Boss’s Dominance

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Chapter 1

Constance was the executive at a large firm in Seattle, and her day-to-day pressures had made her quite dominant over her employees as well as her clients. She sat behind her desk a very lonely woman, her dominance had driven everyone away that she could have been close to, and she never quite got used to being “the bitch” and “cobweb cunt,” which were some of the nicknames she had overheard for herself. At 47, she was still an attractive woman, her auburn hair hung to her shoulders and she kept it styled nice, her steel blue eyes still had a sparkle and her supple 36c tits still had men gazing at her, not to mention her 34 hips and long slender legs. She had become so tired of masturbation being her only release and she so longed to be fucked again,

‘How long had it been? Seven years!!!!’ her thoughts crashed into her brain as she realized the truth of the matter. When she was 13 she had discovered the joys of sex with her girlfriend at a summer camp, the thoughts of that summer caused her to feel moisture between her legs. Wendy was a nice looking girl and had been her very best friend and that summer, they had just come back from a lake swim and were changing out of their suits when she couldn’t stop staring at Wendy’s budding breasts and she reached out and took one in her hand.

After the initial shock, Wendy became a quite willing partner and they had the best time of her young life. Her first encounter with a male came a few years later, Robert was his name. He had taken her to the prom and they had done some serious petting in his car and before she knew it, she had his young cock in her mouth and was learning how to give head, she licked her lips now thinking of that night. She could close her eyes and feel his young cock as it moved in and out of her mouth and she felt herself getting even wetter now. Having tasted Wendy’s orgasm in no way prepared her for Robert’s and she remembered how it ran down her chin and onto her open prom gown and her tits.

She remembered that she eventually had acquired at taste for male cum and now she could just taste a salty reminder as she swallowed hard, lost in her memories. She got up and closed the door to her office, “Mary, hold my calls,” she said to her secretary and she went back to her desk, reaching under her dress and pulling her panties down before she sat back down. Her fingers toyed with the tufts of auburn curls over her wet pussy and she slowly moved her hand down and stroked her moist slit, a moan escaped her lips as she imagined it was Robert’s mouth or even Wendy’s.

She closed her eyes and her imaginary lover went to work on her, parting her nether lips as fingers glided in and out of her, and her breathing became labored from the feelings of pleasure. The fingers sought to penetrate her even deeper and she gasped at the feelings and the wetness that now flowed over her thighs and down the crack of her ass. She sought to spread her legs wider, to give her lover ample room for admission into her pit of love and her body was rewarded as it wracked from the orgasm that seemed to explode between her legs.

Her juices flowed from her like a burst dam and her moans were hard to control, it’s a good thing her office was sound proofed she thought. She sat there, with her fingers buried deep within her and then came the sad reality, as she opened her eyes, that again she was all alone. She dropped her head and gazed at her juice covered fingers and noticed how her nipples pressed so hard against her dress, ‘Oh, if it were only for real,’ she thought and a tear came to her eyes. She waddled into her private bathroom with her panties around her ankles and cleaned herself up and reached down and pulled her panties back up, her pussy still tingling as the fabric covered it. She composed herself and told Mary that she was available again and Mary noticed the red eyes, “Are you alright Ms. Cochran?” and Constance replied that she had just had a bad memory was all.

An hour later, her mind had pushed the experience to the back and she continued with her work, many problems had surfaced and she took care of them as “the bitch” was expected to, cold and heartless. The thoughts of her nicknames began to wear at her and she was feeling down once again, she pushed the intercom, “Mary, come in here,” not even a please, oh what a bitch she was.

“Close the door and have a seat,” she told her as she came in, steno pad in her hand, and she sat before Constance, nervously squirming in her seat as a silence enveloped the room. Finally Constance spoke, “Mary, I want to ask you some questions and I would like some honest answers,” and she saw the fear in Mary’s eyes, ‘My God, did she have this effect on everyone?’ she thought and she tried to make Mary feel at ease, “Would you like something to drink Mary?” she asked and Mary nervously said yes, she had worked for Ms. Cochran for 3 years and had never been offered anything but stress and pressure.

