Bobby and Helge Ch. 01

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I collect textiles, not just anything because it is is pretty, because I am interested in how it is made. Most people don’t know how many different ways a pattern can be woven into a textile. That is what intrigues me, also quite a few other people, quite a few other men too, the technical aspect. if you were think textiles are a woman’s thing. It is; more women collect them, maybe for different reasons.

A few years ago on an internet textile forum, Bobby and I discovered that we had very similar interests and began to email each other, exchanging information and images from our collections, sometimes admitting that the other had shown something we wished we had found. Bobby knew more about the techniques than I, recommending books that were almost too technical to understand. We didn’t exchange much personal information. We both knew about other, related websites. When on one, a textile conference was announce, we were both interested in attending.

I should mention that my name is Helge, a not too common German first name for a man. Bobby lives in England. The conference was going to be in Italy, and the program promised to be very interesting. Collectors can be stingy about spending money, if it is not for their collection. Bobby and I agreed to share a hotel room for the conference and following tour to Venice, twin beds, of course. I made the reservation, since I live in a Euro country, and we looked forward to finally meeting each other after so long.

Our flights to Milan landed near enough together, that the organization had one bus to take us to the hotel. Others arrived at different times or by train. As the group collected around the person with a sign for the conference, I scolded myself for not having suggested that we exchange photos of each other on email. I looked around, wondering which man could be Bobby, thinking that one of them should also be trying to find me. Not that old bearded guy, I hoped; he didn’t fit my preconception of Bobby.

The man with the sign had been counting us. When the last person joined the group, he started to call roll. I was watching the men. My name was called, and I raised my hand, but I didn’t see anyone look at me with a smile or wave. Hadn’t Bobby come, missed the plane? I listened to the rest of the roll call. We were all there! Nothing to do but grab the handle of my bag and follow the group to find our bus.

As our luggage was being stowed in the bus, a woman my age was standing next to me. I was still wondering where Bobby was, why he hadn’t found me with my uncommon name. Then the woman turned to me with funny expression and said:

This is crazy, a great mistake. You’re Helge? All along, I’ve been thinking you’re a woman. Bobbie, Roberta,” she introduced herself.

“Helge, it’s also a man’s name, and I’ve been assuming … Well, if you’d spelled Bobby differently, maybe I would have known. Uh, I can ask for a single room. This is too crazy.”

“It is!”

We both chuckled so that people near us looked around. We got on the bus. When it started, the man began to tell us something with his microphone. We looked at each other with funny expressions. She remarked:

“I guess we could have clarified that. I stopped spelling my nickname that way after getting suggestive replies.”

Hmm! And now you’ve got yourself into sharing a room with a male Helge. I will ask for a single room. Yours; ours is paid for.”

She looked away for a few moments, and we heard what the man was saying about Milan. He was obviously a tour guide, accustomed to introducing tourists to the city. Bobby, now Bobbie, glanced over at me, then away, and we heard more about Milan. Then she murmured:

“More my mistake.”

“I don’t think so.”

“You shouldn’t have to pay for a single room … for my mistake.”

“Still don’t think it was just yours. I will.”

There was another pause, more talking from the tour guide. Without looking at me, she said:

“Still don’t want you to. … At our age, just twin beds …, a couple of times in China, Tibet, we all had to share a room.”

“You’ve been to Tibet?”

“Quite a few years ago.”

“But all of you wasn’t like …,” I replied, not finishing the comparison with just the two of us sharing a room.

Had she nodded? “At our age” – fifty, mine; hers? I didn’t want to steal a glance, thinking that when I first looked at her, that she was younger, that much younger not to have suggested that our ages were close enough for her to have said that. The guide was still talking, but the bus was turning a corner in the city. She looked over at me in the dim light in the bus, and I looked at her. She did look younger, like my first impression of her. She smiled wryly and said:

“Better than letting everyone else know that we made a mistake. I can, if you can.”

If she thought I could? At least, it had been a question. How old did she think I was with my first gray hairs? She didn’t have any, but women usually don’t let them show. If she thought Pendik Escort we could, and it saved me to price of single rooms? I shrugged, nodding, wondering, hoping that she couldn’t see in the dim light that my cheeks had flushed a little. She wasn’t looking at me and murmured:

“It will be all right. I know a couple of people here, but I didn’t tell them I would be meeting anyone. Nice people, they will maybe just smile, when our names are called to get our room key.

