Blind Love Ch. 02

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Ann was in such a good mood on the drive home. Her mother kept looking at the grin on her face and said, “Ann, what are you thinking about? You’ve had that grin on your face since we left the hotel.”

Facing the sound of her mother’s voice Ann said, “Oh Mom, I’m just in a happy mood, that’s all.”

“Well, its nice to see you in such a good mood and the trip was quite nice too.”

“Yes Mom, quite nice.”

When Ann was finally in her apartment and her mother had left, she pranced around like a school girl after finding her first boyfriend. She had never been happier in her life. Even the fact that she was blind didn’t bother her in the least. She kept picturing in her mind, how beautiful Stan had felt.

She recalled every nuance of Stan’s body and she even blushed a little thinking about his hard cock, how it felt in her hand and inside of her pussy. Just thinking of that was making her wet.

Then she thought to herself, Will I hear from him? Does he really care as much as he said he did?

As she unpacked her suitcase, all she could think of was Stan and her good mood continued. Later that afternoon while listening to the television, the phone rang. Thinking it was just her mother, she lifted the receiver and said, “Hello”

“Ann? Is that you Ann?

“Yes, this is Ann,” she said to the unknown voice

“It’s me Stan.”

“Oh hello,” she said, trying to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“I was just calling to make sure you made it home.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“No, not really! I miss you already and want you to come back.” “Why Stan, how sweet. I want to be there too, but I can’t right now.”

“Yes Ann, I understand. Its just that I can’t get you out of my mind. I’ve tried all day to do things and I end up sitting down and thinking about us.”

I know what you mean, Mom probed me for information all the way home. She said I had this silly grin on my face.”

“Did you? I mean have a grin on your face?”

“I guess I did.”

“Is it okay if I call again, during the week?”

“Certainly, I don’t go to many places, but if I’m not here leave a message and I’ll call you.”

“Okay, bye for now.”

“Bye Stan.”

Hanging up the phone, Ann then started dancing in the living room. Twirling and giggling and being just plain silly. With all the spinning she did, she lost track of where she was in the room. Reaching out in front of her with her hands, she moved slowly until she felt the familiarity of her recliner.

Sitting back down, she smiled and thought to herself, He misses me and wants me there with him. God how I want to be with him too.

The next few weeks Stan called every day to talk to her. Sometimes it was for a few moments, just to say hello and at times it was for half an hour and not really saying all that much. Each time she hung up from a call, she would get all giddy.

Just yesterday (Tuesday) Stan called to let her know that he was going to be coming in to the city for the weekend and wanted to know if they could take in a movie and have dinner together. He told her where he was staying and when he would arrive.

Today Ann’s mother was stopping by to take her shopping, so she was going to ask to go to a dress shop so she could pick out a new dress to wear. She was waiting for her mother on the front stairs and when she sat in the car and strapped herself in she said, “I’d like to go to Crandall’s today, if that’s okay with you?”

“Sure, but why there? You have plenty of clothes and that place is expensive.”

“Well Mom, Mr. Wilkins called and said he was coming to the city and he asked me out to a movie and dinner”

“Who’s Mr. Wilkins?”

“Mom, I swear, Stan Wilkins, the owner and manager of the hotel we stayed at three weeks ago.”

“OH! Yes that’s right. How did he get your phone number? I didn’t put it on the registration.”

“I gave it to him Mom, we’ve talked everyday since we returned home.”

“Now I understand why you had that silly grin on your face all the way home that day.”


“Hell honey, its about time you get out and date. I was beginning to get worried about you.”

“There’s nothing wrong with me Mom, except maybe being picky as to whom I’ll see.”

“Yeah, so picky, you haven’t dated at all. So tell me what happened to make you give him your number?”

“He came to my room and asked me to have supper with him and we had a nice meal and talked.”

“And now, three weeks later your just telling me this.”

“I don’t kiss and tell Mom.”

“Kiss? You kissed him?”

“Mother, stop it now. Just let it go at the fact that we had a nice evening, okay?”

“Okay, I won’t probe for more information. There’s Crandall’s over there, so we’ll stop and get you what you want.”

In the store Ann’s mother described the coloring of the clothing, while Ann felt the items and pictured them in her mind. Ann was being picky and it took some time before she finally settled on a light green strapless summer dress. Taking bursa escort it to the dressing room, she tried it on and showed her mom.

