Breaking In a New Dress

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“I bought a new dress today.” She said over the phone as I lay in bed thinking of her and she doing the same with me.

“Really?” I asked… “What’s it like?”

Gigi is very adventurous in what she wears in public… and what she does not wear under these things. We once had sex at an outdoor restaurant that she had waitressed at a year earlier before they opened for service. I was standing up burying myself hard into her while she screamed, literally screamed, for more. Entertaining both to the fishermen getting ready to head out for the day’s catch… since I of course I was reeling mine in already. Course it might have help if she had told me ahead of time that the outdoor seating area had cameras monitoring it around the clock. I said helped…would likely not have even delayed Gigi only inspired her further! Like I said…adventurous.

“You know how you said you like that Mad Man type look for women?” She asked teasing me. “Well it’s in THAT type of style.”

I must admit that while no fashion critic, I did love the classic style of business attire that let women demonstrate they were women and not hide themselves in men’s clothes to supposedly get more respect from their male colleagues. Ladies, trade secret, all this has done for you is for the men around you to not find you as attractive or as engaging as they once did. Why you might think that hiding who or what you are is somehow advantageous to you is a myth you bought into that was perpetuated by the less appealing members of your gender. Only a fool at Vegas gives away the good hand of cards they were dealt…

“That sounds nice.” I said, feeling my excitement already at the possibilities. “When do I get to see it?” I asked.

“I was thinking of stopping by your office for a quick kiss on my way to work.” She said. “That way you could see it. I have a program manager’s meeting in the morning and stupid sexual harassment training in the afternoon so I can only stop by quickly and grab a cup of coffee and twirl around in the dress for you though.”

“That would be great… I’d love to see it.”

“Okay… I will see you in the morning.”

Dress up can be a fun game when both parties understand the rules and the roles they are assuming. Gigi probably really intended to just show off and tease me a bit. She likes to know she left me hard and uncomfortable when she heads off to work…it tells her that I still find her completely desirable. But you can’t toss blood in the water and then complain about all the sharks!

I made sure I was appropriately dressed as well. I am no Brad Pitt, but I can wear a suit. I chose a grey one with a satin finish red shirt. Add to that bracers, matching tie and pocket handkerchief and I felt like I looked the role I was hoping for. Gigi has a thing for bracers so I figured every little bit I turned her on supported my cause.

She arrived about five minutes behind schedule, not uncommon due to traffic though I knew this annoyed her. It did not annoy me in reality as I understood morning traffic, but that still was something I could use later.

She looked HOT! A navy blue form fitting dress that showed all the curves and cleavage that only real women possess and are not afraid to admit to was the key item. Like I said earlier ladies, if we guys wanted our women to dress like us, we’d all be gay! Be proud of what you are, cause we certainly like to look.

The dress perfectly offset her blue eyes and black hair. Just a touch of makeup and a little lip gloss…plus the required three inch heels. We kissed our hellos and my hand reached down to caress her ass.

“Be good!” She warned as if to remind me, but of course ground herself against me to see how aroused she had already made me from the way she looked in the dress, which of course there was no way to hide. We broke the kiss and she smiled knowing the effect she had on me and took this as a compliment, which is of course how I meant it were I to have any control over such things.

We rode up into the elevator to my office, 15th floor, one below the penthouse, and went in. As it was early we were the only ones there.

She stopped and twirled for me. “So what do you think?” She asked me knowing my reaction but fishing for the compliment Kocaeli Escort none the less.

“Very nice.” I said in appraising her. “But something is missing.” I stroked my chin as if I was deep in thought but in truth of course I had already planned this all out. “Ah yes I got it.” I said and pulled a notepad and a pen from off the desk and handed it to her. “Yep you so have that secretary look going for you now.”

So I can clarify, GiGi is a program manager at her office whereas I am just a mid-level workerbee. By all rights she was the one more likely entitled to the term boss, yet here I had just gotten her to subconsciously feel comfortable with a subservient position. I always wondered how many of the men and women who worked for her thought she was just some mean bitch without a heart? I knew personally about the passion that burned below the surface.

She laughed and posed like a secretary and looked at her watch since she did have to leave in a few minutes. “Not quite right yet.” I said still in my false appraising mode.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“The atmosphere is off… come with me.” I took her by the hand to our main conference room, dominated in the center by the required long dark oak table. I immediately pushed the chair away at the head of the table and sat down and told her to do the same. She laughed and did so, crossing those lovely legs as a proper secretary would so not to give me even a peek of what lay above.