So was it. I tried to look nonchalant, when our names were called together, and we followed the others to the elevator with our bags. Then a man looked at us, apparently someone who knew her, and smiled again. Bobbie smiled and introduced me: “Helge, an old friend. We collect the same things.”

I was getting better about not blushing and responded:

“Her collection is better than mine.”

“You’re being polite. I wish I had a couple of pieces in yours that I have seen, that you have shown me,” she replied with nice smile.

I understood that her last words wanted to imply that she hadn’t just seen email images of them, and replied: “Yes, that was nice, also what you showed me.”

The elevator came, and the person who had smiled at her disappeared. She was standing close enough to me that it was unobtrusive when she held my hand, just long enough for me to return her clasp. Apparently, I had said the right thing to confirm that we were old friends. We got on the next elevator with other people, then got off on our floor. Rolling our bags to our room, she gave me a smile and said:

“I do think we are ‘old friends’, but not like what he might have thought.”

“Me too,” I agreed with a slight smirk, adding: “but now he does.”

“Afraid so,” she agreed, while I unlocked the door to our room.

I was relieved to see that there were two separate single beds in the not so large room. A double bed and single bed would have made us have to discuss who slept in which one. We still could have, but Bobbie immediately put her suitcase on the one nearest the bathroom and wardrobe. We were going to be there three nights, two more in Venice. She began to hang up clothes, and I did, having to walk from my suitcase around the end of her bed, having time to look at her better. Maybe she looked my age, but nicely so.

We had to change for dinner and following reception, hosted in the gallery of rug and textile dealer. Bobbie took her toilet things and clothes and excused herself to go in the bathroom, after asking if I had to use it. I could have, but said that I didn’t. She disappeared, and I changed into my suit, leaving off my tie and jacket to wash my face, when she returned. I had heard the toilet flush. Then she returned with fresh lipstick and wearing a nice dress that looked practical for packing and traveling.

I grabbed my toilet kit and disappeared in the bathroom, returning as soon as I could. She was sitting on the chair, studying the conference program. While I was tying my necktie, she commented that it was a nice paisley pattern, much more similar to the Kashmir textiles we knew than most paisley ties – why I had bought it and was wearing it for the conference. Pleased with her comment, I grabbed my jacket and we went down to dinner.

We introduced ourselves to a couple we didn’t know and sat with them, all serving ourselves at the buffet and sharing a bottle of wine, which I insisted on paying for, agreeing that the other man could treat us the next time. Then the group trooped off to a nearby carpet gallery.

The dealer had, of course, decorated it with textiles for us to see and maybe buy. A couple of girls with trays of filled wine glasses offered us something to drink, and not just once. In the crowd, we saw the man who had smiled at the elevator, who smiled again. Bobbie had to introduce me to a couple of other acquaintances. When we were inspecting a textile in a corner, she murmured:

“I don’t know if you are being good or bad for my reputation.”

“Good, I hope. If anyone here knew me, you would be good for mine.”

“Hmmm?” she responded, but with a smile, and when I raised my glass, she did, and we drank together.

Maybe she only had two glasses of wine, I had three, while we looked at and discussed all the textiles, also with other people who were more familiar with pieces we didn’t know much about. After an hour or so, the party was over, and we all returned to the hotel, now in a much looser groups, since we knew the way. We heard someone remark that the night was still young in Italy, and it was, from the younger people we saw still drinking at outside tables. We continued towards the hotel, however.

On the way, it suddenly occurred to me that going to bed could be more ticklish than I had imagined. I didn’t wear pajamas, didn’t wear anything, part of the majority of the statistic I had read that 75% of German men slept naked. Of course, just wearing my jockey shorts wouldn’t have been a problem with “Bobby,” Pendik Escort Bayan but she was Bobbie. In a second thought, it occurred to me that if she politely lay so that she wouldn’t see me come from the bathroom, she would see me getting into bed.