Constance handed Mary a Coke and sat on the edge of the desk in front of her as Mary sipped at her drink, “Thank you Ma’am,” she said.

“Now Mary, I hear that there are a number of stories about me circulating about what a bitch I am and how I probably have cobwebs in my pussy because no one would have me, is this true?” Mary almost dropped her Coke when her boss had spoken so frankly. “I don’t know Ms. Cochran, I haven’t heard them,” she stammered as Constance looked over Mary’s petite body and it reminded her of Wendy slightly and she felt her loins begin to stir, their juices gathering.

“How long have you worked here?” Constance asked her, and Mary stared at her, “3 Years, ma’am,” and Constance leaned back slightly on her elbows, “Do you need this job?” she asked and Mary reluctantly answered, “Yes ma’am, very much,” and Constance leaned forward and took Mary’s chin in her hand and looked her in the eyes, “And, what would you be willing to do to keep this job?” and Mary’s heart sank and she dropped her eyes, “Whatever it takes ma’am,” and Constance knew she had her where she wanted her. “After work today, you will come to me for some “extra” work. You will tell no one, if I find out that you have, you will be fired immediately!” and she could see tears well up in Mary’s eyes, “Yes Ms. Cochran,” and she got up and left. Constance had been going about this all wrong, she was a dominant bitch, and she had a whole company of sexual play toys to choose from, she just had to do it right and be sure that sexual harassment didn’t come into the picture.

She could hardly wait until 5 o’clock; just thinking of actually having sex with a real person kept her wet all afternoon and when the door opened at 5 o’clock it caught her off guard. “Is everyone gone?” she asked Mary, “Yes, ma’am,” she quietly replied, “Then lock the door and come over here,” she barked and Mary turned and locked the door and strode to her desk.

“Ever had sex with a woman Mary?” she asked and she could see Mary shiver, “No, ma’am,” and Constance looked at her 28 year old body with such lust, “It is quite a pleasurable experience Mary, if done properly,” and she smiled, taking in the Mary’s petite body covered by the cotton dress. “I suppose you think I’m some kind of monster? I am not Mary, I am a woman, just like you, and I have needs and desires, just like you. I may be overbearing at times, but I am just like you,” and she watched as Mary’s head began to droop and she noticed a tear on her cheek.

“Don’t worry Mary, I won’t harm you, I am going to teach you the pleasures of being with a woman,” and Mary’s tears became more plentiful. “Take your clothes off Mary,” she ordered and sat back on her desk to enjoy the show. Mary nervously fumbled with the buttons on the front of the cotton dress and Constance sighed as her bra covered tits came into view, ‘Such nice perky tits,’ she thought as the dress was finally unbuttoned and slid down her thighs, falling at her ankles.

‘Mary had quite a beautiful body,’ she thought as she stared at her in her underwear, but she wanted all of it, “I want to see it all Mary,” she barked and Mary struggled with the clasp on her bra and Constance felt a trickle between her legs as Mary’s firm breasts came into view. Mary’s aureoles were about the size of a silver dollar and her nipples were small and very pink and Constance found herself licking her lips at the thought of having those morsels in her mouth.

As Mary hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid them over her thighs, Constance asked, “Do you have a boyfriend Mary?” and as Mary slid the panties off her ankles she replied, “Yes ma’am,” and Constance drank in the beauty of Mary’s pussy as she stood back up.

It was smooth shaven and she had the sweetest pussy lips Constance had ever seen and a small tattoo just above her pussy, a rose. Mary stood there now, naked and she had her arms crossed, trying to cover her small breasts as Constance surveyed her prize, “Come over here Mary and let me see you,” Constance said and Mary reluctantly walked to her side and dropped her arms, sure that after today, her modesty would be gone.

