Bob’s Interlude with Honi

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A lucky break leads him to the most memorable weekend of his life.

NOTE: This story is a continuation of “Interlude with Honi.”

Tuesday evening for Bob Gordon was much like Monday had been, and so was every other evening that week, up until Friday. All of his days and nights had been pretty much the same since his wife had ended their fifteen year marriage by demanding a divorce, and getting it and custody of their two children. With a big child support bill, he couldn’t afford many luxuries, and had to settle for nightly fantasizing over videos of the girls of his dreams, as displayed on Hotties4U, his favorite site on the internet. On Friday, though, his routine changed, and very much for the better.

After watching a videotape of Honi Hill, his favorite hotty, who climaxed while showing off her gorgeous nakedness, and wishing he was the lucky guy who was bringing her to that orgasm, Bob checked his email. Besides the usual SPAM, there was one from Hotties4U and, when he saw it, Bob remembered the free lottery he had entered a few days earlier. The prize, if he was lucky enough to be the winner, would be to go to the home of Honi and videotape one of her incredibly erotic performances. “Can it possibly be?” he asked himself, while opening the email.

It could be, and apparently was. “Congratulations, Bob,” the message began. “You have been selected to come to the home of your favorite girl of all the beautiful girls of Hotties4U and videotape her erotic performance. Please call the below listed telephone number to arrange the time and place.”

Bob recognized the number’s area code as being fairly close to where he lived. Before calling, he gave a lot of thought to the possibilities. At 45 years old, he had heard a lot about scams and swindles. “If something seems too good to be true,” he had always been told, “It probably isn’t true.” The proposition on the email seemed too good to be true, and he wanted to really think it over before making any kind of commitment or even responding.

There was no request for any kind of credit card information, and the site already had that anyhow. There was no mention of a bank account, and no request for any information of any kind. The only thing it asked him to do was to call a telephone number, and it wasn’t even an “800” number. If he did that, he decided, and they asked him for any information he didn’t want to give them, he would just hang up.

“This is KC,” was the answer he got when he called the listed telephone number.

“Hello, KC. This is Bob Gordon. I was just notified that I have been selected to do a video shoot.”

“Ah, Bob. Congratulations. You made Honi really happy too, when we told her the winner wanted to videotape her. She’s really sweet, besides being so sexy, and she’s been looking forward to the shoot. When do you want to come by and do it?”

“How about tomorrow? Would that be too soon?”

“Tomorrow is Saturday, and that’s no problem at all. We sort of expected you to choose a weekend, so we have all the equipment set aside and ready to take to Honi’s apartment.”

“Do I need to bring anything?”

“Just your eagle eye. We’ve got all the equipment and the blank tape. We’ll have Honi too, since we’ll do the shoot where she lives, just as we advertise.”

After that, the time and place were worked out, and the discussion ended with happy expectations all around. Bob used MapQuest to get directions, finding it was less than 100 miles away, and all good highway driving. It might take him two hours to get there, but not much more than that. He could barely sleep that night; his thoughts were so full of the sexy Honi. He wondered if she would cum at the end of the session. That was one of his favorite things, having a girl cum, especially when it was from what he was doing. He was also looking forward to smelling the juices her pussy would produce. Tasting them would be even better, but he had no thoughts of aspiring to anything as fabulous as that. The next day promised to be a highlight of his life, even if looking was all he got to do. And smelling Honi’s pussy.

Freshly showered and shaved, Bob got off to an early start the next morning. He wanted to be sure he got there on time, so he allowed himself three hours, and was surprised at how fast and easy the drive was. He arrived at his destination, a new, expensive looking apartment building, with well over an hour to spare. Rather than sit impatiently in his car killing the extra time, Bob decided to try to get into the building and wait there. After parking his car on the street, he rang the doorbell labeled “Apartment 21.”

Who is it?” he was asked by a sweet, rather childish sounding voice.

“Bob Gordon. Is this Honi Hill?”

“This is Honi, but who’s Bob Gordon?”

There was nobody else around who could have overheard his response and possibly learned the private business of him or KC or Honi or anybody else who might have been in the apartment, so Bob had no qualms about answering clearly: “I’m supposed to videotape you this morning.”

