Bonnie is Blackmailed

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Big Tits

Bonnie worked as a nurse at Valley hospital and just finished work for the day. It was a beautiful spring night and Bonnie was looking forward to getting home to her husband Ken and her two-year old little girl, Cindy. Breathing in the fresh air Bonnie exited the hospital thinking how fortunate she was having a loving husband and a beautiful little girl.

As she was unlocking her car in the employee parking lot, a heavyset woman asked her what time it was. Suddenly, hands grabbed her from behind and an awful-smelling cloth was pressed to her nose! She was dizzy, everything was spinning, and she was pushed into a van. When she came-to, there where four women standing over her. They were all naked! She was naked!

First, fingers were inserted in her pussy, then a dildo; the heavyset woman sat on her face, the smell was strong, Bonnie had never been this close to another woman’s sex before. As much as she tried to fight it, the dildo in her pussy was making her very wet.

“That’s it cunt take it all in your hot little pussy!”

“Eat that cunt, lick it up, and suck that clit!”

Tingles went over her body, her pussy was soaking wet. Bonnie could not understand this; never had she ever had any desire to be with a woman. Now as she was being raped, there was no denying it! She was turned on. Not only did she enjoy the dildo in her pussy but also she was eagerly licking the pussy in her mouth! Bonnie could not understand this. She was grabbed by the hair and placed on her knees. All four women surrounded her and forced her to eat all of their cunts.

“Suck my clit, that’s it, do it!”

“She likes it now, don’t you bitch?”

“Come on, tell us how much you like our cunts, I know you love it!”

“Say it bitch!”

“Yes, I do, I love your juicy cunts!”

The women told her to dress and go home. “See that camera?” one of the women stated, “Just in case you were thinking of doing something stupid, it’s all on tape and no one would ever believe that you were not willing!” She kissed Bonnie goodbye and told her that she ate pussy good and that maybe they would see her again sometime. All four of the women laughed aloud. One of them told her to wash her face or when her husband kissed her, he would taste all of that pussy juice! They all laughed again.

On the drive home her mind was racing, she still could not believe what had just happened to her. Most of all she could not understand why she enjoyed it so much! Bonnie decided not to tell anyone and just try to forget that it ever happened.

When she arrived home Bonnie hurried to the bathroom and washed her face, “God!” she said to herself aloud, her face was covered with pussy juice! Her husband knocked on the door to see if she was all right. She said that she did not feel good, as she brushed her hair and cleaned up as best as she could.

Once in the bedroom she changed into her pj’s and went to bed. Ken came in, gave her a kiss, and told her that he hoped she feels better. She felt so guilty that she enjoyed the sex with women that much. She cried herself to sleep, called in sick to work the next day, stayed home with her little girl, and had dinner ready for Ken when he came home from work. She told him that she felt better and she tried to get everything back to normal in her life. She had good sex with Ken that night but one thing disturbed her, images of the women flashed in her mind!

She felt strange walking thru the parking lot at work, memories of the other night filled her mind. She felt frightened and excited at the same time. She punched in her time card and went to the duty station. The head nurse told her that Maria Rosetta wanted to see her in her office right away! As Bonnie walked down the hall to the office, she wondered what the chief administrator wanted with her. It could not be that she called in sick yesterday, no; calling in one day was not that big a deal.

Knocking on the door, she heard Maria call out “Come in.” As she entered the large office, Ms.Rosetta pointed to a chair and told Bonnie to be seated. Bonnie was visually nervous rubbing her hands together.

“Well Bonnie, I see you have been here at the hospital with us for two years, and that you are married with one child.”

“Is that correct?”


“Some photos have come into my possession that I think you should see.” She handed Bonnie the photographs. Bonnie turned beet red, her mouth dropped wide open, She was so embarrassed.

“This sort of behavior is unacceptable, we can not allow our employees to behave in this manner, and do you love your husband? What if he or any of the employees or patients got a look at them? We have no choice but to dismiss you!”

“No, please, I love my husband, those women raped me!”

“Please, I will do anything to keep my job, we need the money; we just bought a new home!”

“I viewed a video tape as well and you sure looked willing, you were telling them how much you loved eating their cunts, you were going at them with a fervor, anyone could plainly see, you were a willing participant.”

Bonnie was moving in her chair, just talking so dirty, this woman was making her wet. What was wrong with her? “Please help me, I will do anything Maltepe Escort you want, don’t fire me!”

“Did you really mean what you said?”

“Will you do anything I say?”

Brushing the tears from her eyes, Bonnie said, “Yes, anything!”

