Blue Light Special

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This story starts out with the obligatory description of us. We are a middle aged couple living the average American life. All things are good for us and we have a great life. Physical descriptions being a necessary component of an erotic story, I am tall, slender and 54 years old. My wife is 5’3″, 120 pounds, well toned, red head and gorgeous. While she is 48 years old, no one knows it. She recently was at the gym and a 20 something physical trainer did not believe she was 48. He said he thought, maybe, 30 years old. She’s in great shape, has a youthful appearance and is very limber as you will see.

We have a great sex life and fantasy is a large part of it, mostly on my part. She’d be just as happy to avoid fantasy, but she doesn’t deprive me of it. This story, however, is not fantasy. It happened in South Georgia on I-75 and we will never forget it.

The day started with a trip to Atlanta, a little more than 120 miles away. We had gone there to do some shopping and as the night came upon us, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was in the southern part of town and had a mostly black clientele, but that only accented our night. One of my fantasies is to have a gang bang in a crowded restaurant, but there is a reason why that is a fantasy, it’s called arrest for public indecency. I made mention of that fantasy and my wife smiled and joked about it a little, with all the big, strong black males in the room. Several times she would reach under the tablecloth and stroke my cock through my pants, but not for long, as she would abruptly stop. Our dinner arrived and we enjoyed it, with the occasional tease about my fantasy or occasional groping of each other’s crotch. I paid the bill and we headed home.

No sooner had we gotten onto I-75 than my wife reached over and started caressing my cock. She whispered things in my ears, mostly about how thrilling it would be to have a big black cock in her tight little pussy. She said she knew I’d love to watch that. My cock was as large as it could get within the confines of my pants. She said “Oh, your little man needs some relief, doesn’t he?” She freed him by unzipping my pants and releasing him. We weren’t 10 miles down the road at this point.

“Oh, he’s big and hard now, but back in the restaurant, if he’d been a bad ass then, he’d have taken me on that table, then and there.” She engulfed my cock in her mouth and began to suck up and down on him. With every other thrust or so, she’d come off and say something like “Oh, you’d love to see my ass getting pounded, wouldn’t you?” or “Do you think those black guys back there ever had a tight, hot, redhead pussy?” Talking dirty to me is something she’s great at, but it’s always for me, not for her. I know that and I love it. She loves me and tries to keep me satisfied. For miles and miles, she kept up the terrific blowjob while giving me play by play commentary on various fantasies that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

One of our favorite activities has been having sex in the car as we drive around. We’ve enjoyed car sex at 70mph, 30 mph, in a parking lot and at the airport watching the planes land. So this was nothing new, but this night was far different than most. She is so limber that climbing into my lap is as easy as putting on pants for her.

Normally she can make me come in no time with her hot mouth, but this time she kept pressure on the base of my cock with her hand and wouldn’t let me cum, which was fine with me so long as she kept sucking. She took a break long enough to remove her clothes, a risky feature as she is always worried that someone will see inside the car. At 70mph down a dark Interstate highway, I’m not too worried, and on this night, neither was she. As she resumed sucking my cock, her beautiful ass was up in the air, which lets me play with both of her holes. She was dripping wet and my fingers easily entered istanbul travesti her tight little snatch. As I thrust my fingers into her hot hole, her sucking became even more enthusiastic. My cock was as hard as a rock as she bobbed up and down on it, though she continued to hold my cock by the base and keep enough pressure on it to keep me from cumming.

She suggested we get off the Interstate and get a room, as she didn’t want to wait for home. I was more than willing to do that so we got off the Interstate at McDonough, about 40 minutes south of Atlanta. She quickly threw on her pants and blouse, but no bra or panties, and she went in the hotel to check on the room as I waited. She told me to not bother zipping up until she had us a room. She came out a few minutes later and told me that there were no rooms for miles as there was a NASCAR race that weekend, which I had forgotten about. I directed the car back onto the I-75 and she disrobed again and proceeded to start sucking on my again erect cock. Between thrusts of her mouth on my cock, she mentioned that the hotel clerk was happy to see her, as her tits were erect and pointed, showing through her thin blouse. She commented that she knew he didn’t have a room available as she could have gotten anything out of him. I commented that she might could have gotten us his office if she had agreed to bring him in, but she said she had all the cock she needed and continued to engulf my cock into her hot mouth.