Constance reached out and stroked Mary’s firm tits and began to rub her adıyaman escort nipples between her fingers, relishing the feeling as her nipples hardened and then moved one hand to her smooth pussy, palming it as she glided over it, “This is nice Mary, I like it. I may have to shave mine, you’d help me wouldn’t you?” and Mary nodded yes as she stared at the floor. She took Mary’s hand and led her to the divan and sat her down and then pulled her chin up, “Now that I have seen your offerings, I will show you mine,” and she began to unbutton her dress. Mary looked in wonder as her boss stripped before her, she had never thought of another woman sexually, much less her boss.

As Constance let her dress fall to the floor, Mary’s eyes opened wide at seeing her naked tits, they were larger than hers and her nipples were quite hard already. Mary didn’t think of women sexually, but this had ignited never before felt feelings in her pussy. As Constance removed her panties, Mary stared at the auburn curls that covered her pussy and for a moment, wondered what it looked like up close.

“What do you think?” Constance asked her, and Mary hesitated for a moment, fighting the feelings that she was having, “You are a beautiful woman, ma’am,” she said and kept her eyes fixed on Constance’s tits. Constance saw her gaze and walked over and offered her one of her luscious tits which Mary took in her hands after some prodding. “Go ahead, kiss it,” Constance said and Mary closed her eyes and leaned forward, planting a kiss on the aureole, just below the hard nipple.

Constance held Mary under the chin and brought her mouth up even with her nipple, “Just open your mouth and suck it in,” she said and Mary felt the desire to have it in her mouth, to know what it felt like, to imagine what it felt like when hers were sucked. Soon, Mary had not only Constance’s nipple, but half of her tit as well in her mouth as she sucked harder and harder, making Constance ooze her juices. Without hesitation, she moved to the other nipple, enjoying the hard nipple against her tongue as she feasted on her boss’ tits.

Constance put her hands on Mary’s head and ran her fingers through her blonde curls as she suckled her, moaning at the pleasure she was receiving. Constance was being driven towards orgasm by the young secretary’s suckling and she broke it off, wanting to taste the young woman, to show her the pleasures that a woman could afford her. Mary seemed almost sad as Constance’s nipple was pulled out of her mouth with a loud plop. Mary looked up at her inquisitively and Constance just smiled and drew her to her feet and led her over to her desk and patted it for her to sit there.

Mary looked a little lost as Constance approached her face and kissed her on the lips, Mary pulling back a little at first, and then Constance’s tongue probed into her mouth and Mary closed her eyes and kissed back. Kissing someone felt great, it had been so long since Constance had even had that pleasure and she felt Mary jump slightly as her hands captured the young woman’s tits and gently played with her hard nipples. Constance felt Mary shudder and then a small moan escaped between their mouths as she let her know that the touch was arousing her.

Constance broke their kiss and her mouth wandered down Mary’s silken neck, lightly sucking as she went until she had made her way to Mary’s ripe tits and began to kiss circles around her aureoles and then settled to her nipples, sucking them ever so lightly and increasing the suction as she felt Mary writhe in her arms from the pleasures she was causing her. “Oh, Ms. Cochran…”

Mary moaned as her boss devoured her ripe, young tits and her hand came from around her waist and inched towards her sweet, young pussy. Constance glanced up and saw her young secretary’s face contorted in pleasure and it made her pussy throb; she wanted this woman so much. Constance outlined the young woman’s slit, tracing every fold and dragging her finger between her lips, separating them as she felt Mary’s warm juices trickle onto her finger.

It was more than Constance could stand, she needed this woman’s pussy in her mouth to suckle on it, to taste her sweet nectar, to feel her nose tease the young woman’s clit as she tongued her sweet pussy and she dropped to her knees and buried her head in Mary’s crotch, her tongue snaking into Mary’s pussy, causing her to scream out with pleasure and throw her head back and grasp the edge of the desk for balance. Constance grabbed the young woman’s ass cheeks and pulled her closer to the edge of the desk as her mouth made good use of the better angle afforded her and she felt Mary’s hands intertwine in her auburn curls as the young woman screamed out her pleasure.

