Boom Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Was this really the same Lily that David had shared so much with online? Could it be the same one? He had to act fast, she was about to leave, and he wouldn’t want to scare her away. “Hey, Lily, it’s OK, random things happen, but let’s be serious here, it’s OK that you’re here, but if you want to go somewhere, how about I give you a ride to your friend’s house and then you can go from there? I’d love to have you stay so we could talk about some things, but let me have my oldest watch the others for a bit and we’ll get you to, uh, what did you say her name was?”

“I didn’t,” Lily cautiously replied, “it’s Jessica, but I didn’t say, and maybe I shouldn’t say. I don’t know, I could just walk, it’s raining but I’m already a bit wet-“

David hesitated slightly at the wet comment but still managed to blurt out a reply, “oh no, not in this mess, there’s no sense in that, here, let me get the truck started and I’ll take you over, where does she live?” This while thinking if she’s a bit wet that would be really convenient in any other situation, he knew he could make her become much wetter in a snap and she would be like putty in his hands.

Lily pouted, “she’s over on Darien Circle, it’s only a few blocks, I can manage-” and her voice trailed off as she tried to think of another way to convince him to let her go.

David countered firmly, “Nonsense, let’s get you going.” David gave his daughter a few instructions, locked the front and back doors, left the key on the fridge, and David and Lily got in his truck and opened the garage door. Out in the rain you could hear almost every drop hitting the roof of the old beater. It had to be older than even him, no power steering, manual everything, just four wheels and a bed, really, but it was dry, and the heater was getting a little warmer every second. At least it was clean, not full of dip cans or spit cups or anything like a lot of the boys who wish they were men that she had ridden with when she was younger, and sadly, more recently than she’d like to admit.

Lily jumped a little when David turned to her at a stop sign and beamed, saying, “so you’re really xxxLilyxxx, you seem a lot more real in person, there have been times I thought you were only a fantasy, that I was talking to myself or something, I didn’t think someone like you who enjoyed erotica could exist in this town. Everyone here seems so stuck up sometimes, it’s like they’ve never let themselves go or enjoy a moment, ever.”

“It’s really just me,” Lily said, “I’m just a girl who really enjoys reading what guys think, even if I haven’t met them, except I did just meet you, and this is really awkward I think.”

“Nonsense,” he fired back, “it’s fine really, I’m actually just happy you’re not another guy.”

What, she thought, did he really just say that, I am so not a guy! “Well yes, I’m all woman, thank you very much,” and she adjusted her legs a bit and slid her dress up a little just to see if he’d notice she wasn’t wearing panties, because as much as she was afraid of what he might do she was also longing for it, wishing she could take him on like they had talked about before. She wanted to feel him pull her tight and make her take him all the way in, filling her up and making her squeal. She wanted to touch him, feel him, taste him, be one with him.

He shot that idea down out of the sky with a quick, “so which of these houses is it, we’re on Darien now, you know?”

She pointed to the yellow house and said, “that’s Jessica’s there, two twelve.” He pulled in and set the brake and shut the truck off.

“Do you think almanbahis adres she’s home at all,” he asked, as Lily looked for her spare key in her purse.

“I’m thinking not,” she answered, “her Camaro would be out here in the driveway, the garage isn’t a garage, it looks like one, but it’s another bedroom, she has a carport in the back but she doesn’t use it for anything but jetski storage unless it’s summer.”

“Oh, well, I can wait around for awhile if you like, but I don’t want to impose or anything,” he said that but he didn’t mean it, he was thinking there was an empty house here and a woman he wanted that he knew wanted him, and not taking advantage of this situation would be an absolute crime.

Lily decided now was the best time to find out more, she parted her lips and it sounded to her like someone else spoke to him, “why don’t you come inside?” That was really all the motivation David needed to open the door and run around to her side to let her out.