Looking at her daughter in the dress, she was beautiful. Although the dress really did expose quite a bit of her cleavage, her mother only said, “To bad Stan is blind.”

“Why did you say that?”

“Honey he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of your breasts, that’s why.”

“Is it to revealing?”

“No honey, you look beautiful in it, just make sure you keep the top up or everyone will be looking.”

Ann giggled to herself and went back into the changing room and put her clothes back on. Paying for the dress, they left the store and did their regular shopping for food, then Ann was left alone at home storing the purchases in the proper places.

On Friday afternoon around two, Stan called to let her know he was at his hotel and she told him to get a taxi and come to her place because she wanted to cook supper for him, they could go to the movies and have dinner on Saturday instead. She also told him it was casual, no suits allowed. He agreed and would be there about five and would bring some wine with him.

The rest of the afternoon, Ann put the meal together, showered and changed (she was saving the new dress for tomorrow) into a sleeveless pullover and her jeans, so she’d be comfortable.

Checking her watch, she felt the handles and it was just about five, so she went to the front stairs and waited for Stan’s taxi to arrive. She heard a vehicle stop and a door open and said, “Stan, is that you Stan?”

“Yes!, You didn’t have to come outside to meet me.”

As he moved closer to Ann, she said, “There’s four steps.”

Stan climbed the steps and when he was next to her, he leaned in and kissed her cheek and said, “You smell delicious, lead the way.”

Stan took her elbow and they went inside. Once in the apartment, she walked him around so he would know the apartment. Then sitting him in her recliner, she told him she had to check the meal and turned towards the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No Stan, I’ve got it just about ready as it is. Turn on the television and just enjoy yourself. The remote is on the table to your left.”

He found a ballgame and listened to it, while she worked in the kitchen.

In the kitchen Ann opened the bag that he had brought with him and she felt the bottles and removed them from the bag.

“Stan, two bottles of wine? You plan on getting plastered?”

He laughed and turned toward the sound of her voice and said, “No Ann, one is White and one is Red. I didn’t know what you were cooking so I brought both.”

“I hope you like homemade Beef Stew? I figured something simple for here, we can get elaborate tomorrow at dinner.”

“I love Beef Stew, you must be a mind reader. Its really my favorite meal.”

“Well, its just about ready, do you want to pour the wine for us?”

He got up and made his way to the kitchen and managed to not hit any furniture. “Where’s the corkscrew?”

She knew where he was standing and told him, “Open the drawer in front of you and its to the front left inside.”

Ann got the wine glasses from the cabinet and handed them to Stan and then they sat at the table. Ann ladled the food onto the plates and Stan poured the wine, then they sat and enjoyed the meal. They talked about everything they could think of and mostly about how Stan came about owning the hotel.

His family had owned it for the longest time and none of his brothers or his sister wanted the hassle of running a hotel, so he took it over after his parents passed away two years ago. He was making enough money to keep himself fed and still have a savings account, but he did complain about the rising cost of just about everything and that he may have to go up on his rates.

After supper, they cleared the table, and Ann put everything in the dishwasher. Taking their wine, they went into the living room and both sat on the couch. Stan was against the armrest and Ann had cuddled herself into his arms.

“UHMMMM, I like this,” Stan said.

“Yes, I do too. It feels natural to sit here in your arms.”

They sat there for a while, just enjoying the closeness of one another while not really paying attention to what was on the television. Ann felt so good, and she turned herself to face Stan and felt his face.

“You feel beautiful, I love the rugged features of your face.”

“I’m loving the feel of your body so close to mine,” Stan said.

“Tell me how I feel to you Stan, please, I want to know.”

Stan placed his fingers in her hair and said, “Your hair so soft and silky to the touch. You face feels like the soft petals of a rose.”

“That’s nice, but now the rest of me too.”

Moving his hands to her shoulders, he said, “Your shoulders feel like smooth cotton.”

“Silly, that’s my blouse, wait,” as she reached down and brought the blouse up over her head and dropped it on the floor. “Now tell me how I feel.”

