Blonde Campus Hottie Dominated!

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Nicole Stamson was a goddess. Or at least she thought she was. Nicole was a stunning, 22 year old brunette beauty. Tall, athletic, and with a feminine strut, she was nearly untouchable. Of course genetics helped. Her mother was a beauty queen in her day, winning pageants across the state. Her father was the President of the University and a ruggedly handsome man. With free reign, no one dared to cross Nicole. Not even her professors. The college librarian found out the hard way. When Mr. Fats (yes his name was “Fats” and he was overweight) ordered Nicole to return an overdue book, she responded by punching him in the balls. As Mr. Fats groveled in pain, Nicole wiped her flip flops in his face, laughing hysterically at the fat librarian. In a normal world, Nicole would have been suspended indefinitely. But Daddy had bailed Nicole out, and Mr. Fats was last seen serving meat from a truck at the local Wal-Mart. But there was one problem in Nicole’s world. Her name was Hanna Regan, a 21 year blonde with supermodel looks. Hanna had recently enrolled in the college, an innocent who did not know her place. What was worse, Hanna was a knock-out. Every guy around campus was mesmerized by Hanna. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and curvy figure gave all the boys boners. Even some of the girls got “girl boners” from looking at Hanna. Hanna even got complements on her feet! Some nerdy guy had the nerve to tell Hanna she had pretty feet! Fucking feet! And Hanna, as a good girl, smiled shyly and took the compliment like a graceful girl. Nicole’s power was being threaten and she knew it. It was time to show Hanna a lesson. It was time to humble the blonde beauty beneath the feet of the campus queen.

Hanna Regan let out a big yawn, drawing the discerning looks of her classmates. History class was not her favorite. The bald, wrinkly professor who looked like “Waldorf” from the Muppets had nearly put her to sleep. If it wasn’t for goofy Donald staring at her feet, she probably would already be passed out. Last week, Donald had approached her and told her that he liked her feet. Hanna had never been complemented on her feet before. Guys around campus regularly gawked at her breasts, ass, and legs. But Donald was the first to notice the feet. Hanna tried to be sweet to goofy Donald, but was slightly creeped out by his fetish. Hanna wondered if he blew his load in class staring at her feet? Professor “Waldorf” bahis şirketleri wrapped up his lecture and it was time to head to the gym. It would be a relief to get out of the tight Chanel dress she was wearing and get the blood flowing. The only headache left in the day was Nicole Stamson. Nicole was always in the gym with her flock of sheep that blindly followed her. Everyone had told Hanna about how Nicole had beat up the librarian and rubbed her flip-flops in his face (It seemed like everyone had a foot-thing at this school). But Hanna was not interested in Nicole’s drama. The legend of Nicole was probably exaggerated, and besides, Hanna drew plenty of attention herself. Hanna entered the gym locker room in high spirits, her feminine swagger at its peak. Little did she know that she was about to endure one of the most frightful, but erotic moments in her life.

“Hey bitch, what do you think you’re doing?”

Hanna turned around to see Nicole Stamson in her face. Nicole had a feverish look on her face, her eyes spewing jealously. Nicole grabbed Hanna’s shoulders and slammed them up against the locker.

Hanna was in shock. She had never been in a fight. Do girls actually fight? Hanna didn’t think so, but Nicole looked serious.

“Nicole, I have no issue with you. What is this about?” Hanna said as calmly as she could.

Nicole was not interested in what Hanna had to say. She slammed Hanna harder into the lockers, nearly bringing the hinges off. Hanna’s heart began to race, the blood rushed to her face. She was in a panic, unsure of what to do or say. Nicole’s athletic body was pressed tightly against Hanna, pinning her against the wall. Though Hanna was too scared to notice, her pussy became wet with excitement.

“What are you doing? Please stop! You’re hurting me!” Hanna cried.

“Uh, you poor baby,” Nicole said. A devilish grin consumed her face. “I think it’s time I teach you a lesson. I run this campus bitch! I get the hot guys! Do you understand you blonde wrench?!”

Before Hanna could respond, Nicole landed a harsh slap to her face. The slap turned Hanna’s soft, innocent face red.

“Hahaha…. ahhh does that hurt slut?” Nicole said. Hanna, in a panic, broke free of Nicole’s grip and made a break for the exit, but was stopped cold by a gang of Nicole’s bratty friends. Cackling like a group of hyenas, the gang of girls smacked Hanna to the bahis firmaları ground.

“Spread her legs,” Nicole said to the girls. “Time for some cunt-busting.”

