Bless me Father Ch. 02

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Ch02 For I have sinned

The girls approached Marilyn’s house…she was visibly excited, still formulating her daring master plan. She hugged Jennifer conspiratorially to her side.

“I would give anything to hold Father Vincent’s lovely warm cock in my hands…he is such an adorable man…so sexy and he doesn’t even know it.”

“This does sound reeeeeally thrilling,” said Jen…warming rapidly to the whole notion. “How do you think you will manage to seduce him after your failed but frankly blatant attempts in the past?”

Marilyn just giggled…”May I borrow your camera, Jen? It is better than mine and I am about to become a film Director, I can’t work with any old pantsy box-brownie for what I’ve got planned.”

Marilyn’s mercurial nature could be slightly dangerous sometimes, although basic instincts had driven her into this plot, she was quite confident as it developed and nothing could stop her asking Jennifer for her support.

Jennifer shared her enthusiasm…despite the naughtiness of it all; she loved Marilyn to bits and would enter any scheme, no matter how Machiavellian to make her friend happy.

“Ok…what do you want the camera for, you strumpet?”

“I want you to take a little video of me, when I tip you the wink tomorrow morning…”

“I can guess where this is going…shall I dress for the occasion?”

“Mmm think 1950’s / 60’s …think Bardot and Monroe…Natalie Wood…you’ve seen those old films, Jen…”A” line dresses and seamed stockings…the giggle band etc. etc.”

“Giggle band?”

“The darker area at the top of a stocking…the part where you fasten the suspender clip, it’s known as the giggle band.”


“Because if he gets past that, he is laughing….”

Marilyn fell apart at her own joke…crossing her legs to prevent a flood as she opened her front door. Jennifer laughed with her, Mar’s virally infectious laugh was irresistible…”I have to pee, Jen…put the kettle on, hon”…she scampered upstairs, “I am going to have a shower while I’m here …you are in charge, so be alert….Britain needs lerts!!”….Marilyn actually peed herself laughing again at her own ancient joke…she didn’t care; laundry is work-in-progress on a daily basis….

Jennifer busied herself making some tea…few things better on a hot day, “I’ll take this into the garden, Mar!!…we can sort out the details in the war bunker!!”

This was Jennifer’s pet name for the arbor around the garden bench. South facing, it was a beautiful place to hatch and develop their mischief…they had concocted quite a few little plots in that place.

Ever since they were little girls, they had always had a war bunker…a cupboard below the stairs, a garden shed, a cave on the hillside…somewhere special which only they were aware of.

As the dawn of sexual awakening enveloped them, they shared each other’s private thoughts and leanings which apparently ran in parallel…both girls loved to tease the boys…and they knew exactly how to do it…practising and polishing their routines, they could send a lad scurrying off in indecent haste while still appearing demure and innocent…boys didn’t quite know what to do with them….

As schoolgirls, they had vigorously explored the nuances of tease…that perfect and subtly combined blend of awareness and purpose…it amazed and delighted them if they watched a boy’s trousers tent-poling as they allowed a casual glimpse of cleavage or a morsel of thigh…and if engineered correctly, a cock-bending flash of their carefully presented knickers.

There is no real explanation for it…the seduction of a girl’s or woman’s bottom iced with carefully chosen knickers…certain birds perform similar rituals…other species of animal exploit their colour and shape in the mating dance…butterflies, flowers…who cares…it is beautiful and erotic and arguably an exquisite art form.

Marilyn joined Jennifer in the bunker and the two radiant creatures wriggled close together and sipped at their PG tips…and a few biscuits for energy 🙂 jammy dodgers…custard creams…kit-kats…an apple danish pastry….

“Mmm Jen…you do yummy tea and biscuits…I don’t mean to be rude, but we only have a few hours to prepare and I need to tell you my plan….I completed it in the shower…do I look flushed? I had to “milk the oyster”, I can’t get Father Vincent’s cock out of my mind….I have just…eased the tension a little….

Jennifer squirmed a little on the bench…the prospects and her imagination were running amok, she could feel her pretty peach growing juicier by the minute…what would she be like tomorrow morning….Marilyn explained her master plan, pupils dilated, mouth wet and plump with blood…her arousal was intense.

“I am going to engage Father Vincent in conversation before we go in to dress the flowers tomorrow and I would love it if you would surreptitiously video it on that digital camera…I haven’t a clue almanbahis adres what will happen, but I think we can have some really erotic sport if all goes to plan…are you still up for it?”

