Brandy’s Family Reunion Ch. 04

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Brandy giggled. “What do you mean, what am I wearing? My pajamas.”

“Describe them? Ok.”

“Well, I’m wearing a white camisole, with a kitty on it, the bottoms are pink boy shorts, with a little paw prints on them. They’re so comfortable; and I look really cute in them. Hee, hee.”

Brandy was lying on her bed, in the little cabin she was staying in, at her family reunion. She was about to turn in for the night when her she got a call on her cell phone. It was her old boyfriend Scott, who had gone off to college last year, leaving Brandy single.

Scott was already at school, preparing for the upcoming football season. He had returned to his dorm room tonight, alone and horny and decided to see what his former high school sweetheart was up to. He was excited to reach her and have her provide some late night entertainment, even if it was from 1,000 miles away. He knew that with enough sweet talk, he could convince her to provide a little dirty talk.

“You really miss me? Scotty, that means a lot to me.”

“Yeah, the reunion is ok. I had a little bikini on today, that you would have loved. It barely kept me covered,” she giggled. “My bum looks so good in it.”

Meanwhile, walking along the edge of the lake was Brandy’s grandfather. He often had trouble sleeping and tonight was no exception. Besides Jack, only the stars were out tonight, overlooking the peaceful lake.

He sighed, thinking about the eventful day at the reunion. As usual the highlight was his day was being around his granddaughter.

The bikini she had worn was at once sweet and super sexy. It was a pink and white plaid design and the edges of the bikini top and waistband of the bottoms were accented with delicate, white lace trim. The style was innocent enough, but the cut of it, combined with Brandy’s curvy figure, made I seem almost obscene.

The string of Brandy’s bikini got caught in the lounge chair where she was sunning herself. As she stood up, the top was practically pulled off, exposing one of her breasts. She adjusted it quickly and asked Jack to retie it behind her head. He shook his head recalling how his hands trembled assisting her. While Brandy’s only reaction was to giggle about it.

“I guess it could have been worse Papa Jack. It could have been my bikini bottoms that came off. Hee, hee.”

Brandy loved attention and didn’t mind being a little flirt to get it.

“There’s always tomorrow,” her grandfather joked and patted her behind playfully.

“Papa Jack!” She laughed.

Jack enjoyed stealing a little feel, when he could. He had always been affectionate with his granddaughter and as she developed from a cute little girl into a stunning young woman, he found her even harder to resist.

How was it that she could be so cute and so sexy at the same time? Damn, those perky, little breasts, and that ass…he stopped himself. Jack, get a hold of yourself.

Glancing towards her cabin, he noticed a dim light, coming from within. The small glow lit a fire in him.

“I wonder what Brandy is doing up?”

He knew it was wrong, but Jack found himself stalking the small structure and its occupant.

Brandy’s cabin backed up against a cluster of trees. Jack cut through them, sneaking up to the bedroom window. The windows of the cabins sat low enough, that Jack could easily look right in. With the window partially open, he could see and hear everything inside. Brandy’s oral performance now had an audience of two.

“Are you thinking about me in that bikini? You know it almost came off today by accident. It got caught on my chair,” she giggled. “I ended up flashing my poor grandfather.”

Jack swallowed hard. She was talking about earlier today. His beautiful granddaughter lay on her bed, in her adorable little pajamas. As she spoke into the phone, her hand was drawing shapes on her bare midriff.

Was she getting turned on? Jack certainly was. He felt an immediate erection growing in his shorts watching her.

“I wish you were here with me now. Yes, I would do whatever you told me to.” Brandy purred. Brandy’s voice got softer, as her words got both men harder.

“If you were here? Yes. Yes, I would give you that lap dance you always wanted,” she giggled. “I would totally strip for you.”

Brandy’s innocent sounding voice, made every provocative thing she said, sound all the more dirty.

Jack undid his shorts and took a hold of his stiff cock. Two men were now jerking off to Brandy’s sweet voice…two men who couldn’t have been further apart in miles or in age.

“Are you hard now?”

You bet I am Jack thought.

“I bet you’re touching yourself thinking about me in my bikini.”

“Ok, ok. Your cock, stroking your cock. Get it nice and hard.”

“Want me to put your cock in my mouth?”

Jack watched intently as Brandy’s hand slid gently across the crotch of her panties. She seemed to be fighting the urge to touch herself.

C’mon baby, touch yourself…Jack thought.

