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It was 1987 and at 36 I was between marriages and my mind once again began to think of cock in a big way. Having a child at home I did not however think it was appropriate to bring a man home and was not sure what arrangements I could make so I jerked off a lot hoping that something would show up.

One day while ready the men seeking men personals in the newspaper I noticed that a club in town was holding a blackout party in a weeks time. I don’t know why this interested me as I had no idea what it meant but curiosity got me to phone the club and ask.

Simply this was a club in which men could go, pay for a locker, be given a small flashlight and towel and then enter the club proper where no lights would be on. Other than music nothing else was provided and no rules would apply. As the week went by I argued back and forth over the event. I liked the thought of going but was afraid of being seen entering or leaving a gay club or worse, meeting someone I knew inside. I finally decided that the threat to my career and 12 year old daughter was too much and I would stay home.

Saturday rolled around and I spent the day nervous and on edge, dreaming of what could have been. At nine as my daughter headed for bed I could not help but think that the blackout was now starting. By eleven I was pacing the floors wondering and finally decided that I could at least drive down to see where the club was. Twenty minutes later I was driving a small Ottawa street in front of the club. The first thing that hit me was how quiet and dark it was. Certainly no one would recognize me at this time, why not just walk by the club and check the entrance.

Well I must have walked up and down that street a dozen times before getting the courage to open the door. A dimly light room greeted me as I stepped in and a young man wrapped in a towel asked if I would like a locker for the evening. Saying yes and handing him twenty dollars I was given my penlight, a large towel and directions to the shower/locker room.

The locker room was also dimly light and güvenilir bahis that helped me to relax a little although I raced to strip down and get into the dark clubroom out of fear. I could hear the showers running and men speaking and moaning as I went by and found my locker. As I stripped down I was a little amused to find a small tube of lube and some condoms on my locker shelve. Not having pockets how did they think I was going to carry this with me? As I turned to head for the clubroom I stopped long enough to squeeze the lube into my fingers and apply it.

I had expected that by opening the door the light behind me would at least give me a sense of the room as I walked in but instead I entered a small screened area as the door closed behind me. Pushing the curtain aside I could see nothing ahead of me but did notice a small red light on the wall directing men back to the entrance. Entering the room by feel alone was a little daunting and exciting. Hand out before me I stepped off and immediately bumped into my first body. Saying excuse me I stepped back only to bump into another man. His hand brushed across my toweled ass and then as I turned slid over my cock and balls causing and instant hardon. I reached out in turn to find a hard cock and big balls in my hand but no towel. After stroking me for a few moments he removed my towel and told me to keep it on my shoulders. His only other words were top or bottom. When I said bottom he stepped away from me into the dark. The next number of minutes I wandered around feeling dozens of cocks and being felt in return. Although not the biggest cock in the world my 8” cut cock seemed to be well appreciated and I certainly loved the feel of so much hard meat of different lengths and thicknesses. A few of the men would take my cock in their mouth for a few seconds before moving on and I was more than happy to reciprocate but I was hoping for a lot more, as every one seemed to be moving around sampling but not settling for more than a minute or two.

I had finally moved around to the opposite side güvenilir bahis siteleri of the room based on the position of the red light. Those few times that penlights were turned on seemed to be limited to getting a quick view of cock. Stepping around a table and getting a nice 7” cock in my hand the man flashed his light at my cock and then my hand. I flashed mine in return and noticed his wedding ring. As I bent to taste his cock he asked if I was bi or gay. Divorced and thought it was a good time to try this was all I said as I continued to suck his cock. Pulling me from his cock he took my arm and led me into the back corner telling me he was with a friend and had a table.

At the table another quick flash of light revealed a very thick 6” cut cock on another married man. Without another word I again bent to taste the cocks of my two new friends, running my tongue over the two cocks in front of me and stroking them in each hand. I knew that it was well after midnight now and that the club closed down at 1:00 so I dropped to my knees and took the head of the fat 6” cock in my mouth and slid my lips down the shaft of his cock taking as much of it as I could. The feel of that fat cock head sliding across my lips and along my tongue was incredible. The thick vein was beating against my lips, his cock pulsing in my mouth along with his heart. A hand slid down my back and across my ass as I sucked his friends cock. Fingers probed my ass slowly finger fucking me, moving along with the cock in my mouth.

I broke contact long enough to get to my feet and moved my friend with the fat cock over to the edge of the table. Then reaching over for the 7” cock at my side I moved him behind me. Placing my hands wide on the table and spreading my legs I bent and opened my mouth around 6” of fat cock again. Hands on my head started slowly moving my lips up and down his fat cock while his friend rubbed the head of his cock along my ass. I was pulled forward hard, swallowing as much cock as I could, when I felt a cock head slide into my ass. In one iddaa siteleri steady motion he feed his 7” cock into my ass until he was buried deep into me while I groaned around the cock in my mouth. Once into me he dropped his hands to my hips and pulled me even tighter down on his cock and sliding most of his friends cock from my mouth.

Standing, bent over between them, they slowly rocked me back and forth, cocks sliding in and out of my mouth and ass. Neither was in a hurry to blow his load and seemed to settle into a comfortable rhythm allowing me to enjoy the full effect of the cocks taking me. Hands gripping my hips pulling me slowly back onto the cock in my ass, pushing deep into me; then pushing away, hands on my head pulling me forward, driving that fat cock into my mouth, both men silently fucking me. A few times lights would wash over us as other men paused to watch, stroking themselves. After about 10 minutes the man in my mouth said he was getting close and the other said hold on a minute. With that He held my hips steady as he started fucking my ass faster and harder.

I kept licking the head of the fat cock in my mouth as the other cock started slamming into me. I could feel the full 7” cock sliding into me hard, his hips slapping into my ass, using me. When he yelled I’m ready his partner made a few short hard strokes of his own in my mouth. I could feel his fat cock swell even bigger in my mouth, forcing my lips to stretch around it and then the first big spasm and the taste of his cum pouring into my mouth. The cock in my ass started pulsing hard, shooting cream deep into me, filling me as I pushed hard into him, squeezing my ass and milking his cock.

After about 5 minutes the two men pulled soft cocks from my mouth and ass. I thanked them for a memorable time and grabbing my light and towel from the table staggered back to the locker area. I thought about a shower but at the same time loved the taste of cum in my mouth and the feel of cum dripping from my ass. Dressing quickly I returned my lock, light and towel as I left.

Driving home with the feeling of cum in my ass and the taste of cum on my lips was I dreamed about a return visit. By the time I did go back the club was closed and I have not found any blackout nights advertised in Ottawa since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32