Breaking My Girl Ch. 03

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Naked At Last

We were still holding hands when we arrived back at the villa. The hot humid night didn’t seem like it would ever cool down. Maybe it was us, maybe it was my daughter’s torrid young vagina and my perma-hard cock that was giving off this heat. It was taking all my will power to stop myself tearing that sexy summer dress off her back and raping her right there on the sand. The thought of repeatedly ramming, slamming and stabbing my stiff cock balls-deep into my daughter was so potent.

I’d lost count how many times I’d had that dangerous thought in my head, but when she made my lust boil so fiercely, I confess, there have been times when I’ve jacked-off long and hard about forcing myself on her. Sometimes I just wanted my passion to get the better of me so I could let out this sexual beast I keep locked away. Sometimes, I want to rape my daughter. Of course, I don’t want to make her feel any lasting pain or injure her, it was the total dominance of the idea that turned me on so much. I want to own her. Control her. And test her limits again and again.

I wondered what Lisa was thinking as I restrained my beast.

The closer we got to the villa, the more nervous I’d become – as nervous as she clearly was, which was understandable, Lisa being so young and fresh and inexperienced. Her un-touched cunt must have been aching, soaking, and soon all the fantasies she’d been having late at night with her dildo were about to come true. I wondered whether she fantasized about her Daddy raping her too. Her heart must have been pounding, her innocent veil falling, because soon her Daddy’s skin would be against hers and his big fat cock would be inside her virgin body, his hot cum ejaculating deep within her never-been-fucked cunt.

“I guess we’re here,” said Lisa, as we walked from the sand onto the porch.

She turned to me and took my other hand and stepped backwards toward a wicker sofa with big soft cushions on it. Her eyes were locked onto mine. She kicked off her flip-flops and smiled.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

Lisa nodded, licked her dry lips and glanced at the bulge in my pants. “Is that my birthday present?”

I nodded and smiled and she giggled – as her calves bumped the sofa. I stepped to her, our eyes never wavering. My bulge bumped her belly and we each gazed hungrily at one another’s mouths. Dry lips, but her face was shiny from the heat, her skin almost wet, and so deliciously tanned. I drew her hand up to my groaning hard-on and spread her palm across it. Petite young women always have such petite, sweet hands. She almost gasped when my shaft pulsed and for a moment we both looked down to my stiff pants in her hand.

“Look at me, Babygirl.” She obeyed, adoringly. “That’s how you make Daddy feel every minute of every day…and all night, too…”

“Oh, Daddy, I’ve waited so long,” she gushed, “why d’you make me wait so long?”

She squeezed my cock and I said, “You were too young…”

“You should have just fucked me, I would have let you…”

Those sexy, taboo words were the ultimate trigger…

My mouth fell onto hers and Lisa toppled back onto the sofa. My knee slid between her thighs and I shoved it hard into her cunt as my tongue sank into her mouth. Frantic, almost violent kissing, fuelled by the eruption of both our pent-up desires. Slow down, I kept urging myself, slow don’t, but I couldn’t, I just couldn’t, and neither could she.

I forced my thigh up against her twat and I ground my tongue against hers. She held my mouth to hers with a hand round the back of my neck and I felt her wet snatch push back against my leg. Our rabid kisses raged on, and she started humping my thigh.

“Oh, Daddy,” she gasped, coming up for air. “I’ve waited so long…”

We Fulya Escort both noticed the string of spit hanging between our mouths, and as it splashed down onto her chest, I licked it off and ripped open her dress. The buttons popped and she almost snarled – then swooned when my lips pinched her nipple and my hand squeezed her tiny fresh tit.

“I fuckin’ love you, Daddy…”

Her face was in rapture and her wet-with-Daddy’s-spit lips were panting and hungry for more dirty tongue.

“Are you my Babygirl?” I said.

“Yes, Daddy, I’ll be anything you want…anything at all, I promise…”

My mouth launched onto hers and our tongues duelled frantically. She grabbed my arm and pulled my hand from her little tit and unceremoniously forced it between my thigh and her panties. With her hand over mine, she wrapped my palm against her mound and held it there. The soft cotton was soaking wet, her virgin cunt red hot and simmering towards an orgasm.

Her kisses laboured, pausing to gasp as her body boiled. I felt her finger push down on mine against the wet cotton, and inside, her cunt split open. My finger tips threaded her sodden gusset into her dripping fuckhole, gagging it. Clearly she just needed “something” up there.

