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Amanda aged 28 was 5’6 with black hair down to her shoulders and pale blue eyes she was sitting on a train with her headphones on listening to music, heading home from the city. She had spent the evening as she did one night every fortnight, enjoying cocktails with her best friend Jenny.

Jenny’s 30th birthday less than a month away meant that most of the conversation that night had been filled with her usual rants of a fading and misspent youth. She had listened to these complaints for the past 2 years or so, but this time something was different. She could hear the desperation in Amanda’s voice, her complaints now lacking their usual comedic tone. Jenny’s main focus for complaint had been her sex life, or really the lack of a sex life.

It had been over two years since she had last slept with anyone; in fact it had been over two years since she had shared any real intimacy with someone. Amanda knew this was due to one or two reasons; mostly that Jenny was too picky and tended to overthink things.

Jenny wasn’t a stranger to receiving attention from the opposite sex; after all she was a very attractive woman. Standing at 5’7; her light brown hair reached down to her bra strap. She had bright green eyes that would instantly draw your attention to them and a body and perky bust Amanda was extremely jealous of. Despite all of Jenny’s complaints about fading youth, she hadn’t seemed to of aged beyond 21, and always being asked to show ID when going out for drinks confirmed it.

Amanda felt she needed to do something for Jenny to help get her out of her sex slump, even just for the sake of not having to deal with hearing her continue to complain about it all the time but thought back of all the times she had suggested setting her up with one of Amanda’s friends. Jenny had always found some poor excuse for why none were ever good enough to bother pursuing. Amanda closed her eyes and let the world around her fade away and began thinking on how she would tackle this problem in facing her.

It was 11pm the following Sunday and Jenny was in her apartment preparing for bed when her doorbell rang. She was wearing her old grey pair of track pants and a black plain t-shirt.

She rushed off to answer the door and was shocked to see Amanda on the other side holding a plastic bag. “Amanda! What are you doing here?” she asked still caught off guard by her friends’ presence. “Do you trust me?” Amanda replied. “Of course I do.” Jenny said slightly confused by the question. “No, I need you to be serious. Do you trust me?” Amanda said now more stern. Jenny paused for a moment and then looked Amanda right in the eyes, “With my life.” She replied. A grin came across Amanda’s face, “Good” she said. “I need to lay down some rules for tonight, no excuses” she continued. “First, there will be no questions. Second, anything I say, you need to do. And 3rd, don’t doubt me, no matter what is happens tonight throw caution to the wind and just go with it. Remember I have your back. Do you understand?” Amanda finished. Jenny just nodded still confused. Amanda handed jenny the bag she was holding. “Now, go put this on” said Amanda. Jenny looking puzzled took the bag from Amanda and headed off to her room.

“What have I gotten myself into?” jenny thought to herself. “I am always saying how boring my life is, but where is this all going?”

Jenny looked into the bag and gasped at what she saw. She pulled out a sleeveless white cotton nightie with two shoulder straps; the nightie reached down to her knees. She laid it down on the bed, and without a second thought started to remove her track pants and then stepped out of them and let them stay on the floor before pulling her t-shirt over her head. Now standing in her room in just a black bra and bright red panties, she picked up the nightie and pulled it on. She threaded her hair through the top of the nightie and looked at herself in her full length mirror next to her bed. It was a beautiful garment that complimented her body, her breasts filling the front so well you would think the shoulder straps weren’t really a necessity.

She left her room and returned to where Amanda was waiting for her. “I love it!” Jenny exclaimed. “Only one tweak.” Amanda said. She reached for Jenny’s back and unhooked the clasp on the back of her bra. She unfed the bra off her arms and though the nightie allowing jenny’s breasts to properly fill the bust of the nightie. “Perfect.” Amanda said.

“Now, step two, just a few more accessories.” She continued. Amanda reached in to one of her pockets and pulled out a blindfold, before placing it over Jenny’s eyes. Jenny now unable to see anything was even more confused, she wanted to ask Amanda what the blindfold was for but didn’t want to break rule 1, especially so soon in the experience.