It wasn’t like that. Back in our room, she said that she could wait, and I admitted that I had to go and disappeared. I really did, trying not splash, going long enough for it to occur to me that she could be changing and be in bed, before I returned to the room. I took time brushing my teeth. I had been right, she was in bed with the covers up to her chin, smiling at me, but then her thighs twitched under to covers. I hurried around to my bed, not looking back when I heard her covers being flung back and then the bathroom door close.

Sure, why hadn’t I thought it could be like that? I quickly undressed and was in bed, not looking towards her bed and the bathroom, when I heard the door open. Then I heard her chuckle and remark:

“Wasn’t sure how we were going to do that.”

“I sure wasn’t,” I agreed, as I heard her draw the covers back up.

She turned off her bedside lamp, and the room was dark. I was about to say good night, when she remarked:

“That was nice, this evening. This is going to work out. I sure was surprised that you weren’t the Helge I had been thinking.”

She wanted to talk, and it sounded like she was facing my way. I rolled over and replied:

“Much more interesting than if you had been Bobby with a Y, like I had been thinking.”

“Hm-hmm! ‘Old friends’, just not like people all are probably thinking.”

“Don’t remind me! It’s your reputation.”

“I kind of like it.”

I shouldn’t have had that third glass of wine, if she wanted to chat about this in bed in the dark. She did:

“I’m not an old spinster, but maybe a couple of people think so. Kind of funny to surprise them so unexpectedly.”

“You’re not an ‘old spinster,’ I replied, not sure that I had heard the word, but from what she had said, I thought I understood what it meant.

“They won’t think so now, even if we are just fooling them.”

“If you think that’s good for your reputation?”

“Fun, not funny.”

“If you think so. Hm-hmm! Am I supposed to look like we are, that you aren’t?”

“Oh? I don’t know. You did well, agreeing that we had seen each other’s collection.”

“Seemed like that was what you wanted me suggest.”

“Better than I expected, thank you.”

She chuckled and added:

“Now that I’ve got one, such a reputation, we shouldn’t ruin it.”

“Okay, I’ll look at you with …, well, however, I’m supposed to.”

“Hmm? Not sure how that is.”

“I don’t know either, have to try to remember.”

“Hm-hm-hmm! Not with moon eyes; they’ve already seen us together.”

“How did you know that what was I had been about to say?”

“Just women’s intuition. Not at our age, and not if we’re the old friends we’re supposed to be.”

“Pity; I was kind of looking forward to trying.”

“You’d better not!”

“Okay, then just good night.”

“You too.”

We both chuckled and were silent, and I fell asleep.

I woke up at dawn with my usual morning woody, maybe woke up a little earlier than usual, feeling that it was trying to rise in my jockey shorts. I was helping it before I suddenly recalled why I was wearing them and where I was, and that I wasn’t alone. If I had to go, I had to go, but how – delicately? I opened my eyes and saw that Bobbie was facing the bathroom. Hoping that she was still asleep, I crept out of bed. If she weren’t asleep, I could sidle past her bed to the bathroom without her seeing the bulge in my shorts. She couldn’t be too surprised that I had to go or at the sight of my back in just my shorts.

I thought I had, safely, beginning to close the door, when I heard her covers rustle and her chuckle and say cheerfully: “Good morning. I have to, too.”

Startled, I froze, then replied:

“Yeah, good morning. Can you wait.”

“I think so; just hurry.”

I closed the door, knowing it was going to take a few moments to start. While I waited, leaning over the toilet and trying to aim in it, I recognized that I was going to be facing her, when I left the bathroom. I went and pulled my shorts back up and flushed. My cock wasn’t as small as I wished it were, an unusual hope when sharing a room with a female. I opened the door. She wasn’t in bed. Then I saw that she was standing next to the head of her bed, leaving free my way back to mine. She was wearing the kind of nightgown I could have expected, down to her knees, which twitched. I looked up at her face. She was looking at mine and shrugged with a wry smile. When I stepped out of her way, she hurried past me and closed the door.

I looked at my watch and realized that it was too early to get up, unless she wanted to take a walk before breakfast, as I often did on trips. If she did, I thought that Escort Pendik we didn’t want to discuss that standing around half undressed, so I got back in bed and waited for her to return.

She did, smiling over her bed at me and remarking:

“So now we’ve done that, know what each other wears in bed.”

