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“No, no, no, no…” Rebecca mumbled under her breath as the headlights of her car grew even dimmer.

It had been over an hour ago that Rebecca had noticed the red check engine light at the same time she had smelled something burning. She wasn’t sure how long the light had been on before then, but since she’d first noticed the dashboard light she had also noticed her headlights getting progressively dimmer. Rebecca was down to less than ten miles an hour as her tires crunched down the gravel road, her headlights barely reaching a car length ahead. Rebecca checked her mobile phone and felt her heart plummet when she saw that there still wasn’t even a signal.

“Shit!” Rebecca yelled, slamming her palms against the steering wheel as the car’s headlights gave out at the same time the engine coughed to a stop, “Fuck me!”

“Shit, shit shit!” Rebecca yelled as she coasted the car to the side of the gravel road and finally rolled to as stop.

“Now what?” Rebecca said aloud, glaring at the brand new GPS fastened to her dashboard that had shut off a few minutes before her car had died.

Rebecca closed her eyes and took a deep, slow breath. She had decided to drive to her friend Tracy’s house up in Scotland on the spur of the moment in part just to try out the GPS that her parents had bought for her birthday the month before. The trip was a long one and normally took eight hours to drive, but Rebecca hadn’t seen Tracy in almost six months and she had a good two weeks before she had to be back for University. The GPS had been something she had always wanted being horrible with maps and totally lost if she drove around the block twice. The idea that she could type in an address and the little computer would tell her exactly how to drive somewhere had been absolutely amazing and had worked flawlessly since she had received it.

Naturally Rebecca had decided to use her new favorite toy for the trip and had plugged in Tracy’s address and selected the shortest route from the menu. Her on again, off again boyfriend had tried to explain that the shortest route wasn’t necessarily the quickest, but Rebecca had dismissed him as man-splaining and being overly techy. Rebecca knew that if a route was the shortest it would also be the quickest and had followed the GPS directions to the letter. She had started to get nervous when the route she was taking began to look more and more remote, had to seriously second guess herself when she realized she hadn’t seen a building or even another car for almost an hour. Rebecca had tried to redo the GPS and make it take a route that led to more people, but she just seemed to make matters worse when it had her turn onto a gravel road that led out into the middle of the countryside and as far as Rebecca could tell far away from the nearest motorway.

And then, as if she were in the middle of her own cheesy B list horror film, her car decided to breakdown.

Rebecca felt herself tear up as she stared out the windscreen. She could see trees along the sides of the road only by where they blocked the stars without even a sliver of a moon to shed any light. She tried to roll her window down only to realize that without power even that didn’t work before opening the door and stepping out into the cool night air. The stink of burning rubber was stronger outside.

Rebecca looked up at the sky and gasped having never seen so many stars and simply stared. A dog barking in the distance jerked Rebecca back to the present and she glanced fearfully into the pitch black high along both sides of the gravel road wandering which direction the bark came from before hastily climbing back in her car and slamming the door. Rebecca slammed the palms of her hands against the steering wheel again before glaring at the GPS which remained just as dead as her car.

“Figures!” Rebecca said in exasperation.

Rebecca leaned back in her seat, staring at the fabric covering the roof as she thought about what to do next. It was almost midnight so the likelihood of anyone driving along and finding her was slim to none since she hadn’t seen a single car after pulling onto the gravel road. Also she hadn’t seen any lights anywhere that might indicate a house or a farm or something. She felt a little reassured that since there hadn’t been any lights for such a long time then surely she was getting close to a village up ahead. Rebecca closed her eyes and steeled her nerves, knowing that if she just walked a mile or two down the road she’d have find some help to get her car fixed.

Rebecca got back out of her car and opened the boot, finding the torch her father had placed there in case of emergencies before rummaging through the bags she had for her trip. It only took a minute for her to find and put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve blouse instead of the shorts and cotton t-shirt she had had been wearing. Rebecca grabbed her fleece almost as an afterthought, the cool breeze sending goose bumps up and down her arms as she slammed the trunk closed.