“Now this stays on until I remove it, got it?” Jenny nodded, now starting to get a bit worried about what was in store for her. “The final part, for the rest of the night there will be no more verbal communication. I will be guiding you gaziantep escort by other methods. If you start to freak out at any point during this evening you will need to communicate by clicking your fingers, do you understand?” Amanda finished.

Jenny replied by clicking her fingers. “Good, you learn fast.” Amanda replied. Jenny now felt something covering her ears and recognised it as her Noise Cancelling headphones. A few seconds later music started playing, she then felt Amanda clip the small music player to one of the shoulder straps of her nightie.

She felt disoriented and a little uneasy on her feet with some of her senses now switched off. She could feel Amanda’s hands on her shoulders, she realised she was now being guided out of her apartment. “Where is she taking me?” Jenny thought to herself. Her life was in her best friends hands and that not only scared her but excited her a little. She could tell she was being carefully lead out her front door and then down the hall.

A moment later she sensed she must have now entered the elevator as she could feel the floor slightly shift as it made its way down to ground floor. She wondered if any of her neighbours were out of their apartments at this moment to witness the strange sight she was currently a part of. She felt the elevator come to a halt and a moment later the guiding touch of Amanda once again leading her to some mystery location. A soft cool breeze caressed her face and she figured the front door to the apartment block must have been opened.

She could feel the slight chill of the pavement under her bare feet as she is lead down to the street, a second later she could feel Amanda’s hand take one of her hands allowing her to reach out to something she couldn’t see. Jenny felt what she guessed to be the roof of a car with what she believed to be an open door.

Carefully exploring the space with her hands Jenny slowly made her way into the passenger seat of the car.
She felt Amanda brush past her, a moment later feeling the pressure of her seatbelt as it lay across her breasts thinly covered by her nightie.

Jenny felt a small gust and the car slightly shake from her door being shut, a moment later the same from the door on the opposite side. She could feel the car almost purr as the engine started, and then they were off.

After what felt like 30 minutes of driving Jenny felt the car engine switch off. Once again she felt the opening and closing of car doors and the pressure of the seatbelt gave way. Jenny felt Amanda take her hand and then use the other on the back of her head to help guide her out of the car.

She felt grass beneath her feet. “Am I in some kind of park?” she thought to herself. A cool breeze surrounded her, blowing her nightie slightly and making her nipples harden. Amanda once again took Jenny’s hand, leading her off into the unknown.

“What could this possibly be about? What am I doing out her?” Jenny thought to herself hoping not to step on anything bad in her bare feet, still feeling the grass between her toes. A few steps later Amanda stopped leading and helped Jenny reach out in front of her. Jenny could feel a flat surface, around waist height; A hard surface the width of a picnic table.

Jenny felt Amanda indicate as if she wanted her to climb up onto the flat surface. “Is she for real? She wants me to climb something completely disoriented and wearing this?” Jenny thought.

Jenny lifted the nightie slightly to make climbing up easier. As she got one knee up on the surface she felt a soft blanket covering the surface. She jumped up so that she was now kneeling on the surface.

Amanda took Jenny’s hands and slowly helped manoeuvre her into position so that she was now lying down completely on her back on the flat surface.

Jenny felt the most vulnerable she had that entire night so far. Here she was lying down on some kind of platform in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, blindfolded and oblivious to outside noise because of the noise cancelling headphones playing music and wearing only her underwear and a thin white cotton nightie that barely came down to her knees all because her best friend had played the trust card.

She felt Amanda lean over her, lift up the earphones on one side and whisper in her ear “I want you to enjoy this.” Before returning it over Jenny’s ear and then giving her a kiss on her forehead.

“What have I gotten myself into?” Jenny kept thinking to herself. “What normal person does something like this?”

Then it happened, she felt something brush her foot. The surprise sent a shock through her body and she quickly pulled her leg away. Jenny felt Amanda squeeze her right hand tight and then kiss it. “This is it; this is how I die isn’t it?” Jenny thought to herself.

She wondered why she wasn’t getting the hell out of there. Did she really trust Amanda this much? She decided to try and stick it out a bit more, as she lay there completely unaware of what was going on around her.