As bursa escort bayan his hands touched her bare shoulders he smiled and said, “Nice, that feels real nice,” and he moved out and down her arms. “Not to large, feels as though you have some strength, but still keep your skin soft. You have long fingers and maintain your fingernails, no sharp edges.”

“Tell me more Stan, tell me more.”

Moving his hands back up her arms to her shoulders, he moved down her back and felt her spine and said, “Good definition and still smooth and silky,” as his hands again were on her shoulders and then moved down her front to the swells of her breasts.

“Now your breasts feel perfect, I love holding them and I can feel your nipples getting hard as I touch them.”

“That’s where I want your hands Stan, holding me, holding my breasts, touching me everywhere.”

Stan lowered his face just a little and he flicked his tongue over her nipple, then he enveloped her breast into his mouth. His tongue dancing over the nipple as he sucked it into his mouth.

“Now your nipples feel like a hard nub. I can smell your body soap and how it mixes with your own scent.”

Ann moves, and is now laying with her head in his lap, “Touch me more, I want your hands all over me.”

He felt her stomach and moved in small circular motions around her belly button. He felt her tummy twitch as he lightly made his way lower. Feeling her jeans, he opened them and slid his hand inside.

As his fingers moved, Ann moaned softly and said, “Take my pants off Stan.”

She raised her hips and he lowered her jeans down her legs and pulled them from her feet. He wanted to leave her panties on for a while longer. Now he ran his hand down her thigh and said, “You walk a lot, don’t you?”

“Yes, I try to go for a walk everyday.”

“I can tell by the muscles in your thighs. Nicely shaped, smooth but tough at the same time.”

Bringing her leg up in the air, he moved over her knee, to her calf. “Feels very nice, I wish I could see instead of just visioning you.” He brought her leg back just a little further and her foot was real close.

With his hand moving over her foot, she got goose bumps and he felt them on her skin. He kissed the upper portion of her foot and each toe. Then he kissed his way back up her leg to her thigh, his hand following each kiss.

Ann laid there enjoying him feeling her body, each kiss sent a small tremor up her leg and she was getting very wet.

Stan bypassed her panties and kissed up her tummy and then under the swell of each breast. He kissed each nipple and then between her breasts. Now her hand was on the back of his head as he moved again.

Small kisses to her upper chest to right under her chin and then on her neck. His hand was moving over her breasts, moving from one to the other, running between them and over them to her nipples. He kissed her ear and then down her cheeks to her lips. His tongue entering her mouth.

Ann’s response was to shove her tongue into his mouth, her hand running through his hair. Her breaths were coming in small gasps as he continued to kiss and play with her breasts. Her pussy was leaking like crazy and she wanted him inside of her so bad, but she also wanted to know more about his body too.

Moving her head, she said to him, “Now it’s my turn,” as she took his shirt and brought it over his head. Dropping it on the floor, she ran her hands again through his hair and to his ears. She felt every nuance of his lobes and followed the lines of his jaw to his chin.

She kissed his chin as her hands moved over his cheeks to his nose. She felt a small nose, not wide and kissed the tip of it. Moving her hands down to his neck, then to his shoulders.

He wasn’t a large person, his muscles were taunt but not like a weightlifter. He was strong as she felt his biceps and forearms. Moving to his chest, she felt his pec’s and the slight amount of hair between them. She leaned in and kissed each pec and continued down his stomach following the tail of hair to his waist.

“Take your shoes off.”

He used his foot to remove one shoe and then the other, as Ann unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. She stood and brought his pants down his legs and tossed them aside.

She knelt on the carpet, between his legs and felt his thighs. They were very strong to her touch and she ran her hand over the lump in his briefs, but didn’t stay there. Leaning back on to her feet, she moved down his legs to his calf’s.

“You walk a lot too. Your legs are so strong to the touch.”

She moved back up his legs and this time her hands stayed over the hard knob in his briefs. His cock was so hard as her hands moved up and down the sides and over the top.

She moved a hand to the elastic band and tugged it down slightly, just enough for his stiff rod to pop out. Leaning in, she kissed the mushroomed head and licked the tiny slit at the tip. She put the head in her mouth and moaned in delight, bursa merkez escort while her hands moved the briefs down his legs.

He lifted each foot and she moved the briefs to the side, never letting his cock come out of her mouth. Her head dipped further and took in more of him. She loved his scent, the muskiness mixed with his soap. She took his shaft from her mouth and licked him from the base of his shaft to the tip and back down again.

