Blackjack Holidays Ch. 02

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This is the continuing story of a wimpy white husband whose adulterous wife has unprotected sex with a black man. If that’s not your cup of tea, please don’t force yourself to read it. If you do enjoy the story, please take a second to vote, and your comments and feedback are always welcome.

After leaving my company Christmas party, my black boyfriend Jack and I rode in his car, on our way to my home, where my husband Ron would be waiting for us. Jack tried to make small talk. He patted my leg with his hand and told me how much he looked forward to spending the night with me. Jack could tell that I was preoccupied and asked me if I was alright. I said I was, but that I was a little worried about how things were going to go. What if Ron wants to watch us fuck? What if he doesn’t? What if he interferes? What if he tries to stop us?

Jack tried to reassure me and put my mind at ease.

“He may not even know it yet, but your husband wants me to fuck you,” Jack confidently stated. “He really does. He knows that you’ve been putting out for me and he’s more than okay with it. You said that he wanted us to go to your house, not my place. He wants to see it, hear it, smell it, and maybe even taste it, for himself. If you want to make Ron happy, be a total slut for my cock tonight. Keep telling him that you love everything about fucking me and I guarantee that he’ll cum in his pants before I can cum in your pussy!”

I smiled at Jack and told him that he might be right, and that I would try my best to be a whore. Then I rubbed my hand on his arm and told him that he talks like someone who’s broken in a wanna-be cuckold or two before. Jack stretched his arm to wrap my shoulder, then chuckled when he said, “Let’s just say, it’s not my first rodeo!”

When Jack pulled into my driveway Ron’s car was already there and the lights were on in the house. As we walked inside, Jack’s hand was firmly on my ass. Ron was sitting on the couch, intently looking our way.

Heeding Jack’s advice, I decided that I was not going to “pussy-foot around”, so to speak. My husband was going to witness, up-close and personal, how his wife gets fucked by her big black lover.

I said that I was going to change into something more comfortable and I told Jack to make himself at home. Jack sat at the opposite end of the sofa where Ron was seated.

A few minutes later, I made my appearance wearing Ron’s favorite sheer, see-through red nightgown, but I was not wearing it for him. I was naked underneath and my tits and smooth pussy were barely veiled. There was room for me to sit on the couch between my two men, but I glided over and sat on Jack’s lap instead. I took Jack’s face in my hands, brought my face to meet it, then I started kissing him. I kissed his lips lightly at first, then stuck my tongue out to play with his, and finally French kissed him as deeply as I could. After a couple of minutes, I popped my eyes open to look at Ron. That surprised him!

“I love kissing Jack,” I told Ron. “His lips and so full and his tongue is so thick. It really turns me on. And can you believe how black he is?! Did you ever imagine that you’d see your wife kissing a black guy, honey? Wait until you see me fuck him!”

As we continued to kiss, I ran my hands all over Jack and he started to fondle my boobs through my nightgown. I turned my head toward Ron and said, “This fucking gown is in my way. My tits need to be sucked!” I crossed my arms and pulled the nighty off over my head, leaving me totally nude.

Jack then began groping and sucking on my boobs, barely three feet away from my husband. I twisted and moaned loudly. Louder than Ron had ever heard when he had ahold of my nipples.

I started unbuttoning Jack’s shirt and I pulled it off and hummed as I ran my hands over his muscular dark chest. Then I unfastened his belt and motioned for him to stand. As jack stood up, I turned half-way around on the couch cushion to better face my husband, and I said, “Honey, wait until you see this!”

I pulled Jack’s pants down with one swift motion. Jack’s big black cock sprang out, half-erect. I continued to speak to Ron, who had scooted forward to get a better view.

“Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?!” I put my hand under it and held it up.

“It’s so black and so fucking big and thick! And he’s not circumcised either. When I pull the skin back it looks like your penis, only black, and twice as big! It scared me the first time I ever saw it, but it doesn’t scare me anymore. Every time I see it I just have to suck it!”

Jack stood still and I leaned forward and with my hand, guided it to my mouth.

Jack just hummed “mmmmm-hmmmm” as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, tickling his plum-sized balls with my red-polished fingernails at the same time. Jack moaned with pleasure.

“I know how to turn him on by sucking his cock because he taught me exactly what to do,” I said as I momentarily drew my mouth away. “That’s gungoren escort something that you and my old boyfriends never did.”

