Bishop Takes Knight Ch. 06

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This is a continuation of the orgy and hyper rave party taking place in Surrey at Anika’s home. Special thanks to Annette, Amanda, Ted, Gisele, and Sandra for providing the inspiration for this story.


Annette and Anika passed Brad, Gisele and Penelope on the hill as they descended down to the limo. As they did, Annette caught Gisele’s eye and told her beautiful Brazilian friend to, “find Sandra and Shelby and meet us down at the car for some fun!” Gisele didn’t bother asking what it was that Annette was up to; she knew it involved some sort of naughty naked skullduggery of the most mischievous sort.

Ted and Fabio again stood in front of the limo, quietly enjoying another cigarette; the can of Cab-Fresh and the cleaning rag on the ground next to them, waiting to be called into action. Annette and Anika approached, arm in arm and bid the two gentleman a pleasant evening. Teddy was one step ahead and hurried to open the door for them.

He closed the door behind the two gorgeous women and then joined Fabio up at the front of the car. The cheerful Brazilian passed Ted back his cigarette that he’d been holding for him and the two men stared up the hill at the house. Ted took a pull of his smoke.

“Three… Two…One…,” he said exhaling a tobacco cloud through his nostrils. The car began to rock. Fabio began to smirk. Ted began to shake his head. It was just as they’d expected… well for the time being!

Inside the limousine, Annette and Anika sat with their bare bums against opposite passenger doors, their hands against the ceiling fabric. Both were exerting themselves; huffing and puffing with great effort, although probably not the effort one would have expected by now. Annette looked across the rear of the car to Anika with a mischievous grin.

“Come on girl!” she coached her as she rocked her side of the car like a seesaw, “Rock this thing! Just like that…and remember what I told you… you cannot move until I’m in position behind them!”

“You got it girl!” replied Anika who rocked on her side with greater force. This was going to be absolutely wicked fun!

Under her breath Annette looked at her friend and bid her, One… Two…Three … NOW, with soft hushed lips that dripped of conspiracy, (something she had a bit of a talent for if you haven’t already surmised). Both she and Anika moaned as if the salmon in at the buffet had been sort of “off” and they were feeling the ill effects of it. They rocked harder. They both screamed as though they’d stepped on hot coals! Anika let loose a shriek and a yell like a wounded horse and Annette let loose an, “OH YES ANNI LIKE THAT GIRL… DO IT JUST LIKE THAT! OH SHIT … AAAGGGHHH!”

Ted spun around and looked at his watch saying, “Well that was quick!”

“Some ladies don’t have much of a warm-up time; especially those that know what they are about and have certain tastes and appetites already…well established. No? Those two look like they are pretty comfortable with things my friend,” observed Fabio. Ted nodded in agreement; he’d seen everything tonight…in his estimation anyhow. He was however perhaps a bit premature with that assessment!

Inside the limo Annette continued to shriek and wail and rock the limo. She nodded her head to Anika who on queue slammed her fist down on the bar console as hard as she could; creating a loud WHUMP sound that made the two men outside turn around again. Anika immediately tumbled onto the carpeted floor of the limo with another audible WHUMP that shook the car before she opened the door to the bar carefully and arranged herself in a dramatic pose on the floor like she was ready for a chalk outline prior to the most scandalous of police investigations. Annette put her lips to the slightly open window and let out a blood curdling,


Ted and Fabio made a dash for the car door. Annette popped the door open just as they reached it. A look of horror was etched on her face! She was good.

“SHE FELL AND HIT HER HEAD ON THE BAR!” Annette screamed spilling from the car and looking like she was in a fit of panic. Ted and Fabio stepped to the entrance and saw the twisted form of Anika lying next to the half open bar console, not moving and not breathing; her eyes half open. Annette’s panic was now contagious as both drivers were certain that if she was not dead, Anika was most certainly in a grave state of affairs.

The two men both started to move as one into the compartment to render aid; only to have Anika fly up from the floor a split second later and seize them by their lapels with the swiftness of a jungle cat! Annette gave the off-balanced men a kick in the ass each and the two drivers fell forward onto the limousine floor; and Anika who was like a spider who’d caught two flies! Annette stepped into the car with a naughty grin etched across her face. bahis siteleri She closed and locked the door behind her.

