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Big Tits

(Another slight deviation from the main stuff. First time in this, err, genre. I hope you enjoy!)

Jane only saw her cousin Rudolph, Rudy for short, a few times a year at family get-to-gethers. Her and her cousins, despite living in the same city, rarely saw each other, but always seemed to know each other’s business. Jane suspected, rather, knew, it was because her mother was a huge gossip and called her sister, her cousins, and her cousin’s wives several times a week to catch up. Rudy was a bit of a black sheep in their family. He hadn’t finished university, and had a hard time, it seemed, keeping a steady job. Rudy, like Jane, was living back at home.

“Hey Rudy,” Jane said as Rudolph came into the restaurant and took a seat. He looked a little scruffy, which wasn’t unusual. She always thought he looked good with a little scruff.

“Hey Jane, sorry I’m late… transit, you know?”

She did know – the transit was a constant pain in the ass. She relied on it to get to work, and just about everywhere else. It was persistently late, no matter what the schedule read, or the app boasted.

They ordered dinner, Rudolph ordered a drink, Jane got a coke. She knew his drinking had been a problem but it had been mostly under control. Or that’s what he told her anyhow.

“So, what’s new?” She asked him after they’d gotten their drinks.

“Did you hear about aunt Mary and uncle John?”

“Is that actually a thing? I know my mom had said something about how he’d had a crush on her, but… are they actually hooking up?”

Rudy shrugged, “I mean, they’re getting older.. I can’t blame them if they’re lonely, you know? It’s hard to meet people, so if they’re taking comfort in each other… I mean, who are we to judge?”

“They’re related, Rudy! That’s so fucked up. I mean, I know they’re not like brother and sister, but still.”

“Still, I mean, it’s not like it’s totally unheard of. Look at the Royal Family. Like, every royal family. They’re fucking each other all over the place and no one says boo, you know?”


“I’m just saying it’s not like they’re the first people in the world to do this, you know? It’s not like we’re all perfect.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jane asked. Their food had arrived, though neither was eating yet.

“Well it’s not like none of us… you know, the cousins, it’s not like none of us have talked about sex or anything before. Have you never thought about.. It?”

Jane had noticed that certain of her cousins, Rudy and Michael especially, had a tendency to push conversation towards racier subjects, often asking Jane if she was dating anyone or seeing anyone, and what they were doing, or if she had done certain things. Specifically last time Michael seemed to be asking a lot of questions about anal sex since he’d heard that she was seeing someone… well, not that she was seeing Chris, but her mom had put two and two together and figured something was up, and through the familial grapevine it had gotten to… everyone.

Jane didn’t say anything.

“You know not denying it is basically just admitting that you had, right?” Rudy teased her. “I saw Sylvia changing once at uncle John’s place – she was going to the pool and I just happened to walk by.. She left the door open, I wasn’t snooping. Man, I was hard for a week. I just felt so bad, you know? I once drunk-texted her for pics of her naked… she didn’t send them, but oh man, I jerked off thinking about her every day for the next month.”

Jane was open-mouth shocked. Rudy had always been candid but not like this.

“I will admit,” Jane said at last, “I enjoy the attention you guys give me. But that’s it.”

“Alright,” Rudy said, “Anyhow, how’s the job hunt?”


Dinner continued. Rudy had a couple more drinks. Conversation had remained mostly PG since they talked earlier, but Jane couldn’t shake that Rudy had something in mind.

“Can yabancı gaziantep escort I walk you home?” He asked as they settled the bill.

“Sure, I guess,” she said. They left and he put his arm around her. It was friendly, but his hand drifted lower, and lower until it was resting on top of her ass.

They got to her front door. They hugged. He held on after she let go.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“You never thought about doing anything with me?” Rudy asked finally.

Jane was quiet. Jane could feel Rudy’s cock through his pants. Getting harder.

Jane looked up at Rudy and it was as though her body acted on it’s own. Their lips met and immediately they were running their hands up and down each other’s body, going under shirts, down the backs of pants. Rudy pulled away for just a moment.

“Are your parents home?”

Jane shook her head ‘no’ and searched her purse for her key. She opened the door with shaking hands and Rudy pushed her inside, closing the door behind him. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He carried her to her bedroom and lay her down on her bed. He began unbuttoning his shirt.

“We can’t,” Jane said sitting up a little, “I mean…”

Rudy stopped for a moment.

“Don’t you want this? I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, Jane – I, you are so fucking sexy you drive me wild every time I see you. I’ve been dreaming about what your tits look like since I was a teenager,” He laughed.