Jennifer mewed her agreement and put her arms around her friend, “Tell me we won’t hurt him, Mar…he is lovely…just some fun, ok?”

Marilyn reassured her that even if everything went tits-up, she would back off and behave…but for the purpose of this exercise, they could safely assume that at some point tomorrow morning, her unctuous mouth would encircle his rampant muscle and if Jennifer wanted to share it…or simply watch, it was entirely up to her…their consexual condition shared everything equally.

The one thing that Marilyn hadn’t accounted for was Sister Mary….Mary held the diary of everything that happened in her sexual sphere and her bureaucratic license spotted both girls in her diary on flower duty the following morning…her hopeless attraction to them both ensured her ringside seat whenever they appeared on her radar.

Jennifer was first to rise…hubbie long gone, she made herself a brew and flicked through her wardrobe…a white dress jumped out and shook her hand…thin cotton print…perfect on her glorious figure…white satin underwear and a pair of stockings…her heart pounded slightly in anticipation of what could happen…she showered luxuriously, all the while daydreaming and growing more syrupy by the minute…God this was good…she allowed herself a squeeze, press and fondle as she slid the sleek undies into place.

Marilyn however woke in the middle of a dream…glistening with perspiration, she lay for a few minutes, resisting the urge to plunge her hands between her legs…she wanted every molecule of her sex to drip on the objects of her desire…she didn’t even recall making coffee, totally preoccupied as she gathered her plumage for the day… pale blue lilac bra and knickers and a gingham print dress…dainty shoes and a pair of hold-up stockings…magnets for any man’s eyes…it didn’t take a lot of thought or a lot of money…but it was surely and securely going to make that man’s cock twitch.

Jennifer was collecting Marilyn en-route to the church…they had to go to work at 2 and they agreed not to chance being late. She tooted her horn cheekily as the car drew into the kerb. Jen appeared and even at a distance, Marilyn could see she looked the part…a classic 1959 siren…half a century hadn’t made a scrap of difference to the sex appeal of this fashion.

Marilyn wolf-whistled through the open window…Jennifer cocked her legs into the seat with a flourish and spun round to look directly at her friend….”Let’s see then Mar…what sweeties have you got to seduce your priest?”

“Close your eyes!”…several rustling seconds later… “Open your eyes slowly!”

Jennifer gasped …Marilyn had turned to face her and sprawled back on the seat…one leg buried in the foot well, the other cocked over the middle channel, breasts poked out like volcanoes…her dress was pulled between her legs with the hem gripped tight in her fists… “Do you think he will like this?” Marilyn began to pull the hem slowly along her thighs… spreading her legs apart as she did.

Jennifer felt a sudden, treacly feeling in her rapidly swelling quim, her voice was suddenly quiet. “All the way Mar’ I need to see the whole picture to assess your charms.”

Marilyn was looking quite intensely into her eyes…the hem of her skirt just skimming her stockings as she spoke, “Did you bring the camera, Jen?”

With almost a smirk she plucked it from her bag and switched it on …”Do anything but smile Mar’ just show me your sweeties in the next two seconds.”

Her legs fell apart, the skirt flipped onto her waist exposing her lilac knickers. Jennifer clicked the shutter. Marilyn flipped herself back into her chair, snapped her legs closed and started the engine, “Thanks, girlfriend, I need to save that on the computer later, ok?”

“If I am any judge at all, Mar’ he will bust his britches….I can smell your musk from here,” she giggled.

“Nearly there, Jen’…this is what I want you to do…sit where I show you with the camera set to video…trust me, I’ve worked it out…and you sit beside it, switch it on when I say…I’ll be across from you…and I will do the talking at first, ok?”

Jen’ could hardly think in her excitement…they walked up the drive together…not a soul in sight, deliberately 5 or 10 minutes early. Marilyn sat her down on a low terrace wall and settled herself appropriately across from her. The almost secret courtyard surrounded by floral bushes, brimming with summer growth, creating a perfect contrast with their frocks.

Unbeknown to anyone, Sister Mary was watching everything from her first floor window. Still in her cotton nightdress, she rested her folded arms on her breasts, curled the curtain like a pillow and watched the scene unfold, completely almanbahis adres out of sight.

