Bodies Ch. 03

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After getting fucked by Chloe, Peter is now back in his own room. Logan is out so he has it to himself. It gives him the time and space to think about what just happened. Chloe blackmailed him into fucking her, yes. But he didn’t put up as much of a fight as he should have. He is now feeling incredibly guilty for acting so slutty just a week after one of his close friends died. Maybe Chloe is right about him. Only a whore wouldn’t be able to keep his boxers on after a death of someone so close to him. He might have always been a slut unknowingly.

Suddenly, he gets a call. Picking it up, Peter is surprised when the caller then identifies himself as a police officer. He waits for the cop to say something and then his blood turns to ice. “The body of a girl named Mandy has been found in the campus parking lot. Your phone number is at the top of her contact list.” He was walking to grab something when he picked up the call and nearly stumbles over his own feet in shock. He thought she was in her dorm room like she promised him he would be, and that she would be safe there since no killer would be mad enough to attack in a college dorm with a bunch of 20 years old footballers strolling about.

After talking with the officer for some minutes, he finally hangs up. The boy starts crying, trying to find tissues to dry up his eyes. With blurry vision, he leaves the room. Some of the people in the hall who saw the body and knows how close the two of them were offers him their condolences. Peter thanks them as he heads over to Lisa’s room, thinking about how he is going to tell her. Then he realizes the cops might have called her before or right after they called him. A selfish part of him hopes he doesn’t have to be the one to tell her this tragic news.

When he gets to the room, the boy is shocked by what he sees. Lisa is inside and on the couch, clutching her right arm. She has a massive cut, with blood flowing out of it. The brunette winces and tries to give him a reassuring smile as he enters, closing the door behind him before rushing over to see how she is doing. “What the hell happened to you?” he asks. “You said you didn’t need me to stay on you all the time and that you were hanging out with some other girls, so how did this happen?”

Lisa groans in pain, making Peter hurry over to inspect her wound. It isn’t deep but is long and causing serious blood loss. Fortunately, Lisa’s dorm room has a first aid kit and she’s done a good job patching her up. Peter is still insisting that she goes to the hospital with him though. “I’ll be fine. That bastard only grazed me, unlike what happened to Mandy though.” At the Mandy part, she starts sobbing and Peter hugs the girl, being careful not to touch her injury, out of fear that he would hurt her more.

He can’t believe what just happened. It was hard enough losing Becky. But now Mandy is dead too and Lisa almost died as well. This is nearly enough to break him completely. Peter doesn’t know what he will do if he loses all of his friends. Just the thought of it makes him feel like earth has been yanked out from under his feet. “Shhhh, Lisa. I am right here with you. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have left them out of my sight for so long. I should have her there for them when it happened.” He blames himself for his friends’ deaths, even though it wasn’t really his fault.

Lisa strokes his cheek gently and she hugs him back, trying to stifle her tears. She just looks so vulnerable in his arms right now. All Peter could do is try his best to comfort her. He would kiss her on the forehead but it would be quite inappropriate given that he has a thing going on with Chloe. “Why don’t you stay in your room with a few other guys while I go out and buy you something to eat?” he asks her in a gentle voice. He is hurt by the shocking death too but has to remain strong for her sake.

Lisa nods, wiping away her tears. She looks at him gratefully and still hugs him for a bit more, refusing to let go yet as he tries to stand up. “Okay, but don’t be too long,” the tall brunette pouts at Peter. She leans in close and he stands up. His hands are tucked in his pockets as he leaves the room and heads out to go back to his own room. The boy tries as much as he could to get the thought of Mandy’s dead body out of his mind. It feels like he is getting stabbed too when he thinks of how much she must have suffered in her final moments.

When he is back in his own room, Peter searches for his wallet. Finding it on his bedside table, he checks inside it to see if there is enough cash. It is enough to buy several treats. With a sigh, he then gets out of his room. More people in the hallway extend their sympathy to him. He thanks them all for being so kind and decides he is going to stop by Chloe’s room first, to tell her what just happened. Better for her to learn about it from him and someone else. She and Mandy weren’t friends but she would probably want to know since it’s about him.