Constance could taste the young woman’s cum as it erupted into her mouth, oh how she had missed that taste! She swallowed the young woman’s cum eagerly, like a man who had not had a drink in a week and she delighted at its texture as she gulped it down. She could feel her own juices oozing out, her pussy having gotten quite aroused at the young woman’s orgasm, it too wanted one. As Mary loosened her grip on her hair, Constance moved back and admired her handiwork as Mary’s pussy now glistened with fresh juices. “Oh my God Ms. Cochran, that was fantastic!!” Mary screamed out, almost out of breath from her experience.

“My boyfriend refuses to do that and I miss it so much,” Mary added and Constance just smiled, “Because men don’t do it as well as women. We know what a woman wants,” Constance added and she dragged her finger across Mary’s still oozing pussy and put it to her mouth, delighting at the taste once again, “I want you to do me as well Mary,” Constance said and she saw Mary’s apprehension, “It’s ok baby, you’ll do fine,” and she saw a bit of curiosity in Mary’s face, her first pussy, and it was hers.

Constance took her by the hand and she slid off of the desk and she led her back to the divan, where she lay down and told her to kneel beside the divan and get acquainted with her body. Mary sank to her knees and Constance could sense her hesitancy, so she dropped her hand to Mary’s and guided it to her pussy and took her other hand and placed it on her tit, remembering how her tits had excited Mary.

As Mary began to caress her, Constance dropped her hand to Mary’s pussy and rubbed her clit, causing the young woman to lose all of her hesitancies and poke a finger into her. The thought of someone beside herself touching her made Constance very hot and she moaned her approval of Mary’s work, “Why don’t you taste me Mary?” she asked and she watched the curious look appear again on Mary’s face and she gently pushed her head down between her legs and she almost came feeling Mary’s hot breath on her, “Just stick your tongue out and lick me,” she encouraged Mary.

Constance put Mary’s clit between her thumb and forefinger and massaged it, making Mary moan and then she felt Mary’s hot tongue as it touched her outer lips and she raised her hips to meet Mary’s mouth, causing her pussy to cover Mary’s mouth and all the while increasing her massage of Mary’s clit. She felt Mary begin to ride her tongue up and down her slit and then felt it break through her pussy lips as it bathed her wet pussy. She kept up the massage of Mary’s clit and dipped another finger inside of her pussy, feeling Mary’s tongue now well inside of her, licking at her wet pussy.

Constance took her free hand and grasped Mary’s blonde locks, pulling her mouth into her as she felt her orgasm building. She ripped her hand from Mary’s pussy as she grabbed her head and held it tight to her, her screams of orgasm filling the room and her cum filling Mary’s mouth. Poor Mary tried to pull away, but Constance held her head and forced her to drink some of her cum.

As Mary pulled her head free, Constance could see her cum glistening on Mary’s chin and neck, “I’m sorry Mary, but I just had to have your sweet mouth while I came,” she apologized and Mary struggled to catch her breath. “It’s alright Ms. Cochran, I just couldn’t breathe. Your cum didn’t taste bad, but I couldn’t take it all,” and she hung her head slightly. Constance pulled Mary to her and hugged her, feeling Mary’s arms go around her waist also. Mary pulled her head back and offered Constance a kiss, which she took eagerly, her tongue tasting her own orgasm as she did. Constance clutched Mary to her, their tongues doing battle as they ground their tits together and slid a leg against each other’s pussies, and she could feel her heat building again.

They broke their kiss, “Mary, let’s eat each other at the same time. I’ll let you be on top, that way, if you feel like you can’t breathe, just raise your head,” Constance said and Mary smiled at her. Constance led her to the carpet and lay on her back, pulling Mary over her and then Mary’s pussy down on her face as she felt Mary engulf her throbbing pussy also. Mary was not an expert at this, but she seemed to be trying, anyway, Constance just wanted to have sex with her lovely young secretary and it didn’t matter, she would teach her.

