Breaking In The House

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**My stories are a little different than most. I do not use characters; we are the characters. You and me. Imagine I wrote this story with the intention of sending to just you for the sole purpose to paint a picture in your head of what we could do…Which this is coming from my male perspective as in scenarios I would be doing these things with a woman**

This is how i think it would go if I was the first one to visit you in a new house. I’d arrive and nervously knock on your front door with my duffle bag slung over my shoulder (this would be the first time we ever met). After three quick knocks i could hear your footsteps approaching and the door getting unlocked. My heart would be pounding in my chest, mouth would be slightly dry and hands would have a slight shake to them. After literally years of talking, we would finally be meeting.

You’d open the door and I’d see that signature full smile gorgeous hair and sparkle that’s always in your eyes. After a very awkward “hey” between I’d id just lean in for a hug. I’d be afraid you could feel how hard my heart is pounding in my chest. You’d politely invite me in and show me around part of the downstairs quickly. We’d be making small talk about how my flight was, how traffic was and other little things.

Once we got in front of the stairs you’d ask if i want to go put my bag down in the room. I’d merely just drop it from my shoulder and say, “fuck it”. With a confused look on your face, I’d reach forward with one hand and firmly grab the back of your neck. As i moved in close I’d told my head and get my first kiss with you. Within a second of pressing my lips to yours i could feel your hands wrap around my back.

Since I didn’t just get slapped in the face, I figured that meant i got the green light. We slowly started to make out at first, tongues dancing around each other’s. The hand that wasn’t holding onto the back of your neck was starting to wander down your back and pulling your waist closer to me.

I could feel just how much hitting the gym was paying off for you. All your firm back muscles forming the sexiest landscape i had ever ran my hands over…but i wanted to feel what they were like without clothes in the way. During one of our long moments where our lips were pressed together i started to slide both my hands down the side of your ribs and to your waist.

Both of my thumbs found the very bottom of the sweatshirt you hand on and started to slide it and your tank top upwards. To my surprise you gladly lifted both your arms upward allowing me to take everything off you in one swift motion. What surprised me even more was the fact you had no bra on. As i stood there, İstanbul Escort half of your clothes in one of my hands and my eyes asphyxiated on your chest. You chuckled a little and reached up and actually pushed my lower jaw upwards…since i was in fact standing there with my mouth wide open taking you in.

With the had that had just pushed my jaw up it was your turn to softly put your hand on the side of my face and pull me in for a kiss. This time was just a peck on the lips because you worked quickly to get your hands down underneath my hoodie and tshirt. You took a slightly different approach. Instead of merely grabbing onto the clothes and lifting them off me, you ran your hands up my bare skin and forced the clothes upward as you went. Turns out you had also been waiting just as long and were as excited for my arrival.

With both of us standing there with just pants and socks on we locked eyes and smiled…that was pretty much the indicator that the slow pace was about to go the fuck out the window!! I was a little quicker so i made the first move. My hands now even more shaky with excitement, they bolted for the button and zipper on your jeans. After what felt like eternity and forcibly prying the material to get it to do what i wanted, i finally had your pants loosed up. With how much you had been hitting the gym it looked like they were painted on you. The material clinging tightly to your thighs that were much more firm than i could have imagined!

Taking your pants off i made sure not to hook the black thong you had on. As i pushed down on your jeans to get them lower i came in close and started kissing on your neck. My hands blindly shoving your jeans lower and lower until you were able to step out of them. There you stood in front of me in just a tiny black thong and calf high white socks.

With the stairs only a few steps behind you i reached both hands under you ass and picked you up. You quickly wrapped your legs around me and locked us in for yet another kiss. After a few minutes of that i started to walk you towards the staircase, I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to taste you!

Gently stepping up on a first step i was able to lean forward and put you down on the staircase. Your legs unwrapped from me but stayed open as they found a step below to comfortably rest on. With me directly in front of you kneeling towards you i worked my way down your entire body.

First moving from kissing you on the lips to both sides of the neck. Kissing and biting my way down your throat until your collar bones. Tracing both sides with my tongue and biting harder on your trap. As i heard you moan i Escort Bayan could tell you liked a little pain with your pleasure. As i kissed my way down your chest and to your nipples.

