him. It was such a ridiculous proposal from the outside. But that just meant Christian had to try something more drastic.

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