“I swear, this door handle is next on my list of things to fix,” he offered, as he opened the door, let her out, and ran up to the porch with her. She got the door unlocked and they went inside to a dark house, no TV on, no lights burning, no one home. A lollipop shaped clock ticked away in the kitchen as David closed the front door, breaking the near silence with, “I guess it’s just us in here, then.”

Lily couldn’t take another moment, she had to know if David was every bit the man she had come to know, the man she dreamed of when she fell asleep, the man who made her come harder than any other yet he had never touched her once. She pulled him towards her and they locked in a passionate kiss, tongues darting in and out, tracing along each other’s lips, and he put a hand behind her head and another right on her ass. She gasped and made a little squeak as he squeezed her ass cheek, it was pulling her pussy lips apart just enough to let all the wetness she had been building up and holding back out and it slowly trickled down her creamy thighs. David walked backwards toward the ottoman in the living room, it was just the right height to drop down and put her astride him in his lap. Lily felt his cock press against her aching wetness and she knew they were wearing way too many clothes to continue like this. Still kissing all over him she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it down off his shoulders, he let it fall to the floor while he sucked on the side of her neck and took care of the few buttons on the back of her dress. Naked and wet and hornier than ever before in her twenty eight years, she stepped back, showing all of herself to him. Her breasts were so very perfect, a handful plus some on each side, with the half inch nipples just standing out wanting his touch. He reached out to her and pulled her close, leaning in for a taste of her glistening juices, he licked up a few drops from her thighs and she tasted perfect, young, tender, musky but not bitter at all, it was like having a Lily barbecue and her sauce was the world champion. She pressed herself against his face, holding his head right against her, feeling him explore and touch her, wanting so badly to feel him inside of her. He spread her lips a little and pushed his tongue right at the entrance to her quivering hole.

Right at that moment, the front door opened, and both their heads quickly twirled to see Jessica standing there dropping an armload of groceries onto the floor, mouth wide open!

Jessica was livid, walking in to find a tall naked woman and some random guy just going at it in HER living almanbahis adresi room, how DARE they? “What are you doing in my house, you freaks! Get the hell out of here before I call the cops! Whoa, Lily, is that you? Oh my God, why are you bringing a guy over when I’m not home? And in all this rain and people driving like idiots and can you believe they have NO Pop-Tarts at United? Not a single one? They put the damn things on sale and then didn’t restock? Who the hell are you? Why are you fucking around with my friend? You better explain yourself, and you Lily, you better explain yourself too, I mean, this is my house, I’m not hosting your little escapades, you have your own house, get going!”

David and Lily redressed and adjusted themselves. Lily apologized to Jessica, “I’m sorry hon, I was on my way over and my car got a second flat tire, and I left my phone at home, and then this is David, he’s the one who rescued me, and he was bringing me over to you, but you weren’t home and I thought we could, you know, until you got back.”

Jessica, slighter calmer now, replied, “look, it’s fine, you startled me, and you owe me three things of yogurt, but go on, go get you some.” Lily smiled and the couple walked right out the door to his truck, Lily waited patiently for a moment while David unlocked the door and let her in with a helping hand on the curve right below her butt cheek. Jessica stood at her doorway and waved, happy her friend found someone to take care of some of her needs. But the man who just sat down next to Lily in the old Ford was not just taking care of some, he was to take care of them all. She wanted to take him right now out in the truck, but she would let him take her home instead, where she could get comfortable and provide him with all the sounds, feelings, touches, and service that he craved.

Lily showed David how to get to where she lived, and he was pretty much familiar with the area, having taken his kids to soccer practice nearby once or twice. He called up AAA to get her car towed back to the house while they walked hand in hand towards the front door. “Hey, you might want to wait up here, my dog Brody isn’t very nice around other guys, so he’ll have to get used to you first, I’ll be right back.” Lily opened and closed the front door and Brody came running up, she put his leash on him and opened the door to David. He walked in and let Brody take his time figuring out who the hell this was, but Brody didn’t react like Jessica did, and went to walk off and go lay down in front of the recliner in the living room. “Looks like he’s OK with you,” said Lily as she put the leash away and began leading David back towards the hallway. “You want a drink or anything?”