Again she felt something by her leg, this time lingering. A hand, there was someone else here. Who was this person touching her and for what reason? Amanda started to slightly panic by the new presence, she knew at any time she could she could click her fingers to tell Amanda she wanted out. She could also just take off the blindfold and headphones and make a run for it, but to where?

She thought to herself that at any point she could end this all, but in the back of her mind she had a feeling that maybe she didn’t want it to stop.

The mystery hand now slowly sliding up from Jenny’s ankle reached her knee. This sent a shiver down her spine making her back arch up. She felt a kiss on her knee from the mystery person. Her nipples hardened again. The hand let go, and all that was left was Amanda still holding to Jenny’s right hand. Jenny felt the hand return; this time brushing her away from her face. Jenny felt stunned almost like she couldn’t move.

She could now sense they were very close, so close she could feel their soft breath on her lips.

Amanda wanted to lean up and kiss them but restrained herself; a moment later it did not matter because they leant in and kissed her. Jenny tried to think back to the last time she had been kissed, it had been so long she had almost forgotten how good a kiss could be.

She felt the strangers hand softly stroke her neck as they continued to kiss. Jenny wanted to pull the strange in closer but kept her arms by her side, trying to restrain herself. The stranger left Jenny’s lips and slowly started kissing their way down her neck, driving Jenny crazier with each kiss.

The stranger reached Jenny’s shoulders and then took hold of the left strap of her nightie. Gradually dragging the strap passed her shoulder and over her breast, exposing it to stranger. She felt the strangers hand grasp hold of her breast, cupping it in their hand.

A tongue gently flicking over her exposed nipple. The cool air mixed with the saliva from the strangers tongue making it harder than before. Jenny could feel her vagina start to get wet; she crossed her legs slightly as if trying to conceal the fact.

She felt Amanda kiss her right hand again before letting it go, she was now all alone, oblivious with this stranger; but her anxiety disappeared. The stranger now took hold of the left strap of her nightie, pulling it down over her shoulders; exposing her other breast.

Jenny lay there in the middle of what could be anywhere, in the middle of the night, unable to see or hear what was happening around her while some stranger was stripping her naked. She had never felt so alive and turned on in her life.

She felt the stranger straddle her just below the waist and grab hold of both of her breasts before leaning in and once again to kiss her on the lips. The stranger rubbed her breasts softly tweaking her nipples, every now and then stopping to lick and suck on them gently before returning to her lips.

Jenny could feel her vagina get wetter and wetter. She could feel her panties soaking wet and sticking to her. The stranger must have been able to tell she thought, as he started to make his way down from Jenny’s breasts and started slowly kissing down along her stomach. This sent more shivers down Jenny’s spine, once again arching her back up. The Stranger changed his position over Jenny. She felt the stranger’s hands around her legs as he positioned her legs over his shoulders.

The stranger grabbed hold of the bottom of Jenny’s nightie lifting it up her legs; feeling the resistance, Jenny lifted her ass to allow it to meet the rest of it bunched up under her breasts. Laying there with her breasts exposed and her new nightie bunched up just below; showing her soaking panties she took a deep breath in preparation for whatever was next to follow.

Jenny felt a hand over her panties. An excited sound escaped her mouth as she breathed. A kiss above her belly button as the hand slid its way to the top of her panties.

Jenny braced for what she knew and hoped would be the strangers hand about to making his way past the last barrier of clothing. Both the stranger’s hands now on her waist, Jenny could feel him kissing her stomach slowly making his way down until reaching the top of her panties.

Slowly pulling from both sides of Jenny’s hips the stranger started to pull down her panties, kissing every newly revealed piece of flesh. Jenny lifted her waist in the air again to allow her panties to pass beneath her. She could feel how wet she had made them as they clung to her as they came away from her body.

As her panties were slid right off over her legs Jenny lay there thinking to herself “Well, This is me.”

She felt the stranger back away. Lying on her back in the middle of nowhere blindfolded unable to hear what was happening around her and practically naked except for her nightie bunched up over her chest and wet she wondered where the stranger had gone.

