Break Time at the Movie Theater

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The decision to go upstairs was spontaneous. I locked the cash drawer as I always did before going on a break, clocked out, and told my coworker in the box office that I wasn’t feeling well and might be a couple of minutes. Looking back, there were so many things that could have gone wrong.

Slipping past the manager on duty, who was busy yelling at some poor new concessionist, I trotted up the stairs and rang the bell. After a few minutes my boyfriend opened the door into the projection area that ran the length of all fifteen theaters. He raised his eyebrows questioningly when he saw it was me, knowing it wasn’t time for me to count my cash and leave, and wondering why else I would be upstairs. I gave him a naughty smile and slipped through the door, wrapping my arms around him. I could feel him grin as he caught on to what I had in mind.

The projection area was huge and open, but there were lots of projectors to hide behind. He pulled me towards one that was furthest from the door. The space was cold and my boyfriend drew me close as I shivered. I was still super aware of the door and how anyone could walk through at any moment, checking on the projectionists or heading for the secure office on the opposite as us. My boyfriend kissed me gently, and I began to melt into his arms. He was so warm and solid. I ran my fingers under his uniform vest, under his white button down, and under his soft undershirt and felt his hot skin. He ran his fingers through my long, silky hair and we began to press against each other with a little more urgency. My pussy began to ache for him.

Something stirred nearby and we froze, lips almanbahis adres touching lightly, about to part our lips for each other again. All my nerve endings were tingling at feeling my boyfriend so close, but not wanting to make a peep. I held back a laugh, my core shaking a little bit, my breath short. My boyfriend’s cock was hard and pressing into my stomach. He made it jump and I tried not to laugh again.

After a moment we forgot about whatever we’d heard and resumed our urgent kissing. My boyfriend gently ran his fingers up and down my milky white sides under my white button up shirt, making me shiver. I could feel my pussy soaking through my underwear. I wondered if my boyfriend could smell my sweet juices as we kissed, rhythmic sounds of the projectors all around us. My boyfriend pulled me closer by the waistband of my black pants, and I let out a low moan of anticipation for his touch.

My boyfriend then, a bit hesitantly, undid the button of my pants and moved my zipper lower, one millimeter at a time. As his hands busied themselves with my pants, his tongue continued to slip between my lips, and I breathed into his kiss. I slipped my hands down his back until I found myself gripping his ass with both hands. When he was done with my zipper he slipped a finger gently underneath my underwear and expertly found my clit. I literally held my breath because if I didn’t I knew I would gasp.

I pulled him closer to me, even though we still had my panties and his shorts between us. The air was hot and I could smell his pre-cum and feel how hard his cock throbbed for me. His finger continued its almanbahis adresi journey from my clit, down my slit to my soaking wet pussy. When he felt how wet I was I felt him groan with desire. He slipped his whole hand into my panties and plunged two fingers into my pussy while his thumb made slow circles on my clit. I was breathing hard, even though I was still trying to be as quiet as I could. I gently and rhythmically pushed my hips towards him.

I don’t know where my mind was or how we missed my boyfriend’s coworker walking up beside me. But the next thing I knew, a second set of hands was gently running up my sides from behind, and gently pushed my white shirt up until they were cupping my breasts and gently thumbing my nipples. I gasped with pleasure at the fact that two men were now giving my body attention. I felt the mystery man’s hips press closer to me in the dark corner, as the noise continued all around us.

My boyfriend had noticed the third party in our explorations and paused, silently asking me if I was ok. I nodded through the dark and responded by pressing my ass into his coworker the while simultaneously kissing my boyfriend deeper and with more urgency. The coworker slipped my pants and panties down, granting my boyfriend more access. I spread my legs and let my boyfriend’s fingering get more intense. Still, no words have been uttered.

I fumble with my boyfriends own snap and zipper and release his cock, with a lot more speed than he got into my pants a few minutes earlier. The coworker holds my hips and begins to kiss my neck as my boyfriend guides his cock into my pussy. I almanbahis adresi life my left knee to rest on my boyfriend’s right hip, granting him deeper access. I feel the coworker release his own cock and start to stroke himself with one hand, while his other hand slips between me and my boyfriend and finds my wet clit. My boyfriend begins to pump in and out of me, not so fast as to set me over the edge but with a firm intensity. The coworker’s lips and tongue are still on my neck as he firmly strokes my clit, and his other hand fumbles for his own cock.

The projection area is still so dark, but at this point we are almost as loud as the machines that surround us- grunts, panting, moans of pleasure, my cries of “oh, yes!” The coworker’s fingers, wet with my pussy juices, find my asshole and gently slip in. I feel him go deep, so his fingers are touching my boyfriend’s cock from within. My boyfriend feels this, too, and I feel him start pumping with more intensity. I can’t think straight, I only have tunnel vision for my upcoming orgasm. I feel the coworker striking his own cock with more intensity, too. I moan even louder, not caring who can hear me at this point. “Oh, fuck me!” I cry.

My orgasm hits me as I feel my boyfriend’s cock shutter. We clench and my pussy milks his cock of the last drops of cum as we cling to each other, the coworker’s hand still in between my clenched ass cheeks. I feel him grunt and a warm spray of his cum gets on my lower back.

We slip to the ground for a bit, sitting on top of the discarded maroon vests of our uniforms in the dark, basking in the afterglow, three sets of lungs breathing slower. As we part I lay on my back, The coworker leans over and kisses the side of my neck and then slips away. My boyfriend kisses my lips and then wraps me in his arms. I dress and return to my seat in the box office downstairs, glowing a little more than before.

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