As she lay back down, turning to face me, I replied:

“Bound to have happened. Were you wondering?”

“Weren’t you?”

“Not really, more worried about your seeing me.”

“Really? Like you said: ‘bound to have happened;’ no need to be quite so private.”

“Yeah, I guess, I agree,” I replied with a smile, but wondering how far her not quite so private went.

She smiled back and then – as though she had read my thoughts – she wrinkled her nose with a chuckle and said:

“Don’t worry; I’m not going just to strip of my nighty before I go to take a shower.”

“I should worry? I didn’t think so.”

She smirked and replied: “Just don’t.”

I chuckled and asked:

“And if I had been the Helge you though I was?”

“Oh, that would probably have been all right then; women don’t care, or – hm-hmm! – if they do – want to look – it still doesn’t matter.”

“Hmm? Probably like men’s shower rooms, as long as they just look.”

“Something like that,” she agreed, and we were silent for a few moments, looking at each other.

When she raised her eyebrows, I unconsciously raised mine, then wondering why she had first. Then she snickered softly and remarked:

“But that Helge probably wouldn’t have wanted to share a room with the Bobby with a Y.”

“She might have been clever enough to ask about the spelling, or maybe she would have wanted to, anyway.”

“Funny, now she is, we are, but with reversed roles.”

“I thought we agreed that it wasn’t just ‘funny’, ‘fun’.”

“Oh, right. We’re we a little high last night?”

“I was, ready to fall asleep, but then you wanted to talk.”


“Oh, that was fun too, talking about your reputation.”

“What did we decide? I must have been high.”

“That it was already good, well, different.”

“Hmm! Now I remember: even we’re only fooling them.”

“Something like that.”

She chuckled with slight grin and then asked if we were going to talk until it was time to get ready for breakfast. I mentioned that I sometimes took a walk before breakfast in a new placed. She thought that was good idea. When I looked at my watch again and said that we had more than hour, she smiled and suggested that I shower first: “since I’ve already seen you in just your shorts.”

I smirked and got up, wondering, as I walked around her bed, if she was implying that I would see her in just her underwear. I showered and shaved under the shower. When I returned to the room, she was up, waiting with her panties and bra in her hand. I must have glanced at them; she shrugged and remarked: “Not more revealing than a two piece bathing suit, and you probably wouldn’t give me a second glance on the beach.”

As she was about to close the bathroom door, I replied: “Not so sure about that, and we’re not on the beach.

I heard her just chuckle, and the door closed. I got dressed and sat down, studying the program, as she had the night before. When she opened the door, I glanced up. She had been right about her bra and panties not being revealing, but she stilled looked surprised and a little embarrassed, her hands moving to shield my view of her breasts and the front of her panties. I immediately recalled the Venus di Medici statue in Florence in that pose. She grinned wryly and let her hands drop, as she muttered:

“I wasn’t thinking that you’d already be dressed: not the beach.”

“Venus di Medici, though, when you did that.”

“Hmm! Flattery will get you nowhere,” she replied, but with smirking smile.

“We just want to take a walk,” I replied, but thinking that she had a very nice figure for her age: flat tummy still, and the rest of her profile, nice behind, when she turned to find her clothes.

She then got dressed, facing me as she buttoned up her blouse and stepped into a pair of slacks, smiling at me as though she were enjoying her performance. I was. We went down and got a map of the area at the desk, and agreed that we could go to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the immense shopping mall with its glass-domed arcades.

We set off. I liked that I hardly had to temper my pace to hers. When we got there, it was still empty, except for a few other early-rising tourists and men delivering goods. When we recognized a couple from the group, whom we didn’t know, she took my arm, giving me a quick glance and smile, then murmuring: “For my reputation.”

I squeezed her hand to my side, and we both chuckled, and her fingers grasped my arm. She chuckled again and murmured:

“But no moon eyes.”

“I’ve forgotten how.”

“Aw, pity.”

“That was my word.”

“Um-hmm,” she agreed, smiling at me and grasping my arm again.

We walked through all the arcades and started to return to the hotel. A little to my surprise, she was still holding my arm. We walked on. Closer to the hotel, I said:

“I thought last night that you didn’t want us to do anything suggestive.”

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