Bisexual Butch Black Lady

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Double Penetration

“Why can’t a masculine woman be bisexual? Bisexuality isn’t just for feminine women,” Jacqueline “Jackie” Stewart said haughtily. The six-foot-tall, dark-skinned young African American woman pursed her lips and awaited her friend’s answer. Gwendolyn Christensen ran her hand through her long blonde hair, something she did in uncomfortable situations. Jackie watched as Gwendolyn took a deep breath before answering. Decked out in a dark gray pantsuit and white blouse, the curvy, blonde-haired and blue-eyed heiress was femme perfection personified. Jackie already knew what Gwendolyn’s answer would be, but she waited anyway.

“It’s just weird, okay?” Gwendolyn replied, and Jackie smiled. The two women sat inside the crowded food court inside the Copley Mall in downtown Boston. Outside, a fast-driving snow covered much of America’s intellectual capital. The holidays were right around the corner. The Copley Mall Santa would soon make his daily appearances. Mall Santas were already making their rounds at Westgate Mall and the Braintree Mall. Tension reigned over the table as the two women dined. Jackie took a sip of her Pepsi while Gwendolyn resumed eating, as if nothing had happened. More than friends but less than lovers, the two women couldn’t be more different. Sometimes, women from different worlds find common ground, and other times, not so much.

“I like women and I like men, I don’t care if that upsets the butch/femme dynamic that the queer community demands I adhere to,” Jackie said firmly. Gwendolyn nodded, and then glanced at her cell phone before changing the subject. This was such a Gwendolyn thing to do. Tune out anything unpleasant or unnecessary. Jackie smiled and shook her head. Gwendolyn started bantering about her job at Prudential Financial, and the antics of the well-to-do in nearby Milton. Jackie listened politely as Gwendolyn went over the minutiae. Oh, the sheer madness of it all…

Jackie bit her lip as Gwendolyn droned on. A long time ago, the two women were lovers. For a brief period, they had a whirlwind romance. The tall, athletic and dark-skinned tomboy and the curvaceous blonde heiress. They were the talk of the town at Bay State College. Of course, those days were over. Jackie still remembers the feel of Gwendolyn’s lips, the taste of her large, ripe breasts, and how it felt to grab that thick ass of hers. Gwendolyn is a blessed woman in many ways, but she’s not the most open-minded sort. That’s why they could never work out.

“It was fun seeing you again,” Gwendolyn said, as the encounter came to its conclusion. Jackie hugged Gwendolyn and then walked her to the escalator. Gwendolyn headed down to the parking lot, intent on going home. Jackie watched her go and shook her head. Removing her baseball cap, Jackie shook her dreads. In spite of what the Westgate Mall security management team has to say on the subject, Jackie likes her dreads and has no intention of cutting them off. With her usual swagger, Jackie strolled through the Copley Mall.

There were folks going about their daily business, men and women, men and men, women and women. Boston is progressive like that. The Copley Mall continues to be a major attraction for proper and improper Bostonians alike, along with scores of tourists. Jackie has frequented the area since her halcyon days at Bay State College, and has grown to like it. With a sigh, Jackie headed deeper into the mall, crossing the bridge to the upper levels.

The Copley Mall’s upper levels contain a variety of shops, and most of these catered to the well-to-do. Jackie has been frequenting the area for a decade, and she has never been in most of these shops. The book store and the food court, those were Jackie’s go-to batıkent escort areas whenever she came to the Copley Mall. Striding through the crowds, Jackie came across a fairly interesting couple. A tall, well-dressed black man walked by while holding hands with his red-haired Caucasian girlfriend. The two seemed very much in love.

Jackie nodded respectfully as the couple came towards her, intent on reaching the bridge. The redhead smiled and nodded while the tall, well-dressed black guy shot Jackie a puzzled look. Jackie was all too familiar with that look. It’s a look she’s been getting from men her whole life. Masculine women are assumed to be automatically gay and something of a threat to biological males, especially the heterosexual ones. Masculine women in the queer community tend to go after straight-looking women, the kind that most heterosexual men also take notice of. Yeah, they upset the usual order.

What the world ignores, overlooks, or possibly doesn’t give a damn about, is the fact that plenty of masculine women like men, sexually and romantically. Jackie is part of that category. After initially coming out as a lesbian to her conservative Jamaican American family in Brockton, Massachusetts, Jackie would soon discover many fascinating things about sexual fluidity. After graduating high school, Jackie enrolled in college and primarily dated girls, like Gwendolyn and a few others. What Jackie kept to herself was her fondness for the D.I.C.K.