Taking my time to switch between lightly licking, sucking and biting. As i would switch from one to another making sure to get both nipples fully aroused. I could feel them getting firmer in my mouth each time i would take one in and suck harder and harder. My tongue twirling around it and finally having my teeth clamp down for added pressure as i would pull away just hard enough to feel you shudder.

As you sat there, legs spread open resting on the stairs below, arms outreached to both sides on the stairs above supporting yourself forward, you were starting to go between arching into me and shuddering as you tried to pull away.

I’d use my tongue to start tracing my way down the middle of your chest to your stomach. With a few kisses I’d land at your belly button. With a few kisses and a quick nibble my tongue would circle around the area and i could see that i was causing a slight tickle. With you being so focused on what my mouth was doing you hadn’t even noticed my hands had been running up and down your thighs and were now firmly grabbing onto your waist.

Now i would have teased long enough and couldn’t wait any longer myself. Since this was the first time i wanted to explore and kiss every inch of your amazing figure. From the sides of your waist, tracing your thong back around to your thighs. Finally kissing my way down the front of your thong fabric. Part was down when i could feel how soaked they were i knew all of the teasing was worth it.

But i wanted to keep teasing just a little longer. Without moving the fabric i started moving my tongue all over between your legs. I could tell exactly where your clit was even with material in the way. I wrapped my lips around the area and began to suck and slightly moan, the vibrations from my mouth resonating through you. My tongue would be pressing on your clit, slowly moving back and forth, pushing against it with more and more pressure. I could feel you working your hips harder into my face. We would get on a rhythm together and after a few very short and intense minutes you would start to curl your body towards me. My head would start to get pinched between your thighs, i could feel your tits resting on the top of my head as your started to curl up all around me as your orgasm started to take over. Both of your hands would be gabbing any spot they could on my back, nails digging in harder as you started to shake. Your voice going from moans of pleasure to now soft screams that Eskort kept building to the point i was certain the neighbors could hear us.

After one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever seen a girl have, you pinch your legs even harder and shuffle yourself back on the stair you’re sitting on…clearly you needed a moment to recuperate. But i had a completely different plan.

As you sat on the stairs sort of curled up covering yourself, catching your breath, i leaned in for another kiss. With knowing how much of a freak you actually are, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when instead of kiss me it seemed like all you wanted to do was lick all of your juices off my face. It was super sexy the way you licked around my lips, underneath my chin and back to my mouth. Finishing off with just the tip of your tongue leaving my lower lip as you curled it back towards your mouth, locking eyes with me as you did that.

That pretty much made me the hardest i had ever been and instantly i knew i had to be inside you. With both hands on your hips i pulled you upwards towards your feet. As we both stood up quickly, you a step above me, i forcefully spun you around. With on hand wrapped around the front of your waist i used my other hand to push on your upper back. Leaning you forward in front of me. Luckily as i forced you forward your hands grabbed onto a stair tread in front of you, making sure I wouldn’t knock you out shoving forward. But the stairs imposed a bit of a problem, i needed you slightly lower to allow myself inside of you.

Since you are still standing on your feet in front of me i use my hands to run along the sides of your hips, down the back of your thighs and push forward on your knees. Now with you kneeling in front of me on the stairs you are at the perfect height for me.

I’m not able to wait any longer than i have to. I merely undo my belt, quickly unzip my pants, and pull them down just far enough to give my now pulsating erection enough access to make this work. I lean forward and quickly kiss your lower back. My left hand would quickly grab the thin strap of the back of your thong and pull it out of the way. Guiding my hips forward and a steady hand around the base of my shaft i would rub the tip of my cock all around your soaking wet pussy. Making sure it was plenty wet, id start to glide inside of you. At first just the head, we’d both let out a quick gasp of air. You would slightly move forward but then push yourself further back towards me.

As now half was inside of you, you would lean far enough forward for me to always come all the way out, but you could feel exactly where i stopped. Now in a much more aggressive manner you pushed yourself all the way back into my hips. You felt even better than i could have imagined. How tightly you gripped onto every inch of me, how wet you were and how intoxicating you smelled. I knew i was hooked on my new favorite drug!

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