Mary soon began grinding her pussy into Constance’s akkent escort face and she ate it lovingly, feeling the young woman’s juices begin to flow freely now and also noticing that as she got Mary hotter, Mary in turn ate her better. Mary came first, her juices lapped up by Constance as they gushed into her mouth and then Constance could feel her own orgasm build as her pupil gave her a first class eating out. Mary did not pull away when Constance came this time, and she could feel her lapping up her juices as they ran out.

After she had cleaned her boss all up, Mary flipped around and they lay in each other’s arms, “Oh Ms. Cochran, I never dreamed it could be so good,” and she kissed her, long and hard. Mary’s tight nipples poking against her made her hot again, but she noticed it had gotten dark and didn’t want to cause any suspicions to be raised, so she told Mary that they should leave. Mary seemed a little disappointed, but Constance assured her that they would have many more times together. As she watched Mary dress, she could just see Wendy’s lovely body before her and she felt a small orgasm run down her leg. Mary came back and gave her a long kiss goodbye and she watched her leave as she gathered her clothes and dressed. The guard never even gave her a second look as she left, ‘That’s good,’ she thought, and she headed for home, her young lover’s taste still in her mouth.

Mary was extremely friendly the next morning, even bringing her coffee without being asked and she saw too that Mary had worn a sexy outfit to work. The tight mini skirt clung to Mary’s hips and she wore a flowered top and no bra. Constance closed her eyes and remembered those tight young tits and how perfect they had felt in her mouth and she felt herself getting wet again, no way could she survive until 5 today. She pushed the intercom,” Mary, put all calls on hold and come in here,” and she heard a zippy, “Yes, ma’am,” and the door soon opened with Mary beaming as she walked in “Lock the door Mary and come to me,” she said and Mary almost ran across the office and right into Constance’s arms as their lips met and Constance inched her hand under Mary’s skirt. She soon found that Mary had worn no panties either as her hand found the young woman’s moist pussy and fingered her wet clit. Mary moaned deep in her throat as Constance worked her hard clit and her mouth at the same time. Mary began to rub Constance’s firm tits through her blouse, making her nipples quite hard in no time. Mary then fumbled to open Constance’s blouse and caress the soft flesh inside, her fingers making circles around her aureoles before lightly kneading her nipples.

Constance broke their kiss, “Mary, you know we must be quick, so we have to keep our clothes on. Pull your skirt up to your waist and hop up on the desk. I need to taste that sweet pussy of yours, I’ve dreamed about it all night,” and Mary didn’t hesitate as she pulled her mini skirt up and hopped up onto the desk. Constance knelt and could smell the aroma of her young secretary’s pussy as she neared it; Mary’s hands moved to her head and lovingly stroked her auburn curls as her boss ate her.

Mary let out a shriek as she came, her boss lapping up her sweet nectar as she held onto her head, then Constance stood up, “My turn now?” Mary said and Constance smiled, she was an eager learner. She took Mary’s place on the desk and Mary eagerly dropped to her knees and pushed her boss’ dress past her hips and drew her panties down, removing them from one leg. As Mary kissed her pussy, Constance raised her legs and dropped them on Mary’s shoulders, giving her young pupil much better access, which she made full use of. Mary wrapped her arms around her boss’ legs as she ate her, her tongue flicking like a snake, causing Constance to squirm a little at the pleasures.

Constance came in no time; a tribute to her young pupil and Mary bathed her entire crotch with her tongue, not wanting to miss a drop. Mary smiled up with a glistening chin, “Did I do well ma’am?” and Constance smiled, “You were great!” They arranged their clothes and went back to work. Constance loved having Mary as her play toy, introducing her to woman love and best of all, how much she had enjoyed it, but she longed for a cock.

She needed a cock desperately, “Mary, would you bring me in the employee files,” she spoke into the intercom and Mary arrived quickly with them, unbeknownst to her that her boss was looking for some cock.

Mary stood there as Constance went through the files, “That will be all for right now, Mary,” and Mary went back to her desk. Constance looked through the files of all the male employees, looking for one that desperately needed his job, someone she could twist into her puppet, her puppet with a cock.