After face-fucking me for several minutes, Jack pulled his cock away and took both of my hands in his, gently helping me to my feet.

“Ron, honey, I think that Jack is ready to get fucked, and so am I!”

Jack sat down on the couch and led me to straddle him. We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes, then Jack moved me half-way around into a reverse cowgirl position.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “This is good. Ron, look. You’ll be able to see Jack’s big black cock going into my pussy. I’ll bet you don’t think that I can take the whole thing, but just watch this!”

With that said, I lowered myself onto Jack’s cock, moaning “Oh, fuck! Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good! My pussy was made to fuck a big black cock! Oh fuck, I love it!”

We started to really go at it. Jack and I moved up and down in perfect unison. Ron appeared awestruck as he watched that huge, jet-black cock disappear into my pink pussy with every down stroke. Ron’s right hand was inside his pants as he stroked himself. If he was trying to be discreet, it wasn’t working.

I started cumming and I screamed like a banshee. If anything, I found that fucking my boyfriend in front of my husband was a real turn-on for me. I came again. And again. I thought that Jack would want to show off more of his fucking skills by switching to different positions, but he chose to just keep pounding me from underneath.

After quite some time, Jack mumbled that he was going to cum.

“Oh yeah baby!” I growled. “Cum in my pussy! Push that big black cock deep inside me and shoot your nigger sperm into my belly! Oh fuck!”

Jack did as I instructed and let loose inside me as he moaned and grunted with every blast of his semen. After a few moments, I eased myself off of Jack and his cock and I plopped down on the couch between him and Ron, panting and sweating. Jack’s cum was bubbling out of my pussy and I thought Ron might want to eat me out. He looked like he wanted to, but he didn’t do it. I was a little disappointed but I thought to myself “all in due time.”

After catching my breath, I looked toward Ron and asked, “You okay, honey?”

Ron took a deep breath, in and out, and said, “Yeah, I’m fine. That was amazing.”

I noticed that Ron had a wet spot on his pants. I’m not sure exactly when he came – before or after Jack.

After a few minutes, Ron stood up and said he was going to brush his teeth and grab a few things from our bedroom. That told me that he was going to let Jack and me have the master bedroom while he slept in the guest bed! Yes!

I stood up too and gave Ron a naked hug as I whispered “Good night, sweetheart. Thank you so much for tonight.”

More in store

The two weeks leading up to Christmas were hectic, as always. Ron and I put up our tree and decorated the house. We went to parties at our friends’ homes. There was always a lot to do and it seemed like we were on the go all the time. Personally, I did a lot of shopping. I actually had to because I hadn’t accomplished much gift buying up to that point. I’d spent most of my free time fucking Jack instead of going to the mall. That part didn’t change much.

On the Saturday before Christmas I told Ron that I was going to hit the stores with a vengeance starting early in the morning. Shortly after sunrise, I drove to Jack’s place and we fucked for a good hour. Jack was my bull and I was his cow. Then Jack got dressed so that we could go shopping together. It would be my first time going out in public with my black boyfriend! Strolling through the mall, I let my hand slip into Jack’s grasp a couple of times, but most of the time we just walked side-by-side. I think it was pretty obvious, though, that we were a couple.

Everyone in town must have been shopping that day because I ran into several people that I knew. Each time I introduced Jack as “a friend of mine from work”. And each time I noticed a raised eyebrow or two! When I ran into my friend, Mandy, who had recently separated from her husband, she was very interested in the strapping black hunk who was schlepping my shopping bags. A few minutes later, Mandy sent me a text message.

Mandy’s message: Cyndi, WTF?!

My reply: 😉

Jack proved to be very helpful in picking out my main gift for Ron. I found it amusing to think that my boyfriend was choosing my husband’s present. Late in the afternoon we finished our shopping and returned to Jack’s place for a little more fucking. I went home and asked Ron to help me carry all of the shopping bags into the house. Ron was really impressed with how productive I had been.

I thought about parading my cum-dripping cunt in front of my husband but decided that it would be much wiser for me not to mention fucking Jack, unless Ron asked. He didn’t. I took a shower and scrubbed away all telltale signs of my lover. istanbul escorts That night, after Ron and I went to bed and made love to each other, I asked Ron if he would mind if I went over to Jack’s place for a few hours the next day. I was elated when Ron said it would be fine, since I deserved a little reward for braving the mall madness all day. Besides, Ron said, he needed to go to the store to buy a gift or two for me. It was possibly the best Sunday I’d ever had as Jack and I spent five naked hours together, nearly all of them fucking in Jack’s bed.

