Bonding with Big Sis

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Hey hope you enjoy the story. Thank you allaboutne for the editing.


I being a peeping tom, entreating on my own flesh and blood, can attest to the pleasures it brings. I’m a 19 year old guy currently living at home awaiting university. I’m 5 foot 11, athletic with a pretty toned physique, and sandy blonde medium length hair. I have an older sister who is a goddess in my eyes and everyone in town’s as well. Ariel is 22, 5ft 2, short black hair, lip and tongue piercing, tatted, tan, beautiful figure with 34 b tits but a supple round ass to make up for her lack of bust. Honestly I never looked her in a sexual way until recently. Seeing how she’s 3 years older than me we never really had much of a relationship. But she recently had to move back into the house due to her losing her job and finding out that the man she’s been living with was sleeping around on her. So back to her old room she went, which is how I started my current profession as the peeping tom.

Within a week of her being home we started to develop a close bond. We would talk, hang out, go out and see the town, stay up late watching movies discussing whatever came to mind. I found out that her finding out that her ex was sleeping around caused her to have an emotional break down and quit her job. She then decided to move back home for the fresh start that she needed. I also learned that she had a wild side which was what caused me to begin to lust after her. I began to look at her in a different way, especially when she would walk around in nothing but a T-shirt and panties. And I have to say I admire her selection of panties. The more I admired the more I realized my sister’s beautiful supple butt with a sexy tramp stamp to make it stand out. I pride myself on being professional at my peeping tom ways so of course I tried to look at that tramp stamp, nice thick rump and those pleasantly small breasts every chance she unconsciously gave me.

One particular night, as I like to call, ‘that great night,’ she came into my room which is located directly across from hers. She asked if I had any deodorant wearing nothing but a towel, hair wet obviously from the shower she just got out of. I took a deep breath pulling my blanket over my growing erection pointing toward my computer desk. She thanked me apologizing for the intrusion exiting my room. Before she left she stopped and commented on how I’ve grown up which made me blush a tad but I quickly shrugged it off like it was nothing. Once she left I quickly got up to lock my door to take care of myself. I proceeded to stroke my length picturing her lips gliding up and down my shaft. I then began to imagine sliding my thick cock deep into her entrance making her moan in pleasure. I furiously beat my dick off to 2 orgasms leaving myself in an exhausted state. I soon fell asleep to dream of further sexual ploys. That was literally the pivotal point for me to kick my peeping to the next level.

The weekend following that great night, my parents went out of town leaving me and Ariel alone. I was excited knowing I’d have her to myself for the entire night. I went upstairs soon after they shipped out to notify Ariel that we’d be alone. As I neared her bedroom door I noticed it was not all the way shut leaving a small vantage point. I quietly snuck closer hoping I could catch her dressing, to my delight she was doing just that. Stepping out of bed in nothing but her blue lace panties, her delicious looking nipples resting on top of her beautiful perky tits. The sight of her made my mouth sag open and my eyes pop open as wide as they could, to get as much of her as I could fit into my memory. Man did I want to spend a whole day savoring those nipples bringing her to climax.

I noticed she was finished dressing so I quickly retreated to my room just past my door to listen to where she was headed. She went downstairs to grab breakfast I assume. So I quickly but quietly headed for her room. I knew her laundry hamper was by the door so I grabbed a pair of dirty worn panties and creeped back to my room to take care of my throbbing erection. I immediately undressed and took a deep inhale of her panties. My nostrils flooded with her delicious scent I proceeded to furiously masturbate thinking of being buried between those beautiful thighs.

Right before I was about to cum when I heard a knock on my door with a cute. “Can I come in?”

I quickly hid her panties under my pillow and pulled on some sweats trying to compose myself as I said. “Come in.”

She entered, the most gorgeous girl in the world, with a wicked grin on her face. “Where’s mom and dad?”

“They are gone for the weekend.” I smiled trying to turn sideways to hide my erection in my sweats.

To my embarrassment she noticed the tent in my sweats. “Oh… My… It looks like someone’s been busy, sorry for interrupting.”

I blushed so hard that I am sure I was red beginning to stammer. “I uhh… Ohh… Well… You see the thing is…”

“It’s ok, you are a Escort man, after all…” Her eyes moved down my body pinning my junk with a quick stair, and then she looked back into my eyes with a smile as she left.