Annette was crafty and clever. It could not be said of her that she was a naughty bad girl… she was overqualified for that position. Crafty and clever suited her simply fine and at the moment, the fruits of her labors were self-evident in no time at all. There on the carpeted floor of the luxury car, amid the heaps of spent clothing and shoes from the two limo drivers; Annette and Anika frolicked with Ted and Fabio.

They made quite a sight indeed; what with Annette lying on her back, all legs up and knee’s wide apart as the Brazilian Fabio sawed in and out of her pussy atop her like a wheezing bucking steam engine. A short distance away Ted was flat upon his back and without a stitch of clothing on as Anika settled her pussy down upon his monster rod of veiny penetration; the size of which had been a shock for both ladies at first glance.

Anika was not deterred however and she had without hesitation, climbed atop Ted, straddled his trouser snake, and bit her lip as she commenced to slide down upon it. Annette and Fabio actually stopped their shagging long enough to watch the spectacle of Ted holding Anika’s hips steady as the blonde Scandinavian bombshell with her piercing blue eyes attempted to impale herself upon what amounted to a highway cone of flesh attached to a pair of meatballs. Anika may have been intimidated at first by the sheer size of it all but this descendant of Viking raiders would not be thwarted by Ted’s large crotch Kraaken… nor that of any mortal man. The voracious Valkyrie merely huffed out all the air in her lungs as she bit her lip harder, wrinkled that flawless Danish nose or hers, and sank down onto Ted’s “love lance” until he’d impaled her balls deep!

Anika’s head flung back and her mouth opened to suck seemingly all the air in the car into them. She was thoroughly and delightfully impaled with the tip of Ted’s cock most likely somewhere up behind her left kidney; scratching the woman’s shoulder from the inside! A second later she released all her air again as the blonde beauty found her voice and shrieked,

EEEEEYYYAAAGGGGHH OHHH HO HO HO …AGHHH ITS SO GOOOD!” She was met by a thunderous appreciative applause from Annette and Fabio (who knew a good show when they saw it) and by the smiling face of Ted, who merely held the woman steady until she was able to calm herself down. She’d asked for black cock… now she had it; splitting her all the way up inside her and she was loving it! She calmed and caught her breath. Teddy’s hands found her rump cheeks and he judged the time was right. He began to fuck her.

Over the course of the next several minutes, the mouths of Anika and Annette were veritable fonts of profanity; the two women cursing and wailing as they were furiously plowed by black and Brazilian cock. Both ladies at some point found themselves on all-fours with their lovely bums high and their heads down; the two men pummeling their puss-holes from behind (and living up to their reputations as “drivers”). Both Ted and Fabio engaged the women in a vigorous “hands-upon-hips” doggy-style fuck where the men were clearly now in control of their shrieking moaning mounts. If the limo had shaken before; it now was a veritable four-wheeled-bouncy-castle; the way it thrashed, rocked, and swayed!

A minute or two passed and then Ted and Fabio switched-out women. Now it was Annette’s turn to feel the STRRREEETCH as the tip of Ted’s black telephone-pole was applied to the mouth of her sex. Her eyes went wide as saucers and her bottom jaw hit the floor. Her lungs let go with a howl of EEEEYYYAAGGHHH OOOHHHHH E-YYYESSSS! Sweat dripped from her chin and nipples onto the carpet, her toes clenched and unclenched; she was impaled!

Next to her Anika was being vigorously hammered by the ever-smiling Fabio, who plied the Scandanavian beauty’s puss-petal’s with his veiny piece of Amazonian lad-lumber. Anika wailed and shrieked as though her heart were breaking but it was all joy; supreme blissful joy that her heart was welling over with! She reached over next to her and grasped Annette’s hand in hers; offering her raven haired girlfriend moral support as she knew all too well what her skinny bestie was going-through!

“Yeah Annette girl!” Anika coached, “Take it… EVERY LAST MILLIMETER! You can do it girl!”

OHH GAWD ANNIE!” Annette blubbered and howled, “HE’S SO FUCKING HUGE … UGGHH! I love it! I love it! I love it! I never want it to stop! AAGGHHHH!”

And it didn’t stop…no not by a longshot! There was however, a few pauses and change-ups as it were; as Annette and Anika sixty-nined and munched clits while the two men rutted and rammed their pussies with reckless abandon! A few minutes more of this and the men once again canlı bahis siteleri swapped-out women; with Ted now taking up a position behind Anika, and Fabio plunging his dong deep into Annette; the difference now being that it was the women’s pretty pink ass-puckers that were being split and sheared by the two veiny cocks!