“I’m getting wet, its like you are with me right Ankara escort now.”

With one hand holding the phone to her, Brandy slipped the other inside her precious little panties. “Yes. Yes, I am touching myself too.”

“Jackpot!” Her grandfather whispered.

“Oh, I’m so wet,” Brandy cooed.

“You want me to taste it? That’s gross!”

“Ok. I’ll do it for you.” Brandy put her finger in her mouth. “Mmm, it’s sweet.”

Brandy reached back into her underwear. “Oh yes! My finger’s inside me, oh!”

“No, I can’t. Don’t make me say that.”

“Ok. Ok, I’ll say it.”

“You’re fucking me. You’re fucking your little Brandy.”

Damn, she’s hot, Jack thought.

“Oh…I’m so turned on. I want you to cum inside me. Oh! Oh yes! Yes!”

Brandy was writhing on her bed, building to an orgasm, but her grandfather was already there. He groaned and shot a load of cum against the side of her cabin.

“Here it comes baby…ugh!”

Brandy sat up quickly and looked toward the window. It was so dark, she didn’t notice her grandfather ducking and sneaking away. But he had left a sign of his intentions, on the wall of the cabin, as if marking his territory.

Back in his cabin, Jack had a great night of sleep. The following day he tried to act naturally around his granddaughter, but that was hard enough to do before he had seen her having phone sex. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. Being in her presence made him so excited and nervous at what she might do next.

Jack even felt jealous whenever someone else occupied Brandy’s attention, which occurred the very next day. Brandy had gone out to a small swim platform in the lake with her Aunt Vicki, to sunbathe. Depriving Jack of a chance to spend time with her. He watched longingly from the beach as the older woman applied sunscreen to Brandy’s bikini-clad body. Brandy was clearly having quite an affect on all her relatives.

Jack was desperate to spend some time alone with Brandy and after some thought, he figured out a perfect way.

Brandy, though slightly embarrassed by what she did during her recent encounter with her aunt, wasn’t trying to avoid her, like she was with her uncle and cousin. Maybe it was because Vicki was a woman. Maybe it was because on a certain level, Brandy enjoyed what they had done and felt somehow less guilty about it. Or maybe it was because Vicki had continued to spoil Brandy, which was difficult for the teen to resist.

Out the platform, Brandy relaxed and soaked in more sun and attention from her adoring aunt.

“It’s hot out here,” Brandy sighed.

“That’s because of you. Damn girl, look at that bikini.” Vicki joked.

The flirting made Brandy giggle. Today she was showing off a bright teal bikini. It was form fitting and Brandy’s natural curves seemed to be in danger of breaking free at any moment.

The two women seemed too have developed an understanding. Though Vicki continued to flirt with her niece, she didn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to do. Brandy had even spent the night at Vicki’s cabin again and was rewarded for it. This time with a pair of earrings, purchased from a local jeweler. The older woman seemed satisfied to cuddle with Brandy and engage in some kissing and mild petting. Both seemed to understand that this arrangement would pass, just as the summer soon would.

“Roll over so I can put some sunscreen on your back and get a look at that ass.” Brandy giggled and obediently rolled over allowing her aunt to massage sunscreen onto her.

“Scotty called me last night.”


“Yeah, I think he is lonely away at school.”

“That’s too bad. Hey, what about your friend Lauren, what is she up to?”

“She sent me a text the other day. She enrolled in a catholic college, Trinity. It’s about two hours from home.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. I would miss her, for sure. Scotty went away, now when she does… I guess I feel like I’m getting left behind.”

“Are you thinking of joining her?”

“Maybe. I was accepted there too, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. She said she is going to go out for cheerleading. I would love to be with her on the squad. It would be just like old times. But then Daddy would be all alone.”

“Well, you can’t major in cheerleading, unless things have changed since I was in school.”

They both laughed. Brandy turned back over and looked up into the face of her aunt, searching for answers.

“But I know that college is a wonderful experience, whatever you decide to pursue. And…when I think of all the amazing adventures you would have on campus, with that hot little body, well…”

Vicki reached for Brandy’s belly and began to tickle her.

“Stop aunty, please! Stop!”

Brandy sat up, looking for an escape from her aunt, who playfully kept tickling her sides. Brandy’s shrieks and laughter got the attention of their relatives back on the beach. They watched as the two women stumbled and fell off the platform and into Ankara escort bayan the water with a splash. Immediately they’re heads bobbed up above the water, each of them floating in place with one hand clutching the platform, the other wiping the water and hair from their faces.

