Blood Bride Pt. 02

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Knocking on my door woke me to bright sunlight. Groaning, I slowly sat up and somehow made it to the door. I almost fainted to see the men in clergy robes. Why couldn’t they have waited until Sabril was gone?

“Greetings, Indigo. You look a little ill.”

“Yes, I’ve been under the weather. Thankfully nobody’s asked for refuge since I fell ill.” I replied as calmly as I could. “Good Sirs, I’ve been very tired and need rest. Could you come another day?”

“We’ll be quick, I assure you. There was a vampire sighting in the area recently, and would like to check your basement in case it slipped in unnoticed. You leave your house unlocked for guests.”

“I assure you no vampire’s in my basement.” I replied angrily. “You think I could allow such a thing, being a refuge for travelers?”

“You were ill. It took us some time to wake you.”

“…you could check my basement if it weren’t locked.”

“Locked? What of the key?”

“I…left it down there.” I replied rather sheepishly. “Feeling so sick I forgot it, and by habit locked it.”

“Where have you been sleeping?”

“In the guest room.”

“I suppose you don’t mind us attempting the lock?”

“Good Sirs, if you don’t mind, I’d prefer getting some sleep. Arrange for it in a few days. I should be well enough by then.”

When they hesitated, I gave a hacking, whooping cough. They hastily agreed before saying quick goodbyes.

“God be with you. We shall pray for your wellness tomorrow.”

“I planned on coming to church,”

“There’s no need.”

“To push yourself.” The other answered hastily, covering the other’s mistake.

I watched them leave and shut the door with a smile.

I really do hate those guys.

And I went back to bed.

The click of a gun had me awake in an instant. My heart was in my throat as I stared up at the stranger masked by a rimmed hat and black robes. He was still dripping from the rain. I swallowed hard as I stared into eyes that gleamed blue even in the darkness.


His eyes became wide when he met mine. “You-”


There was a flicker of movement in the room before the hunter was flung against the door with a furious screeching. I shot out of my bed and tried to dart for the door, but the sheets grabbed my ankle. Tripping, I hit my head against the end table. Grasping it with a groan, I dizzily scooted under the bed.

“You will not kill her!” Sabril’s voice was a vicious snarl. “She’s done nothing wrong!”

“The traitor fed you!” The hunter spat back.

“All heart, aren’t you?”

“Her soul will be saved again!”

There was a tearing sound, and Sabril screamed in pain. Something whisked through the air, thudding hard on the bed. It cracked, making me gasp and flinch. A crossbow went off; the bolt clinked against wood. There was a bright flash of light.


“Get back here you coward!” The hunter shouted as black boots swung over the side of my bed. He took off out my door.

I lay there panting, my head swimming, as I listened to the two of them tear my house a part. My refuge was being destroyed.

She could have told me he was after her. I would have asked her to leave.

The silence was more frightening than the sound of breaking glass and bright flashes. I listened for boots on wood and glass. Instead I heard absolutely nothing.

They’ve left the house.

I somehow crawled out from under the bed and staggered out of the room. My dishes and family pictures were scattered tekirdağ escort over my floor in pieces. Many of the gifts from travelers, most irreplaceable, had joined them. My belongings were destroyed. There were darts in my wood frames. My protection spells had been burned by his exploding darts.

How am I going to fix all this? I don’t have any money. I won’t until I publish my next book.

Hurrying to where I kept my computer, I heaved a sigh of relief. It was safe, at least. Not knowing what else to do, I cleaned up what I could of the mess. I found things I could salvage, and put them aside for repair. When I was done, food in hand, I sat down and recorded the hunter’s attack while it was still fresh in my mind, trying to think beyond the throbbing. If I met another vampire as old as Sabril, maybe I could finish what I’d begun.

Until then, I would finish this book, with the same scene that had happened today. It’d been what I’d been missing in it. Tomorrow, I could publish. Tonight, I titled it as I finished: Of Angels and Demons. People would know more than just one side of the hunter now, as they knew more than one side of the paranormal.

