Black Noodles with Special Sauce

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Big Tits

This story follows my previous submission: “Boogie Nights”.


Eighteen years old and in the university. I just lost my virginity with a prostitute but I still haven’t actually kissed a girl. You might say that I was a very late bloomer. I thought the only way for me to actually kiss a girl would be if I actually found a girlfriend from school.

There were a lot of women to choose from. I was studying in one of the most prestigious universities in Manila and the students studying there were coming from all parts of Asia, not just from the Philippines, some even coming as far as the Americas. I could choose from so many women coming from different countries. But who was I kidding?!

As I said before, I’m of average looks, I have a limited budget, lived with my parents and I commute on a daily basis. Most of these women would find that immature and also a real turn-off since most of my other school mates had their sports cars, really deep pockets and lived in condos near the university which would become virtual sex dens, I would imagine.

I had to formulate a plan to help me get a girlfriend faster, I was such a geek! I needed to choose based on some criteria. I had to find someone who was interested in me; even just a little bit. I needed to find someone who was not looking for a guy with a car; someone who was not needy too much or high maintenance. Someone open minded; if you know what I mean… Good luck to me then.

I was still a bit shy and was still sort of a loner during class. I kept to myself most of the time. I had thoughts of grandeur and I thought it would be easy to hook-up with women but I was dead wrong. Paying for sex was so much easier!

Every time a girl would ask me something I would still stutter and blank out. It’s not like I’m retarded or anything. I was just really nervous. Pitiful I thought to myself.

One of my classmates though thought my lack of conversation skills was actually cute and would always strike a conversation with me. We would have small chats throughout the day and with time I was able to converse with her on a better level.

Her name was Michelle, only a year older than I was, she was Chinese, but she grew up here in the Philippines so she was fluent with English, our native language which was Pilipino and also spoke in Fukien, the Chinese language which was used by the provincial folk in China. With her stories I learned that she lived somewhere in Binondo, Manila better known as China Town. She had one younger brother and lived with her parents. She also commuted since her place was only one train ride away from the university.

I never really paid any attention to her in class but when we started talking to each other I noticed that she was beautiful. I was a fan of chinky eyed girls and Michelle was a real class example of that.

She had long silky straight black hair up to her mid back. Her body was sexy in a teen coed kind of way, not sultry or slutty just more innocent looking, a slim waist, breasts of ample size which I imagined would fit my hands perfectly and a butt that was average, not big nor flat. Her skin was not white but more of a yellow shade. She also had a very warm smile which she flashed every chance she’d get. She would normally wear a simple white body hugging shirt, torn jeans and running sneakers.

She was beautiful!

I’d say beautiful because she was one of the first girls who gave me the time of day and noticed me enough to talk to me. I was not in the position to be choosy. She fit my criteria perfectly.

A few weeks passed by and our conversations muratpaşa escort during class turned into hanging out together. We were together quite a bit more. We ate at the same time and also walked to the train station together. On one of these walks, I gathered all of my courage to ask her out.

“Mitch, may I ask you a question?” I asked. I could feel I was starting to have a cold sweat.

“What is it about?” she answered.

“It’s about this weekend. Do you think you would be interested to go out and see a movie with me?” I was beginning to stutter again.

She looked at me and then gave me a warm smile and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t this weekend. I’ve got plans to go out with family.”

Upon hearing this, I felt a hint of sadness but I also felt like a heavy weight was lifted since I actually tried to ask her out. But then she said, “My family and I have been planning a trip to up North for quite some time now, I can’t cancel. How about tonight?”

I was stunned. This caught me by surprise! I wasn’t able to answer right away.

Michelle then hugged my arm and said in a very happy tone, “I’m not much of a movie fan. So, where else can you take me tonight?”

I couldn’t answer her still since I felt my arm lodged between her breasts. She also noticed this and took her embrace away and held my hand instead.

She laughed and said, “Sorry, I was excited! I’m not asked out much. Does dinner sound better than going to the movies?”

Now being more composed I was able to answer her more confident, “Sure! Dinner would be great! I know this really good Chinese restaurant.”

“Do you think we can eat something else? I’ve had Chinese food all this week.”

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”

She gave me one of those warm smiles again and answered me with a slight wink, “How about we have some black noodles?”

I’ve never had black noodles, maybe pasta with squid ink sauce, I wasn’t sure. We were both in culinary courses so eating new dishes was always a new adventure.

I answered with a very cheerful, “Yes!”

“You should be good to me tonight.” she said to me as she gave my hand a gentle squeeze.

I thought nothing of it at that time. She hailed a cab and told me that it would be easier than taking the train.

As we rode in the cab beside each other, hand in hand, I kept on thinking about so many things, what are black noodles, why would she yes to me and also where are we going? My thoughts were suddenly stopped when she suddenly blurted out, “Driver, turn right here!”

It took me a moment to realize where we were at. We were not entering a restaurant. This was a motel, the same motel I had lost my virginity a couple of weeks prior.

Puzzled with the situation I then asked her, “Noodles? Here?”

She looked at me, her hand squeezing my hand a bit tighter now and said, “Just trust me.”

So I did. I paid the cab, and also paid for a room. We entered our room still holding hands; her fingernail scratching my palm ever so lightly which sent little electric currents throughout my body.

Releasing her grip on my hand she stepped away from me and headed for the bathroom but before she entered she said, “Why don’t you relax and…”

“Are you sure they serve black noodles here?” I interrupted her.

“Yes, we’ll be having exactly that!” and as she entered the bathroom, “Let me just freshen-up then we order, okay?”

I agreed and she then proceeded to enter the bathroom.

I found the room service menu and took a look. serik escort I wasn’t even finished reading the first page when Michelle stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a towel covering her body.

