Bottom, Top or Versatile?

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Author’s note:

I am not gay and this story is not about gays. It is about men being bisexual and being together. Hence, I have published it in erotic couplings as to me that is what Sam and I had.

I appreciate that some readers may, however, not wish to read about men having sex together. If that offends you, then stop now.


I was surprised, but not shocked when he slid his arm along the back of my seat in the Porsche 911. I was equally surprised, but still not shocked when he pulled my shoulder as he bent towards me. I was not really all that surprised or shocked even when he kissed me, but I was both surprised and a little shocked at how quickly and enthusiastically I responded.

We were sitting in his car in public car park cut into the woods near to the head office of the company where we both worked. We had met after work and gone for a drink in a pub a few miles away. It was just getting dark.

I was, though, a little shocked and indeed surprised when almost immediately his hand went straight to my crotch. And I was even more surprised and shocked when almost without thinking I reached out and grasped him through his thin, suit trousers. He was hard.

The kiss intensified as he fumbled my belt undone and slid my zip down. He unravelled my full erection from the tail of my shirt and boxers and pulled it out. I tried doing the same to him, but before I could he bent forward and saying.

“God James it is beautiful,” he licked the tip of my penis.

I put my arm round his back and stroked him.

“Just lay back, relax and enjoy,” he whispered taking me in his mouth.

I did as he suggested. Loving the feel of his lips and tongue on me, I pulled his shirt from his trousers. I ran my hand up and down his bare back and into his trousers, inside his boxers, onto his buttock and slightly into the start of his crease.

We both said ‘fuck’ at the same time as a car pulled into the car park with its headlights on and drove towards us. Still with me rearranging my clothes and his shirt hanging out of his trousers we drove off, quickly.

Sam and I worked for an international airline. We were both middle managers someway up from the pond life, but not yet on the gravy train of senior management. As he was in one of the flight planning departments on the ground floor of the corporate HQ and I was in marketing on the eighth, we did not see each often. However, as we had been on several committees together, we knew each other on ‘hi, how are you terms?’ and we had chatted with our wives present at several company social functions.

He drove to the company car park and asked the location of my car. He stopped the Porsche next to my car.

“That was a bit close,” he said tucking his shirt in. I had made myself respectable on the short drive from the public car park.

“Yes it was,” I smiled.

“But you were ok with it weren’t you James?” he asked turning and looking into my eyes.

“Yes Sam, it was fine.”

“Maybe we could do it again sometime?”

“Sure,” I replied feeling myself hardening at the thought.

“But not in a fucking car,” he went on adding with a laugh. “Nor even in a car fucking come to that.”

I laughed, but said nothing.

“Look Sal’s away on a long-haul and won’t be back until Saturday, so I am at a loose end most evenings this week, if you are free.”

That reminded me that his wife Sally was a senior purser mainly on the long-haul flights and that Sam had been a pilot. Kelly, my wife, ran her own business and was often away and as it happened was in Scotland the next night, Tuesday, although that would make little difference as both of us ran fairly separate lives.

“Oddly, Kelly is in Scotland tomorrow night.”

“Wonderful,” he said beaming a big smile. “Come to my place James and let me pamper you as you have never been pampered before.”


I was certainly not gay. I enjoyed straight sex far too much for that. In fact I enjoyed straight sex far too much period. That was one of the reasons why, in addition to a healthy and adventurous sex life with my wife of twenty years, I indulged myself outside my marriage. My indulgence took several forms. Bits on the side that I pulled when travelling, women I met at the gym or elsewhere, the occasional escort and the use of massage parlours.

I guess what I was after was variety, adventure and something different with sex. I wanted the excitement, exhilaration and the sheer buzz that comes from different experiences and partners.

Kelly and I had no children. That was by choice as we both wanted to have successful careers. Whilst in many ways that had been a good decision, there were some downsides. The main ones being that kids hold a relationship together, they provide a common objective and a mutual love. They are the glue in a relationship. After around fifteen years of marriage, Kelly and I realised that we had no glue.

