Blue Triumphant Ch. 05

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The morning sun eliminated the night sky, shining directly through the curtained windows on Rex’s blue smeared eyelids. Opening them, he was momentarily blinded before blinking several times to regain his focus.

It had been another night of being used and abused by Alan, but this time, his own daughter and grandson laid in the corner on their own cot. Rex shifted himself up on the bed only to see Alan drooling on his pecs. Yet again, the young time wizard had spent the previous night sucking on Rex’s pecs. He peeled his light cheek from his chest and laid the dark haired Alan next to him.

Months had passed since the incident with Elena, Rex, and Azul. After teasing him, the couple began ignoring Rex’s presence. Since Azul wasn’t yet finished corrupting the bloodline, he still acknowledged Rex’s presence, but it became harder and harder with a beauty like Elena always pulling him away for romantic getaways. As the couple grew more distant to him, Rex began growing closer to Alan as his pet. Constantly sneering and abusing him, Rex learned to accept that’s the way his master was.

He made sure to put blankets over Alan’s sleeping body before returning his gaze to his descendants. Selena laid sloppily, her legs perched on the wall as Junior rested his head on his mother’s bosom. They looked at peace and that brought a smile to Rex’s face. Feeling around his neck, he made sure his collar was fastened tightly so he wouldn’t stray far from the bed. He knew it upset Alan if he pried it off, so he left it on his thick neck. The hefty chain rest on Rex’s bulging thigh, but something was off.

He tugged on it to reveal that it had been snapped and immediately panicked, thinking he overdid his strength the previous night, but before he could even complete his thought, he heard a knock at the door to Alan’s chambers. The knock was quiet enough to not disturb those sleeping soundly, but the wide awake Rex heard it clearly and decided to answer it as the same knock echoed from the door. Once he opened the door, he was greeted by a young, black male.

The man stood at a definite 6 foot 7 inch, had golden yellow eyes, full lips, and short locs that stood up on his head like spikes. The sides of his hair were tapered into a fade that had been growing out for a couple of weeks. Rex was a bit stunned by the man as he hadn’t ever seen him around the castle. He’d grown used to hostile faces that mocked his every step and teasing remarks, but this man smiled gently at him. Those eyes pierced through Rex’s gaze. It was as if a spell had been cast over him.

“You must be Rex, right?”

“Y-yeah, I’m him, and you-” he began to ask, not realizing the man had already introduced himself, cutting him off.

“My name is Oberon and Lord Azul sent me here to escort you.”

The tone was very matter of fact, but that didn’t stop Rex from staring at Oberon. This unfamiliar face made Rex’s cheeks flush with red. He was so enamored that he didn’t realize Oberon reached his hand up for him to hold.

Rex’s heart skipped a beat, but he then realized he was indecent as his singlet kaçak iddaa was pulled down to expose his muscular upper torso, so he remedied that by pulling the straps back over his shoulders. As he moved, the jingle of the chain on his collar made Alan shuffle softly in bed.

“Oh, am I allowed to l-leave?” asked Rex as he gestured at his metal collar.

“Considering Lord Azul sent me to deliver you, I’d say you’re all good. Here, let me help you with that.” Oberon touched the collar and broke it into chunks that sprinkled onto the floor.

Years of wearing the collar had left an indent on Rex’s neck and he wasn’t used to cold air hitting that part of his neck. He felt relief, but also guilt for allowing his collar to be broken by another man. Oberon sensed this and reassured the giant.

“Don’t you worry about that, Lord Azul doesn’t like collars. I probably just saved you from something there.” he said with a chuckle before extending his hand to Rex again. “Now, let’s not keep him waiting. The Lord has requested your presence.”

The smile on Oberon’s face made Rex feel a sense of peace he hadn’t felt in years. It was as if he were no longer in captivity and being showered with grace. He took Oberon’s hand and walked with him through the mansion. As they walked, the pair had a brief conversation.

“You know, I watched a lot of your old matches on the network. I really loved the one you did against El Gaokao.”

“My matches are on a network now?”

“Ah, that’s right, you’ve been a captive for half a century, so you don’t know how far we’ve evolved as a society.”

“Haha, no, I guess I don’t…”

Rex pondered that revelation; he’d been so concerned with raising his children, satiating Alan, and watching his beloved Elena get railed by another man that he hadn’t stopped to think of what the world had now become.

“Are…all my matches on this network?”

“Yep, they sure are. Even your last one.”

“Oh…yeah, I figured”

“Listen, don’t worry about it, everybody has bad nights,” Oberon continued on, “Just so happens that your particular bad night defined the rest of your life y’know?”

Rex smiled at the young man’s attempt to cheer him up, but he was still distraught.

“My legacy’s been tarnished from all of this, hasn’t it?”

“Woosh, yeah dude. You’re kinda the laughingstock of the entire city. You have been for years. You were even the feature of this docu-series that went into detail about your big fall.”

Clearly saddened by this, Oberon again reassured him.

“Listen, man, you can’t let what other people say or think about you get to you too bad. I mean think about it like this: you get to live in this big ass mansion for free, you get to have sex every night, and you get to…”

Oberon just rattled on and on, trying to cheer up Rex, knowing it was an impossible feat as his stock truly had plummeted after his humiliating loss to Azul. Not only did he lose his wrestling career, but he also lost the woman of his dreams. A single tear fell from Rex’s eye as Oberon went on and on, but he quickly wiped it so kaçak bahis that he wouldn’t have to deal with laughter. Just as Oberon wrapped up his conversation, they arrived at Demon God Azul’s chamber doors.