“Take a memo.” I said and she laughed but made no move to do so. I leaned forward as she laughed and ran my hands along her top most calve, from the ankle just about up to the back of the knee and smiled.

“Be good!” She warned again…but I could see a stoked fire of lust in those lovely eyes.

I stood up and kicked the chair backwards, grabbed hold of a fistful of her hair up in a bun and lifted her back to her feet. I did not yank her per say as she was already getting up, but my dominance by holding her hair was established. “You showed up late Gigi.” I said. “I’m sorry but that type of performance cannot be tolerated in this company.”

She started to laugh but I pulled her mouth against mine and we began to kiss hard and passionately. My tongue found hers as she wrestled with mine. Meanwhile my other hand began to roam across the exposed skin of her upper chest, the swell of her breast, then down over the dress and along her hip back to her ass to pull her body fully against mine. I do not know if it was the kiss, the dominance, or just some unknown factor that made her swoon a little into me.

My hand slipped down her ass with another squeeze to the bottom of her dress and her bare knee. I caressed that as I kissed her, keeping my own knee between hers…and began to slide my hand up her inner thigh.

“Be good!” She said again but I just kissed her more, ignored the halfhearted attempt to escape and let my fingers find and cup her panty covered mound. As I caressed and massaged it I felt how damp she was already and her kisses became even more intense. Then my finger slip between the material, finding that her panties were crotchless, allowing my long finger to trace along her clit as I pushed and sunk it deep inside of her as she gasped.

I broke our kiss as I fucker her with my finger for a few strokes, seeing her eyes flutter and then lowered my lips to her exposed neck, shoulders, and the tops of her breasts.

“We can’t.” She moaned. “I really have to leave.” But of course I was not listening to any of that now and her hands were stroking me along the outside of my pants.

I grabbed the hair bun a little tighter and I kissed her harder once more. I knew she finally submitted completely when she spread her legs a little farther open to allow me to drive even deeper into her with my fingers. “Oh god, please don’t stop!” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she focused on what I was doing to her.

I broke the kiss and pulled her head down making her bend and rest on her knees as I settled into my chair once more. “Do it!” I said as she sat between my legs. I did not need to explain this any further.

Gigi had once told me she loved to give blowjobs like this. It was an act that felt totally Kocaeli Escort Bayan submissive to her. I was sitting in a chair like some king and ordering her to please me, and this made her hotter and wetter. The ultimate turn on though was that while she was submitting to my demand, she had more or less the ultimate control. It was all what she chose to do to leave me nearly screaming and wanting to cum as badly as she did.

She undid my button and the zipper, exposing my cock right before her face. I had also gone ‘commando’ because I knew how much this idea turned her on. She reached for me but I twisted the hair bun once more. “Not hands!” I said. “I want you to stick your fingers in your pussy like I was doing to you while you suck on me.”

She nodded and both her hands disappeared beneath my view though the look on her face right before her mouth engulfed me said all I needed to in order to communicate she was following my orders to the letter. She whimpered and moaned at what her own fingers were doing to her pussy while her mouth did exciting things to me.

Like any other endeavor there are those who suck cock, and those who make a blowjob an art form. Gigi was in this latter category. She had told me once that having been a drama major where there were many gay men, they had explained to her what to do and how to make it the most exciting possible. My hat goes off to gay men teachers of oral skills! You serve your straight brethren in this endeavor proudly!

She started by engulfing me as far as she could, about half way or so, and them used her tongue in magical ways to both make me wetter for sliding even deeper in her mouth as well as turning me on further. Licks, sucking, and flicks of the tongue all around the head teased and taunted me and then each time sinking a little bit further until I reached the back of her throat. I am just long enough for it to choke her when she tries to deep throat me which I must admit is sort of a pride thing that I bet all guys share. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation, doing absolutely nothing as she pleasured me and herself. Yep, those guys in the 60s really knew what life was all about!

She lost her tempo a bit and I opened my eyes to see hers closed telling me she was close to cumming herself. While her left hand still seemed from the motion of her arm to be finger fucking herself as I had directed, her right was fiercely rubbing her clit and getting her ready to cum. Her eyes never opened until I yanked her head back and off of my cock making her slow her hand motions and look at me in confusion.

I stood up and kept her on her knees in front of me. “If you are going to cum then I am going to fuck your throat.” I said and pushed my cock back into her mouth once more. She began to suck on me again as her hand motions began to speed up. I released the bun of hair and put my hands on both sides of her face, holding it in place as I began to fuck her mouth. Her eyes fluttered as her orgasm approached and I kept driving into her mouth, not entering her throat but making her gag a bit with every other stroke or so.