“How about this,” Jane said, “No sex, just…. touching.”

“I think I can handle that,” Rudy said. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off. He was built, like low-key jacked. Jane had always thought he was cute, but this was the first time she really thought of him as sexy. He stood in front of her topless. His hands went to his belt buckle.

“Wait,” Jane said, “Let me catch up a little.”

Jane grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up slowly over her body. She could feel Rudy’s eyes on her, watching her. She could practically hear his cock getting hard. She finally pulled it over her head and tossed it on the floor. She undid her bra and lowered the shoulders one at a time, letting them fall down her arms.

“May I?” Rudy asked. Jane nodded and Rudy ran his hand down her cheek, then her neck. He went lower to her breasts and took the cup of her bra in his hand and pulled it away from her, allowing him for the first time to see her half-naked. He cupped her breast gently in his hand, ran his thumb over her nipple.

“Oh my God,” Rudy gasped.

Jane took his belt buckle in her hand and slowly undid it. Rudy seemed paralyzed. She undid his button and then lowered his fly. Then, she pulled his pants down, leaving him standing in front of her in only his boxers and a very obvious erection. She kissed his stomach, and kissed a little lower. This was driving him crazy.

She lay back on the bed. She had a feeling he didn’t think she was going to go this far, that now that he had her, he didn’t know what to do with her. She undid her jeans and slid them down her slender legs. Now she was just in her underwear, too.

“I’m a little embarrassed to say this,” She said, running her finger down her stomach to her panties, “But I am so wet right now.”

Before she knew what happened, Rudy was on top of her. She could feel his cock pressing against her through his boxers, hard, so hard. He kissed her neck, his hands running up and down her body, squeezing her ass, her breasts. He pinned her arms and kissed her chest, kissing her nipples, sucking on them gently, less gently. Hard.

“Fuck, Rudy,” Jane moaned.

Rudy let her arms go and put a finger in her mouth. She sucked on it, rolling her tongue around, treating it like it was his cock. His cock? Jane caught herself, she was fantasizing about blowing her cousin. gaziantep yabancı escort She sucked his finger harder.

“Roll over, Jane, onto your stomach.”


“Please, just.. Can you just do that for me?”

Jane rolled over onto her stomach. Rudy climbed on top of her, she felt his cock against her ass, still in his boxers, but pushing hard against her. He kissed her ear, then the back of her neck. He moved down her back until he was at the top of her panties. She knew he was off the bed now. She felt his breath against her, felt his fingers pull her panties down. Then, she felt his tongue against her asshole.

“MMmmmmm,” She heard him moan, “Fuck, Jane,” and she felt his finger slide into her pussy as he started finger-fucking her.

Jane moaned into her pillow. Rudy’s tongue pushed against her asshole, pushed in. She would have screamed, but she didn’t know if it was for pleasure or for what. But whatever it was, he was hitting her in just the right spot. She felt hot, tight, like she was about to cum.

Rudy must have realized it, too – he quickened his pace as her breathing picked up, and she was cumming, hard, for him. He could hear her gasping into the pillow. Her whole body was shaking. Jane’s pussy was so wet. He licked her pussy and then stood up behind her.

Jane looked over her shoulder at him. Her face was flushed and she was gasping for air.

“Rudy, oh my God, what.. What the fuck?”

Rudy’s boxers were down. His cock was rock hard and he pushed it against her pussy, felt her warmth envelop him as he slid his cock into her hot wet cunt.

Rudy grabbed her hair and pushed her face into the pillow. “Fuck, Jane, you’re so fucking wet.” His thrusts were long, deliberate. He was pushing his cock deep into her pussy, as deep as he could. He filled her up, completely. His cock was larger, larger than she would have thought, and with every thrust Jane let out a whimper of pleasure as her cousin fucked her. She knew this was wrong, but her body had wholly betrayed her. She was loving every second he was inside her. She squeezed his cock with her pussy, she felt every inch of him push inside her. She felt his cock throb as he pushed in deep, so deep, and she felt the hot rush of semen inside her as he came.

“Fuck, Jane, I’m cumming,” He let go of her hair and had both his hands on her hips, he slammed his cock into her as he came. She could feel every drop of his cum shoot into her, filling up her pussy with his cum.

“What the fuck, Rudy?” Jane said as she came to her senses, “What the fuck?! I said no sex. We’re related, you dumbass!”

“I’m sorry!” He said, “I couldn’t… you were so fucking sexy, Jane, I’ve wanted to see you naked for years.. I think I just got carried away.”