AAAAGGGHHH OH MY… EEEYYAAAGGHH!” screamed Anika as Ted’s cock split her up her bum-hole; his hands gripping the blonde woman’s heart-shaped bum as his member pierced her flesh valentine like a black throbbing Cupid’s arrow.

HHAAARRHHH OOOHHH YESSSS FABIO FUCK MEEEE!” shrieked Annette beneath Anika on the floor as the Brazilian woodsman sawed his cock in and out of her colon with what would best be described as stiff determination!

The four bodies now slippery with hot sweat thrashed and bucked; completely caught-up in the moment of this wildly hedonistic encounter. The car itself swayed and rocked as the screams shrieks and moans spilled from the slightly open windows. Ted was keeping with his promise to Tony; he was staying with the car. In that regard he remained an immovable oak!

After a couple more minutes of this bestial bum-rutting and the revelers switched-out again; opting for still MORE bum-rutting. Now however; Anika writhed beneath Annette (who guided Fabio’s cock into her Scandinavian girlfriend’s battered rectum). A second later and Annette screamed and howled as Ted (solid oak that he was), sank his swollen tree-root into the pretty brunette’s dung-chute up to the hilt.

“AAAAAAGGGHHH ANNI!” Annette sobbed in-between sloppy munches of Anika’s pulsing pink hood, “IT’S LIKE HE’S FLIPPING MY INSIDES!… OHHHH AAAAGGHHH! I’M SOOOO CLO-O-O-SE!”

“I AM TOO GIRL! EEEEYYAAHHHHH” Anika wailed back at her friend as the two women diddled and munched the twat and clit in front of their faces while thick angry dicks split their guts.

It didn’t take long now. The men were ferociously churning the female entrails that encased their dicks. The women greedily sucked and gobbled one another’s fleshy-hooded quim beans as their long fingers poked and prodded expertly at the puss-hole of the other ass-fucked cum-slut. It all lasted about another two minutes or so, then…

HEEEEEYAAAGGHHH OH ANNIEEEEE! I’m CUMMMING AAAGGHH! Annette wailed desperately; her own fingers now fisting sawing, in and out of the blonde’s puss-hole as if she was trying to set it on fire with fevered friction! She splattered Anika’s hand and face in a hot downpour of briny puss piddle. A split second later and Anika released a piping hot geyser of her own girlie-gasmic juices straight up into Annette’s faces as the tortured torsos of the two women bucked and thrashed.

Not to be outdone, Ted and Fabio’s faces became triumphant masks of sexual rage; carnal snarls that signaled colossal explosions occurring deep down in their testicles. Fabio shook his head from side to side, his normal genial smile replaced by blissful agony as his cock sent jet after hot jet of jungle jism straight up into Anika’s pretty poo-pucker. Just a split second later, Ted roared and pulled Annette’s rump down upon his rectum wrecker of a cock as he came hard, sending a hot blast of salty man-butter up into her still-quaking pink ass-tunnel.

Annette and Ted rolled one way as Fabio and Anika rolled another onto the carpeted floor of the limousine. The couples spooned in two heaps of cuddling sweaty steaming post-orgasmic flesh, the only sound being that of everyone’s lungs trying to claw oxygen out of the very air around them after having exerted themselves so rigorously.

Soon the panting gave way to giggles which were apparently contagious; as soon everyone’s pheromones and endorphins (combined with the post climactic release of tension) served to tickle everyone’s funny bones in just the right way. The giggles became chuckles. Then someone asked what had been so funny. A voice replied with a joke that has been lost in the annals of time but there was an uproarious explosion of laughter that resulted from all four parties, that was only interrupted by a rap on the limousine window.

Annette popped open the door. Three smiling pretty heads peered into the car; those belonging to none-other than the pretty pair of Brazilian bombshells, Gisele and Sandra; as well as that of the ever-mischievous Shelby. The three had come down to the car just as Annette had requested. They were up to no good and they expected to find as much within the car; by the looks of everything they were not disappointed.

Annette explained to them that she had two hungry bored limousine drivers who needed food, frolicking, and further fucking. Anika interrupted by informing the girls that ALL of these activities were to be found up the hill at her house. The three pretty heads nodded.