Hanna’s legs were spread open, revealing her white panties. But instead of a violent kick, silence engulfed the room. The locker room of young women stared at Hanna’s crotch with disbelief! Her panties were soaked!

“OMG,” Nicole said. “She likes it!” The locker-room erupted in ecstatic laughter, mocking Hanna for her predicament.

“Well, since you are such a kinky bitch, I guess we are going to make your day!” Nicole snickered.

With a running start, Nicole pounded her right foot into Hanna’s vagina. At first, Hanna was too shocked to feel pain or joy. The locker-room became a white-like-blur, a vision from a dream. But as Nicole went for kick number two, the neurons in her brain began to register.

Hanna was gripped by dueling passions, urging for Nicole to stop but hoping that she wouldn’t. Nicole alternated kicks with the right foot, then the left, leaving Hanna to squeal with enjoyment.

Finally, Nicole stopped, but only to stand over her prey in a mocking manner. Nicole was not happy that Hanna was getting off. Nicole’s pleasure was paramount, not Hanna’s.

“My socks are super sweaty,” Nicole said. “Do you like the taste of sweaty socks, Hanna?”

Hanna had no time to answer. Her mouth was jarred opened and socks stuffed into her mouth. The socks tasted awful, a mixture of vinegar and cheese. Unable to breathe through her mouth, Hanna struggled for air, gagging at the taste of sweaty socks.

“Take her dress off,” Nicole said to her sheep. “Let’s see what her snatch looks like.”

The girls removed Hanna’ dress, tearing the expensive Chanel dress to shreds. Unable to move, Hanna offered no resistance as her underwear was removed. The locker-room busted up in laughter as Hanna’s wet, pink pussy was exposed for the crowd.

“Nice landing-strip bitch!” one of the girls said.

Now barefoot, Nicole’s kicks connected with Hanna’s pussy with precision. The skin on skin contact made a loud smacking sound, drawing cheers from the crowd with every hit. Nicole kneeled on Hanna’s stomach, her tanned feet resting at Hanna’s pussy. “Motorboat!” Nicole screamed, as she delivered a flurry of kicks into Hanna, making a boat engine sound with her lips as she landed simultaneous kaçak bahis siteleri kicks.

In between kicks, the mob of girls took turns rubbing Hanna’s clit, mocking her with fake orgasm sounds.

“ohhh… yeeess!!!,” “oh please fuck me!!!!,” the girls said as they laughed cruelly.

Hanna’s pussy was as wet as it had ever been. Most girls would be crying from the pain. But Hanna grew more aroused, delighting in the humiliation that was being served to her. Hanna neared orgasm, ready to climax at any moment.

Finally, Nicole’s kicks stopped. The dirty socks were removed from Hanna’s mouth, as she gasped for breath like a fish out of water.

“Ok bitch,” Nicole said, “I am almost done with you.” “But my feet smell, and they need cleaning. “Ever deep-throat before?!”

Hanna, lying half naked and mesmerized on the floor, was too dazed to answer. Nicole stepped over Hanna, placing her barefoot on Hanna’s face.

“Open your mouth slut!” Nicole screamed.

Hanna tried to keep her mouth closed, but was too weak to fight off the masses. Having hot chicks rub your clit was one thing. But sucking feet?

Nicole shoved her foot down Hanna’s throat, creating an instant gag reflex for Hanna. Hanna coughed up saliva, making gasping sounds as she struggled for air. Nicole stood on Hanna’s chest, squashing Hanna’s perky breasts with her bare feet. Taunting Hanna, Nicole flexed her biceps in a bodybuilding pose as she continue to shove her feet into Hanna’s mouth.

“Suck my toes cunt!” Nicole said. Hanna submissively obliged. Nicole’s toes tasted terrible, like salted sauerkraut or a spoiled pretzel. Nicole shoved her cracked heels into Hanna’s mouth, dead skin falling into Hanna’s throat. The crowd of girls hooted as they videotaped the foot sucking with their iPhones.

And just as it had started, it ended in an instant. Hanna had finally climaxed, passing out from the agony and bliss. Nicole and the rest of the girls left the room quickly, eager to avoid detection. Hanna woke a few minutes later, grapping her soaked panties and putting them back on. Her thoughts were scrambled. Was she a lesbian? Did she actually like be tormented? What if the videos were posted online? What would her family think?

Ultimately, she was a sweet, innocent girl that had been violated. Yes, she had orgasmed, but she also had that bitch Nicole’s feet in her mouth! Hanna knew what she needed to do next. She would plan carefully. Nicole would not get away with this. Hanna would not end up selling meat from a truck like the librarian. Hanna would get her revenge and it would be overwhelming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32