Boys Week At The Cabin Ch. 03

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Monday morning, Anna and her mom took one Escalade, and Mark and I took the other. We were headed to the cabin my great grandfather built. Anna and my wife were going to the college that Anna planned on attending in the fall. My sons may join Mark and I later in the week.

Even with all that had passed between Mark and I, the trip was nothing unusual. Idle chit chat, music on the radio, and nice scenery. It started to rain, just as we reached the cabin. A much needed heavy storm ensued, and we made a mad dash inside.

We were completely soaked, so I started a fire in the old stone fireplace. When I turned around Mark was naked and holding out a towel to me. I followed suit, and stripped. We toweled off, standing in front of the warm fire.

“Well, Mark, it’s too early for lunch, and much too wet to fish, what would you like to do?”

With a flurry, he disposed of his towel, and headed to the master bedroom. The very room in which I had spent most of a week, swallowing his delicious cream. I grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen, and followed him. I found him on the bed, holding up his towering cock.

“I haven’t cum since you blew me Thursday. I’ve been saving it for you.”

“Where do you want to put it?” I couldn’t hide my excitement as my dick sprang up.

“I think I want to fuck your tight ass first, I will have plenty for your mouth later.” I didn’t argue, I jumped on the bed and started to lube him. then I lay face down beside him.

Excruciatingly slow, he inserted the object of my desire. It hurt a bit, but I wanted it. I was pushing back at him almost as soon as he touched me with it. When the fat knob passed my sphincter, I groaned. Then I moaned as he fed it to me a little at a time.

Just like our last time, he was on my back, with his hands under me, gripping my shoulders. He seemed to like that, as it made sure I wouldn’t escape his mighty cock when he pounded me. Not that I wanted to escape.

He was taking about six inch strokes. He whispered in my ear “Your ass is so tight. Its like a little girl’s pussy. Is this your pussy? Are you my little girl?”

“Yes, I’m your little girl.”

” Do you like my cock in you little girl?”

“I love your cock. Please, fuck your little girl.” He loved that. Mark began to fuck me unmercifully.

“I’m gonna cum, where do you want it?”

“In my pussy, Please cum in my little pussy”

“AAHH.. There you go little girl. I’m giving you my cum.”

I could feel It blasting inside me. I was whole again. I had his seed inside me. That was all I needed. We rested. I could feel his cheek on my shoulder blade. I was almost asleep, when he started moving again. He hadn’t gone soft, I guess saving up is a good thing.

After a minute, he said “Turn over, I want to see your little dick as I fuck your little pussy.”

I did as he asked. I looked at him between my legs, his large cock dwarfing mine. I did feel like a little girl.

“Put my cock in your pussy.” I lined it up, and he pushed steadily in. As he bottomed out, my dick lurched and dribbled. “Ah, that’s sweet, it likes me to fuck your pussy. I think this pussy wants some cream. Tell me, little girl, does your pussy want my cream?”

“My pussy needs your cream. Lots of your sweet cream.”

Mark gave me some long strokes while watching my dick jump around, After a couple of minutes of this, I came all over my stomach. Mark was delighted. “Look, I made my little girl cum. Want to try for two?”

“Oh god yes. Don’t stop.” I guess it was the challenge, but whatever, Mark fucked me to another orgasm before cumming deep in me. I have to say that Mark was becoming quite a lover. Anna was going to be very happy one day.

We didn’t bother to dress, and it felt strange walking around my great grandfather’s cabin nude. We made sandwiches for lunch, Mark taking great pride in grinding his big cock against my ass everytime we passed each other. Of course I giggled like a schoolgirl when he did.

“Sir, thank you for bringing me here. I really enjoy it here. The lake is so beautiful, and the cabin is very comfortable. Well, then I also like what we do together, too.”

“Thank you, Mark, I enjoy your company as well.” When he isn’t in the bedroom, Mark is a very polite and almost shy individual. He treats me with the respect you would any authority figure. In the bedroom, he knows he is in charge, and makes sure I know it too. He’s my Alpha, and acts accordingly.

