Brandi Gets a Facial Treatment

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Brandi Edwards lived just down the hall from her best friend Susan Simpson. Their families had moved into their condos on the same day almost six years ago. Both families were each blessed with a daughter of the same age and so they struck up a friendship that moving day that saw them eventually even take vacations together long after the girls had moved away to college. Both girls had now finished their undergrad degrees; Susan was going on to medical school; Brandi was already in law school. She was the cheeky one.

This morning, Brandi had just finished reading the latest issue of Cosmo and had uncovered some insight into a long burning topic that she and Susan were both intensely curious about. Intent on sharing with her gal pal, Brandi had tried texting and Twittering her, but got no response.

‘Maybe the little tart is still in bed,’ she thought. Grabbing the magazine and the Simpson’s spare key she decided to check out for herself.

Brandi let herself into the Simpsons’ condo and called out, “Anybody home?” She headed for Susan’s bedroom, bent on waking that sleepy head up, but when she opened the door all she discovered was an unmade bed. She heard the distant sound of running water. ‘Aha!’, she thought, ‘The little minx is using her parents’ bathroom.’

Though initially intent on scaring the crap out of her, by surprising her in the shower, Brandi thought the better of it. Susan would probably slip and bash her head, so instead she plopped herself down on the king sized bed, and began re-reading the article while waiting.

Steve Simpson was looking forward to having the house to himself finally. Internet Porn and Pizza! The ladies were away in Montreal for the weekend on a mom and daughter getaway. He turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for the bedroom.

“Ahhhh!” The woman’s scream stopped Steve dead in his tracks. “What the fuck?”

Brandi had leapt to her knees on the bed, clutching the Cosmo magazine as a shield.


“Mr. Simpson?! What, what are you doing here?”

“I live here. What are you doing here?”

“Of course. Fuck! Mr. Simpson, you scared the shit out of me. I thought it was Susan in the shower. I let myself in with the shared key. I had something urgent to discuss with her.

“Jeez, Brandi, you can’t be popping in like that. What if I didn’t have a towel on?”

Brandi looked at him and smirked. “Then I’d have seen you bare ass naked. What the fuck’s it matter Mr. Simpson? Relax.” Sure he was an older dude, she thought, but she always thought Mr. Simpson was cute and funny and he was not serious like her dad.

“Brandi, you might consider doing something about the vocabulary.”

“Sure. So where’s Susan?”

“In Montreal, with her mom. Girls weekend.”

“Ohhh No! Mr. Simpson,” she remarked sarcastically, “so you’re home alone. Porn and pizza?”

“Ha, ha.”

She moved across the bed on her knees toward him. As she approached, Steve remembered it had been at least a year since he last saw Brandi and he took the time to appreciate just how much she had matured. Gone was the awkward gangly sporty teenager he remembered when the girls were in high school. Brandi had become a very attractive young woman. Her outfit didn’t disguise much; a white sleeveless knit crop top hugged her full firm breasts and at the same time revealed her strong toned arms and shoulders. The taut fabric just contained her pert nipples. The short pink tartan skirt, tied with pink ribbon confirmed she was still a playful tease at twenty-five.

“God! Mr. Simpson, you must have so much fun in this bed. It’s like a freaking gym mat from my gymnastic days.” As if to prove the point, Brandi rolled on her back giving Steve a perfect flash of her green lace briefs before springing up and landing beside him. It would have been a perfect dismount except her 4″ white heels caused her to stumble into Steve.

Steve moved to catch her, which he did, but in the attempt he lost his towel. Brandi burst out laughing as she straightened herself out. “You’re sporting a bit of a boner there, Mr. Simpson.” Steve awkwardly tried to cover himself, “Relax. I’ve seen a few cocks.” She picked up the towel, handing it to him. “Here, cover that bad boy up before I get ideas,” she chuckled.

“Sit down,” she patted the bed beside her, “You just might be able to advise me, since Susan isn’t here.”

Steve wrapped himself in the towel and sat as instructed, his awkward bulge less evident as he placed his hand on his lap.

“See. Look here, I was reading this article in Cosmo,” she continued. “It explained how facials can help prevent a woman’s skin from aging. It’s not a big worry for me now, but a woman can’t start too young to have the proper regime in place.”

“You mean like facial masks and stuff? Brandi, how would I know if spreading all that muck on your face works or not? Near as I can recall Mrs. Simpson doesn’t do that, so I’m not sure how I can help you.”

“No, silly. Look, here’s Kocaeli Escort the article,” she flipped open to the page. “So this beauty blogger claims semen facials cured her skin condition.”

“Semen facials?”

“Yes. You know; cum, jizz, spunk, your man sauce.”