Maria stood up and placed a tape in the VCR, and told Bonnie to watch it with her; she did not take her eyes off the 22 yr. Old petite, blond homemaker. “Let’s watch this together! “She said as she stood next to Bonnie. Just as she feared, it was she and the four women having sex. “You are so hot!” Maria said as Maria pulled her off the chair by the hands.

Now face-to-face, Bonnie was afraid, Maria was 6 ft. tall, compared to her own 5ft.4in. The tall black haired beauty pressed her 42DD cup tits against Bonnie’s 32B cup tits. This intimidated Bonnie; after all, Maria was an exotic beauty about 36 yrs. old with captivating big green eyes, Maria was so large and she had the power to fire her.

Maria kissed her full on the lips, darting her tongue in her mouth as she played with her ass. Then Maria brushed her hand over her pussy and then inserted a finger in her cunt, then two!

“What are you doing? Bonnie wanted to know.

“Anything I want!” Was Maria’s answer, “That is our deal, remember?”

“You will do what ever I want for one full year, or this tape will be shown to your husband, his co workers and everyone at the hospital!”

“Yeah, how about his parents and yours, I bet that they would love to watch this, what do you think?”

“Not only that but your little pussy is soaking wet, you love it don’t you?”

“Admit it bitch, I make you hot don’t I?”

“Yes but I can not cheat on my husband, I love him very much and until the other day I have not had any experience with a woman!”

“Look at the tape, you certainly appear to be experienced!”

“You already cheated on your husband!”

“That’s it, fuck my fingers back, and enjoy yourself, good girl!” Maria withdrew her fingers from Bonnie’s hot wet pussy and put her hand to her lips. “Taste yourself honey, is it good?” Maria shoved Bonnie back in-to the chair and lifted up her skirt, Maria placed one foot on the arm of the chair, grabbed a fist full of Bonnie’s blond hair and pushed her face to her hairy pussy. “Eat it bitch, lick my clit, put your tongue in that cunt as far as you can!”

Bonnie licked and sucked furiously; she could not get enough. Bonnie could not understand any of this. Two days ago, she never would consider going down on another woman; she thought it was gross. Now, not only was she doing it, she loved it!

“Yes little girl, eat that cunt, you do it so good, Oh my, I am going to cum all over your pretty face!” Ooooohhh, shit, do it!” Maria released her hand from behind her head and told her to lick her pussy clean. Bonnie willingly complied!

Maria gave Bonnie her address and told her to be there at 9pm. for a cocktail party. “Be there on time or else, do you understand?”

“Yes I understand and I will be there.”

Easing her car down the tree lined driveway a large house and a sprawling landscape came in to view. Bonnie walked to the door and pushed the bell. A very attractive young lady dressed in a maid outfit opened the door for Bonnie. The sexy maid led her to a spacious room. Maria greeted her and told Bonnie to sit on a chair across from two women on the sofa. Maria introduced Bonnie to Ann and Rhonda, the two women on the sofa. The maid was instructed to bring everyone a drink. Bonnie was admiring the room and furnishings when she noticed that Ann had her legs spread, revealing the brown haired beauty’s bald pussy! Rhonda also spread her legs, she put one foot on the coffee table giving everyone and even better view of the short but well stacked redhead’s cunt. The patch of red hair left little doubt, she was a natural redhead.

Maria said, “Bonnie, the way you are staring and blushing, one would think you never saw a pussy before!” After the drinks were served Maria commanded, “Carmen stay here, we will have further need of you.” The sexy well built Latin beauty obeyed, standing next to Maria.” Bonnie where did you tell your husband you were going tonight?”

“I told him that I was visiting a friend from work.”

“An honest answer, good girl, I will stop by your house soon, so that he won’t suspect anything.” Bonnie was surprised that Maria cared. Actually, Maria could care less about Ken and her, but Maria knew the marriage was the key reason that Bonnie was going along with the blackmail, and she didn’t want to screw that up. “Let me fill you in, there is someone at work who really wants you, she talks about her lust for you all the time, so I decided to check you out myself, I liked what I saw and devised a plan, I had those women introduce you to pussy, and just as I hoped, you loved it.”

“How could you do this to me? I have a family, I don’t want to be a lesbian.”

“We are not all lesbians, some are but others like men and women, I suspect that you like both.”

“Carmen, go to Bonnie and show her how good you can make her feel!” Carmen got on her knees at Bonnie’s feet; she kissed her feet and slowly kissed every inch of Bonnie’s leg, Maltepe Escort Bayan lingering at her thighs, licking her way up to Bonnie’s already wet cunt. Maria motioned Ann and Rhonda to help Carmen. They were kissing and sucking her breast and neck. Bonnie was moaning, she was aroused and nearing orgasm.