The storm built until, just as we sat in front of the fire, the lights went out. It İstanbul Escort was like perfect timing. We lay by the fire, nude. It was almost romantic. But ours isn’t a romantic relationship. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it isn’t romantic.

The fire flickered, the storm blew, and I reached for his cock again. It was like a drug. I had to be holding it, loving it. Even while soft it mesmerized me, and thrilled me when hard.

“I know a little girl who wants some more cock.” Was all he had to say, and I rolled over onto my stomach. “No, I want to watch you cum, while I fuck you.” I am well trained. I rolled onto my back and threw my legs in the air. He grabbed them and placed them on his shoulders.

I reached for my dick and he said “No, let me make you cum.” I thought he was going to touch my dick for only the second time, but he didn’t. He wanted to be sure it was his cock, not my hand, that made me cum.

He pushed into me, and I thought I would cum just then. I was ridden hard and I came hard. I yelled out his name, as I shot my load onto my belly where it pooled. He just kept plunging in me until I shot a second time, adding to the previous pool. Mark withdrew, and added his load to the mess on my stomach.

With his finger, Mark stirred the cum together, then scooped it up and fed it to me. “Drink up little girl. It’s a nice cum cocktail, just for my little girl.” It was so nasty and thrilling. I did what he wanted. I always do what he wants when we have sex, and we had sex a lot.

The rain finally stopped just around dinner time, so we ate out on the porch. Everything looked so refreshed. I felt refreshed, with food in my tummy and sperm in my ass. At bedtime, I added sperm to my tummy.

Tuesday, we arose early, and took the boat out. It was a gorgeous day. One of those days when everything just seemed right. When we were anchored, we cast our lines, and sat, enjoying the day and each other’s company. No other boaters were about, so I went down on Mark. He reeled in a nice fish while I sucked his cock. “A nice catch and a blow job, It doesn’t get better than this.” He said, referring to the beer commercial on TV.

Later, we went below, and he took my ass. Now though, it was only referred to as my pussy. I had become so used to his cock in me, that I needed it. I knew that when we were back home, I was going to miss it. I don’t know how I will be able to be in the same room with him, and not have him.

Mark really enjoyed knowing he could make me come while fucking me. I think it even helped with his control issues. He would hold off long enough for me to cum, usually twice. He still never touched me, or kissed me. Sometimes he would play with my nipples, but would say “When my little girl gets older she’s going to need a bra.”

Later that evening, Mark was on my back after unloading in me. We were sweaty and out of breath. Suddenly my phone jangled. It was a text from P.J. my oldest son. He and Brad, my middle child, were joining us the next morning. Seems our little honeymoon was over. There would be no reason for Mark to be sleeping with me, when we had another bed available.

Mark grumbled some, but he understood. He took his duffle bag into the other bedroom and messed up one of the bunk beds, to look like he had been sleeping in there. We took a chance that we would be up before they arrived, and spent the night in bed together. Somehow I felt safe with his arms around me, his large cock nestled in my ass crack. I was his little girl, filled with his love juice.

The boys didn’t arrive until after breakfast, and a snack for me. Surprisingly, they weren’t alone. Two girls got out of the car also.

“Dad, this is Betty and that’s Mary. No, wait.. that’s Betty and this is Mary.” Oh Lord! So he didn’t even know the difference. I hope they are not future daughter in law prospects.

“Hello, Ladies.” I used the term loosely. “This is Mark.”

“Hi, Mark.” they said in unison. “He’s cute.” Mary declared, or was it Betty. Shit I don’t know.

As the girls and Mark went into the cabin, P.J. and Brad unloaded their bags. I gave P.J. a questioning look, and he just grinned and wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

I started preparing lunch for everyone, and the kids went to the pier. I heard a commotion, so I went to investigate. There were four naked people in the lake, and Mark standing on the pier.

