Blood Lust Ch. 01

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London, June 2, 1928

Isabella rolls her eyes as the man on top of her thrust hard for the last time as he found his release. She felt his hot, sticky seed filling her pussy. The man lay heavily on her, seeming not to notice the young woman growing bored under him. Isabella pushed against his chest and breathes deeply when he finally rolls to the side, smirking to himself.

“I’ve had better,” he said and reaches for the bottle of gin on the beautiful mahogany bedside table. The man leant back against the red velvet headboard and gazes at the room; it’s extremely grand. Though every room in the underground mansion is the same; grand, ancient and if the Vampire’s wish it…inescapable.

The bed in which he has just enjoyed Isabella is also ornately carved mahogany; the sides of the bed depict scenes of naked women dancing suggestively with mythical creatures. The sheets are deep red silk, embroidered with golden suns. The rest of room follows the same theme; blood red velvet curtains, tied open with golden ropes. A large erotically carved wardrobe stands against the wall, as a beautiful dressing table on which are numerous coloured glass bottles of perfume and scent. Painted portraits of previous owners of the room crowd the walls; every one of the women is stunningly beautiful, raven haired or golden it makes no difference…All have the same piercing gaze and the slightly glazed look of one who has lost the will to fight.

Isabella sits up slowly and looks at the man, aware of the tacky feeling on her thighs as she slips out of the bed, “Well chose someone else next time. I have four sisters.” The young woman pulls on a soft velvet dressing gown and pulls her mass of soft dark curls out so they fall gently down her back. “I’d rather you chose someone else, your cock is pitiful!”

The man coughs and sprays gin all over himself and the bed, “You what-”

However, Isabella has already swept across the room and walks out of the room, leaving her client alone. Within moments a young man grabs her wrist and glares, “Isabella!” He looks strikingly similar to Isabella with the same dark hair, piercing green eyes and ivory skin, though he has a malevolent air about him that Isabella lacks, unless provoked, “What have I told you about insulting the clients? He paid a large sum of money to fuck you and expects to be treated with respect!”

“No, he expects me to act like his cock is amazing. No doubt you saw, it was tiny and I barely felt it, Dorian!” Isabella wrenches free of his grasp, her hand goes to his throat and within half a second he is pinned to the wall. Isabella’s fangs extend and her eyes darken in anger, “My dear brother, you are a strange Vampire…Watching your sisters fuck humans,” her hand finds Dorian’s half erect cock under his beautifully tailored pants and rubs, “Do you like that?” She releases her grip on his neck.

Dorian smirks and strokes her cheek, “Ah my dear little sister…You’ve a skilled hand. So tell me sweet sister, why did the man say he’d had better?” Dorian feels his cock harden slowly under Isabella’s skilled rubbing. The young Vampire looks around to check they are alone in the corridor; the mansion is as quiet as the grave…

His sister shrugs, “Sophia glamours them into thinking she is a virgin, nearly every time. Human males seem to like the idea of being the first to explore…unchartered territory,” Isabella laughs, “Strange beings…I much prefer a mature woman.” She winks and kisses his throat, her fangs just grazing the skin.

Dorian rests his head against the wall and moans softly as her Tongue strokes over his skin, “Yes, I know of you appetites in the bedroom. Do not forget that I was the one who took your own virginity when you came of age.” He reaches out and pulls open her robe, baring her breasts to his lustful eyes. Dorian moves like lighting so Isabella is pinned to the wall rather than himself, his hands go at once to her breasts, “Your breasts were small then…but no less,” Dorian’s mouth seals around a hard nipple and sucks briefly before he answers, “delicious. If I remember rightly…I made you come by doing this,” the young Vampire Lord sinks his sharp, snow white fangs into his sister’s breast and drinks deeply. Rivulets of blood run down Isabella’s toned stomach.

The young woman moans and cradles her brother’s head as he drinks deeply, “Oh…Dorian, ah!” She smiles to herself and closes her eyes, giving herself over to the pleasure that is building between her legs, pleasure which is coming directly from her brother’s fangs. Isabella feels her brother’s tongue sweep across the bite marks, healing the wounds at once before he pulls back and kisses her deeply; the taste of her blood on his lips is the last straw…Isabella moans and comes hard; her fragrant juices soak the soft curls between her legs.