He knocks on the door and waits for a few seconds before she opens it. Chloe is surprised Batıkent Escort by the disturbed look on the cute boy’s face and leads him into her room. She cups his cheeks gently and asks him “Is everything okay baby? Did something happen?” she asks Peter as he lets her hold him. He feels safe in her protective arms but knows that he can’t stay here forever. No, sooner or later he will have to leave this place. “Let it all out. Don’t hold it in yourself like this. Whatever it is I will help you deal with it.”

Peter finds her words very soothing and leans into the embrace, returning it and letting her kiss his eyelid. “Mandy is dead now. She’s been murdered like Becky was,” he croaks out, much to the shock of Chloe, who hugs him tighter. “The cops still don’t have an idea who the killer is. Lisa is distraught. I’m now going to Walmarts to get her something to eat.” Chloe gives him a thoughtful look as he struggles to take deeper and longer breaths, trying to regulate his heart rate. “I’ve got to go right now.”

“Let me come with you. Like I told you, I can protect you from the killer,” she says to Peter, retrieving her revolver from inside her safe box. It is a really good quality Smith & Wesson, and she is extremely proficient with it, having been to a shooting range several times with her mother, a police captain. Peter nods, and the two of them leave dorm together, hand in hand as they walk to the Walmarts across the street, right opposite to the campus.

After reaching it, the couple chooses all the snacks they want, paying and then leaving as quickly as they could. Chloe has her weapon holstered in a position where she can draw it rapidly when she needs it. She looks around carefully, staying alert at all times. Her Peter is also quite anxious. Both of them try to get back to the campus as quickly as they could, but then they hear someone walking behind them and turn around at the same time. Nobody is behind the college juniors. Exhaling, they turn back around to face their campus.

Both let out startled cries when they come face to face with a hooded person holding a knife in their right hand. The person rushes toward them, attempting to stab Chloe. Chloe cocks her fist back and is ready to punch, but Peter is ahead of her and smacks the hooded figure across the face with a back fist. It makes the tall attacker stumble backwards. He then delivers a front kick to the chest, which knocks the assailant down, but only momentarily. The person gets back to their feet and lunges again for Chloe again, but this time Chloe is more than prepared for it.

She has withdrawn her revolver and shoots from the hip. Chloe fires a few rounds into the attacker’s midsection, hitting them in the stomach and knocking them to the ground with the impact of the bullets. But the figure is still somehow able to stand after that and rushes off, cradling their torso, hunched over in pain. Chloe stares in puzzlement, wondering how someone could run away after getting shot three times in a row. Peter is also confused as they rush back to the campus together, before calling the police to report it.

“You’re staying in my room tonight, so I can protect you,” Chloe tells him as she locks her gun inside the safe. She holds his hand and looks into his eyes with a very serious expression on her gorgeous face. “And also this isn’t up for discussion. I mean it. You’re here for the night, and every night after this until they find out who the killer is. I’m not letting you out of my sight after what just happened today.” Peter nods shyly, as he puts on her spare T-shirt and gets under the covers with her.

“I’m sorry I can’t fuck you again today,” Peter says after she tries to make him hard. “I don’t think I can get turned on so soon after another friend got killed and we nearly got murdered ourselves.” Chloe nods in understanding and then kisses him on the lips, cradling the boy in her muscular arms. The volleyball girl can be surprising gentle when she wants to, and it makes him feel warm as she cuddles him on her bed, holding him and making him the little spoon.

“It’s okay. You have my permission to not fuck me again today,” she says to the boy, kissing the side of his neck as they try to sleep. “Just ask whenever you don’t feel like having sex. If I’m in a sympathetic mood like I am right now then I’ll allow it. But if not, then I’ll just pin you down, rip your clothes off and take what I want. That’s how it works, baby.” Peter nods in understanding. She is superior to him in every way. He has no right to disagree with her. The only reason he isn’t fucking her like she wants right now is because she is kind enough to consider his feelings. His cock is hers and she can have sex with him anytime she wants, but she is being very nice and allowing him to rest.

The boy feels content as she embraces him and falls asleep with her head in the crook of his shoulder and neck. He takes a bit longer to doze off, as many thoughts go through his mind. Who is the killer and what Beşevler Escort do they want? Why is he or she deliberately targeting the people closest to him? These are the questions that matter the most and yet he can’t come up with any answers for them. Chemistry exams in high schools used to be the biggest challenges in his life. But this string of murders is in a whole new level of its own. He knows he has to solve it fast before anyone else gets killed.