“Take it off..Take it off.” they were chanting at him. He gave in and stripped. When he got down to his boxer briefs, the girls Kartal Escort Bayan stopped chanting, and just stared at his bulge. He paused, I guess for dramatic effect, then yanked down his undies. “OH MY GOD!” the girls said, again in unison. “Look at it.” said one “It’s huge” said the other of the interchangeable girls. Mark dove in, and was immediately flanked by the girls.

I called them in for lunch, and watched them all climb out of the lake and towel off. The girls didn’t appear to be bothered by being watched. They both had very nice bodies. Were I a bit younger…

By the time they got dry, the boys were all erect. The difference between Mark and my sons was quite evident. As they dressed, the girls continued to tease all three boys, especially Mark.

After lunch, P.J. and Brad took the bobbsey twins for a ride in the boat. As soon as we heard the engine start, Mark grabbed me and hauled me into the bedroom.

“Those girls are driving me nuts. I need your pussy.” Who was I to argue. Mark fucked me with a vengeance. “Do you think they want me to fuck them?”


“You know I’m only going to fuck you though, don’t you?”

“Yes, please.”

“Do all you little girls like big cocks? Am I fucking you good?”

“Yes. Please don’t stop fucking me.”

“Don’t you worry, I’m going to give you all you need. This cock is only going in you, and Anna.” If he kept that up, I was going to have to nominate him for son in law of the year.

After he dumped a couple of loads in my wanton ass, we went fishing off the pier. Fortunately we caught enough for a fish fry that night. I put the kids to work on different chores and soon everything was ready. During dinner, I mentioned that someone would have to go into town the next day, for supplies, because I hadn’t planned on this many people. P.J. said they would handle it. He is such a good boy.

After dinner, Brad took me aside and asked “Dad, you’re not going to tell Mom about the girls being here, are you?”

“Do I look like a fool? We all would be dead if she knew. Just be sure to hide all the evidence before you leave.” He turned and gave P.J. a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

Next thing I know they are taking the bunk bed frames out of the second bedroom. “Just making things a little more comfortable.” said P.J. They stacked them out on the porch, then they took the mattress off the sleeper sofa. I knew something was fishy, besides the girls pussies. I checked the bedroom, and they had the entire floor covered in mattresses. It was one big orgy bed.

We had a few beers in the cool breeze on the pier. Then we headed back inside. Once inside my sons went straight to the orgy room, but the girls tried to get Mark, also. “Cummon, we can handle three of you” said Betty or Mary, whichever. Mark gracefully declined saying he had a girlfriend. They didn’t bother to invite me, though I would have declined also.

The girls relented. As they opened the bedroom door, I could see both my sons standing in the middle of those mattresses stroking nice erections. The girls giggled and entered.

Mark, again, drug me to the bedroom. We were naked, and he was on my back in record time. I swear he was punishing me for their behavior. I will have to thank them later.

Afterwards, as I cleaned his magnificent cock, Mark said “Damn, those girls really want me to fuck them. I’m glad I’m with you though. They’re just a couple of skanks. You’re a better lay than they are too.”

He was so sweet, I thought I was going to cry, so instead, I swallowed his cock. Then, when he was hard, I flopped on my back and threw my legs in the air. “Does my little girl need a pony ride? Ok baby girl, you got it.”

I didn’t get much sleep that night. Between the girls caterwauling, and Mark getting horny every time one of them screamed in orgasm. He put so much cum in me, I’m sure I sloshed when I walked.

I got up, finally, put coffee on, and started breakfast. I guess the smell of coffee stirred the girls. Each strolled in, nude, grabbed two cups of coffee, and went back. I did get a wave from Mary, I think. Mark came in and sat down for breakfast. Then the other four, not one wearing more than underwear.

I reminded P.J. of our short supplies. He said they were going right after Breakfast. Frick and Frack acted like they were going on a big adventure. If those two girls had a brain between them, they both forgot who’s turn it was to carry it.

By the time Mark and I cleaned the kitchen, they were pulling out of the Anadolu Yakası Escort gate. I was putting away the last of the utensils, when I heard Mark call from the bedroom “Little girl?”