I quickly finished, still holding my crimson hue as I bit into my lip pulling up the same sweats she walked in on me wearing. As soon as my foot touched the last step my eyes scanned the room to see her sitting on the couch with expectant giggling eyes.

“You’re finished already? Hopefully not on my account.” She laughs with the cutest voice that I’ve ever heard, after a moment of me silently blushing in place she waved me over to the couch. “So… Do you have any plans for tonight?

“No, I was just planning on staying in and maybe catching the game. Do you want to join me?”

“Yes, as long as you keep your little guy under control.” We both laughed now as I continued to blush.

“Hey now I’m not little” I replied joking back.

“I noticed. My little brother isn’t so little any more, I know the ladies must love that”

“Actually I don’t really have the best of luck with women, always left with old righty” I chuckled making a jerking off motion.

We continued to laugh as we flipped on the game. I swear I could feel her eyes on me as we watched the game, I just dismissed it as my mind playing tricks on me.

During halftime she said. “I’m tired. So I’m going to head upstairs.”

I said. “Ok, see u in the morning.”

I watched as she moved up the stairs and put my attention back on the game. After the game went off I went upstairs to my room, but paused when I heard the faint sound of cries, I noticed that they were coming from my sister’s room. I crept closer to her door to eavesdrop to find out that they weren’t cries but moans. My dick immediately sprung to life and better even still the door wasn’t fully closed. I found that out by accidentally putting too much pressure and pushing it open. Hoping she didn’t notice I stayed still. Then I proceeded to push further till I had a clear view of one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen: My sister on her back legs spread 2 knuckles deep into her dripping wet pussy.

My mouth began to water and I tried to stay quiet as I slipped my hand into my sweats to rub my erection. God she was so fucking beautiful, how I wished that was my head instead of her hand. I watched while furiously stroking my hog as she fingered and rubbed her pussy moaning and writhing about on her bed. I peeked my head in to inhale her smell which made me about faint. God how I wanted to fuck my sister delirious.

Then I got the biggest shock of my life when I heard her moan. “John, oh John fuck me with that monster. Give it to your sister. Show her whose boss.”

Was she talking about me, if she wasn’t who else named John is her brother? She wants me too, fuck yeah. I smiled but held back because there’s a huge difference between fantasy and reality. I continued to watch but devised a plot to give us what we both wanted.

I went to my room to lie on my bed and made sure I wore the tightest smallest pair of underwear I could find, so she could see my arousal. I waited a minute then called out for her to come to my room. Five minutes passed then I heard her walking to my room.

She came and asked. “What do you need?”

I could clearly still see her arousal as the front of her panties had a wet spot, her nipples were at attention in the small tank top that barely held her all in. “I think I pulled something in my shoulder when I worked out.”

Which was total bull shit but I needed her close to see my arousal. “Aww, you poor thing, how can I help?”

“Do you think you could like massage my neck and shoulders maybe that would ease some of the pain?”

“Ok.” She agreed and came over.

I sat up scooting away from the head board to give her room to sit behind me. She did and soon started to lightly massage my shoulders. I know she noticed my cock because when she first got on the bed I heard her take a breath. She began to massage my neck which surprised me by how great she was at massaging.

“Damn, it’s already being relieved. You really know how to use your hands sis”

“Yeah I know a thing or two”

“Maybe you can show me everything you know” I said chuckling as if I was joking, but I made my dick twitch in my undies obviously making my statement known.

“Mmhm maybe but I don’t think some of my talents are appropriate or socially acceptable”

“Whys that, I’d accept you no matter what.” I chuckled leaning back into her and rotating my hips slightly making my piston tremor from the friction of my underwear.

“You know why, don’t think I haven’t noticed you eyeing my body” She paused her hands.

“What?” I said knowing I was caught but knew I was in too deep to turn back, hell I know she wanted me to. Damn vixen teasing me.

“It’s Ok bro. I like the attention and having a pervert for a brother isn’t such Escort Bayan a bad thing. But can I ask for my green panties back.”

“Damn I thought I was being sneaky?”