Father Vincent hopped and jumped down the steps and into the courtyard, “Morning girls! All ready to show me your talents?” he asked in complete innocence…it seemed odd to see the two girls apart…they were never apart…and Vincent mulled over the fact that they may have had a tiff, they seemed unusually quiet.

Pausing to look at Jen, the scent of her perfume in the air, he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, the perfume seemed incredibly musky. “Hi Jen’ God bless you for coming, should only take a couple of hours.”

She had found herself looking absent-mindedly at the front of his black trousers…then glancing past him to see Marilyn slowly raising one foot to prop it on her bench…her dress slid halfway up her thigh. Vincent smiled and turned towards Marilyn who simultaneously winked at Jen to run the camera.

Cameras roll…action! ….

30 feet away, Sister Mary’s arms dropped to her sides…still leaning into the window jamb, she began to stroke her mound through the cotton nightie, this was a once in a lifetime cameo performance and she had no intentions of missing a morsel.

Father Vincent stopped dead in his tracks. Marilyn by now had allowed her legs to fall about 9 inches apart, with her arms propping her shoulders, a dark flower loose in her hand. Her lower lip pouted as she spoke, “Have you come to look at my flower, Father? Would you like to smell it, it is lovely…smells like chocolate, I think it is called chocolate Cosmos.”

Vincent suddenly felt faint…something was happening and it all felt vaguely like a film set, which of course, it was…he couldn’t help but notice Marilyn was wearing lilac knickers and a narrow sliver of wetness was clearly visible disappearing into the crevice of her bottom.

Jennifer meanwhile had boldly picked up the camera and with some skill was recording every movement. Her other hand was buried in her lap, knuckles pressing firmly into her mound. Her face, neck and arms glowed pink, her breasts heaving with the thrill of it all as she aimed the camera, zoomed and focussed into the centre of Jennifer’s plump and petulant fanny, alternating to the highly visible bulge poking from within Vincent’s trousers.

Vincent was only a metre away from Marilyn and unbelievably facing towards Jen’, to whom he seemed oblivious….Marilyn’s legs fell further apart as she spoke…”I have got something to show you Father, a picture I took earlier, would you like to see it?”

Mar’ winked and beckoned to Jen to bring the camera over, who switched back to auto mode, smiled at Father Vincent and handed it to Mar’ she then settled back into her seat to watch.

He looked at the image of the still shot from the car…Jen had zoomed to Marilyn’s legs spread even further apart than they were now, coupled with the lewdest seductive expression, she had taken the trouble to slide her wet, pink tongue half an inch from her mouth. The whole effect embodied her unabashed lust.

Marilyn switched settings and began to run the video…Vincent seemed totally unaware of the erection he was sporting a few inches from Marilyn’s face. He watched in horror as he looked at the little screen, unable to believe his eyes…it looked like he was propositioning her….

“I don’t really want much, Father Vincent, I just want to give you some pleasure…no-one will ever know…her hand had dropped so her fingers were draped in front of her rapidly growing damp patch as she switched off the film….She waggled it at Jen to look after as she slid a finger inside her knickers.

Vincent stood comatose, blinded by his predicament, unspoken blackmail rendering him static as Marilyn placed her other hand on his bulge and began gently stroking him, fingers simultaneously fondling her tumescent clitoris. She reached and tugged his zipper down.

Sister Mary was now oozing juice onto her fingers in her lofty perch and down below, Jennifer was seriously thinking about it as she absent-mindedly tweaked and squeezed her own nipple…she had second guessed what Marilyn would do today, but hadn’t quite allowed for the impending flow of electric sex across the courtyard. She had never felt so aroused and feeling very secure in this little theatre of lust, she opened her legs and began to fondle herself.

Marilyn now had both hands around Vincent’s muscle and was moving it up and down…it was so slippery and warm in her hands, pulsing like a little animal as she wanked him till the bulbous head peeked out from his foreskin…she leaned her head towards him and sipped the tip of its creamy glaze…three or four laps later, she slid her mouth halfway down, her saliva trickling along until it disappeared below his balls.

Mary could stand it no more, she wanted to get closer…this was too good to miss…she picked up her camera, switched it on and headed for the stair…the almanbahis adresi portico window would be perfect…she almost ran from the room in her bare feet and turned into the corridor…just as she passed Christine’s door, a movement compelled her to stop. The door was ajar; she looked around it to see her chambermaid sprawled wantonly in a chair by the window, furiously sliding what looked like a courgette in and out of her visibly oily fanny, wearing only a maroon slip and knickers, her face dripping with perspiration.