“I’m gonna fuckin’ cum,” she murmured, “Oh, Dad, oh, Daddy…”

“Cum for me, Babygirl,” I urged, “cum for Daddy…”

I filled her moans with kissed and pressed down hard on her clit through the panties, and as I did so, her thighs crunched together like a vice against my thigh – and the hand that was holding my neck went in search of my cock. The moment she grabbed the shaft through my pants, hard and fat in her sweet hand, her clit throbbed and her head swung back against the cushions. I squeezed her cunt really hard in my fist as she tried to rip my cock right through the material of my pants.

My daughter’s beautiful eyes narrowed and a straining, tortured expression struck her pretty face. She choked my dick in her fist and held my frigging finger hard against her cotton-wrapped clit. As she started to cry, her body tensed and kept tensing, kept tensing, until a tear spilled to her cheek and her orgasm exploded in one great tsunami. Her thighs almost crushed my leg and she held my arm away as she started cumming in her panties. I could feel her young cunt throbbing in waves in my palm. Her tiny perfect tits were heaving.

When she finally released my hand, I wiped the wet mascara across her cheek and I sunk down on her again, giving her a tender kiss which melted as our mouths became one. My lips slid back and forth against hers, wet and slippery from more tears and more tongue.

I love the way my daughter cries when she cums.

“It’s ok, Daddy,” she said, “It always makes me cry…”

Lisa wilted in my arms, the orgasm running out of her in ever decreasing waves. Her pussy started massaging my thigh, wallowing in the wet patch on my pants. She was so hot, sweating, her long hair clinging to her cheeks. She started licking my lips and gently stroking her palm along the length my deprived cock.

She was oh-so-serious looking, her eyes so wet and ravenous, as though the orgasm had set free some other darker Lisa I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet – the first sign of the slut she hid so well in that adorable, daily disguise of innocence.

“Was that nice,” she said, “making your daughter cum?”

“Like Heaven,” I said.

“What else you gonna make me do?” she said, desperate to know. “You can do anything you want to me….”

“There’s so many things,” I said. My words made Lisa smile and she let out an adorable giggle. “Are you still a virgin?” I said, holding my breath.

She nodded, wiped her tears and looked into my eyes. “I’m so tight, Daddy.” She kissed me. Fulya Escort Bayan “I know how hard you must get wondering how tight I am…”

“Y’do?” I said.

Lisa nodded and said, “Do you always think about me?”

“When I jack off?” She nodded and I said, “Always, babygirl. D’you always think about me?”

“Ever since I can remember,” she said. “I wait for you to come to my room every night and try and imagine what you’re thinking about me. And I imagine you jacking-off, wondering how tight I am, and all I wanna do is show you how tight I am, and I play with myself for you and, and, I lie there waiting for you, wanting to suck your cock so bad…”

“Have you sucked cock before?” I said.

She shook her head and dared to confess, “But I practice every night with my dildo.”

“Yeah?” I said, picked her damp hair from her flushed face.

Lisa nodded, looked into my eyes and said, “every night…wishing it was your cock in my mouth…”

I kissed her once and straddled her lap. My boner pushed out far and hard and she smiled, unbuttoning the rest of her dress. Her head cocked to one side and cheekily, she said, “Aren’t you gonna tell your babygirl what to do?”

I smiled, she had my dominant nature rumbled already. I brushed the hair from her mascara-streaked cheek and ran my thumb across her bee-stung lips. She kissed my palm and licked it and let out a long breath that told me her cunt was already recovering from the big orgasm she’d just had.

“Unzip me,” I said, looking into her eyes.

Lisa smiled coyly and said, “Yes, Daddy…”

Her palm ran across the wet patch on my thigh and as my tool jerked behind the material, she licked her lips and became a little nervous once again. With both hands she unbuttoned my pants. Her chocolate brown eyes looked up at me and her top teeth grated across her bottom lip. As she drew down the zip, she rook a deep breath.

“Take it out,” I said.

“This is my first time,” she said.

Her red painted nails drew down the elastic of my shorts, my pants with them, and as she came to my swollen shaft, she stretched the waistband of my shorts wide to set my cock free. “Oh, God,” she sang. My foreskin drew back as my bloated head swelled and her little bit of awe was for the surprise of how wet and sticky I was. My head was slathered in pre-cum.

“You see what you do to me, babygirl?”

“I get so wet knowing I make you so excited…”

” Take my balls out, too, sweetie.”