“Oh, İkitelli Escort Bob! Gee, you’re really early. C’mon in. Up the stairs to the left, and the first door on the left.”

A buzzer sounded and Bob pushed the door open and followed the directions Honi had given him. The voice had been sweet enough to belong to her, and he started anticipating the day’s activity even more avidly than he had been. At the top of the stairway, he looked down the hall and saw a pretty face with a halo of blonde hair leaning out through the first door on the left. As he approached, the door opened wider and the lovely woman he recognized as Honi stepped into the hallway and invited him to enter, which he did with great alacrity. He was glad to see that, as he had surmised, she was a good-sized girl, just three or four inches shorter than his almost six feet tall. So far that day, nothing but really great things were happening to him.

The great things continued, but got even better. Once the door was closed and locked behind them, Honi turned to Bob, coiled her arms around his neck, and gave him a very aggressive kiss on the mouth. He responded eagerly, and they ground their lips together while she pressed her sexy body snugly against him and he wrapped his arms around her. She was wearing a pink tee-shirt and he could tell there was nothing under it but her lovely body. He could also tell, by her nipples, which got harder as the kiss continued, that she was already sexually aroused.

When she drew back her mouth and backed away, Honi grinned at him. “I really appreciate being the one you chose, when you could have picked any of the really hot girls you wanted.”

“I did pick the really hot girl I wanted.”

She was so appreciative of that compliment that Honi moved in closely and kissed Bob the same way, pressing her breasts against him again and, this time, thrusting her tongue against his mouth. He had expected to have a good time videotaping the young beauty, but he was beginning to think the day might be even better than he had anticipated. Honi did nothing to change that thought when she stepped back again, reached out to take his hand and invited him to see the rest of the apartment.

It was small, but quite luxurious, compared to his own cramped quarters, but Bob wasn’t really very interested in seeing the sights, or anything else besides the beautiful girl who was his guide. He had seen many of her videotapes but, in person, she was even more gorgeous, with her bouncy steps and the way she moved, swirling her hair about as she gave him the guided tour.

Not until they reached her bedroom, the last place they went, did Honi’s apartment become really fascinating to him. For one thing, he recognized the carpet. It was the one that had been the site of Honi’s erotic performance the evening he entered the lottery that resulted in his being where he was that morning. He also noticed a flowered screen in the corner, with a fluffy looking pink robe hanging from a corner. Apparently, it was there for Honi to put on after the videotaping was done.

“This is my bedroom, and right here is where we’ll do the shoot.” Honi indicated an open, carpeted area. “The guys should be here pretty soon with the lights and the camera and stuff. That’s my bed, where I sleep. And sometimes, when I’m with a guy that I really like, I do other things there too.”

The piece of furniture she indicated was covered only with a light blue fitted sheet and some pillows in matching cases, with no blankets of any kind. From the way Honi grinned at him when she added the last sentence, and the way she pressed her body against his side, Bob started daring to think that maybe he might possibly be one of those incredibly lucky guys. He fervently hoped so.

A few minutes after they returned to the front room of the apartment, the buzzer sounded, and Honi’s query elicited the response that it was KC and the crew. She pressed the button that unlocked the front door to let them in and, a minute later, three men walked through the door that she was holding open for them. Two of them were carrying spotlights and similar equipment, and they went directly to the place where they would be working, dropped it off and returned to the front room. The third man, who was carrying a large case that apparently contained the video camera, introduced himself as KC.

“We’re surprised to find you here this early. It’s no big deal; all it means is we can get started sooner and wrap up sooner.” He turned to Honi then. “Is that what you want to wear for the shoot?”

“Yeah, KC, if that’s all right with you.” Besides the pink tee-shirt, with nothing but her luscious breasts under it, the model was barefoot and wore what looked like pink and red pajama pants with a drawstring tied in the front.

“That’ll do fine. It’s not going to stay on very long anyhow. Go help the guys get the lights set up while I explain the video camera to Bob.”