With a final look back the way she had come down the gravel Ulus Escort road Rebecca turned and began to walk. As she chased the bobbing and weaving beam of the torch the dark night seemed to come alive with sounds she had never noticed before. Insects hummed and chirped to the sound of her flip flops slapping her feet with the sound of the occasional owl hooting eerily over the road. When Rebecca again heard the sound of a dog barking in the distance she turned to look back at her car which was already lost in the inky depths of the night.

“Only a mile or two,” Rebecca breathed, turning back and continuing her walk.

When finally even the torches beam began to waiver Rebecca opened her phone and felt her lip tremble when the display lit with the time as a little past 2am and still no bars at all. The torch gave a last flicker before dimming away almost exactly like her car had done earlier. Rebecca slammed it into the palm of her hand repeatedly without so much as a flicker before flinging out over a hedge.

“Damn!” Rebecca sobbed, instantly regretting throwing away the torch even though it wasn’t doing a bit of good with the batteries dead.

The night was truly pitch black, but after standing under the stars for a minute Rebecca’s eyes began to adjust and she found that she could at least see well enough to continue down the road. Without any light the night sounds around her suddenly seemed sinister and foreboding, the rustle in the bushes now a wild big cat instead of a startled rabbit, a sudden jarring burr an angry snake instead of a grasshopper kicked up by her feet. Rebecca tried to control her breathing and not panic, hoping that the next turn of the road or the next hill would reveal a light in the distance. It was another hour before Rebecca heard the sounds of a car and it took several moments for her to be sure it was a car and not her imagination.

“Oh, thank god!” Rebecca sobbed and spun in a circle not sure which way the sound was coming from until a distant gleam lit up the the hedgerows from the direction her car was parked.

The gleam increased in intensity until the car came into sight, the headlights glaring so bright that they were painful for Rebecca to stare at. Instantly she began to jump up and down while waiving her arms enthusiastically as the car approached.

“Stop!” Rebecca yelled as the car which turned out to be an old Transit van barreled past, “Please, stop!”

Rebecca’s heart plummeted as the van flew past her without slowing before leaping up into her throat as the driver slammed on the breaks and scattered gravel everywhere. Rebecca ran up to the van, her flip flops slapping noisily until she reached the driver’s window.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!” Rebecca nearly sobbed as the window was rolled down, “You’re the first person I’ve seen all night!”

“What in the world are you doing out here?” the man behind the wheel asked in amazement.

Rebecca felt herself blush as she saw the man in the dashboard lights of his truck. He certainly fit the bill for a handsome, dashing knight out to rescue a fair damsel with his clean shaven face, square jaw even down to a dimple in his chin, unkempt shaggy black hair and plaid shirt that couldn’t conceal his wide, muscular chest. He looked to be in his mid 30’s. She had a moment to wonder if she met the description of said damsel with her slender and short frame, oval face, and mousy brown hair that looked shorter than his.

She did have one asset which she tried to use to her advantage by standing up straight and thrusting her chest out inconspicuously to show off her breasts. Officially Rebecca was a C cup, but her frame as well as her very firm, full breasts had guys always taking a second and even a third glance.

“My car broke down and I was trying to find someplace to call for a breakdown service” Rebecca explained, happy to see that the driver of the truck had indeed taken a second look at her breasts, “Could you give me a lift to town please?”

“No,” the driver said simply, glancing at Rebecca’s breasts once more, “The town is another twenty miles down the road, if you can call a couple of buildings, an old petrol station, and an abandoned café a town.”

“But…” Rebecca began.

“What the hell are you doing out here to begin with?” the driver asked.

“I was driving up to Scotland and my car broke down,” Rebecca explained, catching the driver looking at her breasts once more.

“You’re telling me you were trying to get to Scotland by taking a small service road through the ass end of nowhere rather than take the motorway like a normal person?” the driver asked.

“That’s the directions that my GPS gave me,” Rebecca said defensively.

The man chuckled, shaking his head.

“What, you don’t think I can follow the directions on the GPS?” Rebecca asked angrily.

“Nope, I was just wondering how in the world one of those GPS things would ever give you directions to drive through here to get up North.” the young man said.

“Well, could you please Üniversiteli Escort give me a ride into town?” Rebecca asked again.

“I told you, no,” the young man replied.

Rebecca’s jaw dropped at the man’s tone.

“But… but what am I supposed to do?” Rebecca asked incredulously.

