Black Journal Ch. 11

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Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Mom’s Bestie

Maxine Griffin. My mother’s best friend and one of the thickest, well-shaped, mature, African American women I have laid my eyes upon. She’s the same height as my mom, which is about 5’4″. She had two daughters, and they got their sizes from her as well. She would always bring her kids with her and I would pretend to be their boyfriend. As I got older I started looking at Maxine more and more. She was single at the time and she and my parents would go out together every so often. She’d stop by in a tight dress to the 9’s showing off her curves. My dad didn’t bat an eye and just welcomed her into the house like normal.

She would come and hug me and I nearly jizzed in my pants just by the touch. I was only in 8th grade then. Her daughters must’ve been with the dad. He and my dad usually got along until the subject of marriage came up.

So I was on my summer vacation. No summer classes for June so I had to wait for the July session. I was at the house as usual sitting in my area and doing some hobbies. I hadn’t eaten yet and I was getting hungry. I went to take a shower when the house phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it because it rings all the damn time. I answer it anyway and Maxine was on the other end. She knew my mom was at work so I didn’t know why she called.

She was happy to hear from me though because it had been a while. She talked about her daughters and how at times they talk Kayseri Escort about me. While she drudged on about the two females I had already shared a bed with I began stroking myself. Maxine has a nice, mature voice with a little country twang added to it. As she talked I had only responded with “mhm’s, yes, or ahs” which started to sound more erotic than they had to be. It was a simple catching up conversation; nothing to write to playboy about.

She had asked a question at the wrong moment, something about college, and I unleashed my load with a raspy yes. There was silence for a while, then a dial tone. I shrugged it off and then went to clean myself off. I was at the table working on a FEMO for a client of mine. Actually she wanted three and I had started with the second one. The doorbell rang and I got up to answer. I didn’t think twice that I was only wearing some elastic underwear, and a t-shirt. I answered it and Maxine came storming in. She was looking around the house for something or someone. She confronted me about what I was doing while we were talking. Of course I denied it; none of her business.

She pressed harder by getting closer than normal, but she didn’t scare me or intimidated me. I just made a quick decision and blurted out the first thing that came to mind. I said she was jealous that her daughters had gotten to experienced what a Cyrus is all about, except for her. She did look at my dad like Kayseri Escort Bayan she wanted to jump his bones all the time. I know my pops well enough that he is a serial monogamist. To be honest I had sex with her oldest, and her youngest just gave me a blowjob. They told me they were left satisfied.

Maxine doesn’t have to compete with her daughters, but you know how people like to prove they are the best. Maxine grabbed my hand and shoved me onto the couch. She pulled down my underwear and grabbed my dick with cruelty. I had to tell her to calm herself because I don’t like that rough stuff being done to my third leg.

She did and carefully lowered her mouth onto my tip. She licked and sucked it like a pro. She jacked my shaft with a twist. She definitely knew what she was doing because she took her time. She stopped jacking and then went up and down on my tip with a little suction. She kept watching me for my facial expressions.

I began moving my hips upward and she gladly opened her mouth to receive me. She let her tongue hang down and out while she gagged a little. The sound was exquisite and then I upped the tempo. She had to brace herself on my legs until she finally couldn’t take anymore.

She turned around and dropped her shorts and then her thong. She grabbed my rod and positioned it so her pussy could land right on its mark. She first started off with a good grind session. My junk Escort Kayseri was swimming in her juices. She replied with moans of acceptance. She bent forward and put her hands on my knees. She twerked my steel with her big buns clapping.

Her oldest did something similar but she had her hands on her knees and she talked to me more for confirmation if I was enjoying it. Maxine just did her thing and adjusted if need be. I was just enjoying it as long as it could last because I figured that would’ve been the last time I was able to bang my mom’s best friend.

I stopped her and put her in doggy-style over the top of the couch. I shoved it in with a fury. I wanted her to beg me to do it harder; to show her no remorse. Maxine started to whimper in between her grunts. She was trying to remain in control but that is only reserved for me. I began spanking her with every thrust, hard ones too. She screamed with appreciation. I widely expanded her cheeks and pushed in full tilt without resistance. She loved it because she yelled all kinds of thank you’s and appreciatives.

I was finally ready to bust and she reached behind to splurge me onto her back. I fucked her hand in the process to keep that good sensation. When it was over we went to bathroom to clean up. We showered together and I gave her one more orgasm by rubbing her clit. Since we were in the tub I gagged her with my wrathful tool and she upchucked a little. I sprayed my seed on her face. Another cleaning and we were done. She thanked me for the fun and told me we couldn’t do it anymore. I agreed without complaint; mostly because her daughters were scheduled in the next two days. I had the oldest the next day, and the youngest the day after. A good friend indeed I am.

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