“Guess this is where we part ways, Rex. For now anyway. I’ll see you around.” said Oberon as he took Rex’s large hand and kissed the top of his palm.

What a sweet guy that was. Rex hadn’t spoken to anybody outside of Alan, Azul, and his family for so many years that he’d forgotten what a genuine conversation was with another person not invested in all the drama. Azul’s chamber doors opened and Oberon guided Rex in with a pat on his ass, making the tall blonde eep and blush. He walked past Azul’s bed and noticed several dents in the frame; no doubt remnants of sex with Elena. Turning his head, he was greeted by Elena, dressed in a white gown with gold trimmings. She didn’t say much to her former lover.

“He’s been expecting you, go and kneel before him.” she said, smirking at him as she walked away.

Even though she no longer treated him as a human being, he still felt a longing for her that he knew he had to let go, but the very sight of her brought back every wonderful thing they did together. Before he could drift into fantasy land, he heard Azul’s booming voice and immediately dropped to his knee. Azul sat in a boiling spring, his hair tied, and a young woman washing him.

“You look worse for wear.”


“Come, sit in the spring. I’ll allow you a brief respite.”

Taken aback, Rex didn’t know what to do, but the spring looked inviting and relaxing, so he peeled his singlet off and kicked his boots away, slowly entering the spring with a hiss as the hot water soothed his large muscles.

“When this woman is done with me, she’ll tend to you.”

“…What’s this about, Azul? I thought you didn’t want to see me again.”

“Incorrect, I’ve just been very busy with my bride. You know as well as I that she can be quite the handful.”

“So why am I here?”

“Because I am growing tired of the boy you call your master. I gifted you to him because that was a part of our deal and I’m honor bound to agreements.”

Rex couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “…Honor? You want to talk about honor?”

“Yes, I do. You may forget due to half a century of subjugation, but you lost our bout, which entitled me to your world. It’s because of honor that I instead chose your woman. A world without her is not one I wish to be a part of.”


“Your world remains yours, but you and your entire lineage belong to me. I do with them as I see fit.”

Speechless, Rex hung his head as the woman finished washing the Demon God and made her way over to him. Her hair was styled in a pixie cut and her eyes were reddish yellow while her naked skin was the same shade of brown as Rex’s. She began washing his muscles and soothing his stiffness.

“I still don’t understand why you brought me here. Wouldn’t it have been better to have Alan delivered here?”

“As I’ve said, I’m honoring our agreement. There’s nothing I will do to him, illegal bahis but you can. I will allow this one transgression.”

Suddenly, Rex understood what was being asked of him, but the unfortunate fact was he didn’t want to do anything about his situation. Alan was special to him and there was nothing he would do to ruin their twisted relationship.

“…I refuse, Lord Azul.”

Puzzled, the Demon God ordered the woman to rinse Rex off and begin playing with his miniscule cock in an attempt to dissuade him.

“Rex, there’s no doubt this has been a hellish lifestyle for you. Though you will remain my captive, you will no longer be required to tolerate that boy’s actions. I’m offering you a chance at redemption. Why do you not take it?”

“Because I love him…”

Shaking his head, Azul ordered the woman to stop what she was doing and had Rex forcibly removed from the spring. The Demon God was disgusted with his former rival and had him set to be delivered back. Before he did, however, he ordered Elena to deliver a message to Oberon. Once he arrived and received the message, he took Rex by the hand once again and sent the pair off. As Elena dried off her lover, he ordered the woman in the spring to do him a favor.

“Clara, I want you to go and get your brother. It’s time he be blessed.”

Once she left the chambers, Elena sidled up to Azul and began massaging his shoulders.

“Beloved, do you believe Junior is ready for the blessing?”

“He was destined for godhood. All that needs to be done is that power to be drawn forth. Rex is too weak-willed to do what must be done, so his grandson will do it instead.”

“But my Lord, that only means you’ve succeeded. You’ve broken his spirit enough to where he no longer has any drive to fight for his sake or others.”

“While that’s true, I still hoped for the man that wasn’t afraid of me all those years ago.”

She kissed the blue demon and pressed her body against his. As he was about to kiss back, the chamber doors opened and there stood Junior with his twin sister, Clara.

“You called for me?” asked Junior, stretching his body, showing his slender, lithe frame. His only form of clothing was a tight, pink shirt that exposed his midriff and his wide hips that were squished heavily by his tight pants. He was almost the spitting image of his grandfather, Rex, but much more effeminate looking.

“Yes, I did, little one. It’s time for that latent power to be drawn out,” declared Azul as he gently touched Junior’s head.

The young man felt a surge of energy within and took a deep breath. His eyes went white briefly before his pupils returned, a yellow glow emanating from around the iris. His body remained the same, only his clothing had shredded from his body and in its place was a bright pink tankini and matching panties. His thick thighs squished into some long, black leggings that tapered down. His brown hair turned a dark blue, almost black color and he fell to his knees. Azul was proud of his work and Elena was amazed.

“Awaken, boy. Destiny has been realized. You’re a God, like I am.”

Slowly, Junior rose to his feet and brushed his fingers through his hair until it was all slicked back. He turned to the Demon God with one question.

“So when do I take my vengeance?”

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