Blood and Love Ch. 02

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Evan’s story I—The future is dark.


I looked into his eyes and grabbed his extended hand for the handshake. I sensed him shiver. But I also sensed an excitement in him. The warmth of his hands sent shivers down my spine, something that had not happened for a very long time now. I was always cold but Sean’s touch had the warmth I had long forgotten.

I broke my chain of thoughts, smiled and walked out of the door.

So long had I waited to meet him. But, I could never approach him. I yearned for him but no one listened. I yielded to the commands. But, things were changing now. I couldn’t just stand in the shadows and watch it happening. I decided to go against them. I had to step out and protect him. Sean would not meet the ‘pre-ordained fate’. Never! Not till I was around.

“How was school, brother?”

I halted and looked around. With such thoughts raging my mind I didn’t realize I had walked all the way from the campus building to the woods about two miles. The Mysticus was what the residents of the town Mysticus Domus called it.

I turned to come face to face with Daniel, my elder brother leaning against the trunk of an old elm tree. Tall, dark, extremely handsome with chiseled looks and a toned body, Daniel was quite appealing for his age, twenty I daresay. I was 18 and quite impressive but Daniel was the man with all charms and a deadly instinct with immense pride.

He gave me a sarcastic look and spoke again. “You didn’t answer me, Evan. How was school? Or should I ask how was ‘your’ boyfriend?” He sneered.

I smiled. “Better than I expected.”

Daniel stopped smiling and started walking towards me. “What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? For the sake of a mere guy? He cannot be involved in our affairs. You know what they ordered. Yet, you defy them. You are aware of the consequences, Evan!”

He continued rattling in frenzy, pacing the forest’s ferny floor up and down.

“I love him, Daniel. I cannot stay out of this. He is unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows. He has to be protected. I will be his shield. I cannot bear to see them …”

Daniel cut across me, “Love! Are ya kidding me? Don’t ya realize you can NOT be with him! Your destinies are not intertwined. Stay out of this. You have no future with him. You know who you are, Evan. Don’t turn your face away from the truth!”

His heated argument didn’t do any good and I lost patience. Anger raged in me as I cried. “I am NOT turning away from the truth! I know who I am. But, I also know that I love him and I cannot bear any pain being inflicted on him. Our destinies are intertwined, Daniel. They have been since that day. And shall remain so. You are incapable of love and cannot feel! That was why you lost him!”

I broke off. Daniel’s face was clouded with anger. I should not have mentioned him. I had gone too far.

“I don’t know about love! Really! Is that what you think, Evan! Huh! I know what it is to be in love and to lose the one you love the most. You don’t know about Kadıköy Escort the sheer pain that gnaws at your heart and tears your soul apart when you see the death of your love. You don’t know anything!”

Saying this he hit the tree trunk with his fist. And turned away from me. Tears filled my eyes and I tried to speak. “I’m sorry Dan. I didn’t wanna say this. I just lost it. I cant help it. I am madly in love. Please understand me.” I cried.

Daniel turned and came towards me. He embraced me and said. “I understand you, Evan. But, things are gonna get dangerous. The transition in our lives has been set in momentum. Do what you want to. I will support you. But, don’t forget who you are and what will you get from Sean later. The future is dark. There is no inkling of what lies on this dark path ahead of us.”

I listened but couldn’t utter anything. I knew he was right. But, I had taken up this responsibility. I had to save Sean. No matter what.


Sean’s Story II: Tyler’s weekend party


Finally! An hour of vigorous attempts to choose the perfect attire, get the perfect hairdo and accessories seemed to have come out well. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I wasn’t a self-centered person but couldn’t help thinking how handsome I looked. Evan would be forced to make a move.

Evan! The mere thought of his made me blush. The entire week at school had been an amazing one. I had spent a lot of time with Evan getting him acquainted with my friends and the school stuff. I He and I had become good friends and things were sailing smooth. He had become a favorite with my friends and quite popular at school for his knee-weakening looks, amazing academic skills and cool athletic activities. A pro at everything he did. This made him more attractive and I felt drawn towards him. I could sense that he too had some feelings for me- the way he looked into my eyes or the way he smiled at me- but he was distant in some ways. He never gave even the slightest hint of things going to another level between us which disappointed me a bit. But, I had hope that things would get even better between us.

And tonight was the perfect to try to woo him. I smiled at the thought, gave myself a final look in the mirror and went downstairs. Amanda was in the living room with Stefan, Rebecca, Chris and Rachael waiting for me. She smiled and winked when I walked in.

“Amanda, don’t stay up tonight. I don’t think Sean would return. Evan is bound to take him home tonight!” Stefan remarked. Everyone burst into laughter while turned deep red and threw a sofa pillow at Stefan, who playfully dodged it.

“Stop mocking him, Stefan.” Chris spoke and turned towards me. “By the way, do we need to stop at the store to grab a few condoms?!” He shot at me.

“Oh! Shut up!” I shouted while everyone laughed their heads off.

“Okay! Okay! Give it a rest guys. We’re getting late for the party. Lets get going!” Kadıköy Escort Bayan Rebecca said.

We took heed and quickly spilled out into the starry night. A cool soothing breeze touched my face. This is gonna be an amazing night.