She reached the point of no return and her muscles clenched as her orgasm swept through her body. She went to scream but as she sucked in air to do so I slid my cock all the way into her throat, the breath of air for the scream not providing the only oxygen as the muscles in her neck and her tongue stroke me as her body shook in orgasm. I wish I had been closer because I would have loved to cum spurting down her throat at that point.

After what may have seemed like an eternity to her, I drew back and she gasped for breath, her body collapsing as the final waves from the orgasm released her nerves. She went limp and I popped out of her mouth. She was smiling with a little trail of spittle and my pre-cum sliding down her chin. Did I mention I love this woman?

I reached down under her shoulders and lifted her to an almost standing position before spinning her around and laying her torso across the conference table. The bottom of her dress hand been pulled up above her waist, perhaps to protect it because Gigi really gets wet when turned on, or perhaps to give her more freedom to touch herself. Probably Escort Kocaeli it was the latter and the former was a simple good fortune side effect.

Her pussy lips were engorged and sticking through the inner channel of the crotches panties that I could not see for the first time. I did not take too much time to admire the scene but instead drove myself forward and plunged completely into her driving her upper thighs into the hard, unforgiving edge of the oak table. There is something about the pair of us in our body designs that my hard cock can always find and slide into her with almost no effort. As far as gifts go with a lover, that one is pretty fucking cool!

I grabbed both hips and began to thrust harder into her and she in the down slope from her orgasm merely melted and accepted me, letting me drive deeper and deeper. I could feel the head of my cock striking her cervix with each stroke and she just gasped letting the feeling keep carrying her along. Soon this action on my part began to get her even more worked up, rising once more to climb mount orgasm.

She began to thrust back against me, meeting me thrust for thrust and begging me to slam her even harder. Half the time she does that this is intimidating to know she can take almost everything I got… the other half of the time it pisses me off and then I release, as she like to call it, The Beast! That happened here. My eyes get hard and in my mind I only think about how I can slam her body even harder and harder with my own. I swear we were pushing a twenty foot, 400lb conference table across shag carpeting a quarter inch at a time. While this successfully got her to stop asking me to go harder, her cries instead, quite vocal, turned to ones of saying YES, over and over again to encourage me to continue at this pace.

The angle and the make of the table also seemed to make the tip of her clit rub across the edge with every stroke. While I cannot attribute this as purely my victory, having cum once it was so engorged and sensitive that this almost razor sharp edge was bringing her up to a peak again.

I could feel my own orgasm building as the cum bubbled in my balls getting ready to seek release. My right hand slapped her ass twice in hard ringing succession making her scream in pain and pleasure all at once. I knew this would leave my burning handprint upon her all day but I did not care. I had claimed her body as my own for my pleasure, a role she was happy to accept, so I did whatever I wanted.

I grabbed her hair bun again and pulled up, making her arch her back and drive her clit even harder onto the table edge. “Do you feel me swelling inside of you getting ready to cum?” I asked and she nodded with her eyes closed and biting her lip as her own second orgasm was almost upon her as well. “You are going to take my cum!” She reached the edge just as I began to as well.

I pulled out of her rose to the balls of my feet and slid my cock into her ass as she screamed both at this sudden unexpected invasion and her own orgasm as it swept through her again. I had taken her ass before, usually a little more gently than this, and she had said it always made her clit swell even more like it was doing now. That drove her over the edge and the muscles in her pussy and ass clenched and shook making me spewing bouts of cum deep into her ass as I lay down atop her keeping her shaking body pressed against the table with my own.

My heart raced as my essence leaked out into her and we just lay there until we could breathe somewhat normally once more. I pulled out of her and she rolled her face to the side as we shared another deep and wonderful kiss. I broke that off and zipped myself up while she still lay exposed on the table building up her strength.

“Thank you Miss Gigi, that will be all for now.” I said with a smile and stepped out of the room.

Still in our roles Gigi left and drove to work where she told me she had the most wonderfully uncomfortable day. First she was 10 minutes late to her program manager meeting and had to blame traffic even though she had that ‘just-well-fucked’ glow about her. Then she said while she had to listen to a two hour briefing on sexual harassment, she could not sit still in the hard chair because of the burning feeling on her right ass cheek and the feeling of my cum dripping out of her. As her ‘boss’ I merely laughed and told her to get back to work.

If you ask nice, because I know she reads these, perhaps she can tell you one of the stories she has of being in charge…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32