Although it was very versatile, the camera was quite simple to operate. While Bob peeked through the Escort İkitelli view finder, KC demonstrated how the zoom feature worked, so he would be able to get close-ups of Honi’s clit and nipples and other small but interesting body parts. All the lenses and the tape that would be used were of such high quality that they would produce images of perfect clarity, more clear even than the air on a sunny day in the country right after a rainstorm. Besides the quality of the equipment and tape, KC assured his temporary camera man, Honi was such an incredible specimen of beautiful womanhood that it would be close to impossible to make a bad recording of her. Having seen many of her videotapes and having been around her for the last half hour, Bob heartily agreed.

“And, if you do,” he reassured Bob, “we will take out anything that is less than perfect. We always edit our videotapes, but usually for length, not poor quality. Try to avoid taping any part of the light stands but, if you do by accident, we can edit that out.”

Satisfied that Bob was sufficiently adept with the video camera to do an adequate job, KC led the way into the bedroom where the lights had been placed in such a way to ensure the best result. Honi had posed for them while the technicians set up their equipment, allowing them to make all the needed adjustments. The lights would be soft, with no harshness at all, and were situated so there would be no more than minimal shadows to hide any part of her gorgeous body.

Having finished that part of their assignment, the technicians were sitting on chairs they had brought from the kitchen, waiting for the taping to begin. They were paid well enough, but the part of their jobs they liked the most was watching a beautiful young woman, such as Honi, writhing totally nude on the floor or other surface while her movements were recorded. The object of that day’s work was sitting on the bed, and she got up to meet KC and Bob when they entered.

“I know you’re going to do a really good job, Bob. I’ve been really looking forward to working with you today.” After squeezing his arm and kissing his cheek, she went to stand in the focus of the lights.

Except for two pillows from the bed, the carpeted floor was bare of any kind of furniture. With the scene ready, KC took the small CD player out of the suitcase and turned it on, producing a soft, romantic song like those that Honi always performed to. “Action!” he barked. The star of the show began a slow bump and grind, and Bob turned on the video camera to begin the taping he had been looking forward to.

He started by recording all the lovely blonde’s movements, keeping her entire body in the view finder, before zooming in closely enough to concentrate on her large breasts as they swayed under the tee-shirt, with their nipples almost protruding through the thin fabric. After a few seconds, he raised the lens to concentrate on Honi’s beautiful, smiling face and, from there, backed out to show her torso and her hands as they took hold of the bottom hem of the garment.

Under Bob’s control, the camera continued to record Honi slowly lifting the hem, and concentrated on her succulent breasts when they popped free of their restraint and bounced enticingly. He kept the focus on that same spot for a few seconds, just raising the lens to catch a view of Honi’s face as she pulled the tee-shirt off over her head and shook her long, blonde hair back into place. Knowing that one of her favorite moves, as soon as she had bared her breasts, was to roll her shoulders and make the twin beauties sway and dance, Bob zoomed in more tightly and taped her delightful bosom during that highly erotic part of the show.

Bob had always derived great pleasure from watching Honi’s nude gyrations on his computer screen, but that paled in comparison to seeing her body in action just a few feet in front of him, either through the view finder or looking directly at her. The resolution of his desktop screen was excellent, but it couldn’t begin to compare with his view that day of the delightful blend of pink and creamy white that was her body, especially her truly gorgeous breasts. He was already having more fun than he could remember having in a long time, and the source of his delight was still mostly clothed.

Honi was having a lot of fun too. She was justifiably proud of her body, and really enjoyed showing it off, especially to guys she liked. Although Bob had been a stranger until that morning, she already felt quite fond of him and attracted to him. It may have been his obvious adoration of her, or it may have been some other reason, but Honi felt herself becoming more sexually aroused than she usually got, just from thinking about him videotaping her. Honi’s performances had to vary somewhat from one to another, and she decided that, as a special treat for Bob, she would do something that wasn’t usually included.