I looked around but Evan was nowhere in sight. The clock struck ten. It had been two hours since we arrived at the party. I had enjoyed a lot. Danced with my friends, downed a beer and chatted with a number of people from school. The party was a great one. Tyler had always been a pro at such bashes. Perhaps, one of the many benefits of being the Mayor’s son. But the enthusiasm was wearing off me. I had spent an entire week waiting this night and Evan hadn’t turned up. I was depressed and decided to go back. I turned to leave and walked straight into someone.

I looked up with annoyance only to be surprised. Evan stood there giving his usual seductive and very charming smile. I hastily re-arranged my expressions and beamed.

“Going somewhere?” He enquired.

“No! Not at all. Was going to grab a drink!” I replied checking him out. He looked so hot dressed in a black leather jacket and jeans. “You are late though. The party started hours ago.” I spoke without realizing the tone of accusation. “I mean I….We were waiting for you.” I felt myself going red. Why on earth was I fumbling and acting a complete douche-bag!

Evan looked surprised for a moment but cracked another smile. “Got stuck at home. Some urgent work. Sorry.”

“Oh! You don’t need to apologize to me. I was just…”

“Evan! Heya buddy! What took you so long?” Tyler entered speaking loudly. I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, I had time to brace myself and get control.

“Nothing, mate. Some work. The party looks great!”

“Thanks, man. Grab a drink and join us in the next dance.” Tyler beamed and headed off to a couple of guys in the other corner.

“Let’s grab a seat.” Evan motioned to a corner where Rebecca sat with Rachael.

We walked to them and took our seats.

“Hey hottie!” Rachael winked at Evan and began her persistent efforts to woo him. She had been flirting with him the entire week and didn’t seem deterred in the least by his minimal interest. In fact his lack of interest fuelled her passion. I took a drink and made a face at Rebecca who had been seeing things. She winked at me and mouthed “Competition”.

“Let’s dance.” Rachael suddenly said to Evan. He didn’t seem interested but Rachael being herself grabbed his arm and dragged him to the dance floor. I saw them dancing. Rachael was all over him. Throwing herself against him, dancing seductively. I was fuming.

“Why can’t she keep those hands to herself?” I grumbled.

“Oh come on, Sean! Stop sitting in a corner grumbling like a hag. Just go there and get him.” Rebecca chided.

“Yeah! I should get going. Its time she realized who Evan Damien belongs to!”

I finished the rest of the drink and walked towards them.

“Hey guys, why you don’t get some drinks. İstanbul Escort You’ll be tired now.” Was all I said and saw Rebecca shaking her head in exasperation.

“Yeah! We should get some drinks.” Evan spoke before Rachael (who showed all signs of refusing) could reply and headed to the bar. I followed him suit while Rachael stood there fuming.

“Thanks for saving me.” Evan said after we sat at the bar with the drinks. I almost choked on my drink.

“Saving? Nah! I just thought you guys would like some drinks. That’s it.” I stammered.

Evan smiled and turned to look at the dance floor. There was an awkward silence with the music playing in the background. Rihanna’s “We found love” was playing. I felt more uncomfortable.

My cell rang. Amanda had sent a text. “Need ya at home. Nothing urgent. Just wanna talk about Aaron. C ya.”

I sighed. Amanda was worried about Aaron again. Why doesn’t he learn?

I got to leave. “Going somewhere?” Evan enquired.

“Home. Amanda texted. See ya at school.” I smiled and turned to leave. What a waste of the night!

“Sean! SEAN!” I heard Evan shouting over the music and hurrying towards me. “Will you mind if I walk you home?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Yeah! I won’t mind.” I smiled.


The night was starry and cold. A cold breeze would blow every now and then and make me shiver. Evan and I walked on the roadside. Neither of us had uttered a word since we left the party. The silence seemed uncomfortable. The only sound was our footsteps on the gravel and my pounding heart! I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to strike a conversation.

“It’s a cold night.” I cursed myself. Such a lame topic! The weather of all things!

“Yeah,” Was all he said.

A couple of minutes passed and I tried again.

“So, how do you find school? How’re my friends?” I asked.

“School’s great. And ‘our’ friends are amazing. A cool gang, I daresay.” He replied with his characteristic smile.

“That’s great. And what do you think about me?” I made a bold attempt without looking at him. I walked a few steps and realized Evan wasn’t with me anymore. I halted and turned around. He stood at some distance and was looking at me in a strange manner. He seemed nervous and uncertain. I walked to him and looked at his face.

“What happened, Evan?”

“Please. Don’t be mad at this.”

He put his left hand on my cheek. His red lips met mine. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before he pulled off. I was shocked. Evan had kissed me! I stumbled back.

“I love you, Sean. I dunno what you feel about me but I can’t live without you. If you don’t like me, tell me. I’ll leave and not say anything again'” Evan spoke, his eyes meeting mine.

I hesitated for a second. In an year of despair and guilt of my parents’ death, life had seemed harsh and unbearable. And now, I was standing on a deserted road looking at a person I had met a week ago claiming to be in love with me. I had been crushing on him but now that he had reciprocated my guilt had come flooding and the feeble façade of bliss had been washed away. I didn’t have the right to be happy. My eyes filled with tears as I said, “I’m sorry, Evan.”

I turned and ran away from the person who loved me. I ran away from the chance of bettering my life. I had failed. My guilt and despair had won.

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