“That’s OK,” David replied, “I just want to taste you,” and that was all the motivation Lily needed to run back to the room, pulling him by his hand into her doorway. She shut the door and locked it and grabbed his ass with one hand and the back his neck with the other, embracing him and kissing him deeply, tongue tied and lips locked, slowly backing up and allowing him to advance towards her bed.

The couple fell onto the bed, him on top, her below, looking up into his eyes and wanting nothing else than to feel his touch – any touch, from his fingers, his lips, or other more intense body parts – on every part of her body, all the time. They continued kissing and their hands got busy, finding clothing items to remove, jewelry to set aside, phones and keys to toss on the bedside table, letting her hair loose, and then once both were naked with nothing almanbahis adres else to remove they stopped and looked at each other, both smiling from ear to ear. Lily broke the silence and asked, “can we finish what we started at Jess’s?” David nodded eagerly and dropped his head down between her legs to take in her scent, licking and sucking on her as she flipped her head back and gasped hard, feeling him snake his tongue around, changing direction and speed and pressure and she just didn’t know where he was going to pleasure her next. A couple of his fingers found their way inside her to heighten her experience and she grabbed the sides of her headboard and pushed down against his face to get more pressure. He pressed harder with his fingers and his tongue, moving a little quicker as well, knowing that she would want to pop soon and let loose so he could hear her scream, something he wanted to feel and hear more than anything else at that moment. She started moaning uncontrollably and parted her legs a little more, allowing him a little more access for just enough pressure to break her out of her trance, making her scream out and gush her juices all over his face and hand, soaking him in her warmth and pleasure.

Lily was so happy to have him there with her, they would be able to bring themselves to the edge and back over and over again as long as they had each other in the same room. They had done it so many times before over messenger and email and now they could have each other for real. Such a strong base of emotions to work off of and she knew he felt the same way about her. David certainly couldn’t believe he was right there in the same bed, in the same room, feeling everything in person this time. He knew she could come hard and powerful and it was so exciting to hear, taste, and feel her doing it just for him. She looked down at him with her beautiful green eyes and pulled him up to her face so she could kiss him over and over again, tasting herself all over him as she thought it should be. He kept his hands busy on her earlobes and her breasts, holding them, tracing his fingers on them, squeezing them, nibbling at them, sucking on them. She felt him pressing against her hip and she wanted him right then, so she pushed him off of her and climbed on top. Lily ground herself into him, feeling all of him, he was really hard and she had to have him inside of her immediately, to squeeze him and milk the come out of him, to have it all inside her. Up and down she rode, pressing his cock against her g-spot and making her eyes roll into the back of her head, while grasping for his chest. He lifted himself up and pulled her breasts down to his mouth to suck on them, first one at a time, then both of them together, then separately again. She moaned softly at the touch of his mouth, remembering the pleasure it had given her down below, savoring the feel of his lips and his tongue. She kept riding him, forcing him deep inside her, thrusting down on him and listening to him breathe and moan and tell her how good it felt to finally have her to himself. Lily knew she couldn’t hold out much longer and when David cried out that he was close, she felt him grab her hips and shove himself all the way in, pulsing and shooting inside of her, and she was able to release a shower of juices all over him and herself.

Afterglow is something you can’t avoid after such a hot encounter. She spent a few minutes laying in bed with him, he was so warm, his touch so soft, he had his arm around her head so she could rest it on his chest, her leg wrapped over one of his, as he ran his fingers through her hair, feeling her shudder every so often. They felt so comfortable together that she never wanted it to end. And then her phone rang. And then his phone rang. Would she have to go? Would he? Would they get to come back and give each other more?

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32