“If you tell anyone about this, I will deny it and fuck you up, you hear me?” Jackie said to Evan Etienne, her very first. Evan, a tall, blandly handsome and brown-skinned young man of Haitian and Irish descent, was totally Jackie’s type. The dude was big and strong but also quite nerdy and malleable. For a time, Jackie noticed Evan checking her out when she and Gwendolyn would work on things together inside the Bay State College library. Although Jackie pretended to be uncomfortable, she noticed the handsome Evan. After splitting from Gwendolyn, Jackie decided to pay Evan a visit…

“Jackie, it doesn’t have to be this way, I am a gentleman,” Evan replied, and Jackie grinned. She stepped into his apartment, located on Commonwealth Avenue, and made herself at home. Evan lived alone, unlike most of the other students in that particular dorm, owned by Bay State College. Jackie was quite thankful for that as she looked at Evan the way a hungry wolf looks at stray sheep. In her FUBU jacket, gray sweatpants and black Timberland boots, Jackie looked butch as fuck and loved it. Most guys took one look at her and knew not to try her. Evan, though, was quietly persistent…

“You want some of that stud pussy?” Jackie said, her voice switching from harsh and commanding to flirtatious. Evan smiled and nodded. Most men seldom turn down pussy, and women everywhere know this. Jackie knew Evan wanted her more than he wanted his next breath. When he reached for her, she batted his hands away. Jackie sat Evan on the couch and began undressing. Off came the FUBU jacket, the sweatpants, the sports bra, the boxer shorts, and even the socks. A very naked and self-conscious Jackie stood before Evan. The big man smiled and gently took her hands in his. Evan’s next words caused Jackie’s heart to skip a beat…

“You are beautiful to me,” Evan said, and then he kissed Jackie’s hands. Jackie grinned, and then the big man picked her up and carried her to the bed. Jackie lay there, her nipples erect, as Evan approached her. Evan kissed Jackie’s lips, his tongue sliding down her throat. Jackie kissed Evan back, and he began fondling her small breasts. Evan began sucking on Jackie’s tits, beşevler escort causing her to giggle. Jackie hesitated as Evan kissed a path from her tits to her crotch.

“Go slow,” Jackie said, and Evan nodded before burying his face between her legs. As Evan ate her pussy, Jackie found herself shuddering with pleasure. This was Jackie’s first time with a man, and this was so different. Jackie recalled how Gwendolyn ate her pussy, and how she took her sweet time while doing it. Evan on the other hand ate Jackie’s pussy like a hungry man. Jackie cried out as Evan sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy. Dammit, where did the big man learn how to do that?

“Magically delicious,” Evan said to Jackie as he feasted on her. Jackie moaned and groaned as Evan did his thing, teasing her pussy with his tongue and fingers. Later, he showed her even more wonders. Jackie watched with fascination as Evan rolled a condom on his long and thick, uncircumcised dick. The big man evidently inherited the best of both worlds from his Haitian father and Irish mother. Jackie tentatively reached for Evan’s fuck stick and stroked him. This was it, the dick, the hub of all power. The symbol of the patriarchy.

“Put it in me,” Jackie demanded, and Evan grinned. Lying on the bed, Jackie raised her muscular legs in the air. Evan began his approach into her, much to her delight. Jackie’s heart thundered in her chest as Evan parted her legs and pressed his dick against her vagina. Jackie held Evan’s gaze, and nodded. Without further ado, Evan pushed his dick into Jackie’s pussy. A groan escaped Jackie’s lips as Evan’s cock popped into her pussy. Jackie exhaled sharply. She had a dick inside of her. It was hot. It was scary. It felt weird. It felt great.

“Just relax,” said Evan as he bucked his hips, thrusting his dick into Jackie’s pussy. At first, Jackie felt some discomfort but it soon went away. Evan’s dick actually felt good to her. Jackie had never been with a man before but she was certainly no virgin. Gwendolyn had stuffed toys and even her whole damn hand in Jackie’s pussy. Yeah, as Evan fucked her, Jackie moaned in pleasure. The big man groaned on top of Jackie, who moaned softly as she savored the experience. Jackie’s pussy gripped Evan’s dick tightly. After a little while, Evan pulled out of Jackie.