She stopped at Mike Fisher, he was married, had two children and a house, she quickly got on the Internet and did a credit check on him. He had a lot of debt, that made an evil grin come to her face, ‘He wasn’t a bad looking man either,’ she thought.

“Mary, have Mike Fisher come to my office,” and she sat back and thought about how she would go about this. As she thought, she heard a knock at her door, “Come in,” she said sternly and Mike walked in and closed the door behind him and strode over to her desk, “Sit down Mike,” she said with a hint of a smile. She checked him out as he walked around the chair to sit; he was quite handsome and fit too.

“Mike, we have been looking into downsizing the company,” she saw him shift in his chair and she knew this was going to work, “I have some reports that your department is a little heavy on employees and I’m trying to determine who should get the pink slip,” she paused to let it sink in.

“Please Ms. Cochran, I need this job badly,” he said as he once again shifted in his chair, and she decided to press onward, “Is there any limit to what you would do to keep your job?” she asked and sat back to watch his expression.

“No ma’am, I’ll work extra hours, whatever it takes to keep my job, my family depends on me.”

She smiled a little smile, “Report back here to me at 5, I’ll make a decision then,” she said and he got up and left, she watched his tight ass as he walked away. The thought of grabbing that tight ass and pulling his cock into her mouth was too much, “Mary, get in here!” and Mary ran into the office.

“Pull your skirt up and let me see you cum Mary,” the order took her by surprise, things had gone well after yesterday and she didn’t understand why her boss would become so demanding, but she lifted her skirt and spread her legs and began to finger herself, not really enjoying it though. Constance walked over and opened her blouse and began to play with Mary’s tits, which helped Mary concentrate and soon Mary could feel her juices building. Constance bent down and took one of Mary’s nipples in her mouth and sucked hard, making Mary explode in an orgasm.

Beads of perspiration appeared on Mary’s forehead, “Did you like that Mary?” and her secretary slowly pushed her skirt down, “Yes, ma’am,” she replied. “Mike Fisher will be here at 5, I want you to be here also, that’s all,” and Mary walked out, smoothing her skirt as she did.

At 5, Mike showed up and Mary brought him into the office, “Close and lock the door Mary,” Constance ordered and Mary obeyed and took a seat on the divan while Mike sat in the chair.

Constance walked around the desk and leaned back against it directly in front of Mike, “I don’t like to see anyone lose his or her job Mike, ask Mary. She and I came to an arrangement and perhaps you and I can also,” and Mike turned to see Mary’s red face as she blushed.

“Mary, why don’t you tell Mike about our arrangement,” Constance asked and Mary dropped her pad and pen on the floor, “Ms. Cochran! I don’t think we need to go into that,” and she busily tried to pick up her items she had dropped. Constance smiled at her nervous secretary, “Mike, Mary has given her body to me for my pleasure, and she’s quite good also.

This token has saved her job, are you willing to make the same sacrifice?” and Constance waited for his reply, “But, Ms. Cochran, I’m married!” Mike blurted out and looked to see Mary crying at having been found out.

“I don’t want to marry you Mike, I just want the use of your body. The fact that you’re married has no consequence to me, yes or no?” and she sternly looked into his brown eyes, waiting for a reply.

“But Ms. Cochran, I can’t possibly…” and Constance cut him off in mid sentence, “Mary, draw up his termination papers,” and she moved to walk behind her desk, “Wait Ms. Cochran, you can’t mean it,” he said in disbelief, “Oh, I mean it Mike, clean out your things.”

A dead silence fell over the office as Mike sat there and held his head in his hands, “You can go Mike,” she said and he stared at her for awhile, “Who would know about this?” he asked, “You, me and Mary,” she said.

He thought a long time, “Do you swear?” he asked, because if anyone else found out….” And he cut himself off. Constance could see the fire in his eyes and she knew that he was one to be reckoned with, so she resolved to keep gaziantep anal yapan escort their little secret, she pushed the phone across the desk at him, “Call your wife and tell her you’re working late,” and Mike nervously dialed the phone.

