Bobby’s Mom Pt. 02

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We all sat there in silence, did she really just say that?

She was still kneeling on the floor, big smile on her face looking at us. We were so shocked she had to ask with a laugh again what other porn video’s we liked to watch.

Just moments before three of us brought the woman of our fantasies to an orgasm on the floor. Maybe it was the way she was sitting there, tight shorts and topless, looking so calm, relaxed and happy while we were so excited we were afraid to speak. Poor Bobby, sitting in the chair trying to hide the boner he had been stroking, was staring at his half naked mom not sure what to do.

We were all useless so she told Bobby to go back to the main page and start looking for another video. We were all wiggling on the floor, so excited we could barely breathe as he scrolled the selection, asking questions each of the choices. Then she spotted one that caught her eye, a young couple making out and getting caught by the girl’s mom.

We started watching this and her stare at the screen as she stood to pull her shorts off. I held my breath as that perfect ass was revealed with her smooth wet pussy right at eye level. Hesitantly I reached my hand out caressing her leg and across that smooth ass and pussy.

This got the other two moving. She stood there, legs spread with three sets of hands caressing her legs and ass, stroking her pussy softly. Keeping her eyes on the screen, her hands came up to play with her nipples, breathing faster, her hips moving in time with our fumbling caresses.

Poor Bobby didn’t know what to do, He was obviously turned on watching us touch his mom like this and her so obviously enjoying the attention. She kept looking over at him then the tv then at us.

John must have been really feeling it at this point. He moved around in front of her started kissing her legs then licking her pussy. Her eyes widened and she let out another gasp, grabbing the back of his head and pulling him in closer. Opening her legs wider I started running my fingers up and over her butthole, I always wanted to try something like that, and she was really getting into it.

Moaning and gasping she told Bobby to turn off the lights. She reached back görükle escort and grabbed my head, pulling it in so I was licking her ass while John licked her pussy. Her hips grinding in our faces. Mike stood and took a tit in his mouth, tongue flicking over a nipple while his hand caressed the other one with her.

Bobby turned off the lights and sat back down watching us. This went on for a few minutes before she had another orgasm, grabbing our hair, looking at Bobby again. On the tv the mom and daughter were giving the guy a blowjob. As she came down she watched the action there with another sexy smirk.

We sat back and she told us to start undressing. Not wasting any time we practically tore our clothes off and in moments were all standing around her naked, three hard cocks pointing at her like missiles.

The room was dark but with more than enough light from the tv. She reached out and stroked each of our cocks in turn, giving us all deep kisses. Our hands were all over her as she caressed us, moving in closer surrounding her. I almost blew it when her she grabbed my cock, slowly pumping it then reaching down to squeeze my balls. I caressed her amazing tits, brushing my fingers over a hard nipple.

She looked at Bobby again and told him to find another video, then walked over to sit in the middle of the couch motioning us over. She leaned back and spread her legs and John was there in a second, spreading her open and flicking her clit. Mike and I each took a side, licking her tits and neck while she started pumping our cocks.

Bobby scrolled through a few more screens when she told him to stop again. This one looked like a gangbang video, four guys surrounding a woman on a couch, like we were doing. My cock got even harder as she squeezed, teasing the head then down to squeeze my balls again.

I started to feel bad for Bobby at this point. Here we were getting off with his mom and he’s stuck watching and surfing videos. She must have seen it to. She had another orgasm with Johns tongue and as she recovered you could see she was thinking of something. Then she told him to keep the video playing and get something for a blindfold.

He got up eskort bayan pretty quick and was back in a couple minutes with a scarf. John had changed places licking a boob while getting his cock pumped. Mike was between her legs, licking around her pussy teasing her then sliding two fingers in and out. From the way her hips were pumping she liked his technique.

She told Bobby to get behind the couch and put the blindfold on her. He hesitated for a moment then walked around and tied the blindfold over her eyes.

On the video the lady on the couch was getting licked and fingered, pumping two other guys and blowing the fourth. Seeing an opportunity I let go the boob and moved over beside Bobby brushing my cock against her cheek. With a smile she turned her head and took the top of my cock into her mouth.

I swear I almost lost it then. The feel of her hot mouth, the tongue running over the head of my cock and gentle suction was almost more than I could take. I looked at Bobby and then pointed to the open boob. I know he’s a boob guy and he was always talking about his moms tits. He hesitated a moment then walked around and brushed a finger on a nipple. She moaned again and pushed her chest out to his finger, head still moving on my cock and hips pumping with Mikes fingers.

This must have been the final straw for him. Quick as anything he was stripped down and sucking her tit for all he was worth. She was going crazy underneath us, all the hands and tongues driving her into an endless series of orgasms. John got up and put his cock to her face so she switched between the two of us. We both watched in amazement as she reached and started to play with Bobby’s cock while he licked both tits.

After a few minutes of this she stopped and told one of us to sit down beside her. John sat quickly and we all waited as she stood up and lowered herself on his cock, her back to him. He got right into it hands on her hips pumping up and down as she rocked her hips. Bobby kept playing with her tits while Mike rubbed her clit getting her off again.

I stood back a moment and spotted the table we had pushed away earlier. It was solid wood and sturdy so grabbing altıparmak escort a blanket I pulled it to the middle of the room.

They both came pretty quick, so motioning to Mike we stood her up and walked her carefully over to the table. She smiled when she felt it and laid back quickly, legs spread. I wasn’t going to waste any time and dropped to my knees and slowly entered my first pussy. It was so amazing, the wet heat gripping my cock, her hips twisting slow circles with my hands on her hips. I was almost done before I started. Mike went up by her head and started getting a blowjob while Bobby was still fixed on sucking her tits.

Her free hand reached down and grabbed Bobby’s, pulling it toward her face. He hesitated but John gently pushed him toward her head. We all paused for a second as her hand grabbed his cock and guided it toward her mouth. The look on his face was great, her tongue slipping around his head, hand pumping away.

That was all it took for me and with a grunt I came hard in her, my thumb rubbing her clit as I came. John kept playing with her tits as Mike and I switched places, her still licking Bobby’s cock. Mike got her turned over, knees on the floor leaning on the table so he could enter her from behind. She really liked this one and came quickly with him pounding away. She kept a grip on Bobby’s cock though, having him straddle the table so she could keep sucking him. Poor guy looked like he was almost ready to blow but he held on.

Mike didn’t last long either but he’d been getting an epic blowjob for a while. Once she came again we looked at Bobby to see what he wanted.

He was still hesitant but looked at the couch. We stood her up and when he sat down guided her over to him. She got her knees on the couch and moving forward, slowly lowered herself on his cock, her tits in his face. We just watched for a moment as she rocked her hips as he sucked her tits then moved in, rubbing her back, holding her tits for him to suck and reaching around to play with her clit as she rode him. All this attention really got her good and she had a screaming orgasm, kissing him hard as we played with her nipples and clit. Bobby came soon after and we helped her off and lay on the floor with her.

It was a fantasy come true. We’ve had a few other episodes like that since. She always asks for the blindfold and we got to try out some pretty fun stuff. Not everyone gets to live out their fantasies, but now we get to every weekend.

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