I began to slide a finger into her ass, which really invigorated her blowjob. I was intent on cumming and blowing a massive load into her mouth, but while she was moaning and carrying on, she maintained pressure of my cock base and wouldn’t let me cum. We were quite a sight for miles and miles, until we got to Forsyth, about 20 miles below McDonough, were we tried to get a room again. Same thing, she got dressed and went in, only to return with news that the “inn was full for the night” due to NASCAR. As she disrobed again, she mentioned that the clerk was a pretty little Hawaiian girl. She wore a t-shirt that said “Get Your Dream On In Hawaii.” My lovely wife, who only occasionally mentions pretty girls, was so turned on by the miles and miles of sucking my cock, she now was talking about having a girl join us sometime for a threesome. With each thrust down my cock, when she came up for air she’d say something wildly erotic. “You’d love to see a pretty girl with a strap-on taking me from behind as I was suck you, wouldn’t you?” or “One day I’m going to grind my pussy in a pretty redhead’s face just for you.”

I don’t know that my wife has ever been turned on that much before, but I was having the time of my life. At this point, it was a 80 mile blowjob that just kept giving and giving. I know it’s hard to imagine going that distance, but she kept her hand on the base of my cock at just the right strength to keep me from cumming, but the ecstasy was immense the whole time. We had only gone down to Macon when she again said she needed a hotel room now! We weren’t far from home, but she wanted a hotel room and I wasn’t about to argue with that. Again she threw on her clothes, but her tight tits were clearly visible through her blouse. I mentioned that to her, but she said she didn’t care, she’d even fuck the clerk if she could just get a room. In she went, out she came a few minutes later. This time she was laughing. She said “It’s the fucking Cherry Blossom Festival now! No rooms available anywhere in Macon. I even told the clerk that “I’d do anything for a room” and he said “I’d love to take you up on it, but I’ve even rented out the owner’s suite.” I couldn’t believe that my lovely bride was being this bold, but I didn’t doubt her for a second, she was HOT and ready to get physical. She said “You’re a luck boy, now I guess I gotta suck you all the way home.” She disrobed and I threw the clothes istanbul travestileri in the back of car, telling her she’s not getting out of the car again. She gave me a wicked smile and went back down on my manhood. My cock was throbbing, wanting to explode but she continued to squeeze him just enough to keep him rock hard and bulging.

As we neared home, she said she couldn’t take it anymore and she moved over into my lap. I mentioned that she is limber, and boy is she. She’s petite, has a tight little body and she can get into some really tight positions. She straddled my lap and clung around my neck. As she lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my dick, she whispered “Don’t kill us.” Her tight little twat sunk onto my throbbing dick as she lowered her body all the way down, slowly. She then rose on her hips and sunk back down. As my cock was fully slick now, she sank farther and farther with each lift and drop. We were 10 miles from home and I wasn’t sure if she was going to let me cum in the car or wait until we got home.

Then the blue lights appeared. I looked at the speedometer and realized I was going too fucking slow even considering I was in the right hand lane. My cock was shriveling up quickly but she was telling me not to stop. She meant screwing her, to not stop screwing her, but I knew I had to stop. I pulled onto the shoulder as she said “what are we gonna do? My clothes are in the back.” In a flash, the officer was at the window, tapping on it with his flashlight. I rolled it down, hoping he’d see the predicament I was in and cut us a break. There sat my beautiful wife, completely naked, in my lap. He didn’t miss a beat, “Sir, do you realize that you were going 35 miles an hour on the Interstate?” I tried to explain how sorry I was, but that my wife and I were acting like teenagers and we would gladly go home if he’d forget this whole thing. He said, “Most couples get a hotel room.” I told him we’d tried to get one from McDonough all the way here, but with NASCAR and Cherry Blossom, none could be had. My wife just kept staring at the officer, never taking her eyes off of his. He, however, was using his eyes to size her up.

He said, “Ma’am, get in the front seat of my car, I’ll have to get some information from you.” She asked if she could get her clothes out of the back of the car, but he said she wouldn’t need any clothes for the interview, which I found odd, but the whole thing was odd and fascinating at the same time. He opened the door and she ran to the patrol car and got in. He told me, “Sir, pull up your pants and get in the back seat of my patrol car. Bring your wallet, as I’ll need your license.” I pleaded that this wasn’t really necessary but he just said for me to do as he told me.