I’ve never gotten a book like this. I worked so hard, listened to so many stories from paranormal. Now their side of the story will be heard.

It was almost midnight when the door slowly opened and a figure white as snow came in. I looked up with wide eyes to see yet another vampire. It was a man who looked no older than eighteen. I wasn’t sure how, but I knew he was one of Sabril’s changed.

“Is she okay?”

“You’re not angry at Mistress?”

“…I’m a little frustrated she didn’t tell me about the damn hunter on her trail, but I’m not angry. She did save my life.”

“And destroyed your house.” He sounded a little sheepish as he looked around the room. He set down a bundle of money. “That’s to pay for the damage.”

“You didn’t answer my question. Is she alright?” I took the money, attempting but not entirely succeeding at hiding my surprise.

I didn’t think she’d send somebody with money to fix what they’d broken. At least some of it can be salvaged.

“Well enough to hand me money and tell me to take it to you.” There was a glimmer of amusement, telling me how young he was as a vampire. “She doesn’t want to put you in danger again.”

“Tell her thanks for the money, and next time tell me one of those creatures are tracking her. For the love of sanity, some things can’t be replaced.”

“Aren’t you-”



“I said no.”

“She didn’t think he’d find her so quickly, Miss.”


“Miss Indigo.”

“Just Indigo.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t address you without a title, ma’am.”

“Why not?” I demanded in frustration.

He shifted uncomfortably. “I just can’t.”

“Whatever. Just leave before somebody notices there’s another vampire at my door. Unless you want the Clergy after me as well.”

He hesitated. “C-can I have a little blood?”

“What? Ew. No.”

The man blinked in confusion. “Ew?”

“Do you know how sexual that is?” I cringed at the mere idea. “There’s no fucking way you’re sucking and licking all over my neck.”



“Do you know anybody who will?”

“Not around here.”

Looking rather disappointed, the vampire left. I’d have to wait until morning to go to the store and replace what I could. I hid it in the basement for safekeeping. tekirdağ escort bayan With my aching, swimming head, I actually turned in before dawn.

“Another book?” My agent asked with some surprise. “Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I run a refuge. So long as I have a bed or a couch I don’t turn anybody away, and they all have stories to tell.”

“What’s it about?”


“Really? You usually write about paranormals.”

“They deal with paranormals.”

“What else is there to know about them?”

“Believe me, this is special. Nobody’s read a book about them like this.”

My publisher laughed. “I don’t doubt it. Okay, send it through email as per usual. Don’t forget the copyrights this times, Indigo. If it’s about Hunters, people could try to claim your work.”

There was a knock on the door. “I’ve got to go. I think the Clergy’s here to check on me after last night’s chaos.”

“Chaos? What happened?”

“A vampire and hunter got into it in the middle of my damn living room.” I hung up and answered the door. I wasn’t at all surprised to see the clergy. I was surprised they were arguing with a young woman behind them.

“I need to stay here!”

“There’s an inn.”

“I don’t have any money!”

“Let her through!” I snapped instantly. They parted to allow her through. I glared at them. “Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to know why you’re trying to turn away wayfarers. You know what this place is!”

“Last night a vampire was reported to have attacked.”

“A hunter was here, so it was taken care of. By the way, the bastard destroyed my home and gave me a concussion in the process!”

“Your house looks fine.”

“I spent the entire night cleaning and the whole day yesterday shopping. It’s finally back in order. Now, if you’d like to come in, do not disturb my already frightened guest.” I left the door open for them to close or come in. They came in after me, looking thoroughly chastised. Turning to my guest, I gently guided her to the kitchen and got her a bowl of the stew I’d made for dinner. “I’m sorry about them. They get a little hyped up when something actually happens at my house.”

“So it’s rare?”

“In the six years I’ve lived here, one werewolf attack, a demon attack and now a vampire. The protections against them all are strong in the house, but sometimes, they manage.”

“That must be horrible.”

“Not if you’re well-informed. I personally calmed the werewolf back into human form, the clergy purged the demon from the human and the vampire, a hunter chased through my house.”