“Well you failed.” As she said this I began to notice her grinding against my back and how her hands were increasingly getting lower on my chest and more intimate.

“Damn you’ve grown up, I really shouldn’t even be doing this. We both know it’s wrong.” Her breath is a whisper against my neck.

I push my back towards her, just in time with her grinding against me and I hear her gasp a little, I decides to switch tactics. “Sis my shoulders and traps are really killing me, let’s just not even talk about that anymore. Do you mind sitting like in front of me, on the side or something to get these traps?”

Her hands pause on my chest as she looks down at me. “I’m not getting in your lap.”

“Who said anything about you getting in my lap? Pervert, come on and sit right here next to me or somethin.” I smirk as she blushes bright red moving to sit in front of me, off to the side of course.

“Fine, right here?” She seemed to actually be trying to massage my traps from the front, at the horribly awkward angle.

“I guess, it kind of feels ok.” I let the disappointment clearly show in my tone as she doubles her efforts leaning up on her knees as she pushes against my traps.

“How about now?” She says leaning over me slightly as her breasts swing in my face, her fingers gripping tighter against me as I watch as little beads of sweat begin to show on her cleavage.

“I guess.” I sigh exaggeratedly, “Maybe I should do it?” I offer knowing that she’s not going to go for that.

“Wait… I can give a damn massage. Look, I need to be directly in front of you, so just relax.” She says licking her lips and sitting directly on my lap.

My dick strains hard as her weight comes crashing down on it. Her gasp was enough to drive me wild. My hands grip onto her ass as I rock my hips forward sending my cock digging at her slit. She shudders over me and moans as my face pushes into her cleavage.

“Oh! Wait” She whimpers shoving her hips down into mine.

“You ok?” I ask hoarsely, trying to push the front of her shirt down with my chin, feeling the soft flesh of her breasts grind against my face.

“Bro.” She moans out as she pulls her head back looking down at me.

“What? I thought you were about to fall… Sorry.” I say keeping my hands griped tight on her ass.

“Come on, you know what I mean.” She says gripping onto my hands pulling them up from her ass to her back.

“Oh. You mean this.” I smile gripping onto her ass shoving her back down into my lap. My hips bucking up hard as I push back against her sexy little slit.

“Shit!” She moans gripping onto my traps beginning to massage them.

“Come on sis.” I moan out softly, the tip of my cock beginning to peek out of the top of my undies.

I keep my hands gripping firmly against her ass as my hips slowly grind back and forward touching her precious sex through her panties. She whimpers out to me as she continues to grip and tug at my traps, her breathing coming out harder as she drops her forehead against mine. She bites onto her bottom lip looking directly in my eyes as I continued to shove back and forth against her panties. Her mouth moves closer to mine as her breath comes out against my lips, her breath holding the sweet smell of mint. Her lips graze right across mine and my hands dive lower against her ass, my fingertips touching her labia so gently that she let me for a few strokes.

“Oh, fuck” She whimpers grinding back against my fingers and shaft.

My heart was racing as the lust in my mind clouded all rational thought. My fingers slide from her puckered little anus to her snatch lips and back a few times before her head moves away from mine and she sits up taking in a deep breath. Her hands push into her hair and she shakes her head getting up from my lap. I watch in disbelief as she leans forward gripping onto my mass for just a second before releasing it and walking away.

“Wait!” I scramble up too late as she closes the door leaving me alone in my room. “Fuck!” I groan leaning back against the head board.

My cock twitching with anticipation as I hear my sister’s door slam shut with a finality that had dread swimming up my spine. ‘Shit did I push her to hard? Is she going to rat me out to our parents?’ I bite nervously into my bottom lip feeling my dick quickly deflating as too many scenarios begin to play through my mind.

I stood up moving to my door and cracking it just a little, trying to hear if my sister was on the phone. I couldn’t make out anything just low mumbling. I moved closer to her door, pressing my ear to it and that’s when I heard it. Her beautiful voice moaning out my name, it was muffled but it was definitely my name. I pushed the door opened to see her pushing a pillow down into her face with her fingers pushing Bayan Escort in and out of her soaking wet hole.