“Oh God, I’m coming, it feels so good, please don’t stop, Yes, I’ve never felt this good before, Yes…”

“Carmen is an expert, tell me how much you like it, tell me how you feel.”

“I love it, I’ve never felt so good, this is awesome!”

“Enough girls, I don’t want her to be worn out, I want her to enjoy her surprise.” Carmen kissed Bonnie and asked her how she liked the taste of her own pussy. Licking her lips Bonnie told her that it was good and that after the way Carmen made her feel she would be happy to return the favor.

“Not now, another time, right now I want Bonnie to get her surprise, Carmen show her the way.”

Carmen led Bonnie to a bedroom and opened the door, there was someone in the bed but Bonnie could not see who it was in the dim light. Carmen left the room and closed the door behind her. A voice beckoned Bonnie to the bed and told her to turn on the table lamp. Carmen turned on the closed circuit TV, and sat with Maria to watch Bonnie! The four women were set to watch the fuck Bonnie show.

As the light switched on Bonnie was pulled in bed and was now face to face with Ruth, the heavyset 49yr. Old head nurse. Ruth embraced Bonnie and kissed her on the lips, then kissed her way to her tits. She sucked Bonnie’s nipples, looked her right in the eyes, and said, ” I’ve waited so long for this, I want you so bad and now I have you!”

Bonnie was shocked, she never knew Ruth felt this way. She thought Ruth was a happily married mother, now Ruth was working her way down to her sex. Ruth licked like a cat licks milk, up and down her pussy lips. She was driving Bonnie crazy, Bonnie was humping back at the face of the head nurse. “Oh God, Yes, don’t stop, lick that pussy!”

When Bonnie was spent, Ruth moved up her body and pressed her huge breast against hers and then she fed Bonnie the big tits, telling her to suck her nipples, Bonnie willingly complied. Then Ruth straddled her face, lowered her cunt to her mouth and said “Lick it, suck it good, make mommy cum!” Ruth fucked her face feverishly, she had her nose in her cunt, Ruth keep banging away, rubbing her clit up and down on her nose, and Bonnie kept licking away. “I’m coming all over your sweet face, that’s it lick it all up, you have no idea how I longed for this moment!” Bonnie was gasping for breath. Ruth got off her face and reached over for a dildo, she told Bonnie not to move.

Ruth strapped on the dildo and moved it all over the outside of Bonnie’s cunt. Then she shoved it in the hot slippery cunt. “No, please it’s too biggg, it will rip me apart, please stop, Ohhhhh…”

Ruth ignored her and stuffed the big fat dildo deeper in her cunt. “I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, you’ll want to see me again, I’ll give you my number and you will call begging me to fuck you again.” Ruth slipped the big dildo out of her hot slippery cunt and told her to roll over and get on her knees. Ruth entered her pussy from the rear, pumping away like crazy, shouting, “Yeah that’s it, take it all, keep fucking me back.” The women in the other room were all finger fucking each other as they intently watched the red hot fucking session. Ruth increased her pumping action, fucking Bonnie as fast and as hard as she possibly could. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back and demanded, “Who’s your mommy litter girl, tell me how much you love me fucking you, tell me you want to see me again, talk to me!”

“Oh Yes, I do, keep fucking me, It feels so good, I love it Mommy, I want to see you again, I want you to fuck me again.” Ruth smiled at being called Mommy, she wished that she could have Bonnie all to her self, but she knew that was not possible.

“I have another surprise for you little girl.” Ruth said as she withdrew the dildo from her cunt and slowly pushed it up her little ass hole.

Bonnie grimaced, as she cried out, “NO, not there, you can’t, it hurts, please stop.”

“I’m fucking a virgin ass, not many around these days, don’t worry little girl, I’ll go gentle until the pain subsides, relax.” After awhile the pain stopped and Ruth sensed it and increased her strokes, she was now fucking her sweet ass just as she had fucked her cunt. Bonnie was now getting into it and she was fucking back. “How come your husband never fucked this sweet ass?”

“I never let him, I didn’t know that it would feel so good, oh, ohhhh, ooohhh… fuck me!” Bonnie had another orgasm and collapsed on the bed. Ruth wrapped her arms around her and kissed her long and passionately, telling her that she loved her. Bonnie asked her why she called her a little girl so much and why she wanted her to call her Mommy?

“It’s just baby talk, does it bother you?”

“No, it makes me feel funny, that’s all, but its ok, I guess I’m just a 22yr. old little girl who loves pussy! Isn’t that right Mommy?” They both laughed.

Ruth told Escort Maltepe Bonnie that she had to go see Maria now. Bonnie entered the room and immediately went to her clothes. “Not yet, little girl.” Maria said.

“But I should be getting home!”