“Y-you’re so brave.”

“Well thank you.” I replied rather shyly. “I’ve just dealt with it a long time.”

“Do you mind if we bless the house?” The clergy man interrupted.

“I let you in, didn’t I?” I finally snapped. “I have a guest, so just do it already.”

“Don’t you feel safer in a blessed house?”

“Yes, of course. I just have a guest.” I tried to sound civil as I lied through my teeth. “So I’d like you to do what you’re going to do and leave.”

“We just want to make sure this stays a house of god.”

“So do it.” I retorted. “I’m busy.”

For the first time all night, my guest met my eyes; she gasped. “You’re a hunter, aren’t you?”

I immediately ignored the men asking me stupid questions about pointless things. “By species, not by occupation. I study paranmorals; I don’t hurt them.”

“Don’t you want to?”

I escort tekirdağ paused to consider the question. “I actually detest violence, but when somebody hurts others, I tend to get…angry. It can do a lot of good for those residing here.”

“Doesn’t the Clergy feel uncomfortably letting you stay?”

“Yes.” The man behind me replied. “But she protects the town if something threatens it.” I heard them setting out incents, getting out bells, flipping through the bible.

“I don’t see weapons.”

“The blacksmith lets me borrow some.” I replied with a curled lip. “It isn’t my preferred pass time. I make more money writing, live a calmer, longer life and have the ability to make a difference in this world.”

“I’ve never heard of a hunter not…”



I pursed my lips when the clergy man began to quote the bible, walking around the house. Does he really need to do that in front of my guest – while we’re talking? I had to remind myself when I saw it didn’t bother her that most people found it comforting.

“We were made for it. I’m not likely to convince others to join me in my simple life. Not even mothers stay at home to watch the kids.”

Another of the clergy went down to my basement, making me ground my jaw. I heard a bell ringing down there, making her raise her voice to be heard.

“So how in the Lord’s name do you survive?”

“The eldest protects the others.” I replied gravely. “They teach us from the time we are old enough to hold our first silver knife. The others didn’t mind.”

“What if you’re a single child?”

The scent of incents burned through my nostrils.

This isn’t a church, damn it. That smell never leaves, they do it so much. It sticks to everything.

“Then you’re mourning the loss of your siblings, because hunters always have more than one. We tend to not live into adulthood if there’s only one of us. I’ve finished a book on hunters called Of Angles and Demons. It tells people the side of us they don’t know…including stories from victims who escaped.”

“Victims?” The clergy scoffed.

“Are you done blessing the house already?” I demanded.

“I can bless the house all day long, but you need to understand your brethren are noble, pushing back darkness.”

“Good for them. While they’re busy spilling blood, I’m trying to prevent bloodshed. Now, if you don’t mind, hurry up with the blessing. This woman is tired.”

“Oh, don’t rush them on my account. I know how important it is for you. I’m sorry for disturbing you during this, really. I was just so curious.”

I barely stopped myself from rolling my eyes. “I’ll hear the next one.” I assured her. “Why don’t we get you into the bath? Then you can get some sleep.”

“You’d allow me to bathe? That’s very kind of you.” Looking beyond relieved, she followed me to the tub.

I showed her where the room was as well, with extra clothing in several sizes ranging from small to average and a little bigger. Then I changed the sheets and came back out. The clergy was packing its stuff up.

“I don’t understand why you don’t want us here to cleanse.”

“Just to let you know, it’s because I have cleansed it already. I cleanse it twice as often as you, especially after conflict. I had to bless everything that I just bought and send what energies the broken things released back to the earth.”

“A normal person can’t cleanse something.”

“No, but somebody who’s half angel can. Now, if you don’t mind, let me sleep. All the bells chiming has given me a migraine.” Even if they didn’t disturb my guest.

At least I knew for a fact she wasn’t possessed.

“We’ll see you at church.”

“Of course. I enjoy listening to Father Richard. He has a head on his shoulders.”

Unlike you idiots.

Finally, the men left me to my own.

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