Holding one breast in both hands, she raised it toward her mouth. Having seen some other shows that included the same move, Bob knew what Honi was about to do, İkitelli Escort Bayan and focused the camera on her nipple. When she bent her face down, he zoomed in to catch the erotic sight of her tongue starting to caress the erect pink nubbin. Even as he recorded her actions, Bob was thinking how wonderful it would be if he could trade tongues with her just then. After licking both her adorable nipples, Honi once again rolled her shoulders and let her breasts sway and bounce free, and that scene was fully recorded.

Bob didn’t know just what would be happening next but, when he saw her fingers reaching down to the drawstring that held Honi’s pajama pants around her waist, he guessed. Quickly zooming in, he recorded her pulling on one end and, just as quickly, he zoomed out to show the result of what she had just done. The bow came unfastened; the waistband of the pajamas opened in the center, and Honi slid her thumbs into the gap and moved her hands out to her hips. With a light push, the colorful pajama bottoms slid down her legs and puddled on the floor, while Bob taped what she had just exposed.

She was wearing panties, and Bob was slightly disappointed that Honi wasn’t naked yet, but what she still wore was too tight and too skimpy to conceal much. They were light pink and showed a camel toe, and there was a slowly spreading wet spot in the crotch. As he zoomed in on that, Bob thought he detected the faint aroma of fresh pussy juices, but he couldn’t leave the camera focused on it very long. After grinding her hips and flaunting her breasts again, Honi started turning around, the way Bob knew she always did just before stripping off her panties.

That day was no exception, but she was in no hurry to divest herself of them. Honi was aware of how taken Bob was with her ass, and she liked him enough to give him some special moves. First, she did a few bumps and grinds while the camera was focusing on her luscious bottom, and she followed this by bending forward and back up a few times, thrusting herself in the direction of the man who was faithfully videotaping her. After straightening up for the last time, she looked over her shoulder, blew a kiss at him and winked. Such flirting with viewers was a normal thing for her, but this was meant for him alone, and he could tell, because she could see by looking at the position of the lens that it was focused on her ass.

After letting Bob know of her attraction to him, Honi hooked her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and started slowly peeling them down. She had exposed two inches of creamy whiteness, and the elastic was at the widest point of her hips when she turned her face to Bob again. Once again, her puckered lips and her wink let him know she was stripping herself naked primarily for him and, after she was certain he knew, Honi pushed her panties all the way over her hips and let them slither down her legs. While Bob kept the video camera in tight on her gorgeous bare ass, she kicked her last garment aside.

Completely naked and feeling herself getting more and more sexually excited, Honi’s performance started becoming more explicit. As she usually did, the uninhibited blonde bent forward and spread her ass cheeks, hoping that Bob’s appreciation wasn’t limited to the shape of a woman’s bottom. Although not able to see what he was doing, or where the lens was aimed, she wanted him to include the insides of her cheeks on the tape, especially her creamy skin and the cute pink hole itself. In order to make sure he did, Honi did more bumping and grinding and more thrusting of her ass back in his direction.

Bob knew what to do, all right, and he zoomed in with the camera until Honi’s adorable rosebud filled the view finder. He backed it off a little from that extreme closeup, because he thought it would be even more erotic when the puckered area around the edges and part of the smooth white skin was visible, especially when the little pink cutie was moving back and forth in the viewfinder and winking at the viewers..

When the CD was recorded for background music, it had been anticipated that Honi would reach a point when her sexual arousal would be so high that she would begin to simulate fucking. KC couldn’t always know when that point would be reached, but he tried to time it so the music playing then would include a faster and stronger beat, preferably emphasizing drums. Although she had already reached that level of arousal, she knew it was too early to begin the simulation, except from a standing position. That was what she started doing, thrusting her ass and pussy back at the video recorder, as if there were a man fucking her from behind.

From the erotic beat and from the knowledge that she was putting on an unusually good show for Bob as well as any future viewers, Honi’s sexual excitement mounted even more rapidly. She could feel juices trickling from her pussy and down her thighs, and hoped that Bob could see and smell them and that he would know what to do about them and about her after the taping was done. The sensuous model almost always climaxed during a shoot, and she anticipated having an unusually powerful one that day. Honi had another desire, that she would be able to get together with Bob later, and have his tongue and cock bring her to at least two more orgasms, even stronger than the one that would be videotaped.

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