“Seriously? Brandi, this is one of those April Fools articles and they got you.”

“No way man. First, the article was from January and second, it’s Cosmo. Look. See, she says she has her source.” She punctuated “source” with air quotes, “He pops in a plastic sauce cup and then delivers it to her. So, I’m thinking: WTF bitch, woman up! Skip the cups an’ go right to the source. First, it’s gonna be fresh and second it’s way more fun. Right?”

“I guess, so do you have a friend in mind?” Steve imitated the air quotes, “For your kinky experiment?” He actually couldn’t believe he was having the conversation.

“Well, not exactly. I was gonna ask Sue if I could borrow her boyfriend Tom, but she probably drained him before she left so he didn’t get any ideas, if you follow me. Right Mr. Simpson?” She poked him in his side, smiling wickedly.

Brandi stood up and moved around the room deep in thought. Steve studied her stunning figure more carefully. The short pleated plaid skirt draped her delicious apple-shaped ass perfectly. Steve could see that the lace tops, of the white thigh highs that wrapped her long lean legs, were just barely revealed. More blood flowed to Steve’s cock, reaffirming his impression of how impossibly hot this woman had become.

“I’ve got it!” she snapped her fingers and turned towards him, “How about you?”

Steve stood up holding the towel tightly, “Wait a minute! No way. Crap, Brandi, enough. You have to leave.” Steve stood up holding the towel tightly. “Brandi, I’m twice your age at least and you’re my daughter’s best friend. I know your dad for heaven’s sake.”

Of course, as Steve spoke this, his mind was in total rebellion: What the hell dude, you’ve been ogling this sweet thing for years and now that she’s practically begging you, you’re walking away. Twenty-something women don’t ask twice dude!

Fortunately for Steve, once Brandi Edwards got an idea in her mind nothing could deter her.

“Dude, I won’t tell if you won’t.” She smiled at him, then stepping up to Steve she suddenly shoved him forcefully back on the bed. Immediately she straddled his chest, holding his arms over his head. Steve struggled kinda pathetically. Although he was much heavier than her, Brandi was a black belt in aikido, an experienced gymnast and a seasoned volleyball setter used to going for the dig. She had strength in places that Steve, sadly, lost long ago. Steve’s struggles became weaker. For a while, he thought if only he could get some leverage he could save his dignity. Soon enough, he realized it was fruitless. He conceded. Truth be told he wanted this, whatever “this” was.

“Relax Mr. Simpson, you might just actually enjoy this.” Brandi reached for the hem of her crop top, “Fuck, it’s getting a little hot in here,” she said, smiling as she pulled it off. Steve stared up at her perfect breasts, finally revealed. They were exactly as he imagined: Round, firm, topped by pink, pencil eraser shaped nipples.

“You like the girls don’t ya Mr. Simpson? Hmm, aren’t they spectacular,” she said as she shook and playfully cupped her breasts, then drawing her hands up until her thumb and index finger pulled taut her very hard nipples, “Oh fuck, I love nipple play.”

She looked down at Steve, who was intently following the action. She gazed into his eyes, then slid her pelvis lower, now just touching Steve’s hard cock. “Hmmm. Mr. Simpson, I think your cock is sure up for this.” She leaned into him. Steve could smell her sweet breath now. “Trust me, Mr. Simpson, you’re gonna love this.”

She kissed him. Softly at first, her amber eyes looking deeply into his. She smiled. Almost there. Brandi thought men are so simple in the presence of sexually powerful women. She softly moved her tongue past his lips and moaned into his mouth. Steve’s eyes closed and he gave in completely. The kisses became more passionate. Soon they were tongue fucking like teenagers.

Brandi ground her pelvis harder against Steve’s cock, delighting the sensation his hardness provided against her panty covered camel toe.

She broke their kiss. “Mmmmmm. Feels nice doesn’t it Mr. Simpson? Can you feel how it hits my clit jewel? Ohhh I can’t wait to have this cock in me, but first how’d you like a taste of my hot juicy cunt?”

Brandi repositioned herself directly above Steve’s head. She still had control in case he had second thoughts, but she could tell that by the way he stared intently on the dark groove she’d pressed into the gusset of her panties there was only a slim chance of that.

Brandi was correct. Steve was completely under her spell. He inhaled deeply through his nose intent on getting totally intoxicated on her sweet feminine scent.

“Does that smell good, Mr. Kocaeli Escort Bayan Simpson?” Steve broke out of the spell and looked up at her beautiful eyes gazing hungrily down at him.