Her legs were in the air and her body arching off of the bed towards me as an invitation. I took it, without a second thought. I wrapped my lips around her clit so fast she didn’t have time to respond. Her fingers pushed into my hair as she moaned out louder. Her hips bucking up to my face as I push two fingers deep into her cunt lips.

“Oh!! Oh… Yes!” She screams into the pillow as my rod gets harder and harder.

She continues to hump her hips up to me and scream her praise to me into her pillow. Her hands clutching tight to my hair as my thumb flicks over her clit. Her legs shudder as I ram my fingers harder against her cunt walls, sending my thumb over her clit again. She creams all over my hand in seconds as her toes curl hard and she yanks my hair harder to her. I grunt from the sting of my scalp and climb up her body. My pole pushing against the thin waistband of my underwear.

Her breathing muted by the pillow as my shaft grinds right across her puffy lips. Her legs spread wider allowing me to get more room to ride her. Her hands release my hair as the pillow falls away from her face. Her eyes shocked, sated, and lustful burn holes into mine. My throat dries out quickly as her hips shove up against mine, making me moan, and her hands push down my back as I continue grinding against the cotton of my underwear.

She nibbles at my chin slightly before kissing it, my hips continuing their tempo grinding in her welcoming thighs. I move my head down as my lips find hers, kissing her for the very first time on the mouth, tongues dancing and grinding against each other. My hips shoving harder at her as the tip of my snake finally finds an escape and grinds right against her soaking wet skin. We both pause for just a moment, my length soaking in her wetness, her legs spread for me and our mouths locked in a death grip trying to suck each other’s face off.

I ease my hips back not wanting to scare her off again, her finger nails push into my skin slightly, her eyes going wide as she swallows hard. I could literally see the fight she was having in her mind with herself. I eased my hips forward and held still as my cock nestled right outside of her lips, snuggling hard with her clit as her head drops back against the bed. I lift my hips once more watching her and lower them quicker this time, feeling my tip shove her lips out the way, and pop right on the inside of her pussy walls.

My eyes close as my head falls inside the crook of her neck. Her hips seemed to pull away slightly as she moaned softly to me. ‘Was that a go ahead? Fuck she’s so tight’ I hear a loud yelling in my head as I lift my hips once more, my cock shoves down hard as it digs roughly into her fuck box. She moans out loud as her hands push up at my chest. My shaft pulls out all the way and slams back into her making her moan even louder.

Afraid my neighbors would hear I cover her mouth and slide out grinding back into her harder, my balls slapping roughly against her ass as she claws at my back, her head tilting up and her eyes rolling back into her skull. My hips pick up speed as I begin smashing into her sweet naughty lips, her cunt gobbling me up whole as I moan into her ear, biting against her neck and pushing my hand roughly shoving at her mouth. She whimpers and moans out louder feeling my cock stabbing at her, grinding her guts together and fucking her deeper with each stroke.

I released her mouth and her screams of pleasure filled the room, I felt her vulva shivering around me, her fingernails digging into my ass as I gripped onto the back of her head. She moaned to me as my mouth covered hers, she consumed me as her pussy quaked her release. Her body went slack under mine, as I stopped my movements, pulling out of her and turned her over onto her stomach.

“Lift your ass for me.” I whispered, her ass lifting just as quickly as the words left my mouth.

I pushed my underwear completely off and slid my cock deep into her frame in one stroke. Her back arched hard as she gasped low. My rod shivered at the fit of her gripping walls, my hand moved around and began to push at her clit. She whimpered digging her hands into the blanked pushing back at me as I began to dig in and out of her cunt. My hips smacking at the back of her thighs as I shoved forward harder. My hand ripped hard across her ass with a loud smack as she moans louder shoving back against me.

“That’s it sis, take me.” I groan to her shoving harder into her walls.

She looks back at me as her mouth hangs open, her eyes wide with shock and her cheeks blushing bright red. I lean forward gripping a hand full of her hair yanking her head back and smashing forward into her. She groans and yells loud feeling my tip digging deeper into her hole. I shove my elbow into her back making her back arch deep for me as I crushed my cock harder into her hole. My eyes close tight as I moan in sync with her yells. My balls tightening as her box gulps down whatever I threw at her.

My hips continued to smash forward as my cock shivered harder and harder. “Fuck! I’m about to cum again!” She yelled loud.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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