Dorian grins and kisses her deeply before whispering against her lips, “I want you…Now,” he lifts his sister up, supporting her with his hands under her thighs, “wraps your legs around me,” he demands. Isabella obeys without hesitation; her lust for her elder brother Bayrampaşa Escort has to be sated. Dorian supports her with ease and quickly unlaces his breeches and frees his considerable length, “Now…sweet sister, what shall I do with this?” He smirks and gestures to his cock, now firmly held in his graceful hand.

Isabella, though far from being an innocent and being unable to blush due to her lack of humanity, feels warmth spread to her face and knows that had she been human, she would have blushed like a nun, “Please brother…fuck me hard! I’m your good little whore, Dorian. Fuck. Me.” She makes sure to put stress on the final words, letting her brother know that if he isn’t buried inside her in the next three seconds she will go mad from lust and desire.

Her brother gives her what she wants and thrusts forward, burying himself to the hilt in her exquisitely tight pussy, “Ah…My god sister, I do believe you’ve grown tighter!” Dorian groans and pulls back before thrusting deeply once more, a smirk forms on his blood stained lips, “You. Are. Mine. Sweet Sister.” He punctuates each word with a hard and sharp thrust, each of which makes Isabella cry out in pleasure.

“Oh, Bella…Can you not keep your activities to you room,” a voice mutters from behind Dorian. Isabella opens her eyes and glances behind her brother’s handsome head to see her elder sister, Katherine, who like her sisters is beautiful and ruthlessly cunning. However, Katherine is the only one of the sisters who did not go along with Dorian’s pursuit of pleasure. The others, Sophia, Amelia and Isabella succumbed to his charms and were quickly intoxicated then drawn into Dorian’s depraved world. Perhaps Katherine avoided this fate because, unlike her sisters, she was older than Dorian and by the time the young Lord had begun to realise his own charm, she had already become infatuated with another woman and had no desire to bed her younger brother for his pleasure. Katherine shakes her head and sighs, “Now I remember why I do not visit the main estate often! Honestly, fucking your brother in the corridors! Have you no shame?”

Isabella smirks and moans as Dorian pulls out of her before adjusting himself. He turns and gives a small bow to Katherine, “Sister, how rarely you visit…How was I to know you were coming? If I had known, of course I would have made sure our delightful younger sister was…” he pauses, as if considering his choice of words, “decent and completely clothed.” Dorian glances back at Isabella and watches as she pulls her robe around her.

Katherine sighs, “Do not patronise me, Dorian. I know perfectly well you and my beloved sisters are completely absorbed in your own decadent behaviour but I hope it has not escaped your memory that the ball is being held in a few hours’ time?”

It’s only then that Isabella takes note of what her elder sister is wearing…A deep blue ball gown, cut to fit tightly at the waist with the full skirt falling elegantly to the floor, the bodice is tight and gives her a stunning cleavage, the sleeves of the gown are snug and go to her shoulders. A string of pearls graces Katherine’s swan like neck and a diamond bracelets gleams at her wrist.

Isabella laughs softly, “Oh dear…Katherine, blue does so suit you! You nearly outrank our Lady mother for beauty. As I recall…Blue was her favourite colour also. I much prefer red…I believe it’s the only colour a Vampire can wear with honesty.” The younger woman turns her back on her sister then kisses her brother deeply, their tongues dancing before Isabella smiles and takes her leave.

Dorian watches her go, his eyes following her hungrily…He almost takes a step to go after her, keen to finish what he started but he manages to stop himself, “So Katherine…Did you come to find me, merely to stop me reaching my pleasure with our angelic sister or was there a proper reason?” He runs his hand through her raven hair and fixes his emerald eyes upon his elder sister’s face; Dorian has always found Katherine mildly intimidating…She was never enchanted by him and always looked at him with contempt.

The eldest sibling shakes her head and sighs, “Honestly Dorian, does this life satisfy you, really and truly?” Katherine watches her younger brother, her eyes shining with distain, “Do you plan to spend your immortal life…fucking your sisters, humans and god knows what else, drinking those vile human drinks and wasting your time?”

The young lord shrugs, “For now I have no plans to change,” he moves closer to Katherine and runs his fingers across her cleavage, “Are you jealous…is that it? Regretting that you never gave into me when I came to your room and slipped my hand under your nightgown?” Dorian smirks and looks into her eyes, lust evidently gleaming there.

Katherine glares and pushes him away with considerable strength, her hand shoots out and pins Dorian to the wall once more, though unlike when Isabella did it earlier…there is no hint of playfulness, “Touch me again, Dorian…And I’ll make sure you lose not only the hand, but also something Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan you value much more.” Her hand tightens briefly on his throat; her fangs gleaming in the candle light…As suddenly as it occurs Katherine releases her brother and sweeps off down the corridor to oversee the preparation for the ball.