“You smell fantastic.” His mouth and nose was draped by her short skirt, trapping her hot musky scent so that it was concentrated and easily filled his flared nostrils. He felt another surge in his cock that he thought would already explode. ‘God’ , Steve thought, ‘There is no better oasis for a man than to be nestled between a beautiful woman’s thighs.’

He moved the tip of his tongue against the fabric of her panties. They felt damp and warm as he slowly dragged it upwards while pressing it into the smouldering cleft of her womanhood.

“Oh fuck yeah…that’s it,” Brandi softly moaned. Steve lapped his tongue back and forth across the gusset of her panties until it was soaked with both his saliva and her own secretions. Meanwhile, his hands cupped the cheeks of her perfect ass teasing the lacy sides of the leg openings of her panties.

“Oh, fuck yes. Let’s get these things off.” With that, Brandi rolled back on Steve’s chest and whisked her soaked panties and skirt off her hips, down her long legs and, rolling back, she repositioned her bare quim directly above his mouth.

Steve was now presented with Brandi’s perfectly plump swollen cunt fully exposed; her pink labia glistened from the flow of her excited state. Steve could just make out the hot pink tip of her aroused clit poking hesitantly from the folds of clinging flesh at the top of her slit. Her clit jewel sparkled in the light. Steve pressed his oral assault to the next level.

“Oh yes,” she hissed as his tongue slid deep into her welcoming fuck hole. She tasted fantastic. Steve speared his tongue deep into her and rolled it in a slow circle all around the clutching lips of her pussy.

“Oh Mr. Simpson,” Brandi squealed, “OH MY GOD. You’re pretty good at this,” she said as she started to pant under his oral assault. Steve slid his hands up her inner thighs until his fingertips reached her plump pussy lips. He pulled them apart and pressed his face flush against her hot moist opening. Meanwhile, Brandi slid her clitoral jewel against Steve’s nose.

“Fuck, Mr Simpson! I can feel that right through to my clit. Oh God … just keep doing that,” she was almost pleading with need as he slid his tongue back and forth and worked it across her full opening. He took a moment to look up and saw her breasts heaving, evidence of her escalating pleasure. Steve’s hands kept her spread wide open to allow his tongue to delve deeply into her womanhood and scoop up gobs of her tasty nectar.

“OH FUCK…OH FUCK…OOHHH,” she let out a loud groan and Steve felt her body go rigid as the first tremors of an orgasm shot through her. He kept his lips firmly sealed on the folds of flesh at the top of her vagina as she shook and spasmed beneath his flicking tongue.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD…YES!…DON’T STOP.” She moaned again as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her. Her thighs slammed shut on either side of Steve’s head, trapping him against her throbbing cunt. One hand clasped his head to her flooding pussy, the other clasped her right breast. Wave upon wave of Brandi’s hot juice washed over Steve’s beard and face. He lapped up her tart savoury cream, relishing the flavour and drawing more of it into his mouth.

‘Fuck my life’, he thought, ‘she’s nearly drowned me’. He kept slurping and lapping it up. It felt like there was no end to it. She finally let her thighs relax and he was able to come up for air. He looked up at her and she was smiling down at him through hooded eyes with a look of pure bliss on her face. She drew in deep breaths of cool air as the final tingling sensations of her numbing release flowed through her.

“Fuck me, Mr. Simpson! You sure eat pussy like a champ!” she said with a quivering voice. Her orgasm had taken a lot out of her, but still Steve continued to nibble.

“Hmmm. Your tongue feels so nice… that’s nice…keep licking up that girl cum…”OH… YEAH … UH … UH …FUCK! …” Brandi was again rocked in another full body tremor of ecstasy She shuddered from head to toe in another orgasm that started deep in her clit then exploded through her whole body. “MMMMM MMMM …Oh my God, that was fantastic.”

Brandi shifted back down his body and kissed him soulfully on his lips. “I don’t think any man has eaten me out as thoroughly as you have, but then I’ve never had a real man before today.” She smiled and leaned in for another deep kiss. “Mmmmm, I love the taste of me on a man.”

Her sodden cunt was once again positioned directly against Steve’s stiff cock. “Oh dear Mr. Simpson, I’ve been so selfish!” she said as she drew her mouth back from his. “I’ve forgotten about you. I can feel your hard-on pulsing against my pussy. I think it’s telling me it needs to be deep inside me. Should we let it?

Brandi didn’t wait for an answer and maneuvered her hips to Escort Kocaeli scoop up Steve’s cock so that he could feel the tip bathed in the luscious warm sensation as her pussy enveloped him.

“Aaaaahhh, Oh yea. How’s that feel?” She let out a small gasp as the head of Steve’s cock stretched the tight opening of her eager cunt. Steve placed his hands on her hips as her hot tight channel gripped him in what felt like a warm velvet glove as she lowered herself further down.