Constance had to admit that he sounded very convincing on the phone and as he hung up, she pulled the phone back, “Mary, why don’t you help our new playmate undress?” and she smiled at Mary’s apprehension, “I said now Mary!!” and Mary jumped up and began undressing her coworker.

Mary was still quite inexperienced with men and Constance had been her first female and her nervousness showed as she fumbled with Mike’s buttons, finally he helped her. Mike was now naked from the waist up and Mary got on her knees to take off his shoes and socks and then reached up and undid his pants, tugging them down and off, leaving him naked except for his shorts and Mary hesitated, “What are you waiting for Mary?” Constance asked and Mary bashfully reached up and pulled Mike’s boxers down his legs, his cock hung there before her face.

As Mary pulled them off of his feet, his cock slapped her in the face and she jumped back, “Stay where you are Mary. Mike, do you like blowjobs?” Constance asked and Mike shook his head yes, “Mary, suck his cock. Get it hard for me and then I’ll take over,” and again Mary hesitated, “Now Mary!!” and she took his cock in her hands and rubbed it over her lips, feeling it begin to grow at her manipulations until it stood out from his groin a full 8 inches, “Put it in your mouth Bitch!!”

Constance ordered and Mary reluctantly opened her mouth and let the head slide in. Constance could tell that Mary didn’t have much experience at this either as Mike’s cock entered her throat and she gagged, but she noticed that Mike was beginning to get turned on, but why not? To have a beautiful young woman sucking your cock, even if she wasn’t that great at it. Constance decided to help out, so she strode over and got on her knees beside Mary and told her to watch and learn.

She took Mike’s cock away from Mary and licked the shaft from the tip to his balls and then gingerly slid it between her lips, she could tell that her mouth made a difference as Mike began to thrust into her mouth now, burying his hard cock in Constance’s throat now. She knew how to take it and the feelings of a man’s cock imbedded in her throat caused her flashbacks, to the car and Robert’s cock. Robert had taught her well and she had even managed to improve on what he taught her and she thought how proud he would be of her.

She glanced over and Mary was taking it all in as Constance swallowed Mike’s cock and she heard him moan, the first clue that her rewards were near. She reached down and massaged his balls, trying to milk the cum from them and all of the sudden, Mike grabbed her head, thrust all the way in and filled her with his hot cum. She swallowed the first spurts, but the rest she kept in her mouth. Little droplets hung from the corners of her mouth as she sought to drain the remainder from his cock.

When she had finished and withdrew his cock, she grabbed Mary and kissed her, depositing part of Mike’s cum in Mary’s mouth, forcing her to swallow it. When she had enjoyed Mary’s mouth enough, she withdrew from it and licked her lips, “Now, wasn’t that good?” she asked Mary and Mary let a hint of a smile cross her lips.

She looked up at Mike and saw that he was quite taken with her talents, for someone opposed to all of this, he seemed quite smug, after all, he had two beautiful women to service him, but he in turn would have to service them also. She told Mary to strip and Mary took off her clothes and stood before her as Constance was amazed at the tight body all over again.

“Now, take what I’ve shown you and get him hard again,” she told her and Mary went to work on Mike’s semi hard cock, licking up and down the shaft before taking it between her lips. Constance took this time to undress, the fire burning in her pussy as she watched her secretary suck Mike’s cock, and watching it grow hard once more.

Once naked, she leaned against the desk and fingered herself, while watching Mary work and paying close attention to Mary’s sweet ass as she bobbed on Mike’s hard cock. She told them that it was time to let the fun begin and told Mary to get on her back on the floor, which she did with very little hesitation this time. Mike stood there and watched the young woman’s body spread out before him, he had to admit that she was very attractive. Constance walked over and stood before Mike, running her hands over her auburn curls and asked him if he would like a piece of ass.