“That was fun, Evan, but as I said, you can’t tell nobody about this,” Jackie said as she put her clothes on. Evan smiled and nodded. After an awkward handshake, Jackie left Evan’s apartment. For the rest of the semester, they would meet infrequently, for casual sex. Evan was quite open to trying whatever Jackie had in mind. When Jackie got home that night, she lay in bed with a big smile on her face. Everyone remembers their first time, it’s sort of an important thing in one’s life. Jackie wasn’t about to ditch women to chase guys, but she had to admit that Evan and his big cock were a lot of fun. Hmm, perhaps a few repeat experiences were in order…

Jackie continued to date hot femmes like Sheila, one of Gwendolyn’s former classmates. Life went on for the secretly bisexual masculine young Jamaican-American woman during her first year at Bay State College. Strolling through the Copley Mall, Jackie was pulled out of memory lane by the sound of someone calling her name. Turning around, Jackie got the surprise of a lifetime as a familiar-looking stranger and his companion suddenly approached her.

“Jackie, I thought that was you,” said Evan, smiling. Jackie looked at the big man and nodded. It had been a decade since Bay State College, but Jackie never forgets a face. Jackie smiled at Evan, who looked fantastic in a nice büyükesat escort gray suit. Next to Evan stood a tall, well-dressed and handsome white guy with dark hair and blue eyes. Jackie shook hands with Evan, who looked pretty damn good. The big man had lost a lot of weight. He looked like a professional, perhaps a lawyer or an accountant or something.

“Evan, big man, or perhaps not so big man, how’s life?” Jackie said as she shook his hand. Evan smiled and nodded, and he and Jackie exchanged a few pleasantries. Evan’s companion smiled and nodded while Jackie and Evan bantered. Jackie figured the white dude to be Evan’s co-worker or business partner or something. Dude seemed in a hurry to leave. Oh well, not Jackie’s problem. Jackie is always happy to see old friends and acquaintances.

“You’re looking good, Jackie, oh, and meet my husband, Doyle Murray,” Evan said, nodding at the white dude. Jackie gasped in surprise, and then smiled. Doyle shook hands with Jackie, who played it cool. Seriously, Jackie had sex with Evan dozens of times during their halcyon days at Bay State College and had no idea that he was anything other than heterosexual. Jackie had met plenty of gay men and bisexual men. They had an altogether different vibe than heterosexual men. Jackie could normally tell the difference right away…

“You look good together,” Jackie said, smiling at Evan and Doyle, after getting over her shock. The two men exchanged a smile and a nod. Evan pulled out his cell phone and showed Jackie some family pictures. Jackie smiled as she beheld pictures of Evan and Doyle, along with their two daughters and son. All three looked mixed-race, which made sense. Perhaps Evan hooked up with a lady and got her pregnant, or he and Doyle used a surrogate. Whatever. Jackie didn’t need or want to fuss over the details. Evan seemed like a proud husband and father. Doyle gave Jackie a very bemused look. The dude could probably see right through her…

“Jackie, you had no idea Evan was bisexual, right? It’s cool, it caught me by surprise too, but I still fell for him,” Doyle said with a grin. Jackie laughed and nodded respectfully. How odd was that. In the same damned afternoon, Jackie met with Gwendolyn, the first woman she had sex with, and Evan, the first man she ever hooked up with. Jackie congratulated Evan and Doyle on their seemingly recent nuptials and then pulled a business card out of her wallet.

“I’m bisexual too, and we come in all shapes and sizes, do keep in touch, I’m always thrilled to run into old friends,” Jackie said as she handed them the card. Evan smiled and pocketed the card, and then pulled Jackie into a hug. A bit surprised, Jackie hugged Evan back. Doyle was more proper and just shook hands with Jackie. After wishing them a good day, Jackie walked away. Doyle and Evan walked into a fancy-looking store and disappeared from view. Jackie was still smiling as she walked away.

A decade after graduating from Bay State College with her Criminal Justice degree, Jackie isn’t exactly living the dream, but so what? Being a loss prevention officer at Westgate Mall isn’t an ideal job but it pays alright and someone’s got to do it. Jackie thought of her ex-girlfriend Gwendolyn, and her former lover, the bisexual Evan, now living with his husband Doyle and their family. That’s Boston for you. There’s all kinds around here. Jackie left the mall and headed for the train station. Time to get back to Brockton. The train at South Station would take her straight to Brockton.

“What a day,” Jackie said to herself. Upon reaching South Station, Jackie saw a plethora of people, including two tall, absolutely hot black guys walking around with a big-booty black chick. All three seemed awfully chummy with one another. A wicked idea sprang into Jackie’s head. Hmm, one of these days, Jackie just might do a three-way with two guys. Perhaps Evan and his hunky new husband Doyle are looking for a bi-friendly female unicorn to join them in the bedroom? Nah, probably not. Oh well, a masculine gal can dream, can’t she?

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