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You awake just as the sun starts to rise. The first rays cascade through the window. There next to you, you see her, her beautiful body glistening in the morning rays. Her skirt now gone, she must have removed it in the night. You do not wish to disturb her. Quietly, you roll ever so gently to face her. You can still smell her sweet perfume, oh so faintly in the air.

Her body’s curves are so intoxicating as you follow them from her beautiful full breasts down her waist and hips all the way down those long luscious legs to her feet. Oh, to touch that soft supple skin this early in the morning. But, would it wake her? Do you dare disturb her? She seems in such a state of beautiful restful slumber. But, oh she was so delicious last night and I am sure she will be so much the better for breakfast. You gently run your fingers down her side caressing every curve. Making sure not to miss any part of her body as you travel from neck to toe. She twitches but only for a moment. You begin Maltepe Escort Bayan to kiss those beautiful legs, lightly as you work your way from her toes to her knees. She inhales and stirs, you stop.

She turns, and you wait. She drifts back to sleep and you start again with you kisses this time at the knees. Working your way up the inner thighs lighter still. You spread her legs wider so that you can get to her pussy, this time she moans, but you don’t stop. Your tongue reaches out and touches her clit just as she raises her head, she realizes what you are doing.

She tries to make you stop but after your tongue teases her clit just a second more she lies back down and she cries out “oh , baby, please don’t stop”. With those words of encouragement your run your tongue over her pussy thrusting it deeply inside her. Bringing your fingers around your replace your tongue with your fingers and run your tongue back across her clit. Making sure that your fingers are rocking Maltepe Escort on her g-spot. She rocks her pussy down onto your mouth pressing hard. Beginning to moan louder, you know she is getting closer to that first morning orgasm.

You stop for a moment, to tell her to cum hard for you all over your tongue so that you can drink up her juices. And you let your tongue run over her entire pussy, darting briefly deep inside her. Tasting her sweet nectar. Sliding your fingers back inside her and finding her g-spot once again she begins rocking even faster on your fingers. Your tongue is sucking on her clit. Her pussy is growing tighter, her moans are louder, and her breathing is heavier. She is so close.

You are ready for her to cum all over your tongue so that you can fuck her. Your cock has grown so very hard. You are now stroking it with your other hand while you are fingering her pussy and sucking her clit. She cries out that she is going to cum soon. She rocks furiously Escort Maltepe on your tongue as your fingers work her g-spot. She screams, as her pussy convulses on your fingers. OH, her juices are going everywhere as you try to lap them up.

You quickly slide your rock hard cock into that well ready pussy. You are so hard she gasps as you enter her. You put her legs up on your shoulders. Balls deep you go into her. Thrusting deeper and deeper with every thrust. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. You feel her pussy grabbing your cock as she is getting ready to cum again. You grab her hips to pull her close to you as you press your cock deep into her pussy.

You slide her legs down off your shoulders and tell her to wrap her legs around you tightly. She does as you ask. You press your hips to her slow and deep. Pressing your cock deep into her pussy with nice long deep strokes. She cries out that she is going to cum and you know that you are going to be right there with her. With one more long deep thrust you both cry out together in sheer ecstasy as the orgasm over takes you both.

As the sensations subsides, you lay there kissing each other. You tell her good morning beautiful how was your night?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32