Christmas morning

Ron and I planned to spend a quiet Christmas morning at home, just the two of us. I would have liked to have included Jack to make it the three of us, but Jack was going to his mother’s house at some point. Besides, Ron would probably see Jack’s presence on the holiday as an intrusion.

I was hosting Christmas dinner for my family in the late afternoon. I had a pre-cooked ham, so preparing the meal would be easy. My mom and dad were coming, along with Cousin Margo and her husband, Bob.

Ron and I could have slept in on Christmas morning, but we actually got up a little earlier than usual. I made coffee and put a frozen coffee cake in the oven. To keep my girlish figure, I usually avoided sugar, carbs and fat calories, but I allow myself to indulge on special occasions.

For Ron and me, our Christmas gift exchange routine always started off with giving a Hallmark card to each other. I had taken great care to find a romantic card for Ron with a gushy message about how our lives were evolving and our love was growing stronger every day. Ron’s card to me was from the humor rack, something about “Merry Christmas to my favorite sexpot”.

We both gave each other a little kiss after putting the cards aside, then we exchanged stockings. We customarily gave each other a stocking stuffed with little personal items, some practical and some meant as a joke. I hadn’t been very imaginative and I put lotto scratch-offs, Starbucks gift cards, a Chapstick, and so forth in Ron’s stocking. When I dug into my stocking I found some chewing gum, a new toothbrush, a tube of blazing red lipstick, and a chunk of coal, the age-old Christmas comeuppance for a boy or girl who had misbehaved. Digging further, I pulled out a package of nicotine stop-smoking gum. I playfully tossed the package over my shoulder and reacted with a drone “whoopty-doo.” Finally, from deep in the toe of my stocking I retrieved a box of condoms. I chuckled and with a naughty smile I said, “I hope these aren’t for Jack. They’re way too small!”

After a time-out to refill our coffee mugs, we settled in by the tree to open our gifts. I got Ron to open his main gift first – the one that Jack helped me select. It was a compact high-def video camera. Ron was really happy with it. He loved anything electronic and he grinned widely when I suggested that he could use the camera to record X-rated movies of me and Jack. Ron then handed me my gift – the biggest one under the tree. I excitedly tore off the wrapping paper, then managed to say “thank you, honey” when I saw the box. It was a crock pot. A fucking crock pot! I wanted to fucking scream, but I pasted on a smile and gave hubby a kiss.

After exchanging a few other packages, I handed a ribbon-tied box to Ron and said, “I hope you like it. You know how I like to surprise you.”

Ron opened the box and found two pairs of lacey silk panties, one red and one black. He stared at me with a “what the fuck” look and I smiled and said it was Margo’s idea, explaining that Margo said she gave panties to Bob to wear when she had a black houseguest. Bob loved them so much that he now wears them all the time, even under his dress pants when he’s at work. Lifting a second layer of tissue paper in the box, Ron found a sexy woman’s nightgown in a size large enough for him. I told him that the nighty was my mother’s idea. Mom had started to mention my father and I cut her off, not wanting to conjure up a mental picture of my dad cross-dressing. Ron leaned in to give me a kiss. I’d half-way expected him to reject the lady’s lingerie, but he closed the box and set it aside without comment.

After opening all our gifts, Ron and I sat together on the couch, sipping coffee and nibbling on coffee cake. Ron seemed to be lost in thought. I was thinking too. Thinking about how I was going to return the crock pot. I couldn’t believe that Ron didn’t remember that I already had a brand new one collecting dust in the back of our pantry closet. Then we heard the doorbell.

“Oh shit,” I muttered. “It’s only 10:30 and we’re not dressed. I hope it’s not Margo or my parents. I told them all to come over to open presents and have dinner at 3 o’clock.”

“Well, I’ll let you handle it,’ Ron said, leaving me to answer the door.

When I opened the door, there stood Jack, wearing a smile and a red stick-on bow in the middle of his forehead.

“Special delivery!” bayrampasa escort Jack announced. “I’m supposed to tell you that I’m a Christmas gift from your husband!”

I broke out laughing and threw my arms around Jack, giving him a big kiss on the lips. After ushering Jack inside and closing the door, I went over to my husband, sitting smiling on the couch, and gave him a big kiss too.

