Bonita’s Erotic Massage

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## Bonita is a 38 years old chubby woman, she lives with her son Alex after her separation. Alex is 18 years old, he studies in college. Today is Sunday and Bonita is feeling some lower back pain, she requests Alex for a massage.

Alex: Ok mom, please lie in the bed.

## Bonita lies in her bed on her tummy and Alex starts massaging her waist.

Bonita: Oh nice Alex!

## Bonita is enjoying the touches on her upper ass area, she wants to get some erotic massage as well.

Bonita: Can you please massage my bum cheeks also my dear?

## Alex gets delighted.

Alex: Sure mom, may I lift your skirt to massage properly?

Bonita: Yeah sure(smiling shyly).

## Alex lifts her skirt over her waist. Wow what an ass! Alex says in his mind, he starts massaging her ass over the panties.

Bonita: Ummmm…lovely my dear!

Alex: Mom, I can give you an oil massage if you allow me to pull down your panties a little.

Bonita: Yeah but(smiling shyly).

Alex: No need to shy mom.

Bonita: Ok(smiling shyly).

## Alex pulls down her panties to her knees to expose Bonita’s big curvy butt.

Alex: Lovely ass mom!

Bonita: Please don’t humiliate me(shyly).

Alex: Fatih Escort Ha ha ha, Ok mom, let’s start it.

## Alex takes a bottle of oil and spreads some oil over Bonita’s ass cheeks then starts rubbing the big butt.

Alex: How are you feeling mom?

Bonita: Nice dear(smilingly).

## Alex spreads her ass cheeks to see the asshole.

Alex: Mom, I am going to give you a sensual anal massage.

## Bonita smiles shyly, she is enjoying every moments. Alex drops some oil in her asshole and slowly puts his finger in.

Alex: Mom, am I hurting you?

Bonita: No my dear.

## Alex fingers her asshole slowly.

Alex: Do you like it mom?

Bonita: Hmm…

Alex: Mom, you are so sexy!

Bonita: Really(smilingly)?

Alex: Yeah mom.

Bonita: Thanks my dear.

## Alex puts 2 fingers in her asshole and continues fingering.

Bonita: Ummm…you are so nice masseur Alex!

Alex: Yeah, I am. Mom I can see your pussy from behind, it looks lovely.

Bonita: Naughty boy!

Alex: Ha ha ha, do you want a massage there?

Bonita: Oh no, it will be very shameful(smilingly)!

Alex: Oh mom, please don’t Fatih Escort Bayan shy, just enjoy.

## Bonita smiles shyly. Alex removes his fingers from asshole and touches Bonita’s pussy.

Alex: Mom please turnover.

Bonita: Oh my God!

## She turns and closes her eyes, Alex pulls off her panties completely then bends her legs and spreads apart.

Alex: Wow, lovely juicy pussy!

## Bonita smiles shyly, Alex rubs her pussy for a while then puts his finger inside pussy and starts fingering.

Bonita: Hey naughty, what are you doing(smiling shyly)?

Alex: Don’t you like it mom?

Bonita: Hmm, but I am your mother!

Alex: Mom, I am not fucking your pussy, just massaging it.

Bonita: Hmm(shyly).

## Alex continues fingering.

Bonita: Ummmm…Ohhhh…Ahhhhh.

Alex: Mom, your pussy is getting wet, do you want full pleasure?

Bonita: Alex, you can’t do that with your mom.

Alex: I understand mom, but do you have any problem in anal sex?

Bonita: Ok, you can do that but you should use a condom for your safety.

Alex: No problem mom, I will clean your asshole before that.

Bonita: How will you do Escort Fatih that?

Alex: Mom, I will clean your ass using soap-water as enema, I have a new blower that can be used as enema bulb.

Bonita: Ok, give me enema then(smilingly).

## Alex goes to kitchen to prepare the enema, Bonita presses her boobs in excitement. Alex comes back with the enema solution and the blower. Bonita lies on her tummy again. Alex fills the blower and starts pushing through her asshole, he repeats 3 times more then Bonita goes to toilet and comes back after 10 minutes. Bonita hugs Alex and starts kissing, Alex presses her boobs and Bonita rubs her pussy. They start enjoying the 69 position, Bonita is sucking dick and Alex licking the pussy. Bonita gets excited and sits like doggy for anal, Alex spreads her ass cheeks.

Bonita: Smell my asshole son.

Alex: Yeah mom.

## Alex stabs his noes into her asshole and smells loudly.

Bonita: How is the smell dear?

Alex: Mom, it’s lovely!

Bonita: Will you please lick it dear?

Alex: Yeah mom, I want to taste your asshole.

## Alex starts licking her asshole, he licks it for 10 minutes and Bonita gets excited extremely.

Bonita: Oh…fuck it…Ummmm…fuck it dear.

## Alex drops some oil in her asshole again and inserts his dick slowly.

Bonita: Ummmm…fuck.

## Alex starts fucking hard, he fucks Bonita’s asshole for 20 minutes then ejaculates inside.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32