Bragging Rights

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(C) Copyright 2002 by choclit_tai.

It is amazing how pride can sometimes get in the way of better judgment. And how people can always rationalize their actions for their own benefit. I admit it, I’m guilty. This brings me to my story. I am married, and my wife and I share a close group of friends. We all openly flirt amongst one another when we are together, as we are all attractive and highly sexual people. We often talk via email or instant messenger. I am particularly close to some of the women in our little circle.

Jodi is married to my friend Willis. Over the last several months, I’ve been chatting with her on yahoo messenger. It all started when I found out her user name: KamaSutra80. I was like, “What do you know about Kama Sutra?” Besides being of Indian decent, I knew Jodi had a bit of “freak” in her, so I was just baiting her.

“There is a lot more to KamaSutra80″ than meets the eye”, said told me. This kind of banter went on for awhile, until I finally told her my name; choclit_tai. She had her remarks of course, but that was the beginning of our online relationship. We went on to discover all of each other’s sexual secrets, history likes and dislikes. The only problem was that there was nothing we could do about it. Or so I thought.

About two weeks ago, Jodi and I were chatting and she was going on and on about she had been just too much for Willis the night before and had him squirming like a little boy when he climaxed. Finally I just came out and said something that ignited a flame that has yet to die out. Here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

choclit_tai: You know, you talk a lot of trash.

KamaSutra80: What is that supposed to mean?

I was stuck now, but I kept going.

choclit_tai: I mean, I been with several women, and I just can’t imagine someone your age having me all sprung like you’re always claiming to have Willis.

(She was only 22, 8 years younger than I was).

KamaSutra80: Age ain’t nothing, but a number honey, and I’d have you screaming my name just like Willis does.

choclit_tai: PLEASE!! Girl you’re lucky we’re married, because I have a few things I could teach you. You’re not even ready…

KamaSutra80: What does us being married have to do with anything?

She caught me off guard with that one. I know she has had sex with other women behind his back, but she always maintained that she would never go there with a man. I had to think carefully about my response. But she kept the pressure on.

KamaSutra80: What’s the matter old man, CAT got your tongue?

My response just rolled off my fingers without even thinking.

choclit_tai: what about if this TONGUE GOT YOUR CAT?

Now it was her turn to be silent. So I decided to push.

choclit_tai: See that’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about…always talking… You can’t be as bad as you claim to be.

I knew I was playing with fire, because what if she decided to call my bluff? She did….

KamaSutra80: Like I said, I’ll have you screaming my name. I talk it and I can walk it.

I tried to weasel my way out now..

choclit_tai: What happened to not having sex with another man??

KamaSutra80: Who said anything about having sex?. There are plenty of ways to please a man without having sex. Just a few of my tricks and you’d be putty in hands.

Oh Hell no, she didn’t go there..

choclit_tai: Like that huh? OK I’m down, even though I know you’re not serious.. What are the boundaries?

KamaSutra80: Anything goes short of intercourse. We each get an amount of time to see who cums the most?

My dick was like granite just thinking about it. Here I was talking to my friend’s wife. A friend of my wife and she’s telling me I have free reign to make her cum and she’s gonna do me too! What the hell was I going to do now…?

choclit_tai: ANYTHING?

KamaSutra80: did I stutter?

choclit_tai: Ok, smart-ass, IT’S ON!. But I have one rule….

KamaSutra80: What?

choclit_tai: you can’t go sticking kolej escort bayan anything up my ass.

KamaSutra80: That’s fair, even though you can stick something up mine… (smile)

See now she is playing with me.

choclit_tai: So is there anything I can’t do?

KamaSutra80: Umm, actually yes. My rule is that you can’t cum in my mouth…

DAMN… I was wondering if oral sex would be off limits but she just answered my question.

choclit_tai: BET!!

choclit_tai: Oh yeah, Jodi one more thing before I have to go…

KamaSutra80: Yes?

choclit_tai: Is you pussy wet right now?

KamaSutra80: That’s for me to know and you to find out..(smile)

Well that was the bet. We didn’t even say what the stakes were. I didn’t care. I would be a winner regardless. But I didn’t want this young girl to outdo me. So I had to come up with my best moves. Over the next few days we chatted and came up with a plan. Because of our schedules, we just decided that we would each call in sick to work and get a hotel room.

It was Thursday morning and I was very nervous. I had never done anything like this before. I tried to rationalize, by saying that since I wasn’t going to have intercourse, it wasn’t adultery, but I knew deep down if she found out she’d be just as mad. But I didn’t care.