“As soon as you get the four of us off with your talented little tongue. Just tell your husband you got carried away and forgot the time, you will be telling the truth.” Maria and Carmen carried her to the sofa and told her to get on her knees and do Ann and Rhonda first. She licked and sucked both to orgasm. Maria lay on the floor and had Carmen lay on top of her back down so they were both facing the same direction. “Get over and eat these cunts little girl, you can lick them both at once this way.” Bonnie licked and sucked up and down both cunts. “How do you like your double pussy pie? Is it good little girl?”

“HHmmmm… Yes, very good,” Bonnie cooed. They all helped Bonnie dress, then they each kissed her goodnight, she was told by all that she was a good little pussy licker.

“You’re a natural, you were born to lick pussy, you are very good now but by the end of the year you will be the best,” said Maria. She then told Bonnie that she would pick her up Saturday at noon at her home.

On the drive home, Bonnie thought back to the events of the last few days, “How many women have I been with? Was it nine in the last few days? I have to face it, the adventure, the sex, it turns me on, and I do want it!”

“I must be insane, here I am being blackmailed and I don’t want it to stop, what have I become?” Bonnie was confused, she wondered how she could keep her marriage together and continue with her sexual adventures, but then she really did not have a choice. She decided to just wait for the year to end and then make her decisions. She was already looking forward to Saturday?

After she punched in her time card, Bonnie went to the nurse station and was greeted by Ruth. “Bonnie, I have good news for you, come with me to Ms. Rosetta’s office, she wants to be the one to tell you.” While walking down the hallway to Maria’s office, Ruth whispered in her ear, “How’s my little girl? It’s so good to see you.” Bonnie felt a hand on her ass, blushed, and looked around to make sure that no one saw it. They knocked and then entered Maria’s office.

“Bonnie, Ruth and I have decided to reward your outstanding work with a promotion, you will have your own office, you will no longer wear uniforms, I want you to dress sexy for me, no more time cards, you will be on salary now, with a considerable raise of $6.00 more pr. Hr. how does that sound?”

“Wow, I can’t believe it, I don’t know what to say, what will my duties be?”

“You will mostly be in charge of the duty schedules, my secretary will deliver a letter of full job description.”

“What a surprise, I am so grateful, this means so much to me. Thank you both, I will try to justify your faith in me.”

“Oh, don’t worry, you will, now let us celebrate!” as Maria popped the cork on a bottle of Tattinger champagne. Maria informed Bonnie that she would be off work with pay until Monday when she started her new job. As they sipped the bubbly Bonnie felt her head spin, the champagne was having its desired effect. Both women pressed their bodies to Bonnie, tits were pushing into her own, as well as her back. From the rear, Ruth lifted her uniform above her head as Maria removed her bra and panties. Then the women removed their own clothes, they were all only wearing stockings and heels.

Hands were roaming her tits and pussy; Ruth inserted two fingers in her love hole and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you again little girl!” She was bent over and the dildo was stuffed into her cunt. While Ruth was banging her pussy Maria straddled her face. She was being fucked and eating pussy again! Bonnie was responding, her butt was pushing back at the dildo as she hungrily licked and sucked Maria’s hairy sopping cunt.”Do it, fuck me back little girl, and take it all, yes!”

“Eat that cunt little girl, suck the pussy lips, like that, yes!” When Maria removed her cunt from her face, Bonnie noticed another woman, a young girl; really, it was an oriental girl finger fucking her silk hair covered slit as she watched Bonnie being fucked.

“Who’s that?” Bonnie asked.

“She is my secretary and yours also, her name is Mi Ling.”

Mi Ling quickly moved to Bonnie and shoved her cunt to her face, saying, “Now that we have been introduced I want you to meet my pussy, That’s it lick it suck the clit you little bitch; I’ve heard what a cunt lapping little fuck slut you are, do you like Japanese food? Yes, I think you do.” Bonnie did not know why but the authoritative commands from this young woman increased her arousal, this girl was really turning her on. “Oohhh.. I’m coming, lick it all up, lick every drop of my love juice, you love this 19yr. Old Japanese pussy, don’t you?” Turning around she told Bonnie some of it dripped to her ass, “Lick my ass, get it all, do it right now, you slutty little cunt!” At first, Bonnie resisted but then she found herself succumbing to this dominating young woman. Bonnie found herself licking the tight ass. “Stick your tongue up that ass hole, get it all.” Mi Ling ordered. She did as ordered and marveled at the heart shape of this lovely round but tight ass. When she was finished with Bonnie, Mi Ling pushed her to the floor, saying, “I can’t wait for Monday to come, we’ll have a lot of fun working together, my little slut”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32