“Yes, Ms. Cochran,” he said and he told him to choose, her pussy or Mary’s ass, and Mary jumped up, “No, not that!” and Constance told her to lay back down and shut up. Constance could see Mary shake at the thought of a cock in her ass, especially one as big as Mike’s, “Well, which will it be?” she asked him and he looked at the both of them, “I’ll have Mary’s ass,” he said and Mary began to cry. Mike’s wife had always denied him her ass, so he jumped at the opportunity to finally get one and his cock seemed to get even harder in anticipation.

Constance went to her private bath and returned with some lotion and told Mike that since this was Mary’s first time, to coat her ass good. Mike took the lotion and squirted it onto Mary’s crotch, working it towards her ass hole. “I think maybe it would hurt less if you were on your hands and knees Mary,” she said and she prompted Mary to roll over. Mike took the lotion and applied some more to Mary in her new position and then coated his cock as well as he moved in behind her.

Mary shivered as she felt the head of Mike’s cock against her ass and he slid off several times from the lotion before connecting with her virgin ass. Mary cried out as his cock head entered her tight hole, “You need to relax Mary,” Constance told her, “It will hurt a lot less if you relax,” and Constance moved in front of Mary and sat on the floor, scooting up under Mary’s body and she dried her tears and drew her head to her own pussy where Mary began to lick and suck, trying to forget the invader from behind.

Constance grabbed Mary’s head and moved it tight against her snatch, as she was impressed at how well Mary had learned to do this. Each time Mike would push a little more in, Mary would stop eating for a moment and then return, the distraction was working. Soon, Mike had all of his cock buried inside of her and Mary was eagerly eating her boss’ pussy as Mike withdrew and slowly reinserted himself.

He reached over and grabbed the lotion, applying some to his cock when it was out, before he pushed back in. Mary’s mouth was beginning to feel quite delightful now and Constance began to moan, joined by Mike’s moans at his first ass.

Soon, Mary too began to moan as Mike’s addition of lotion soon kept her well lubricated and she even thrust back some. Mike couldn’t hold out any longer and he buried himself in Mary’s tight ass and grabbed her waist as he pumped his hot jism into her tight ass. Mary came also, screaming into Constance’s pussy as she did and then eating her boss harder, wanting her to cum also. Her talented little secretary soon got her reward as Constance bucked and sprayed her juices into Mary’s mouth and Mary began to fuck Mike with her ass some more.

The feelings were new to Mike and Mary and they both enjoyed them, Mike’s cock beginning to harden once more with Mary’s hot ass around it. Constance crawled out from under Mary and made Mike come out of Mary, “Lie down on your back Mike, I want your cock now,” she said, seeing some disappointment in Mary’s eyes.

She stroked Mike’s cock a few times and climbed over it, slowly lowering herself onto it, guiding it inside of her. Constance was on the verge of orgasm already, it having been so very long since she had felt a cock there and she slowly lowered herself until it was all in her and she held it there, biting her lip in ecstasy.

“Climb on his face Mary, let him eat you,” she cried out and Mary needed no coaxing as she quickly mounted his face. Constance reached out and kneaded Mary’s small tits as she began to ride Mike’s cock, ‘The best of both worlds,’ she thought, feeling Mike fill her pussy with each downward thrust and Mary’s small nipples hardening in her hands. Constance saw Mary’s face brighten as Mike feasted on her and she played with her nipples and Mary reached out and played with hers also, making it even more pleasurable.

The cock and the stimulation to her tits were too much and Constance shook from her orgasm, squeezing Mary’s nipples as she came. Mike was not long behind her as she felt his hot cum shoot up into her and slowly drain out. She got up and pulled Mary’s head down on Mike’s cock and Mary licked and sucked him clean before she too came, all over his face.

All three of them collapsed on the floor, spent as Mary noticed the time, “We’ll resume this later on people,” Constance said just like she was talking about a board meeting.

They all dressed and left together, each one of them sporting a huge smile. Constance held many more after hours sessions and Mary became quite good at all aspects of sex. Constance never revealed her intimate office encounters and went on to be appointed corporate executive and moved to Omaha. Mike and Mary still met once a week to carry on the sex their boss had started.

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