As I got out of the car I sized up the officer. He was white, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, maybe 30 years old. He was muscular and obviously solid. He was not showing any expression on his face when I looked at him. He opened the car door and I got in the back seat.

The back seat of his car was just like every other patrol car. Vinyl seats, very spartan and a plexiglass cage to protect the officer. It was March and it was a cool evening, but thankfully the officer had the heat on and my wife wasn’t shivering as she sat there waiting for the questions. But there were no questions forthcoming. He climbed in his seat, leaned over and grabbed the back of her head, pulling his mouth to hers. He kissed her and she kissed him back. She wasn’t pulling away. I was thinking that she ought to resist somewhat, but she didn’t.

In about 10 seconds, with him holding the back of her head, her head disappeared into his lap. I heard his zipper go down and then I heard her slurping on his cock. No introductions, no small talk, nothing, just straight to giving head. She wiggled into her favorite position, her ass up in the seat and her face travesti istanbul down, but this time it was on the officer’s cock, not mine. He did the same thing I do, what most guys would do in that position, he reached over and started toying with her pussy and ass. I can see fingers disappearing into her holes from my vantage point, but I couldn’t see her sucking his cock without raising up, which I wasn’t inclined to do at that moment. Unlike when she was sucking me, she wasn’t talking, she was all business. I assumed that the officer would get an incredible blowjob and we’d be done, because he sure couldn’t do a report on this, could he?

Apparently she was doing the same trick on him that she does on me, because he wasn’t exploding as I thought. He fingers were busy going in and out of her holes, and she was moaning in ecstasy. After less than five minutes, she came up off of his dick and climbed over his console on top of him. He looked surprised but happy at the outcome. My cock was bursting at the seams at the sight, but I couldn’t bear to touch it as it was just too strange to be jacking off to my wife having sex with another man. Just like she did for me, she lowered her body onto his cock and began to ride up and down on him. I could hear her pussy slurping on his rod as she went up and down, almost hitting her head on the top of his car. About then I saw more blue lights behind us and thought “Oh shit, this is getting nuts.”

My door opened and a big, black officer asked me to get out. He put my hands behind my back and cuffed me. I didn’t say a word as there wasn’t much I could say. The black officer opened the front passenger door and put me in the seat, where I could see my lovely wife riding up and down on that officer’s cock. She was looking at me, smiling, almost laughing. She said, “Well, honey, this fantasy is really coming true. Hope you’re enjoying it, I’m doing it all for you.”

The officer said “Oh my god, I’m cumming. She’s a hot little piece of ass. Wait til you try her out.” I realized he wasn’t talking to me. She kind of sighed, which I knew meant that her tight little pussy had squeezed his cock out of that tight hole without getting an orgasm of her own. I’ve seen that look, but I also knows that it means she isn’t finished. The black officer opened the driver’s door and helped my wife out, where I saw cum running down her pretty legs. The back door opened and in went my wife and the black officer. The door had barely closed when he unzipped his fly, revealing a large cock. With no hesitation, she bent over and began sucking it. I didn’t know whether to watch or look away. On the one hand, it was fascinating and a fantasy come true, on the other hand, I never actually thought we’d carry this one out.

She was blowing the big black boner with gusto, although it barely fit in her mouth. It certainly stretched her cheeks out when she sucked on it, and he appeared to be enjoying the hell out of it, as I had many hundreds of times as well. After a few minutes of sucking, she abruptly stopped and crawled onto his lap, but she was facing me. His hands were massaging her tits as she stared at me. It was an absent minded sort of stare, the one that comes when she is working on an orgasm of her own. As she rode up and down on that black monster, I could tell she was approaching ecstasy. Her lovely pussy was being reamed by a big black cock in front of my eyes, her tits were being mauled, and her approaching orgasm was sure to rock her world.

Their timing was impeccable. He blew his load at the same instant she came. It happens to us sometimes, but not enough. They both were panting for air as the car was kind of stuffy by now. She wasn’t given much time to recover before they escorted us back to our car. No words were said and the two officers drove away, having never spoken to each other. We sat in the car for a minute and then I pulled back onto the road. In minutes we were home, not having said a word the whole time. I grabbed her and told her I loved her. She told me it was my lucky night, as she wasn’t finished. She tossed me a tube of KY and my night was getting even better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32