I was face down again, his chin on my neck, as he gave long slow thrusts. “Those sluts are taunting me. Running around with their titties flopping about. Their hairy pussies on display for everybody.” He slid his hand around my chest. “I like your little tits better, and Anna has a lot prettier breasts than they do. And I definitely like your tight little girl pussy best. Theirs is probably all stretched out.”

He took his time, slow deep strokes. Almost like making love to me. After a few minutes, he reached lower and cupped my dick in his hand. I know he could feel it quake every time he pushed into me. It was only the second time he touched my dick. We came at the same time. It was heavenly. Basking in the glow, he said “I don’t know which will give out first, my big cock, or your little pussy. With those girls around, one of us is going to break.”

When they returned, they decided to play strip poker. One article of clothing per hand the lowest hand had to pay. After someone was nude, he/she had to pay a penance of the winner’s choice. I declined playing, but they managed to talk Mark into it. As always, P.J. had the girls naked in no time. Brad and Mark weren’t far behind.

Usually the winner would make the loser do something for him/her self. My sons would have one or the other girl stroke his cock for one minute, or even take a cock in the mouth. Mark was pretty safe during this, although he and the boys were sporting erections.

It wasn’t until one of the girls won a hand and the other lost, did Mark get involved in a penance. Betty? made Mary? sit in Mark’s lap for the duration of the next hand. Mary delightedly went to Mark, grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times before pushing it down between his legs. She made a show of spreading her legs wide enough to straddle Mark’s legs, and sat down. This put her pussy on display to everyone, and Mark’s big cock was making contact.

During the hand, Mary had to lean forward to pick up her cards..etc. Mark was sweating bullets, because she would take her time picking up one card at a time. While doing that, she would rock back and forth on his cock. It had to be rubbing her clit. Everyone was enjoying the show, so the hand took a long time to play. Mark’s resistance was truly tested. When the hand was over, Mary got up, and the top of Mark’s cock was glistening with her juice. Then she made a show of rubbing her pussy, and licking her fingers.

Two hands later, it was a repeat. When Mary got to Mark, though instead of pushing his cock down before straddling him, she held it straight up and started to impale herself on it. It was about three inches in, when Mark realized what was happening. He quickly stood up, causing Mary to end up on the floor. I was so proud of him.

This seemed to end the game, and my sons took the tramps to the bedroom for a little afternoon delight. Mark did the same for me. I got the better end of the deal. I washed his cock, before I would allow it in me. He wasn’t pleased with the delay, but he understood. Who wants a tramp’s juice in their ass?

He was boning me so hard, I could barely stand it. I didn’t mind though, I completely understood. “That bitch really wants my cock.” he said as he banged me from behind. I was flat on my stomach, my dick drooling on the sheets. “I’m not going to fuck some skank.” he pounded away. “I can’t do that to Anna.” Then he slowed down, gave me a couple of very long slow strokes, “Or to my little girl.” Then he kissed my neck. He actually kissed my neck. I unloaded. “I have my little girl, that’s all I need. Not some whore.” My cum soaked the sheets, my tears soaked the pillow case.

At dinner, Mark made it a point to apologize to Mary/Betty. “I’m very sorry for this afternoon Ladies. It’s not that you’re not attractive, it’s just that I have a girlfriend. I don’t want to mess that up.”

The girls just looked at him, then they both got up and kissed him on either cheek. Mary tousled his hair and said “That is so sweet. Why can’t I find a guy like you?” I couldn’t help but think ‘Highly unlikely.’

The girls left Mark alone after that. They still displayed their charms freely, but didn’t touch him. He always took his frustrations out on me… gosh darn it. I blew him at least twice a day, and he fucked me sometimes twice a day, but at least once.

Monday, I made the boys put everything back the way it belonged. I thought about burning the sheets they used, but opted to just wash them. Mark and I watched them drive away. Then headed to the bedroom for one last fuck, before returning to the real world.


Author’s note: I think there will be one more installment before reaching the end of this tale.

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