With camera rolling, Mary crept closer and closer, Christine’s eyes were closed tight, her mouth half open, muttering something in Portuguese. “Mmmmeoowww Eu quero sugá-la, eu quero sugá-lo demasiado e eu quero-os ambos sugar-me.”

She almost jumped out of her skin as Mary switched the camera off and spoke, “I think we should have a chat about this later, Christine, but I don’t want you to be afraid, lots of young girls do that.” She reached forward, cupped her breast, leant towards her and kissed her fully on the mouth, the tip of her tongue just snaking inside. Christine almost fainted and slumped in her chair as Mary left the room.

By now, Vincent had completely lost the plot and just stood trembling as Marilyn slurped and sucked him, her eyes rolling in her head…she was fast approaching a climax, but desperately wanted Vincent to cum first, then she noticed Jennifer from the corner of her eye…she had quietly moved towards them and was seated on the ground within a yard of them with the camera once more in action.

Vincent became aware of her and turned helplessly, with pleading eyes, only to see another part of the nightmare. Jennifer’s legs were open too, her sticky wet fingers stroking her pretty white satin undies and sheer stockings making an impossibly erotic scene. Jen kept the camera rolling as she got onto all fours and crawled towards them, a rather filthy smile playing around her lips. She sat herself close to Marilyn and moved her head in close….Mar’ turned, drew her mouth from the swollen cock and smiled at her friend, “Share some of this lovely warm cock with me, honey.” She took the camera from her hand and aimed it carefully as Jen’s lips encircled the head….

“Mmm this is so good, Jen’, cup his balls for me.”

Jen’ wallowed her mouth up and down, milking the lovely firm muscle for all she was worth..Marilyn moved her mouth closer until both their mouths were taking it in turn to wank and suck the poor Father until his breathing began to hasten, his face glowing, legs shaking as his climax rushed to meet them.

Jen felt Marilyn’s hand stroke along her thigh and between her legs to stroke her fondling hand…she reached across to mirror her and felt her honeyed fingers pulled inside…both girls were a hairsbreadth from orgasm as Father Vincent suddenly shot a stream of warm milky spunk straight at them. It hit Jennifer on her eyelid and cheek and splashed across to land squarely on Marilyn’s mouth. The second jet followed seconds later, the spasm sent it dead centre of Jennifer’s throat to trickle down her cleavage and disappear into her brassiere. Droplets flew everywhere…Father Vincent sank to his knees and rolled onto the stone slabs, his cock standing incongruously proud of the black priestclothes.

Marilyn and Jennifer’s ministrations brought both to orgasm a moment later, yelping and moaning, they bucked and jerked their bodies then collapsed in a heap on their seat. Jen turned to Mar and stroked her cheek, wiped a trace of milky fluid from her mouth and kissed her lips like a child.

Mary, meanwhile, was now on her second orgasm and stifled her gasps as the rush of blood coursed through her body once again. Her first had come when both girls had run their mouths along either side of Vincent’s cock. The second began as the two girls kissed. The camera battery had died five minutes previously, but she had more than enough footage for her purpose. Her thoughts turned to Christine, aloft in her bedroom, who despite her earlier fright was gleefully hitting her own second coming by courtesy of the perfect stalk of courgette.

Marilyn spoke first, “What happens now, Jen?”

“We’ve got flowers to arrange, bonny lass…a quick wash and we can get cracking…are you coming Father Vincent?”

Vincent didn’t know if he was coming or going and followed dejectedly, tucking his shrinking member back in its rightful place, shaking his head in defeat at his predicament, he knew that if Father O’ Flynn the Parish priest ever saw that video, his work as a priest was finished forever. He felt helpless as he watched the two girls wiggling their bottoms as they entered the Sacristy, covered their heads with little handkerchiefs and behaving as if nothing had happened. He waved in the direction of the flowers…”Everything you need is there, ladies…I will come over if you need me.”

The girls giggled at the weak joke and busied themselves with the vases and blooms.

Sister Mary took the stairs two at a time and stopped at Christine’s door, she pushed it open, Christine was nowhere to be seen, then she heard the sound of the shower…. She tiptoed into the bathroom to see Christine’s naked form behind the Perspex door….

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