Peter wakes up in Chloe’s arms. Blushing, he sits up and tries to leave the bed to go brush his teeth, but she yanks him back into her arms, protesting. “I was kind enough to not fuck you when you didn’t want it,” she says. “So you should stay in bed and let me cuddle you for a bit longer before leaving.” He smiles fondly, then leans down to kiss the top of her head. Then he realises that that was a mistake. Affection from him turns her on like crazy. “Baby, you’re getting fucked for that,” the voluptuous girl declares, pinning him onto the bed and mounting him roughly.

“Baby wait!” he hisses, pointing towards her roommate who is sleeping in another bed just across the room. “We can do this later tonight, when she’s over in her boyfriend’s room where you told me she usually sleeps.” Chloe glares at him. “I know I have no right to withhold sex from you and that you own my cock, so I’m begging you not to fuck me right now.” Finally she sighs with a nod, and he exhales, relieved. “Thank you baby. I’m sorry for saying no to you. I really have no right to do that, but I had to. Couldn’t wake someone up. Not really into having an audience, you know?”

She nods again and watches as he changes clothes, slapping his ass, making him squeal. Chloe snorts at his cute reaction, getting up to her feet as well. “You know, I’m being very generous with you. Your cock belongs to me and so does the rest of your body. I have the right to fuck you whenever I want, even when you don’t want it, but I’m choosing to let you have time to process things,” she says. Peter leans in to kiss her on the lips briefly before remembering that he still has morning breath.

“Yes and thank you for that sweetie. I really appreciate it,” he says. “You didn’t have to listen to me when I said no but you did and I’m grateful.” The two of them make out, French kissing with her tongue easily dominating his, before Peter has to stop to get air. “Let me brush my teeth first and then we can go have breakfast together. After that I’d like to check in on Lisa to see that she is alright.” Chloe nods, frowning slightly when she hears Lisa’s name but hiding it well enough that Peter doesn’t see it. He is still as obtuse as ever when it comes to girls.

They brush their teeth and then leave the room together, heading out for Lisa’s room. On the way there, Peter tries to hide how shaken he still is after the ordeal. Yes, he managed to get in two good strikes against the killer and Chloe fired several rounds at them, but it didn’t seem to do much for some reason. He doesn’t understand why the assailant was able to run off like it was nothing. The bullets did hit her since she was knocked to the ground momentarily yet got up right afterwards.

When they arrive, he quickly enters the room to find her sitting there on the bed by herself. Peter sighs in relief as he sees that she is alright. His nerves have been frayed by two of his friends getting murdered, and another friend and Chloe almost getting killed as well. He quickly rushes over to hug her tightly. “Oh, I’m so glad you’re still safe! Last night the killer went after me and Chloe but she shot them. Whoever it is somehow managed to ran off though.” She suddenly winces from the contact, making him frown. “Are you okay?” he asks her as she clutches her ribs.

Chloe is now staring at Lisa suspiciously. Her eyes darting around nervously, Lisa backs away from Peter’s embrace. She looks like a trapped mouse and even the obtuse boy notices this weird behaviour from his childhood best friend. “Yesterday I got hit by a football during practice and it still hurts,” she says to them. She is after all a member of the football team. The dork seems to buy the excuse, as he nods, his face no longer showing any suspicion. It is absolutely plausible that she got hurt during sports practice, after all. No reason for him to think that she is lying.

But the black haired volleyball player knows better though. She glares at the brunette fiercely, taking a step towards the flinching girl. “Bullshit,” Chloe snarls, startling Peter. “There was no football practice yesterday. I should know. My roommate is on the team with you.” Now Peter is suspicious again. Suddenly Chloe points an accusatory finger at her. “You are the one who tried to kill us last night aren’t you? That’s why your ribs are hurting. I must have broken in when I shot you yesterday night, right outside Walmarts.”

Peter is astonished at how she is accusing his closest friend. He turns to look at Lisa, his eyes begging her to deny Beypazarı Escort it. But when they make eye contact, he can see acceptance in Lisa’s eyes as she then looks down at her feet, refusing to say anything. “My god, just say it isn’t true!” She refuses to do that though. “You didn’t do it right? Why would you want to kill us? Answer me for Christ’s sake! Just tell me you didn’t do it and I would believe you, Lisa.” He is giving her a chance to say her piece now, as Chloe looks at the back of his head in sympathy.