“Another three or four miles there’s a right hand turn, take that and about five miles further on you’ll find a farm,” the man explained, “The farmer is a nice guy, he’ll have a phone you could call from.”

“Wait, nearly ten miles in the dark?” Rebecca whimpered, “Couldn’t you give me a ride at least that far?”

“Maybe,” the young man said, staring openly at Rebecca’s chest.

Rebecca felt an instant flash of anger before she realized that she had been trying to show off her breasts in the hope of getting a ride to begin with.

“Gas, cash, or ass,” the young man said with a grin, “I just filled and I just got paid so I got cash as well.

“Ain’t no one rides for free out here.”

“You’re not serious,” Rebecca asked in amazement, “You want me to have sex with you just so you’ll give me a ride to this farm you were talking about?”

“Well, I was only hoping for a blowjob,” the man said with the same infuriating grin, “But since you suggested it, I might be up for you riding my cock for awhile.

“And if you’re thinking about waiting for another car to come by you’ll probably make it to the farm before you see another one.”

Rebecca’s stomach felt as if someone had just punched her in the gut and she tried to not let the feeling of being physically ill overwhelm her. But even as she felt herself fighting the urge to be sick the sensation of becoming aroused, of getting moist surprised and excited her more.

“You think you can just ask any girl you see to have sex with you and they’ll just jump in bed?” Rebecca finally managed to spit out.

“Nope,” the man replied, “But I think you have a choice.”

“Ten more miles of walking through the middle of the night in flip flops no less or you can hop in my van and give me a ride so I give you a ride.”

Rebecca bit her lower lip, trying to figure out some way around what the young man was suggesting. But even as she was trying to figure out a way around making love to some asshole stranger the idea of submitting, of letting this stranger take her kept creeping in. What made it even worse was that she had broken up with her boyfriend this most recent time over the stupid argument about the very GPS that had led her here. She was technically single and hadn’t had sex in over a month, which for Rebecca who had been known on occasion to want sex two or even three times a day was an absolute eternity.

“Well?” the driver asked in a disgustingly cheerful voice, “A ride for a ride, or are you going to walk?”

Rebecca gritted her teeth as the driver’s eyes were drawn to her breasts and hardened nipples that were very obviously poking at the fabric. She glanced up and down the deserted gravel road, her heart pounding in her chest before returning her gaze to the driver.

He really is good looking, Rebecca thought.

“You’re serious?” Rebecca said halfheartedly, “You want me to have sex with you just so you’ll give me a ride?”

“What’s your name?” the driver suddenly asked.

“Rebecca,” Rebecca replied automatically.

“Well, Rebecca, my name’s Jonathan, but everyone calls me John,” he began, “And I figure if you’re crazy enough to follow some GPS gimmick thing out into the middle of nowhere, have your car break down, then leave your car behind and head off in a pair of flip flops without so much as a torxh then yea, I think that if you want a ride from me you’re going to have to fuck me first.”

“My torch died!” Rebecca shot back, trying to delay actually giving voice to the decision she had already came to in her heart which was hammering in her chest.

“My mistake,” John said with a grin.

Rebecca stared at John as he sat behind the wheel of the old Ford, seemingly completely relaxed as he waited for her answer.

“Fuck!” Rebecca suddenly yelled, “Ok, fuck you, why not!”

“All right then,” John said with a huge grin, “Come on round and hop in, but take all your clothes off first.”

Rebecca had begun to head around the front of the van but froze in her tracks.

“What?” she asked, “Why?”

“Because I told you to,” John replied with a grin.

Rebecca felt her hands trembling even as she felt the moisture between her legs starting to soak her knickers. Rebecca glanced up and down the gravel road one more time and stared at the cone of light that chased away the shadows that extended out in front of the van. Rebecca glanced at John who was still grinning before deliberately walking around to stand in the light from the headlamps of the truck.