We first met for breakfast and made sure to order Mimosa’s to help break the ice. I could tell she was a bit nervous too, but we both put on good game faces. We had light breakfast, mainly fruit and we were both trying to tease each other as we ate as provocatively as possible.

I took the juiciest strawberry I could find and began to lightly squeeze it around the rim of my champagne flute. I dropped it in and then drank my drink. I then held the empty glass up to my mouth letting the berry slide down toward my mouth. I stretched my tongue out and began to tease it until I finally saw her reposition herself in the seat. I took it into my mouth, taking my time while I ate it and letting a bit of the juice run out.

For her part, she seductively gazed while she took a peeled banana and began to stir it around in her yogurt. It was making that familiar sound of slow penetration into a tight, moist pussy. Then she raised it to her mouth and began to lick up the yogurt letting her tongue widen as it spread over the banana. Damn she did that well…

“Check please!!”

She laughed and we got up to leave. She was sitting when I arrived so I got the first good look at what she had on. I had been staring at her cleavage all morning, with her wearing a tight red tank top. On the bottom she wore even tighter hip hugger pants, with no panty line in sight. I could see from her sandals that her toes were freshly pedicured with bright fire engine red polish.

I should describe her so you can have to full picture. Jodi is about 5’2″ and 125lbs. She is thin, but not skinny. Despite being small she boasts a full 36D chest. Her ass is perfect for her size with a nice roundness to it.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in our room. We set down our collective bag of tricks. The butterflies were still here, although the more I looked at her the more I wanted her. I pulled out a bottle of champagne and poured us both a glass. I held up my glass for a toast.

“To the thrill of friendly competition”, I said.

“Here Here!!”, she replied, and we finished our glasses.

As she turned to set hers on the table I moved in towards her, took her face in my hand and began to kiss her. She was clearly shocked, as she froze briefly, but she didn’t resist. I didn’t force my tongue into her mouth, rather I softly covered her lips until she parted them. Once I felt the opening, I gently introduced my tongue to hers. Our passion level rose and it was clear this was something both of us had wanted for a long time. I finally broke the kiss, leaving her lips pouting, wanting more.

“Just though I’d break the ice”, I told her with a smirk on her face.

“Try melting Escort sihhiye it”, she added. “So where do we start?” she questioned.

“Well I believe in ladies first” I said as I walked her over towards the bed. I sat down on the edge and had her sit between my legs. I pulled her long black hair to the side and began to kiss her neck. I reached my hand around to her front and she guided my left hand over the breast. Jodi leaned her head back and our lips met again. This time her tongue moved more intently. I then stood her up for just a moment to unbutton her pants. I slid them down and she kicked them off. I was wrong in my speculation, as she on a tiny g-string. We sat back down with her in my lap, legs spread wide. I reached down between her legs as I continued to kiss her neck and back. I could feel her moisture through the thin fabric. I commenced to move my hand over her mound. The silky material moved easily over her sex as she became more damp. I found her swollen lips outlined through the front of her g-string. My middle finger instinctively slid between them, pushing the soaked fabric inside her pussy.

She again turned back to kiss me as low moans escaped her lips. With my left hand I could feel her nipples hardening under my touch. My fingers outlined them in between gentle squeezes. I started to feel her push forward onto my hand. Finally, I licked my finger, then moved her g-string to the side in order to experience her creamy wetness first hand. I dipped my finger deep inside her soggy folds, then I pulled it back up until I reached her clit. I felt her flinch, then relax to my touch as I pressed my fingertip on her bud. I started working my finger in a circular motion, not losing contact with her swollen clit. She started bucking a bit harder. I slid my left hand down from the nipples and replaced my right, still concentrating on her clit. With my right hand, I placed a finger inside her and began to maneuver it around. I lay back onto the bed, with her on top of me. I began to brush my finger against the front wall of her pussy while my other rubbed firmly over her clit. Then I felt it. Her pussy started contracting against my finger and she started to cum. She grinded her ass into my rock solid cock as she continued to climax.

“Not bad”, she said as she turned over and kissed me. “But now it’s my turn”, she quipped as she jumped off the bed to get her bag. She brought it over to the bed and then started to slowly pull my pants down. She lifted me up to my knees and pulled my shirt over my head, as I reached to remove her tank top and bra. I had seen her breasts before, one time some of us went skinny-dipping, but they looked so much better now. Her nipples were still very erect with large brown areolas.