Ted remembered canlı bahis the words of his mate Tony in the back of his mind and protested vehemently. He was after all…an oak as you may remember. Shelby, Gisele, and Sandra were keen to display their forestry skills however; springing their naked forms through the door, uprooting the oak, and pulling him out of the car before taking him up the hill, (with Shelby and Sandra pulling him by each arm). Fabio was far more compliant, having decided to go quietly with Gisele riding him piggyback.

Before Annette allowed them to leave she made a slight wardrobe adjustment for the two chauffeurs. They were not allowed to retrieve their clothes but Ms. Bishop did have them both wear their driver’s caps – and their black bowties! The two drivers looked quite dapper she thought; in a Chippendales meets nudist colony sort of fashion. She and Anika laughed the whole way up the hill, following close behind them and slapping Ted in the bum for sake of their own amusements.


Inside up at the bar fifteen minutes later Reggie met with Anika. There was a brief conspiratorial conversation. She looked over at Prue and Amanda sipping their drinks at the bar and said to him running a hand down the television producer’s red chest hairs,

“Thirty minutes then?” She kissed him and nibbled his lip.

“I’ll have them both upstairs at your bedroom,” he replied.

“Good,” she said, “I’ll round up the others.” She turned and left for the dance floor.

Out on the floor Anika found Annette. She was dancing with Dexter in her usual fashion; not much dancing – just a lewd shuffle with the ever smiling West Indian’s cock up her pussy, grinding her from behind and cupping her teats. Anika told them of her plans. She was met immediately by a pair of nodding heads.

Anika then scanned the crowd for Ted. He was there alright but not exactly in plain sight anymore; almost like he’d evaporated. One minute he and Fabio had been dancing next to Annette and Dexter with Shelby, Sandra, and Gisele; the next minute he and Fabio were gone, (apparently taking Shelby and the two lovely Brazilians with them). Anika glanced all around in the crush of bodies but saw him nowhere. A second later however Annette pointed to the rim of the pit.

“There they are!” she laughed and clapped her hands. She was happy to see the two drivers were like two ducks who’d taken to the water of a pond instantly.

Up on the rim of the pit in between the heaving bodies, stood a broadly smiling Ted and Fabio; resplendent in their driver’s caps and bowties, and dirty-dancing with Sandra and Gisele. Shelby, perky little puckish pixie that she was; danced in between the two naughty couples (who like Annette and Dex were executing more of a shuffling standing fuck than real dancing). Their appearance over the boiling cauldron of fornicating bodies and frantically undulating ravers gave them the appearance of two South-sea island witch doctors presiding over some great fertility rite; in which there were hundreds of devoted participants!

“Shall I try to retrieve them for you?” Annette asked her blonde BFF hostess.

“No,” said Anika being thoughtful, “let them party out here on the floor. This thing in my bedroom will be like a meal with many courses. It will take time to round up everyone anyhow.” She shot her arm out into the crush of partiers and pulled in Brad in for a dance, (who was now wearing not only his boots but also a toy pistol belt and a little red cowboy hat that the mercilessly mischievous Annette was forcing him to wear after she’d snatched them off from one of the bartenders).

“Besides,” Anika continued, “I have an appetizer right here for the first course. I like the boots pistols and the hat by the way… nice touch girl!”

“I missed my calling as a decorator or a clothing designer!” Annette observed in between heartfelt grunts as Dexter’s cock slewed in and out of her juicy quim from behind!

For his part, Brad felt absolutely ridiculous and absurd. He was grateful however that there were no tricycles anywhere to be found or he was certain Annette would have him ride that around as well. Well, he couldn’t complain. He’d just finished dancing with the two buxom buck-naked blonde Russian harlots who found his cowboy outfit a complete turn-on!

They’d approached him earlier and immediately wrangled the faux cowpoke into dancing. He knew the “code of the West” forced him to oblige; especially when the two drop dead gorgeous St. Petersburg sluts-for-hire turned around and twitched their bums at him. There before his very eyes; he saw two lovely silver fox-tail butt-plugs that matched the women’s furry raver boots.

The Russian beauties batted their blue-green eyes at him and displayed a special trick; flicking their tails back and forth with a shake of their asses as though they were anatomically attached! He accepted the dance in the spirit of East-West relations and his enthusiasm for animal husbandry. Once the dance was over, the two “Silver Foxes” secured a promise from Brad that he’d meet them later-on before they skittered off into the crushing tide of ravers.

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