“Do you like this Stan? Do you like my mouth on your hard cock?”

“Jesus Ann, Yes! It feels so good.”

Ann returned her mouth to his cock and took the entire shaft into her mouth. It pushed against the gag reflex, but she managed. She took his balls in her hand and rolled them as she sucked his hard dick.

Stan just laid his head on the back of the couch and held her head to him. His hands full of hair as she bobbed up and down his shaft. She popped the mushroomed head in and out of her mouth and at times just licked him. The large vein was a favorite spot for her as she followed it up and down to his scrotum.

Sucking in one of his balls, her hand pumped his shaft. She sucked in the other ball and she could hear him moaning. She want nothing but to please him, she didn’t care how either. She lifted his sack and licked underneath it, feeling the tiny ridges of the sack on her tongue.

“Oh God, Ann”

Moving her tongue, she lapped at his balls again and then back up his shaft and taking him in her mouth again. Her tongue wrapping around his shaft as she moved.

“Ann, stop! I’m going to cum.”

She didn’t stop, she wanted to taste his cum, to have it flow into her mouth and down her throat. His words only spurred her on as she pumped his shaft faster.

“God, I’m cuming Ann, I’m cuming”

His first spurt of cum shot into her and hit the back of her throat. Swallowing quickly she readied herself for the next spurt. It came quick as did the third, fourth and fifth. It was hard for her to keep up and some leaked from her lips and down his shaft onto her hand.

Ann just kept moving her head, savoring his taste as she continued to bob on his cock until it was flaccid and she let it pop out of her mouth. Leaning back, she brought her hand to her lips and licked his cum from her fingers.

Stan was trying to gain a normal breathing pattern when he heard her say, “MMMM, I like doing that for you.”

“Ann that was so great. My God yes it was.”

Stan leaned forward and found her face and brought her to him. Kissing her, he tasted himself on her lips, but he didn’t care. He held her body against him as their tongues were once again lapping at each other.

He moved Ann into a standing position and her pussy was right at his face. He pulled her closer to him and kissed the front of her panties and sucked in the material where they were all wet. His hands rolled her panties down her hips and legs.

When she was free of her panties, Stan moved his hands back up each of her legs and stayed on her ass. Moving her just a little closer, he brought his right hand around and felt her mound with his fingertips.

Softly, he moved them over her labia and felt the split with its juices leaking from her. Running a finger up between her lips, he gathered the juice and brought it to his mouth.

“MMMM, you taste good,” as he moved his face closer and licked at her love lips. Sucking softly on her slit, he savored her flavor.

Ann moved her hands to his head and said, “Take me to the bedroom, I want you in my bed and inside of me.”

“Lead the way and I will surely follow.”

Ann took his hand and made her way to her bed. She had never slept with anyone in her bedroom. Stan was her first lover, but so many times she had laid on that bed, playing with herself, wanting more. Now Stan was here and her man was going to fuck her and she wanted that so much.

As she sat on the bed, she brushed his cock with her arm and felt that it was hard again. Pulling him down on top of her, they moved back onto the bed. Still on top of the spread, Ann spread her legs and said, “Now, I need you now.”

Stan moved and placed his cock at her entrance. Ann took hold of it with her hand and moved it up and down her slit and over her clit. She tingled inside and then placed him at her love hole and said, “Fuck me.”

Stan moved his hips forward and the head slid in easily, she was so wet. Pushing more, he went all the way in, feeling her body slap against his.

“Oh God Stan, you feel so good inside me.”

He pumped his cock back and forth and the edge of his cock head could feel the ripples of her slick tunnel. Together they moved in unison. Grunting and groaning and moaning with each thrust of his cock.

Ann wrapped her legs around his legs and continued to mash her pussy onto his hard cock. Her hands holding on to his ass cheeks, wanting as much of him inside of her as she could handle.

Stan was busy sucking on her nipples and holding her breasts in his hands while he shoved his stiff rod in and out of her.

“Make me cum Stan, make me cum all over you hard cock.”

Her words were driving him crazy. He pushed even more, wanting to please her. It was all he cared about right now.

The only sounds in the room were the slapping of their bodies and the moaning coming from Ann.

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