“I didn’t try to kill you, Peter!” Lisa finally snaps. She looks at him with tears filled eyes. The girl has clearly snapped now, her expression feral, revealing the madness that has been hiding inside all along. “I was trying to kill her!” she says, pointing straight at Chloe’s face. Chloe looks at her coolly. She knew it. “Please believe me, Peter. I would rather die than hurt you. It’s her that I was trying to stab last night, not you. You know that. I didn’t try to kill you at all, baby.”

The college boy stares at her, aghast. He still couldn’t believe what he is hearing right now. It’s just all so damn crazy! With his entire body trembling, sweating all over the place, he stammers out “B B But why? Why would y y you try to kill her? Why did you kill Mandy and Becky? Tell me!” His eyes show the feelings of betrayal and anger, as he realises that the killer he has sworn to take vengeance on is actually his best friend, the one he grew up with and have known for his entire life.

“Because she is trying to take you away from me! Just like Becky and Mandy were!” she screams at him, shocking the boy with her answer. “Did you know that those two were planning to roofie you? I heard them discussing it one night. But I can’t let them do that, so I had to kill them. I also had my cousin call me in front of you so that you won’t suspect me.” She pauses, taking a deep breath. “I won’t kill you, Peter, but I am going to rape you. I will stab this black haired bitch and then I’m going to take your virginity right next to her as she slowly dies. The last thing she will get to see is me sliding my pussy up and down your cock.”

Then she draws her knife and charges Chloe, holding it in an icepick grip. Chloe quickly seizes her right wrist in her left hand. Then Chloe wraps her right hand around Lisa’s throat and pushes her back into a wall, choking her. Lisa gasps for breath and struggles wildly, attempting to loosen Chloe’s grip on her windpipe. Chloe shifts her hand from the other girl’s throat to under her right armpit, before executing a perfect throw, flipping Lisa onto the ground.

The impact knocks all the wind out of her already damaged lungs but she gets back to her feet and makes another attempt to kill her rival. Chloe does the same thing she did last night and draws her revolver, firing three bullets at Lisa’s chest, sending her body crashing down on to the ground. “You’re too late, bitch. I already raped Peter,” Chloe spits at her body. Chloe turns to Peter. “Come on. Let’s get out of here and call the police,” she tells him. He nods and they start to walk towards the door. But then he remembers something very important about last night. Something that has been nagging at the back of his mind. There was no blood when they were ambushed at Walmarts or here either, for that fact

“She’s wearing a bulletproof vest!” he manages to get out before Lisa lurches up again and rushes towards Chloe one last time. Chloe spins out lightning fast and shoots her again, this time right in the middle of Lisa’s forehead. Lisa collapses to the floor, bits of her brain spilling out of the hole on her head. This time she is dead, for good. “Oh my god. I just can’t believe it.” Peter leans into Chloe and she hugs him tightly, telling him that it is all over now, and he has no more reason to be afraid. He thanks her for protecting him and they call the cops, explaining it all.

After the police officers arrive, the two of them tell everything as it happened. The cops suggest that they go see a psychiatrist to help deal with the trauma but Chloe tells them that the two would be fine. She takes Peter to a nice little cafe outside the college where they sit down. The girl knows that he must be really traumatised and decides that maybe she will take him to see a good psychiatrist after all. Yes, that would be a very good idea.

She leans over to kiss the boy on the tip of his nose, gently caressing his hair. “Shhh, don’t cry my darling. I’m here with you and no one can hurt us now,” Chloe says. He nods, trying to stop himself from crying more. It makes Chloe a little annoyed since now she might have to wait for a bit longer before getting to ride his prick again. Having your best friend turn out to be a murderer is surely bad for the libido, she thinks to herself. Not that she can blame him for this. It is as good an excuse as there is for him not to fuck her right now.

Peter takes a deep breath, managing to reduce his hysterics to a more manageable level. He takes a sip of his iced latte and then adds a little bit of syrup. “Thanks, baby. I know we are safe now but I still can’t cope with it yet. I mean, we knew each other since we were 5. It’s all my fault. She killed them because she wanted me. I’m the reason Becky and Mandy are dead.” He wipes his eyes with the tissue, as Chloe rubs the back of his hands gently.

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