After several separations, we came close to a divorce, but chose Kıbrıs Escort a different way of coping with our marriage. We agreed on an open relationship. By that we meant that we stayed together as man and wife, but when we wanted we could have other partners. That has enabled me to ‘indulge’ myself fully outside my marriage as indeed it has Kelly.

About five or so years ago, which was a year or so after we reached that agreement, I started to explore my sexuality.

I had been curious for some time, but had done nothing.

My first excursion into testing my sexuality came about by chance.

I had hurt my leg playing five-a-side football and was recommended to a sports therapist. His clinic was at his home. We got on well on my first visit. On my second, when he was massaging the back of my upper leg, I felt myself starting to harden. It was mainly because on a few of the upward sweeps of his hand he went very near to my balls. Then horror of horrors as it was straightening and hardening, he told me to turn over. I hoped that my boxers or the tee shirt I was wearing would hide it, but that was illusory for the bulge was obvious.

Carl smiled and I said.

“Sorry about that,” feeling so embarrassed.

“No need it happens now and then.”


“Oh yes, magic hands you know.”

“Yes they must be.”

“They do other magic as well if you are interested.”

I got his drift and muttered.

“I see,” I said now feeling even more embarrassed and out of my depth.

“As extras of course,” he went as he massaged the front of my leg, far softer than earlier.

“Of course,” I replied adding as an afterthought. “How much.”

“Just another twenty James.”

“Ok,” I croaked.

Then he did one of the most erotic things I can ever remember. As I lay on my back on his massage table, with him standing beside me, he took the waist band of my boxers in his hands and slowly rolled them down exposing my full hard on to his gaze.

“Mmmmm, very nice we are enjoying ourselves aren’t we?” he smiled running his fingertips along my length as I closed my eyes.

That felt good. It felt very similar to what the girls do in massage parlours before they take you to the happy ending. He poured some oil onto me and the sensation as it dribbled along my cock and onto my balls was fantastic. I gripped the side of the table as he started to rub my length with one hand and cradled my oil soaked balls in the other. It didn’t take long for me to be grunting and writhing with pleasure as he made me cum.

Obviously I felt some guilt, but not much. Overall, I was amazed at just how similar I felt with a him masturbating me as I did with a her.

I returned to him and we did the same thing. If anything this time was even better, but I wanted more and different. I scoured the personal ads in newspapers and magazines and found a couple that offered male to male erotic massages. I made an appointment with one and went along.

There was no pretence at anything other than him getting my rocks off. I was naked when he massaged me and he stripped down to a jock strap. He did give me quite a nice straight massage for fifteen minutes or so, but with me laying on my front it slowly became more suggestive. On one upward sweep along my inner thigh, his hand didn’t stop the inch or so from my balls that up to then it had. His touch was electric. I grunted and my body jerked. He knew I loved it and he exploited that as fully as I wanted him to. He stroked and squeezed my balls, ran his hands under me onto my blistering hard on, slid his fingers along the crease between my cheeks and pressed right on my anus. Kelly and several other women had been there before with both their tongues and fingers so it was not virgin territory. I was not too concerned, therefore when I felt his fingers slip inside me a little. Turning me over he started wanking me, but unlike the physio he did not use any oil. It didn’t take long for me to blast off. In fact I came so quickly that I did not have a chance to take advantage of the clear invitation he was proffering by wearing just his jock strap.

I went back a few weeks later and had a repeat performance. This time I held on longer and this time I did reach for him and this time I did rub his big, semi-hard cock and this time I did, when he pushed himself forward, lick his length, but I did not get him fully hard nor did he cum.

The next time I went back I really tried getting him fully erect, but to no avail.

A pattern was emerging. I would go weeks without even thinking about anything bi. During that time I would enjoy my wife and my indulgencies, but then a need would develop for more. And that more was some bi action. During the next couple of years I must have visited another three or four masseurs. Each of them offered me their cocks to play with or suck and one I did jack off. Again, though, I wanted more and that is when I found a gay sauna.

I saw it one advertised in a Kıbrıs Escort Bayan magazine so I googled ‘gay saunas London.’ I was amazed at how many there were. There was one called Chariots that had several outlets not too far away from where I live in Islington. They also had a good website with numerous photos. I thought that if the actual premises were anywhere near what the photos published, then it would be fine. They were and it was.