“Carried away?” Jane was putting on her clothes as fast as she could. “You need to go. That’s… you’ve got to go.”

Rudy put his clothes on, sulking. Jane felt… she wasn’t sure. She needed something. To talk to someone? A palate cleanser. She started texting Chris, but didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. It was Chris.

“Booty call tonight? My place.”

“Be right there,” was all she could think to say.


Not trusting city transit, she ordered an Uber. Jane arrived at Chris’ apartment not long after. She was pacing back and forth in his room. Chris knew something was wrong, but Jane wasn’t saying what.

“I did something bad,” Jane said finally. “I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to tell you, I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“So what do you need?” Chris was sitting on his bed.

“I don’t… I think… I just need to be punished. For being bad.”

“You want me to punish you?”

“Yes, please.”

Chris went into his closet and opened a box. Jane knew what he kept in there. His sex toys. Their sex toys, she guessed. escort gaziantep yabancı She saw him pull out a length of rope. A collar with a ring on it. A ballgag. A jewelled buttplug. Jane swallowed hard. A riding crop.

“Take your clothes off,” Chris said.

Jane did as she was told. She pulled her sweater over her head, just like she did for Rudy. She undid her bra… she wasn’t teasing Chris. She just needed him to see her, to see all of her. She felt his eyes lingering on her breasts – Rudy had bruised them a little while sucking on them. She undid her jeans next and lowered them. There was a conspicuous wet spot on her panties – she hurried to take them down, but Chris had noticed.

“Did you fuck someone else?” He asked. Jane nodded.

“That’s ok,” he said. He guided her to sit down on the bed. She was naked. He took the collar and put it around her neck. He bent down and kissed her on her lips. She felt him put his hand on her leg, then slide it up to her pussy. He pushed a finger in, felt Rudy’s cum still hot and sticky inside her. Jane moaned, just a little.

He took the gag next. “You’re going to need this. We’re going to be loud.”

He pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs, kissing his way down her neck, her breasts, her stomach and finally her pussy. She felt him pause, but just for a second. He kissed her, on her cunt, tasting her, tasting Rudy, and she felt his tongue, hot, stab into her, licking her up and down. She grabbed his hair and pulled him into her, she moaned through the gag. Chris moved down, to her ass. His nose was buried in her pussy while his tongue fucked her tight asshole. She remembered Rudy had done this not long ago.. But she didn’t care. She was Chris’ right now, and he didn’t give a shit. He stood up and undid his pants and rolled her onto her front. He took her hands and tied them behind her back. With her ass up in the air and face down on a pillow, she heard his jeans hit the floor. Then, she felt the sharp thwack of the crop on her ass.

Jane tried to cry out, but the gag just made it a muffled sound. Chris hit her again on her other ass cheek. She could feel it getting red already, and hot from the pain.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me, Jane?” He caressed her with his free hand, she felt his fingers running down her ass, grazing it softly.

Jane moaned into the gag.

“Was that a yes or a no?” He hit her again.

Jane moaned. Chris hit her again.

Jane felt tears running down her cheeks. She was moaning yes, I’ll be good for you, but thinking, knowing, that she was very, very bad.

“I know you want to be good for me, Jane,” He hit her again, “I love it when you’re bad, though.”

He kissed her ass cheeks, then slapped them each, hard, with his open hand. She felt his cock pressing against her asshole. She wanted it. She needed him to fuck her, to erase what happened earlier.

She felt his cock push in, slowly, just barely penetrating her. She felt his swollen head push in, and then she felt such relief as his cock pushed in the rest of the way, filling her up, making her feel safe, and full. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled hard. She wanted to scream, his cock felt so good, the pleasure, the pain, it was so perfect.

He pumped faster, pulling his cock out almost the whole way before plunging it back into her. He called her a slut, a whore. She groaned in acknowledgement, she was, in this moment, his slut. His anything. She would do anything for him. He pushed her face into the pillow. She couldn’t breath, but she couldn’t fight back. She felt a wave of dizziness overwhelm her, and she was brought back by another slap on her ass. He let her head go and she gasped for breath as he fucked her ass, gripping her hips with both hands, pulling her into him.

She felt his cock shudder inside her – she squeezed her ass around his cock as tight as she could. She felt each hot spurt of semen inside her, felt his long, hard cock pumping until every last drop was spent. He pulled his cock out, slowly, she relished every second of his withdrawal. He untied her hands, then her gag, and then took off her collar.

She asked if she could stay the night, and he said of course, and in the morning, he ate her out until she couldn’t walk straight.

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