The glare was still painful and she couldn’t see what John was doing but guessed she had his undivided attention as she took off her fleece and pulled her blouse over her head. Rebecca’s breasts sprang free since Yenimahalle Escort she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples swollen and hard in both the cold night air and the sheer excitement of stripping for a stranger. Rebecca kicked her flip flops off, the sharp sting of the gravel against the soles of her feet only adding to her excitement as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her hips. Still unable to see what John was doing Rebecca slipped her knickers slowly down to puddle at her feet with her jeans. Rebecca wondered for a moment what John would think of her bush since she had it almost completely shaved except for a narrow little strip just above her mound. She stood that way, completely naked, covering her breasts with her arm and her aching pussy with her hand. She could feel how very wet she was with her entire body illuminated in the harsh glare of the headlights of the van for what seemed an eternity until she heard John’s voice call out.

“Come on round beautiful,” John called.

Rebecca gathered up her clothes and made her way to the passenger’s side of the van, stepping gingerly as the gravel dug into her feet. John opened the door for her as she reached the side of the van and she looked up into the cab at John’s smiling face.

“Hop on up beautiful,” John said with a grin, “You can toss your clothes behind the seat.”

Rebecca climbed up into the cab, her heart hammering and put her clothes and flip flops behind the seat as John had asked. She sat down on the seat gingerly, her hands in her lap trying to hide the fact that she was so wet and stared out the front of the windscreen.

“There’s a grass field about two or three miles up the road,” John began, “I figure we’ll drive up there and spend some quality time out under the stars.

“But in the meantime why don’t you lean over here and show me what you can do with that sweet mouth of yours.”

Rebecca felt her heart skip a beat as she glanced at John’s crotch and the obvious bulge in his jeans. The seat in the old van was a single, wide bench without any gap between her and John. John unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, slipping both his jeans and his underwear down his waist before putting the old van in gear and starting down the road with a slight lurch.

“Damn,” John chuckled, “Harder to get this thing in gear when you aren’t wearing any pants.

“Come on over beautiful.”

Rebecca’s eyes were drawn to John’s cock which was already fully erect and standing tall. John’s dick was about the same length as her ex’s, but what really had her pussy tingling was how big around he was. She had never seen a cock that was that thick and fat with a blunt, flat head instead of a mushroom tip for a lack of a better way to describe him. Rebecca glanced up at John’s face who was alternately watching her and watching the road, a grin still spread across his face. Rebecca licked her lips, her heart hammering in her chest as she slid across the seat and leaned down over John’s erect dick. Rebecca took him in her hand and was amazed that she couldn’t wrap her fingers all the way around his girth before she began to stroke slowly up and down his length. John’s smell was a pungent musky male scent that turned Rebecca on even more. The head of John’s cock was a dark purple and already had a gleaming drop of pre cum glistening at the slit. Rebecca continued to stroke John’s dick as she took the plunge, licking the drop of salty pre cum off the tip before beginning to place feathery kisses over the head.

“Oh, fuck yea, just like that beautiful,” John moaned.

Rebecca let the entire head of John’s dick slip between her lips, running her tongue around in circles as she sucked as hard as she could. She was rewarded by John’s moan of pleasure and she pulled his head out of her mouth with a loud pop.

“Keep going!” John cried, running his fingers in Rebecca’s hair and pushing her head down towards his waiting dick.

Rebecca knew she couldn’t take John’s entire dick into her mouth since she couldn’t even get her fingers wrapped around him but was determined to take as much of him in as she could. Rebecca slipped John’s dick back inside her mouth, letting him force her head down so that more and more of his dick slipped down her throat. Once Rebecca had as much of John in her mouth as she could possibly take she began to move her head up and down, letting him slip out of her mouth with a loud pop every few strokes from the pressure she was using to suck on the tip of his dick.

“Oh, fuck, you are good,” John moaned in approval.

Rebecca felt John’s hand slip from the back of her head to her ass where he began to squeeze gently before one of his fingers slipped between her cheeks and run lightly over her slit. Rebecca climbed up onto the bench seat, her ass shoved high in the air and her legs wide apart to let John have his way as she continued to suck on his dick. Rebecca felt two fingers slip inside of her wet, tingling pussy and couldn’t help but let out a moan of her own around John’s dick. Rebecca picked up the pace, her head bobbing up and down on John’s dick as she felt his fingers slipping inside of her in time to her own blowjob. Rebecca felt herself thrusting her ass out to force John’s fingers deeper inside of her pussy as John began to let out a constant low moan of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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