Was she now alone? Was Amanda still here? Were there others here? The stranger returned, Jenny startled slightly as he kissed her on the lips once again. The deepest and longest kiss of the night so far.

Their lips once again parted and the stranger once again vanished for a brief moment.

Jenny now could feel him near her vagina. She could almost feel how close he must have been. This was driving her crazy.

Whatever he could give her, she wanted it now. She finally felt his hand on her vagina, his fingers finding their way to her clit.

Jenny let out a soft moan.

She felt two of the stranger’s fingers slide inside her vagina with ease. Jenny could not remember the last time she had been this wet and it was just the start.

She felt the stranger’s fingers go deeper inside her as his thumb worked her clit. Jenny became consumed and started to play with her breasts, letting out a soft long moan. The stranger removed his fingers and appeared by Jenny’s side, taking one of her hands and kissing it.

Jenny pulled the stranger in closer and continued to play with her breasts with the other. She felt her way down his chest with her fingertips gently scratching him as she went.

She reached his waist and her hands stumbled over his penis; she could feel it was hard, it felt big in her hand. She grabbed it and pulled him in closer gripping it tightly in her hand.

Jenny started to jerk him off. She pulled him in so close she could now reach his penis with her mouth; She gently kissed the tip of the strangers penis, jerking him off with one hand at the same time.

Jenny felt the strangers hand on the back of her head slowly pulling him deeper into her mouth. She obliged and took him as far into her mouth as she could allow.

Jenny stopped playing with her breasts and started to finger herself as she continued to suck the Stranger’s dick. She was still as wet as ever and could it running down to her ass.

Jenny could feel the tip of the stranger’s dick at the back of her throat; she resisted gagging and played with his balls. Her mouth released its grip on his shaft expelling it from her throat.

She took a deep breath as saliva dripped down her chin.

She continued fingering herself as she felt the stranger step away. Jenny lay on her back again; fingers still deep in her dripping pussy.

The stranger returned; she felt his hands on her feet stretched out in front of her. Jenny could feel his fingers running their way up her legs, she stopped fingering herself and laid her hands by her side.

His hands traced her inner thighs reaching her vagina and then passing up over her stomach before resting on one of her breasts. Jenny could feel his breath on her neck; before he felt his arms wrap around her waist and then she felt it.

Jenny felt the stranger’s hard dick enter her vagina finally; the suspense of waiting for this moment almost made her orgasm on the spot. She let out another moan, the loudest one of the night so far. Jenny reached out her arms wrapping them around the stranger’s waist pulling him deeper inside her.

This was the moment she had waited so long for; she had spent so long thinking about the next time she would have sex, fantasizing in her head. She did not care that she could not see or hear who it was with, that only seemed to add to the experience.

The stranger thrust his rock hard penis in and out of Jenny’s wet pussy, each time managing to get a little deeper and deeper inside her.

Jenny arched her back every time his penis hit the wall at the end of her pussy.

She felt his fingers near her vagina start to finger her clit as he continued his thrusting.

The combination of the Strangers fingers rubbing her clit and his penis thrusting in and out of her wet pussy quickly started to build a sensation within Jenny. She had orgasmed plenty times before, usually of her own accord but this felt different.

She felt a pressure building with the incredible tingling. It felt foreign to her and normally she would have probably decided to stop, but tonight she felt like she was up for anything and decided she would let this strange new feeling continue. As the stranger continued Jenny felt like she was about to explode, curling up almost within her own self. The pressure finally relieved itself to the sound of Jenny screaming out in ecstasy.

She had squirted, Jenny did not even think this was possible but she had just done it herself. Jenny had squirted her pussy juices everywhere, drenching herself and the stranger. It gushed and ran down her vagina sticking to the side of her thighs.

In normal circumstances this would have horrified her leaving her mortified at the idea, but she didn’t care. She felt truly free for the first time in her life, like she could give in to her most secret desires without feeling any judgement for them.

This just seemed to allow the stranger speed up his thrusting faster and faster. He stopped fingering Jenny’s clit and focused on getting faster and faster as his cock squelched as it made its way in and out of Jenny’s soaking pussy.

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