Dorian watches her go then smirks and rubs his neck before going off to find his sister, Amelia, who is a two years older than Isabella at 23 years old. Although Dorian has always favoured his youngest sister over Amelia and Sophia…He has a soft spot for Amelia. She was the first of his sisters he fucked and the one he bedded most often in his early 20s. He wanders down the corridor and smirks as a young woman passes him, a human male who has obviously been glamoured as his eyes are glazed and unfocused, on her arm, “Alright Pearl?” Dorian calls over his shoulder as the half-dressed girl pulls the young man into a room.

The young Vampire giggles and calls, “Yes, Milord, just got this one to see to…Though I doubt he’ll even notice I’m fucking him! Sophia’s had this one more times than I can count and I dunno how much of him is left!”

Dorian laughs and keeps walking through the elegant hall walls of the mansion; every hallway is richly carpeted in red, the walls are panelled mahogany and display more painted portraits of long gone family members; most have dark hair, pale skin and green eyes though a handful have golden curls and grey eyes. He reaches Amelia’s bedroom door and stands listening, a smirk playing across his pouty lips; from inside the room he can hear soft sounds…Amelia is clearly enjoying a meal. The young Lord considers leaving her to it then shakes his head and grins, Dorian has never stopped to consider other people’s feelings and is not about to start. He pushes the door open and stands watching as his naked sister, his eyes lingering on the soft blonde curls that rest on her pillow , Amelia moans and arches her back…between her legs a young blonde man is drinking from a bite mark on Amelia’s inner thigh.

The blonde Vampire looks up and quickly wipes his mouth, “Sorry, my Lord, I…I thought we were alone.” The young man sits back on the bed and swallows.

Amelia sits up and glares playfully, “Do I have to remind you about a closed door in the mansion, dear brother?” She glances at the blonde man and smirks, “You can go…whatever your name is. My dear brother can finish me.” The young man slips off the bed and hurries from the room, still naked. Amelia watches him go then grins as Dorian crosses to the bed, pulls her to him and kisses her deeply.

“Ah…my beloved little sister, what am I to think?” Dorian pushes Amelia down onto the bed and smirks, “I find you giving blood to someone else?” He mimes heartbreak then pins her down as he gets on top of her, “I thought you were mine…” Dorian pulls the ties of his pants and frees his hard cock; the sight of Amelia giving blood to another made him rock hard. He cups Amelia’s face and smiles, “Ah…my beautiful sister…”

“Don’t you have to get ready for the ball? It is in Isabella’s honour,” Amelia grins and looks up at her brother, conscious of his cock being rubbed against her smooth pussy.

Dorian laughs, “We have time for some fun and besides…Isabella will keep herself amused until I arrive. I completely forgot about the ball, I was otherwise indisposed this morning and it escaped my mind. Katherine of course has not forgotten.” Although Amelia was the sister who Dorian went to most often in his early twenties, the sisters all knew that, if any of them had Dorian’s heart, it was Isabella. Though Katherine had always maintained that Dorian had no heart…but she also said the same of Isabella, so perhaps they were well suited to each other.

Amelia smirks, “Yes, I heard you this morning. Who was it? Isabella was busy with her clients, a human by the name of…Michael, I believe, and I know for a fact that Sophia was herself indisposed with a certain young gentlemen who was in my room not five moments ago. So, dear brother, do tell…Who were you with?” Amelia’s eyes are alight with mischief as she jokes softly, “My god…Katherine?!”

“Katherine, by the gods no!” Dorian laughs and leans down to kiss Amelia’s neck, his fangs grazing the skin softly, “No, our beloved older sister does not enjoy my favours and I doubt she ever will. Far too…what did mother call her? Toffee nosed? She considers it below herself to serve her brother or our human clients. They do love you girls,” Dorian grins and pulls himself up to look down at Amelia, “and we’re carrying on our father’s wish…the more human’s you girls attract to the mansion, the more ‘willing’ recruits we have to our numbers.”

“Hah! Yes, willing recruits, what a phrase! Lured first to bed then to the night,” Amelia pulls her brother’s lips to hers and kisses him deeply, “Now…fuck me before we have Isabella storming in and asking me to tie her corset! She seems to forget we have maids for such things.”