“Thank you so much, honey. This is the best Christmas gift that you could possibly give me!”

I asked Jack if he wanted some coffee and he answered yes. He followed me into the kitchen. I put a cup on the counter but before I could pour, Jack hugged me tight and kissed me. When I broke the kiss we both lovingly whispered “Merry Christmas” to each other. Jack reached his hands inside my bathrobe and said he couldn’t wait to unwrap me. I told him “later.”

Jack picked up his coffee and we both went back to the couch where Ron was sitting. Before he sat down, Jack pulled a small gift box from his pocket and handed it to me. I smiled and told him that he shouldn’t have.

I unwrapped the box and gasped in delight. Jack had given me a gold ankle bracelet. Two charms were attached: a spade symbol and the three initials “BBC”. I was so thrilled, but when I glanced at Ron I could tell that he was not. He could see that I liked the anklet a lot more than his crock pot.

I stood up and told Jack “It’s just beautiful!” Then I placed my left foot on his lap and said, “You have to put it on me right now!”

Jack smiled and said, “Okay, but if you want all the brothers to know that you’re a hotwife you have to wear it on your right ankle.”

I quickly switched feet, offering Jack my right ankle. He carefully wrapped the gold chain around my lower shin and closed the clasp. His dark black fingers contrasted against my pale white legs. I twisted my foot back and forth, admiring my dazzling new jewelry.

“I love it, I love it, I love it!” I giggled. “I’m going to wear this all the time! I’m never, ever taking it off, just like my wedding ring! My cousin and my mother are both going to be so jealous!”

The three of us sat on the couch chatting for a while. When Ron got up to use the bathroom, Jack kissed me and asked if I was ready for some loving. He said he had to leave for his mother’s house in two hours. I told him we’d better not waste any more time then. We both stood up and as soon as Ron returned I told him that Jack and I were going to the bedroom.

I smiled and told Ron “I’m not up for a threesome this morning, but you can watch us if you want.”

“That’s okay,” Ron said, “I’m going to watch TV. I think there’s a game on. You two go ahead.”

Jack and I didn’t have to be told twice. We headed straight for the bedroom. Somehow it seemed rude – in my mind at least – for my husband to be totally excluded while someone was fucking his wife, in his bed, and in his house. Just to be somewhat polite, I left the bedroom door ajar.

Jack untied my bathrobe and let it fall to the floor, then he squeezed me tight as I stood there in my nightgown. We started hugging and kissing and fell onto the bed. I pulled my nightgown off over my head, leaving me bare naked, and I unbuckled Jack’s belt and pulled his pants off. We kissed and hugged some more, then we moved into a classic 69. My pussy was really wet and sensitive and I started cumming right away. I’m sure Ron heard me squealing and I wondered if I was distracting him from the TV.

Jack told me to get up on all fours. Doggie-style was one of his favorites, and mine too. I loved the way that Jack grabbed my blonde hair and tugged on it, making my chin point up, while he bludgeoned my pussy from behind with his massive cock. I yelled, “That feels so fucking good! Oh, yeah, fuck me! Fuck me!”

Every time Jack pushed his cock into my pussy I grunted out an “ooh” sound. Jack was in rare form and he kept pounding me longer and harder than usual. I kept grunting and my tits just swung front to back, hanging down from my chest. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh…

I saw the door open half way and realized that Ron was sneaking a peak. Without losing my rhythm, I smiled at my hubby and managed to say, “Hey honey – ooh – I thought – ooh – you were – ooh – watching TV.”

Ron said, “They’re showing commercials, so I thought I’d test my new video camera. Don’t let me disturb you two.” He stepped closer while trying different camera angles.

“Don’t worry – ooh – honey– ooh – you’re not – ooh – disturbing us – ooh – at all.”

After a couple of minutes, Ron left the bedroom. He probably wanted to review his video.

Jack fucked me some more, a couple of different ways, and managed to hold off for a long time before he finally roared and fired a huge cumload into my pussy. That felt so good!

We both laid there for a while, then I hopped off the bed, went to the toilet to wipe my pussy, and pulled on some sweat pants and a tee shirt while Jack got dressed. We went back to the living room where Ron was watching the game. I gave him a peck on the lips and thanked him again for giving me Jack for Christmas. All too soon, Jack had to leave. I passionately kissed him goodbye at the front door and watched him leave to go see his family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32