They were both breathing heavily between giggles.

Vicki, keeping one hand on the platform, reached underwater and took hold of Brandy. She loved the way Brandy looked back at her, with big brown eyes, still so naïve and full of wonder. Without a word, Vicki slid her hand inside the small bikini bottoms and found Brandy’s slit. Brandy gasped and stared with her mouth open as Vicki slid a finger inside of her niece.

Brandy looked to the beach and back to her aunt. “Aunt Vicki…”

“They have no idea what I’m doing Brandy.”

Vicki began working her finger in and out of Brandy’s pussy.

“Oh! Oh, Aunt Vicki.”

“You’re gonna cum for me, right in front of our relatives baby. If you don’t, we can get back on the platform and I can eat you out, in front of everyone.”

Brandy panted as her arousal grew. “Oh…”

“Are you gonna cum Brandy?”

“Oh, oh, oh.” Brandy shook her head in the affirmative.

“Is my little Brandy is gonna cum?”

Under the water Brandy had wrapped her legs around her aunt and surrendered to her completely. She threw her head back and came.

“Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!”

The women lingered a bit in the water, allowing Brandy to regain her composure.

Later in the day, while having some lunch, Jack approached his granddaughter about going out on the lake with him. He explained how he had rented a boat and would love the company of a beautiful woman. Brandy giggled, “sure, sounds fun Papa Jack.” As they spoke Jack tried to keep his eyes on hers, but found it hard to do, as she was a sight to behold. Brandy thought he was a sight as well. Jack had been a handsome man, but that was about 30 years and 30 pounds ago. Today he was wearing a crazy Hawaiian shirt and a hat to cover his now bald head, which was prone to sun burn. She saw her grandfather as a loving, harmless old man.

That night Jack stared at the ceiling, thinking about being out on the lake alone with his granddaughter. Which bikini would she wear, her wondered. I’ll be the only one there to apply the sunscreen…maybe my hand will slip, maybe she’ll want to sunbathe topless. Jack resisted the urge to masturbate as his mind wandered and created various scenarios, in which Brandy somehow ended up exposing herself.

The next day Jack had the boat all ready to go, but Brandy was nowhere to be found. Jack wandered along the beach and eventually made his way to Brandy’s cabin. He knocked, got no response and poked his head inside.

“Brandy? Are you here baby?”

He heard nothing and wandered inside.

Jack entered the bedroom and sighed. “Where the hell is she?” He was disappointed and a little angry. Jack was really looking forward to the afternoon out on the boat with his granddaughter.

Being alone in Brandy’s room, made the 75-year old, feel like a teenager again. He felt a nervous energy, as he looked at the bed where she slept and where he had watched her have phone sex. He then noticed the top drawer of her dresser was open. No harm taking a look, he smiled to himself. Jackpot! It was Brandy’s underwear drawer, a treasure trove full of colorful pairs of her precious little panties. He reached in and began inspecting them, they were all so small. The meager thongs, which he pictured, rested between her perfect ass cheeks. The lacy ones, which had matching bras and created an incredibly sexy visual in his mind. But his favorites had to be the more innocent pairs. Usually white, with little hearts, teddy bears, ruffled trim, or cute sayings on them like, kissable. Of these the pair that he liked most were white, with frilly pink trim and a tiny pink bow in the front, on the low cut waistband. Such innocent looking underwear, on a stunningly beautiful girl like Brandy, made him mad with lust.

He stuffed them into his shorts pocket and wondered again, how she could be so cute and so sexy at the same time?

Meanwhile, Brandy had totally forgot that she planned to spend the day with her grandfather. She was driving herself back to town, specifically to the lingerie boutique, where she had gone with her aunt a few days earlier. The shopkeeper had encouraged Brandy to return, for the babydoll nightie, that she had her eye on during her last visit. Her size was now in stock, so Brandy bought it and a few other items.

On her way back to the lake Brandy tried again, unsuccessfully, to reach Scott. She was frustrated, as she pulled back into the gravel filled patch of ground where all the cars of her relatives were parked. Why wasn’t he returning her calls? Having only one hand on the wheel of her car, she mishandled a turn, into an empty spot, and caught the corner of a large car parked in the next space.

“Oh my gosh! What have I done?”