Over the next few years I became an infrequent ‘regular’ at two of their outlets, the one in East London and the other in Shoreditch, which was larger and was my favourite.

Both places had similar layouts and facilities including: sauna and steam room, bar, cinema, with big plastic covered mattresses to lay on as you watch gay movies, dark rooms where you could hardly see but could touch, loads of individual rooms, some with viewing panels, with narrow beds in them, a swimming pool and several jacuzzis.

The form was that you were given a locker key and a couple of towels and you wandered around wrapped in one as you used the facilities. The place was scrupulously clean and everyone seemed so polite and well-behaved. In all the times I went there I didn’t see any bad behaviour, drunkenness or rudeness. Most of the guys seemed to be pretty regular and like me, curious. There were some that were overly camp, but most were not and other than the fact that we were all dressed just in towels and sex of one sort or the other was going on all over the place, it could have any gym or men’s club.

Obviously most were there to get their rocks off and that was quite easily achieved as pretty much all the guys were up for being touched or touching. The first couple of times I did not do much but gradually I got more into it. So I might be in the sauna and watch a couple of guys with their towels off and stroking or sucking the other’s dick. Also I could be sitting there and a guy might get close and then touch me. If I didn’t fancy him I could move away and nothing more would happen. If I was ok with him and did not move then soon his hand would slide up my leg and onto my erection. We might just play with each other in the sauna, go to a private room and jerk or suck each other off, or go to the cinema, lay on one of the mattresses take our towels off and play with each other as guys looked on. Having a reasonably lithe and well-formed body and a fair sized manhood hard or soft, I had little trouble attracting attention and found that I quite enjoyed the exhibitionist aspect of lying there being played with in front of an audience.

During this period, I was masturbated, I did that to others and I had massages with happy endings sometimes by hand and occasionally by mouth. I was sucked off by several guys a couple of whom let me cum in their mouth, though that was their choice not mine, although I loved it. I got used to giving head and began to enjoy it. Compared to some who gave me blow jobs, I think I was pretty good, but then Kelly was a magician at oral and I just copied her.

I was asked a few times if I would let someone fuck me, or if I would fuck them, but I demurred. I guess I was frightened more than anything. The first time I was asked, the guy said. ‘Are you a bottom or top?’ I had no idea what he was talking about, but I soon learned. Oddly, I thought, most did not ask and were content with a hand job or oral or a simulated shag with their or my cock between the tops of the legs.

The Shoreditch place had a swimming pool and I liked doing a few lengths in the nude and then reclining on a lounger without replacing my towel; that often attracted some attention. Also I enjoyed using the big Jacuzzi that was next to the pool. To get into that you had to walk past all the loungers round the pool then up some steps to a small landing, or as I thought of it a stage, There you removed your towel and hung it up before going down the steps into the oblong shaped tub that could probably have seated twenty at a push; usually there was no more than a dozen in it. I tended to go there after a spell in the sauna, where I would have become at least half-erect. I would then walk past the naked guys on the loungers enjoying their stares at my quite obvious bulge until I got to my ‘stage.’ After looking at the guys in the tub and seeing any I fancied, I would then slowly remove my towel and even more slowly would hang it up. I would then turn towards the tub and ‘pose’ for a moment or two as I flashed my semi erection for all to see.

I was in the process of doing that last Saturday afternoon. I had just turned towards the tub and was posing with my dick at half-mast when I looked across the pool and saw a work colleague, Sam standing looking at me. He smiled and raised his hand. At first I felt sick at the thought that a colleague knew my secret, but quickly I realised that I knew his too.

Up until that moment, nobody I knew was aware of my bi life. I had not met anyone other than masseurs and guys at the saunas, I had Escort Kıbrıs never traded phone numbers and I had not yet been on a ‘date.’ The only bi sex I had was at massage places and Chariots. Recently, however, I had wondered what it might be like to meet someone for a drink or dinner and then go somewhere and have sex with them.

I didn’t see him again, but did worry about it over the weekend.

