Blind Date

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Tappity tappity tap. He could here the tapping as it neared his door. His curiosity had brought him within a few feet of his front door, when he heard the knock. Looking out the peephole, he could see the face of his date, but she was not alone. He found her through an ad, and had only met with her once before, over lunch. He knew there was a good chance of having sex tonight, as that seemed to be her topic of discussion.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he asked as he opened the door.

“Pretty good. Hope you don’t mind, but I have to baby-sit my older brother tonight.” she said as she escorted the man inside. He wore dark sunglasses, and had a white cane hooked over his arm.

“No problem.” He said as he extended his hand. “Glad to meet you.” There was no response.

“Oh, he can’t hear you either.” she added, as she guided him to the couch.

“I thought we would be alone tonight.” he whispered to her as he nodded towards her charge.

“Basically, we are. I just park him wherever, and he stays, kind of like a dog. Oh, and you don’t have to whisper!” she giggled.

Dinner was interesting, as they watched the blind mute fumble gracefully at the table. He managed quite well under the circumstances. The two soon fell into conversation, and forgot the third party was even there. After finishing up, he cleared the table while she led her brother back out to the living room.

He joined them a few minutes later, sitting next to her on the love seat. As soon as he sat down, she was all over him. She quickly shed her blouse, and was removing her bra when he hesitated.

“Uh…what about him?” he gestured towards the man on the couch directly across from them.

“Don’t be silly, he doesn’t have a clue.” she said as she tossed her bra to the floor. Standing between them, she then removed her skirt, and slid her panties off.

“My, you sure seem to be in a hurry!” He quipped, as he sat there Maltepe Escort Bayan still fully dressed. She was gorgeous, and he sure wasn’t about to complain.

“I’m just horny. I think I had a little too much wine with dinner.” She was now tugging on his zipper, trying to free the beast hidden inside. Now fully exposed, his cock seemed to accept the fact that there was another man only three feet away. He occasionally glanced at the blind man, as she skillfully licked and sucked his raging hard on. She had a talent that overwhelmed his senses, bringing him close in mere moments. Before he could warn her, his balls reared back, and let loose a torrent of cum. She moaned in pleasure as he spurted deep into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, ’til it was all gone, and yet she kept sucking. It was apparent at this point that he was going to stay hard, as she started to straddle his wet cock.

“Don’t you think we should go to the bedroom?” he asked, motioning towards her brother.

“No. He might suddenly wander off, and I don’t want to lose him.” She spread her legs apart, dropping down against his legs. He was now buried balls deep in that velvety glove that gripped him so nicely. First he played with her firm tits, then caressed her tight little butt. He kissed her salty lips, then sucked on each nipple. So many things to play with, as she bounced up and down, moaning and groaning with each stroke. Every once in a while, he would look at the man on the couch. He seemed to be staring at them, but his expression never changed. He just sat there waiting for his sister to finish whatever it was she was doing, so she could take him home.

She expressed herself quite loudly when she came, causing him to erupt once more. His cum coated the inside of her hot pussy, as she slowed her pace like a train pulling into a station. She dismounted him, leaving a string of cum stretching from her pussy to the tip of his Maltepe Escort cock. Leaning over, she licked him clean, leaving him well spent.

“Do you think you can get it up again?”she teased, as his cock began to soften.

“I think you finally wore me out!” was all he could say, as his heart beat returned to it’s normal pulse.

She stood up, with her back to him, and said, “Are you sure?”. And with that, she bent straight over at the waist, until her face was touching her shins. The very limber lady then wrapped her arms around her legs, effectively pointing her slender butt up into the air. He let out a groan as his cock made the decision for him. Standing behind her, he slipped his slightly sore cock into her exposed pussy, feeling the slippery warmth it provided.

“Not there, silly!” she giggled, as she reached up and spread her own butt cheeks apart. “Here!” She wiggled back and forth. He had never had a true piece of ass before, and was savoring the idea, as he pulled his slick member out of it’s happy hiding place. He aimed carefully, and as soon as the head of his cock was in, he grabbed her hips. He was not quite sure what to do next, so he just sawed in and out about an inch each way. Letting go of her own cheeks, she placed her hands on the floor, and with one swift push, she impaled herself on him.

He had never felt anything as nice and warm and tight as this, and was glad he could enjoy it for a few minutes. He could feel her tickle his balls, as she reached up to play with herself, quickly bringing herself off again, and again. This new sensation was too great for him, as he soon unloaded deep in her bowels with a might groan. As he pulled out of the greasy glove, he could see it open and close, allowing a small trail of cum to run down her leg.

They both soon caught their breath, as they gathered their clothes. It was getting late, and she had to leave. He wanted to do this again Escort Maltepe real soon.

“Can I call you?” he asked, as they headed out the door. “Sure, but I might have to baby-sit again.” she said with a grin.

“Doesn’t bother me any.”

“I could tell!” she spoke over the tapping of the white cane.

He closed the door and sat on the couch reviewing what just happened tonight. He couldn’t believe his luck, getting far more than he had hoped for. OK, the guy couldn’t see, or hear, but he must have smelled the sex in the room. And yet he had no response to it. It was too much to think about, so he headed off to his bed, where he would sleep soundly.

As the couple rounded the corner from his place, the man stopped, and turned to the lady. A smile slowly crossed his face.

“That was incredible!” he exclaimed. “Honey, it was so hard to just sit there and watch, without diving in!” He took off the dark glasses and tucked them into his pocket.

“Yeah, you controlled yourself quite well! I’m glad he didn’t look at that bulge in your pants, though, that might have given us away!” she said as she squeezed his cock through his pants. As they hopped in their car, he immediately went down on her.

“You taste great!” he whispered, as he licked her from one hole to the other, cleaning her out and bringing her to yet another orgasm.

“Your turn!” she said as she reached for his zipper. It was a struggle to get his cock out as it was so hard already. Pre cum was seeping out the end, which she made disappear with a swipe of her tongue. Her soft lips were no sooner wrapped tightly around his shaft, when he bucked his hips, sending more cum down her throat than she has seen in a long time.

“My, that must have really turned you on back there!” she said with a sly grin.

“You have no idea how much!” he groaned.

“Can I be the blind mute next time?” she giggled.

“I was thinking more along the lines of my retarded sister, who has the mental capacity of a six year old. I can tell our next victim how much you like lollipops!”

They both laughed as they drove home, contemplating their next “blind date”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32