“It’s so fuckin’ big, Daddy,” she enthused as she dragged my shorts as low she could. She reached inside and I felt her slender fingers cradled my sweaty, aching balls. That ravenous expression came over her pretty face again and she looked up at me and said, “I can’t believe this is happening…”

“Lick my balls,” I said. “Look at me…” Into my eyes she gazed as she leant forward, her tongue out like a bayonet. “That’s it. Lick Daddy’s balls.” Her tongue swirled around like a little paint brush and her palms held my clenched thigh muscles. “Oh, Lisa,” She started kissing them – big wet kisses that got wider and wider until her tongue drew one ball into her mouth. “That’s a good girl,” I said, scooping her hair back with both hands so I could see better. As I did so, I felt her tongue at the base of my shaft, followed by one, two, three, four kisses all the way up, and as her dark sumptuous gaze looked up at me again, her ever-wet tongue ran all the way back down to my balls.

She kissed them in turn and said, “Like that, Daddy?”

I held her hair gently in one hand and pointed my cock at her face with my other hand. “Just the head,”?I said, peeling back my foreskin, presenting it to her. My handful of hair was gentle persuasion. “Look at me, babygirl.” She licked Escort Fulya just under my dripping cockhead and her mouth open and rose over my glistened purple mushroom head. “Oh, babygirl,”?I crooned as the rim of my head disappeared into her mouth.

Lisa drew back, her stretched top lip rolling across my head, drawing all my pre-cum into her mouth. “Mmmm,” she hummed. Her hand ran up my thigh and she wrapped her petite fist around my fat, arcing shaft and, “Mmmmmmm, Daddy,” she said, my cockhead popping from her greasy lips. “Wow, you’re ready to burst.”

“Slowly,”?I said, agreeing with her. “Mmm, oh, fuck,” I moaned, watching her mouth rock back and forth over my head. Each time her lip popped over the rim of my head, my shaft would jerk. “Slowly, babygirl, slowly…” She squeezed my shaft and she started jacking me ever so slowly, back and forth, back and forth, popping my head in and out, in and out, in and out of her sweet, young mouth.

“Is that nice?” she asked, taking a breather. She wanked me slow, staring lovingly at my cock. “Mmmm,” she hummed each time my big aching head emerged from my foreskin. Her eyes flicked up to me, “You’re so big, Daddy, so big and strong…” My cock, like an iron bar in her soft grip. “Oh, yeah,” she sang as a drop of pre-cum oozed from my head. Her mouth enveloped my head against and she sucked my sticky juice into her mouth. “Fuck,” she said, “I can feel you throbbing in my hand…”

“Oh, babygirl,” I moaned. “I’m so close…”

“Has your daughter got you all excited, Daddy?” She sucked on my head, once. “You like watching your little girl suck your big dick?” Her hand drew down toward my balls and stopped, holding my swollen, aching cockhead exposed. “D’you wanna cum in your daughter’s mouth?” Her lips rolled over my head, and after one long lick of my shaft, she gasped, “C’mon, Daddy, I know you want to…”

“Oh, sweetheart,” I moaned.

I pulled her head toward me and she grabbed my thighs and I pushed my cockhead between her lips. She held my big head in her wet mouth and started suckling, suckling, suckling, never breaking her adoring gaze up to me. I rocked her head back and forth. Just the head, just the head, just my bloated Daddy cockhead in her little girl mouth. As she suckled, I fucked her pre-cum pout.

“Here it comes, sweetie.” I felt my thigh muscles clench in her palms and her nostrils were flaring wildly for breath. “Oh, babygirl…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…”

My cock jerked into the roof of her mouth as her top lip locked onto the rim of my head, her eyes began to water and her mascara started to run and I felt myself ejaculate into my daughter’s mouth. A big shot of cum burst inside her. She started swallowing and suckling, and with each jerk of my cock, she drank another blast and swallowed.

My daughter looks so beautiful when she’s swallowing my cum.

I pulled her head back gently and her mouth opened wide for much needed air. She smiled a joyous smile and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Was that ok?” she asked.

“Oh, Lisa,” I said, my own chest heaving, “that was fuckin’ perfect. Stick out your tongue..”

As she peeled her dress off her shoulders, I jerked off a long string of semen and watched it puddle up on her tongue. She drew her tongue into her mouth and swallowed, causing an innocent giggle and a smile to erupt on her oh, so pretty face.

“Was that ok?” she said, as I rose to my feet. My pants fell to my ankles and Lisa stood, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said. She rose on her tip-toes and kissed me, softly. Our lips fell in love again and my palms grabbed her ass, and as I pulled her off the ground, her long, tanned, teenage legs wrapped around my waist. She was so light, there was no effort.

With her legs wrapped around my waist, her ass cradled in my hands, and her precious little tits brushing my chest, I started to carry Lisa inside the villa.

My daughter looked longingly into my eyes, took a deep breath and said, “I want you to fuck me so bad, Daddy

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