Mid-morning on the Monday I received a BBM on my company Blackberry. I saw that it was from Sam. It simply said. ‘Perhaps we should talk.’ I replied. ‘Yes, perhaps we should.’

Hence, the drink in the pub that Monday evening, me being surprised, but not shocked in the Porsche, him inviting me tobe pampered the next evening and me arriving at his house at seven-thirty, already sporting a hardeni.


I had wondered how things would go? I had thought of a number of scenarios as to what would happen and had pondered on just what Sam meant by pampering me? I had tried thinking of how he might initiate things, how we would start, how we would undress and what we would do? From my Chariot experiences, I was pretty relaxed about kissing, body to body massage mutual masturbation and oral, but certainly fucking or being fucked.

Kelly and I both liked anal play, but she did not like penile penetration and I had stopped her when once, a little pissed she had tried pushing her vibrator up my bum. So the big one, as far as far as I was concerned was not on. Well that’s probably going a bit far. Although I would not try to persuade someone, or even ask come to that, to let me fuck them, I am pretty sure that in the right circumstances I would do that to them. I had no fear of it and would, I was sure enjoy it, with a condom of course.

Letting someone have my bum, though, was another matter. I was completely torn on it and had no idea how I would react if ‘push really came to shove’ over it. Also, what I was not sure about, was whether guys were both bottoms, being fucked, and tops doing it.

So as I waited for him to open the door into his detached house some ten or so miles from mine, I was confused, worried and full of trepidation. The door opened, but not fully. Sam stayed behind the door and poked his head round it.

“Hi James,” he said opening it just enough for me to squeeze past and into the square hallway.

Once inside, I saw why he had not opened the door fully, he was wearing a dark blue, silk, shorty dressing gown. I thought immediately ‘That solves two problems, getting started and how would he undress?’

“Hello Sam, how are you?”

“Good you?” He asked closing the door.

“Great,” I said rather nervously as the enormity of what I was doing hit me.

I had been full of bravado all day at work and at home when I had dinner, drank a couple scotches and had got ready for my ‘first date.’ Now I was on it, though, the bravado vanished and I felt as nervous as hell. It was one thing sneaking off to a gay sauna, but quite another, it seemed to me going to a bloke’s house with the clear intent of having sex together.

“Up the stairs,” he said leading the way.

We went into a spare room. There were a couple of sweet smelling candles burning and an iPod on the window sill was playing some cool jazz, quietly. It was sparsely furnished with a modern, low double bed that had no bed clothes, but was covered by a number of dark green towels. There was a dressing table with none of the usual stuff on it, but there was some towels, a few bottles, a small bowl with condoms in it, a couple of tubes and two vibrators, one the size of a well hung cock, the other thinner and shorter.

In a different setting, it would have made for a highly romantic atmosphere, in this setting it created one reeking of sex.

“Drink?” He asked.

“Actually I am driving, so I had better not.”

Smiling he replied. “Yes James you may be, but when will that be?”


“You can stay the night you know, or get a cab?”

“Ok, thank you, I’ll have a scotch with water please.”

“Right, while I go and get it, would you like a shower? I just had one.”

“Yes that would good.”

He showed me into the bathroom, explained how to use the shower and left me. I undressed noting that my earlier erection had subsided, presumably through nerves, but the tingling was still there, so I knew it would come back easily.

I showered and dried myself. Wrapping a towel round me I walked back into the bedroom. Sam was there standing by the bed holding two glasses, my whiskey and what looked like a gin and tonic. Putting the glasses down on the dressing table, he turned to me and smiling said.

“Oh James, James, James.”

“What?” I asked innocently.

“Why so coy?” He said closing the gap between and putting his fingers into the folds of the towel. “It’s not as though I haven’t seen it, is it?”

He pulled on the towel, opening it up and exposing my nudity. It was a bit like that first time he saw me at Chariots and I got the same sort of buzz. Dropping the towel on the floor he ran his gaze up and down my bare body. At the same time, he undid his robe and took that off. He was naked as well. He was not erect, but like me there was some strength and movement. He came closer and breathed.

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