“Oh God … it’s so fat,” she said breathlessly as she slid down on the first few inches. “Aaaaaaahhhh! Oh …oh …fuck” Brandi was biting her bottom lip as she fought against the overwhelming sensations, as Steve’s thick cock stretched her like she’d never been stretched before. Her eyes closed and her skin glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration that burst out of her pores.

“Fuck! Brandi, you’re so fucking tight. I think I’m gonna cum.”

Brandi’s eyes sprung open and she stopped mid stroke and looking down at him corrected him abruptly, “Don’t you dare cum without my permission. We have a mission. Got it Mr. Simpson?”


“Good,” she smiled, “Now where were we? Oh yes, right about here,” and she drove her vulva hard against Steve’s groin and renewed her sensual grind.

‘Fuck me’, Steve thought, ‘She’s so tight and hot. It’s like fucking a volcano.’

“No…yes…no…” she was babbling, “I mean …I don’t want you to stop. And don’t you dare cum! Oh! Mr. Simpson your cock feels so fuckin’ good. Let’s see if we can get you up to boiling, shall we?”

Steve felt the warm clutching walls of her cunt grip his shaft in a molten grasp, as she rose off him until she only had the inflamed head of his cock caught between her pussy-lips. Brandi gazed down at him intently as she plunged down his shaft.

“Fuuuucccckk yessssss” Her eyes almost rolled back in her head as she slid the full length all the way down again. A big shudder went through her body and then she rose back up again. Her eyes opened and locked on Steve and she gave him a smile of pure bliss as she let herself settle down once more.

Steve held onto her hips tightly as she started into a smooth rhythm, powering herself up and down Steve’s slick shaft, “Mmmmmmm,” she purred deeply a wave of pleasure pulsed through her core.

Steve’s hands reached up and took control of her nipples, his hands clasped by hers as he tugged mercilessly on the taut buds. Brandi threw her head back, drawing in full breaths.

“Oh fuck yes, that’s it, pull my tits. Harder. Yess. Mr. Simpson,…I…I’m…OOOOOOOHHHH…”

Steve felt her orgasm hit again, as he flexed his hips upward at the same time.

“OH FUCK,” she groaned as she felt the hot slick walls of her pussy grip him tightly. She threw her head back and started to shake like a bucking bronco as she bounced on his cock. Steve felt the urge to explode.

“OH GOD,” she squealed again as she threw herself forwards, smashing her lips against his.

“Fuck Brandi, I’m gonna blow.”

Ever on the mission, she popped off Steve’s cock in a flash and dropped to her knees by the side of the bed. “Come on Mr. Simpson, stand up here. You’re gonna come on my face.”

Steve stood over her. She licked her lips slowly as she grabbed hold of Steve’s engorged cock, smiling up at him she lowered her lips and planted a big soft wet kiss on Steve’s inflamed cock head.

“OK Brandi, you want this. Suck my cock you dirty little cum slut,” Steve said as he pushed down on the top of her head.

“Mmmmm,” she let out a low moan as her hot tongue made slow agonizing love to his glans for a few moments before she breathed deep and plunged down on his sloppy shaft.

“Oh fuck…that’s beautiful, Brandi,” Steve blurted as he watched inch after inch of his cock disappear and reappear into her beautiful mouth. There was no doubt about it. Brandi was an amazing cocksucker. She used lots of saliva and was sensually sloppy and noisy as she went about her mission. There was no end to her enthusiasm as toyed and teased Steve’s manhood with her skilled mouth, tongue and lips. As her mouth slurped and sucked on his shaft, her long fingers teased the base and his balls. Small moans and purrs gave further proof that she was loving the feel of this man’s cock deep in her mouth.

“Oh fuck Brandi…I’m getting near.” Steve was loving the sound of her sloppy wet mouth on his cock as she slurped and sucked for all she was worth. Now her pumping hand began to rotate around his thick base while at the same time she continued to assault his shaft and head with her lips.

‘Fuck my life,’ Steve thought. ‘This hot minx is making me insane. Mrs. Simpson never sucked me like this!’ He gripped her head tightly in his hands as much to steady himself as to guide her up and down. Suddenly, Steve felt his balls tighten.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK Brandi..OH GOD…HERE IT COMES!” Steve groaned deeply as he felt the intense pressure of his hot spunk rocket up his shaft from deep within his core. Brandi let out a deep moan and pulled away as the first blast of Steve’s thick ropey cum exploded on her face.

“OH FUCK…THAT’S SO GOOD,” Steve kept his fingers bound in her soft silky hair as wad after wad of his enormous load pasted across her perfectly beautiful face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32