She moved behind me and pulled my boxer briefs down. She wasted no time by going into her bag and pulling out a bottle of warming massage oil. She applied a generous amount to her hand and reached around and gripped my throbbing cock. She used her hand to spread the oil all around my shaft, sliding it between her fingers and so forth until my veiny rod was glistening in the palm of her hand. Then she began to stroke me. She moved her had up and down my shaft, all the way to my engorged head, but never losing contact. I could feel myself getting larger with her touch and making her cum had me so worked up that I knew I wouldn’t last long. Jodi tightened her grip on me and stroked a bit harder and faster. Then she pushed me down onto all fours.

“Remember my rule” I panted, nearly out of breath just from her hand job.

“I know, just trust me”, she answered as I felt her other hand on my ass. She spread my legs a bit with hers then I felt her breath on my cheek. Then I felt the softest tongue probing around my asshole.. She spread her tongue and licked up and down over my hole. She then pointed it and poked it inside me. She jacked me harder and started sticking her tongue deeper inside my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore and started to spurt all over the bed. She sincan escort continued to rub my head between her fingers. It was so sensitive, it took all my strength not to scream, but I couldn’t let her win that easily.

I could tell she was still excited, so I wanted to take advantage of that.

“Ready for round two”, I asked.

“Oh yes”, she groaned.

I pulled the cum-soaked bedspread off the bed and laid her back down. I moved on top of her and we started to kiss. I moved my kisses down to her breast, letting my tongue encircle her areolas, but not touching her nipples. I licked around and under her large mounds. I then kissed my way down to her navel. I let my tongue wash over it gently then continued downward. I pulled her g-string off and moved in on her sex. Her hand automatically moved to my head as my tongue slithered through her tiny triangle of hair just above her clit. I avoided her budding clit and moved down to her shaved lips. They were slightly parted and sticky with her cum from the first orgasm. I licked over them gently. She tasted so sweet. She moaned as I ran my tongue along her opening. Then I slipped it inside her. She raised her hips to meet my mouth. I immediately began digging my tongue as far inside her as possible. I began licking around her inner depths, trying to reach every corner of her pussy. I felt her juices coating my tongue as I felt what could have been a mini climax. I finally moved up to her clit and began teasing it

“Yes Tyson, right there…” she moaned while my tongue spread over her clit. I drew it into my mouth and let my tongue swish it around inside my mouth. I felt her tensing up and I sucked ever harder. I stopped teasingly to see her reaction. I wanted to know I had her.

“Fuck! Don’t stop..” she cried.

I smiled and lay on my back, pulling her leg over my head to straddle my face. I sat her pussy down on my face and dove back into her succulent pussy. She was leaning forward with her hand on my chest, grinding herself on my mouth. I was tongue fucking her deeply. She leaned all the way forward and I let my tongue glide down to her ass. Her juices were flowing which helped my tongue poke easily into her asshole. I reached with my thumb and started grazing it against her clit. Just as I was about to move in for the kill I felt her snap a cockring around the base of my shaft. ‘Where did that come from’, I thought to myself, but then she began to lick me.

I lost my concentration on what I was doing to her as she consumed my dick into her mouth. I saw she was pulling out all the stops, so I reached into my bag and pulled out my double bullet. It was two oval shaped vibes connected by wires with which I could increase the vibrations. I placed one against her clit and turned it on low.

I couldn’t tell what she mumbled, with a mouth full of my cock but it sounded like “oh shit”. I could feel my balls swelling from her sucking but the cockring was preventing my climax for now, but I couldn’t take much more. I increased the intensity on the bullet and moved my tongue back to her asshole. Meanwhile she had lathered my shaft up nicely with her saliva and was now stroking me while she sucked me deeper within her mouth. My head tickling her throat. Once I had her asshole nice and lubed, I slid the second bullet inside her ass and turned it on. I slowly turned them up higher as she started to squirm on top of me.

She unsnapped the cockring, letting the blood in my cock flow freely again. I knew it would be only a matter of seconds as her tongue worked ferociously around my head inside her jaws, while her tight fist pumped my shaft. I turned both bullets on full speed and pressed one hard against her clit, while the other was buried deep in her ass. To top it off I started drilling my tongue up into her pussy.

“I’m abou….” Was all I could muster as I was trying to warn her of my ensuing explosion but couldn’t because of her flowing release onto my tongue and down into my mouth as her floodgates opened with her orgasm. He legs were trembling around my head, while she soaked my face. She withdrew me from her mouth just as I started to spout violently all over her neck and chest.

She rolled to the side, us both panting, spent in a puddle of sweat and sexy secretions. We made eye contact both said in unison……


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32