My jaw dropped. This woman led me to a motel. She was in a towel. I just kept on thinking that I was about to have sex for the second time in my life. I didn’t think this would happen with her, well not this fast. Maybe this situation would only happen after our third or fourth date but not on the first. My cock started to get harder!

She took a quick shower; I could smell the scent of fresh flowers from the shampoo she just used.

She looked at me, her voice sounded like she was in control of the whole situation, “Baby, are you ready?”

Truthfully, I wasn’t ready. Excited and nervous at the same time I stammered a loud “Yes!”

She then gave me an order I couldn’t refuse, “Baby get down on your knees!” pointing to where I was supposed to kneel which was at the foot of the bed.

I did what I was told faster than she could even finish her sentence. Michelle then proceeded to walk towards the bed and removed the towel she had covering her body.

I was staring at her body, she was shining in the dim light of the room, her breasts were the same size of my first encounter with a woman so I knew that they were at the most a cup C but they had a slightly rounder shape and were a bit farther apart from each other, not much cleavage. Her pink nipples were smaller and were surrounded by areolas of the same color about an inch and a half in diameter. She looked thinner without her clothes on. She also had a thick bush of hair between those yellowish thighs.

She lied down at the foot of the bed with hers legs hanging an inch or two from the floor. She was positioned so that I was between her legs and that my eyes were in a perfect position to look at her inviting pussy.

She had a very thick and hairy bush, though, I was still able to see that she had pussy lips that were ever so slightly hanging out, her inside lips were hidden from my view and it was obvious that she was dripping wet and not from the shower she just had. Thank goodness, she didn’t have any weird smell down there.

“Eat my black noodles!” she ordered.

It was my first time to try this exquisite dish. I didn’t know what to do exactly, porn doesn’t do any justice to real pussy eating.

I started by kissing her outer lips first and then proceeded licking her slit from the bottom-up. She moaned and I thought it was working.

“Baby, please be gentle. I love it!” she said between moans.

I kept at her pussy for who knows how long. I certainly wasn’t counting. I was enjoying myself too much. I loved how her hairs rubbed on my face, the taste of her juices, the moans I could hear, the warmth coming out from her, the feeling of her thighs softly squeezing my head and the fact that I knew that she was nearing her eruption as her but started to lift from the bed.

Maybe it was instinctive but from licking I then started to suck on the perimeter of her clit with my lips and my tongue flat on that pink nub of hers. I started humming, no; it was more like a guttural hum. She went wild!

She was moaning louder than before and she held the back of my head pushing me to her with more force. I had to hold her thighs apart with my hands because she was squeezing them together a bit too much that it made it harder for me to breathe.

As she was trembling, she then gave me new orders, “Baby! Stop! Baby, please stop!”

I ibradi escort didn’t listen to her cries and just kept on with the barrage I was giving her pussy.

She let out a long squeal and then she started shuddering violently. I was surprised when a gush of liquid came out of her hitting my tongue; my face was covered with this slightly cloudy liquid. It tasted good. It was a welcome finish to my first dish of wanton pussy.

She was silent for a few seconds then she got up on her elbows facing me, “Wow! That’s a first for me. Oh my! You’re still in your clothes.”

I didn’t notice that I was still fully clothed; I was having such a good time with this whole situation.

I stood up and hurriedly took off all my clothes until I was naked. No need for any orders! I joined her back on the bed which by now Michelle was at the center and I was on my side on her right facing her.

I was about to give her a kiss but she stopped me with a finger on my lips and said, “Babe not after eating me out like that, maybe later.”

She then smiled and said, “Lie down and I’ll take care of you now.”

Michelle got up, I still noticed how she was still shaking, still feeling the aftershocks of her previous orgasm, and mounted me. She squatted with one leg each beside my body. I was between her legs to which I caressed up and down; her skin was so smooth. She was facing me and smiled.

She lowered herself on my cock which was pointing straight-up. I wasn’t long but what I lacked in length I made up for in girth.

She used one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other on my hairy chest for leverage. I felt my cock enter the warm folds of her pussy. She was still wet so lubrication was not a problem but indeed I could feel she was really tight.

My little Chinese doll, I still dare not say girlfriend, was on top of me with my cock fully inside of her.

She looked at me as she was starting to go up-and-down on my cock; she smiled but not fully and said, “Babe, shit, so thick!” I replied by slapping my hand hard on her right butt cheek. She took this as a signal to ride on top of me faster.

I exchanged from kneading her breasts and playing with her nipples to grabbing her ass cheeks and slapping her hard enough to make a sound from both the slap itself and her.

She started to shake and moan louder and said in broken words, “Shit, babe, I’m cumming now, shit! God please!” I felt her pussy clenching my cock inside of her; it was unbearable to stay like this for longer.

I could feel that I was about to explode, “Inside!?”

“No! Not inside!” she said as she removed herself from above me.

She positioned herself on her knees between my legs and proceeded to engulf my cock in her hot wanting mouth. Just as my cock head entered her mouth, I spurted my warm thick seed almost instantly. She kept on sucking until I was forced to pull her away because I was getting too sensitive. She looked at me and opened her mouth, showed me my love juice and then swallowed.

She lay down beside me again and made a move to kiss me to which I obviously did not want and stopped her in her tracks. We both laughed and she said without expecting an answer, “Now you understand what I mean?”

I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her tightly as we lay there a bit.

We both took a shower at the same time and after we helped each other put our clothes back on. We asked the motel to find us a cab so that we may exit the place without anyone seeing us leaving that area.

Before going home to our respective houses; we both felt hungry for some “Real” food and stopped by a nearby restaurant.

We ate beside each other and she smiled looking at me and said, “I hope that’s not the last time we eat noodles.”

I told her, “I’m sure it won’t be babe.”

She smiled again, held the side of my face, closed her eyes and kissed me.

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