Brandy was stunned, but completely Escort Ankara unharmed. It was only a slight impact and upon inspecting the cars, she saw that there was somehow no damage to her sporty little car. The larger car, which was the size of a small boat, was not so lucky however. Brandy managed to put a pretty good scratch into it. The car belonged to her grandfather and it was at that moment that she realized, she was supposed to spend today out on the lake with him.

“Oh, I am so dead. Daddy always tells me not to talk on my cell while I drive. What am I gonna do?”

Brandy knew that her grandfather was going to be angry as well, he loves that car almost as much as he loves me, she thought. But she knew she could get away with it if she played on his affections. He still thinks of me as his little girl, so she took a moment to put her shoulder length, brown hair into pigtails. She checked herself in the car mirror and thought the quick hairstyle made her look extra young and innocent. She gathered her bags and slowly made her way to her grandfather’s cabin. On the way she practiced a remorseful look.

She nervously knocked on the door and was startled a bit, when her grandfather pulled the door open with an angry look on his face and a drink in his hand.

“Brandy! Nice of you to remember me.”

He turned and walked to the couch in the cabin’s small living room and sat down.

Brandy closed the door and followed him. She sat by his side and put her hand on his grandfather’s leg.

Brandy tried to act as upset as she could. She spoke slowly and even adopted a bit of a little girl voice. “Papa Jack, I did something bad. I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.”

Jack looked at her and seemed to melt a bit. He reached up and ran a hand across her soft cheek. He noticed how cute she looked with her hair in pigtails, just like she wore when she was little. “It’s ok baby. I can rent the boat again tomorrow, I suppose. I was just looking forward to spending some time with you.”

“Thank you Papa Jack. But it’s not just that, I…I just had a little accident.”

“Pulling into the parking space, next to you, I scratched your car.”

“You did what?!?”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. But please don’t tell Daddy what I did.”

“How did this happen?”

“I was on the phone and I misjudged the turn and Scott never answers and I thought he missed me…”

Jack interrupted her babbling. “You were calling that punk kid again? Maybe I should call your father. He should know how naughty you’ve been. You don’t treat me half as well as you treat that son of a bitch!”

Brandy’s mind raced. Did he know about what she did with Scott the other night? How could he?

“Please don’t tell Daddy. He is under so much stress back at work. He’ll be so disappointed in me.”

“Like I was disappointed today, waiting for you at the dock? You stood me up? Then you go hit my car?!?” Jack couldn’t hide his growing frustration with her. He felt so hurt, so betrayed by her. All he wanted was to spend time with her and she didn’t even take him seriously.

Jack’s face was red, with anger. He sat silently for a moment, and calmed down a bit and took a sip from his glass of whiskey. “What’s in the bag? Show me what was so important that you had to blow me off today?”

Reluctantly Brandy pulled out the babydoll she purchased earlier. He stared at it in disbelief.

“What is that?”

“It’s a babydoll, Papa Jack.”

“He ran his hand over the sheer material. You used to be my babydoll,” he sighed.

“I still am Papa Jack, I still am.” She answered hopefully.

“Prove it. Go but that on.”


“You heard me.”

“Is that really necessary?”

“Don’t make me call your father.”

Brandy was so intimidated by him and was terrified by what he might tell her father. She stood and walked towards the bathroom. If she had been paying attention, she would have noticed a familiar pair of white panties and matching bra in a pile of discarded clothes and dirty towels on the bathroom floor. Meanwhile, Jack went for a pill bottle in his suitcase. He swallowed a small blue pill with another gulp of whiskey. Just in case, he smiled to himself.

Brandy emerged from the bathroom wearing her new purchase. Jack watched as she tentatively approached the couch where he waited. She felt embarrassed being seen like this by him, so she stared down at the floor.

“Is this what you wanted Papa Jack?” She asked like a little Lolita.

The sight of Brandy in the babydoll took Jack’s breath away. She looked angelic, sweet and sexy at the same time. Jack sat in stunned silence for a moment.

“That is a very naughty outfit Brandy. Turn around, let me see all of you.”

The ivory colored babydoll had a ruffled spaghetti strap bra, which pushed Brandy’s breasts up and out. A small bow sat between the round cleavage inducing cups. A translucent skirt flowed down from the bra and reached her thigh. Brandy’s toned and tanned tummy was fully exposed by the sheer fabric. The panties were small triangle of material in the front attached to ruffled, ribbon-like straps that wrapped over her curved hips, met in the back and disappeared into her round bum, in the form of a thong panty.

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