Two Hours Later

The massive Escort Bayrampaşa party was not confined to the large ballroom as Katherine had originally planned; as soon as Isabella had seen the preparations and noticed that her sister had scaled down the ball considerably…She had set the servants to work and the result was that Isabella’s had had no less that nine rooms turned over to her party and the throng of guests. The rooms she had taken over included the main ballroom, the smaller hall which was normally used for dinner, three reception rooms, the library, Dorian’s large elegantly study and several bedrooms.

After directing this into operation, Isabella had swept passed her sister with a call of, “I’m off to dress!” and disappeared into her room, leaving Katherine to deal with the early arriving guests and the disgruntled servants.

Isabella stands at the top of the marble stair case, leaning casually on the banister and watching guests arrive, every now and again she makes comments to her maid, Anne, “Oh god, Lady Elizabeth…Will you look at her Anne? What is she wearing! She is far too told to be wearing gold silk,” Isabella smirks and tosses her dark curls, her eyes glittering. The young Lady herself is wearing a stunning gown in crimson and black; a tight corset with black lacing at the back then a full skirt. Her arms and shoulders are bare, showing off her soft ivory skin. A ruby choker shines at her throat and glints as she moves to watch another guest arrive, “Who’s that?” Isabella points to a dark haired young man, evidently a vampire as the only humans at the party are the pets of various Lords and Ladies and they are dressed simply…This young man is dressed elegantly and looks quite the young Lord.

Anne moves closer to her Mistress and watches the young man before smiling, “That is Lord Damien’s youngest son. I think his name is Gregory and he’s 23 years old. He’s unmarried and has no children,” Anne smiles again and watches her Mistress’s eyes which are following Gregory’s movements as he bows to Dorian and kisses her sisters by the hand.

“Hmm,” Isabella glances at Anne and smiles, “Well, I should really go and let my dear Dorian introduce me. If I’m honest, I would have rather celebrated my acceptance into the Vampire community by holding a private party with a few dozen humans and the odd aristocratic Vampire. Katherine did insist on inviting every Lord and Lady, as well as a dozen or so lower Vampires who have some connection with our family. I told her I didn’t want this,” Isabella gestures around to the crowds of people below, “but she was having none of it! That’s why I demanded more rooms; if she wants a big party…She should do the work.” The young Lady tosses her curls and walks to the staircase.

Her Ladies maid, Anne, hurries forward and calls in her soft, musical voice which is a stark difference to Isabella’s seductive voice yet it is still pleasing to the ears, “Lady Isabella Christina Black, beloved sister to Lord Dorian and Princess of House Black.” The crowd stop what they are doing and turn towards the staircase, all watching as Isabella descends the stairs; Anne follows close behind, ready to serve if she’s needed.

Dorian watches his sister, his eyes tracing the curves on her body, he smiles appreciatively at her tight corset before stepping forward and taking her hand, “Sister,” he kisses her cheek, knowing that not everyone in the room is aware of the…special relationship between the siblings and to be seen to show anything other than brotherly affection would be foolish. Dorian leads Isabella towards himself and holds out his free arm to gesture towards her, “Friends, tonight we come together to welcome the beautiful Isabella into our ranks. She has shown her devotion to the cause and has gained much experience. I am proud to call her my sister,” Dorian smiles and kisses her hand while everyone else toasts her by raising their glasses.

Isabella smiles graciously and bows her head as if she is shy before saying softly, in an innocent voice, “Thank you, brother. I could never have achieved it without the support of you, and my dear sisters.”

“Ah, she is so modest,” Dorian releases her hand and smiles at the crowd, “my friends, dance, drink and enjoy yourselves. My girls are at your disposal. All I ask is…that you keep the blood off carpets,” he laughs, “I just had them redone!”

Everyone laughs and some drift off towards the other rooms; however among the remaining Vampires who stand by the staircase are Gregory and his father, Lord Damien. Dorian turns to Lord Damien and smiles, “My Lord, how rare you visit us…Is your Lady wife here? I know my sister Katherine would love to see her again. They were close.”

Lord Damien takes a sip of blood from his goblet and inclines his head slightly, “Lady Anne is indisposed, she is with child and I do not want her exposed to,” Damien nods to the room opposite them where what seems to be an orgy is just beginning; naked Vampires and their human pets writhe and dance to the tune of lust. Lord Damien glances at his son then manages a forced smile, “I thank you for inviting us though. My son has often spoken of wishing to meet your…delightful sisters. I shall leave him to enjoy the party; I should be with my wife. As you will one day know, a Vampire pregnancy is dangerous to both mother and child; I wish to remain with my wife.”

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