Birthday Surprises Ch. 02

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My eyes fluttered open to find myself still holding on to Ann tightly in our spooning position. It was unclear how long we’d been asleep, maybe a few minutes maybe a couple hours. My cock had re-awakened and I found it rock hard slid between her ass cheeks. My right had was wrapped around her cupping her right breast. Her 36C felt full, and heavy in my hand, yet soft and kissable. My cock stirred, and I began to slowly caress her breast, felling her nipple harden instantly to my touch. A soft moan escaped her lips and she began slowly grinding her ass against my cock.

Her right hand reached up and behind my head, sliding through my closely cropped hair, pulling my lips closer to her breast. Responding I cupped her breast and brought her hard, pink nipple near my warm mouth. I slowly encircled her areola with my tongue, stiffening her with every touch. Then gently taking the entire nipple into my mouth, she sighed, and ground her tight little bottom against my stiff member again, harder this time, as my tongue began to dance and flick at her hard little nip.

“Mmmmm, yesssssss” she groaned as I responded, pressing myself against her flesh, and increasing the pressure with my mouth.

With my mouth locked onto the peak of her supple breast, my right hand slid down her taught belly to her sex, which was already moist. My fingers found little trouble locating her hardening clit as she gently opened her legs to allow me better access with my digits. She responded again by pushing her ass back into me, and then rolling over onto her back in place, and spreading her legs wide to allow my fingers to continue to manipulate her pussy. She was getting wetter by the second, my fingers slid through her slit, and spread her wetness all over her lips, and back to her clit, now beginning to throb under the pressure.

With her hands she gently nudged my mouth off her breast and cupped both her breasts, gently kneading them, and rolling her fingers over her nipples. I was hungry to taste her, and kneeled between her legs. Her scent now captivated me, begging me to taste her sweet honey pot. I gently lowered my face to her pussy, and exhaled warm air over her sopping lips. I took another deep breath and gently blew cool air this time, over her clit, making it harder and sending shivering tingles through her body. Immediately I lowered my lips Kayseri Escort to hers, sucking her entire pussy into my hot, wet mouth, stabbing my tongue into her wet hole, immediately tasting her sweet nectar.

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she moaned loudly, increasing the pressure on her own nipples.

Then while her lips were still enveloped in my warm mouth, I slid my tongue through her slit to her throbbing clit. She responded by bucking her hips into my face, her body uncontrollably desiring more.

My tongue began dancing quickly over her hard clit, while my fingers spread her lips wide, pulling the hood back and exposing her love button to my direct attack. Flicking quickly now, I slowly inserted my finger into her soaking cunt, finding her gspot immediately and begin to gently massage it as my pace increased on her clit.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” she moaned. “That’s it baby!”

All I could respond with was an “mmmmmmmm” myself as I continued my assault on her quivering flesh, beckoning the sweet explosion I desired.

My flickering tongue increased its pace again as her breathing quickly picked up, deeper, faster breaths. She continued to manipulate her tits, watching her hadn’t done anything to reduce my own hard-on, now oozing with pre-cum.

“Oh my god, oh, baby…” she cried, “oh yes!”

I knew her time was close, my pressure and pace on her clit intensified as did the pace of my finger now rubbing her spot furiously as she began to fuck my face and finger .

“uhhhhnngghhhhhhhhhh!!!!” she wailed, gripped the sheets and flexing her hips.

A second later, my mouth and hands were flooded with the sweet juice I wanted so badly. My finger slipped out, and I replaced it with my tongue, not wanted to waste the next shot of girl-cum exploding from her pussy. The next spray hit me square in the mouth, filling it with her peach-like taste, she always tasted so sweet. I swallowed quickly and slowed my pace rapidly.

I then moved quickly, wanting to take her by surprise. Kneeling before her, I gripped my rock hard shaft, the head was throbbing and thick, and oozing pre-cum, I placed the head at her sopping entrance and drove my entire length into her quickly.

“AAhhhh!” she shrieked, as the head of my cock bumped her cervix.

I pulled out immediately, and re-entered her, wanting her to feel Kayseri Escort Bayan my entire length again, this time I followed by continually driving into her, with fast, long strokes, filling her with each thrust. Being inside her felt amazing, her tight little twat gripping my stiff shaft.

She wrapped her legs around my ass, clutching me, pulling me in harder. Her clit mashing between our pelvic areas each time my hardness completely filled her.

“Oh yes, oh, oh, oh!” She cried out as I continued to fill her.

I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “yes baby, cum for me…”

Her pussy gripped me tight, and she exploded again, forcing my cock out of her wet cunt as she sprayed my slippery cock with her juices. The second spray coated my belly, and I smiled, looking up into her face, arched back into the pillows, contorted in ecstasy. As her orgasm quickly passed, I lifter her right leg, layed down on my side, lifting her leg over my hips, and entered her again. Lying behind her now with my leg over her belly, she grabbed it and used it for leverage impaling herself onto my rigid pole over and over. She was possessed, determined to cum again, as I ground into her. She lasted only a minute before her pussy gave way and soaked my cock with another load of her cream. She gripped my legs was she came; impaling herself to the hilt, and not letting me slip out of her. Feeling her spasm over my hard rod, only made me want to fill her myself. I rolled in behind her now, directly behind her, both of us on our sides and continued my assault on her now drenched and spasming cunt.

My cock felt my own impending orgasm getting closer, but I wanted this to last, I forced myself to hold off. Grabbing her hip I pulled her to rock back hard onto my cock, she grunted with each thrust backwards. She reached back and grabbing my own hips forcing me inside her deeply as she ground her ass back into me. Just then she spread her legs, and reached between them, massaging my balls as I ground my hard member into her, filling her and stretching her with each thrust.

She moaned again “oh, god, baby, I’m going to again, please cum with me…”

I just grinned behind her; I was not through with her yet. As her pussy clamped down again, she violently thrust herself back towards me, forcing my cock inside her, slamming the Escort Kayseri throbbing head into her cervix painfully. She cried out, and forced me onto my back, she rolled with me, and with her on top of me facing the ceiling, she begin impaling herself with reckless abandon onto my stick which was completely saturated with her love juices, she was determined now to make me cum.

My hands reached around her and cupped her breasts, bouncing nicely in my grasp. She grunted and moaned with each thrust, I was now grunting as well. Her nipples felt hard, and cool, compared to the sweat that was forming between her back and my chest. Her hair flowed over my face as she rested it next to mine so she could arch her back even more. Driving herself to pure pleasure, using my body, getting full enjoyment from the fuck stick filling her as she rode me.

My right hand slipped down and found her clit as she continued to ride me hard, she moaned again. “Please baby, oh god, please, cum with me…”

I was getting close, feeling my balls begin to boil with each time she filled herself with me. My cock throbbing harder now, engorging itself, and growing inside her with my own impending orgasm.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming, please cum all over me…” She pleaded with me.

That was it; her pussy clamped down on me and released another torrent of her hot juice, forcing my cock out of her spasming cunt. She quickly reached down and grabbed my shaft, and starting jerking it. My balls boiled, and my cock erupted, sending stream after stream of my own hot cum onto her belly and chest. I felt like my entire body was emptying through the end of my dick, as I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. After 7 or 8 hard, long, heavy streams of cum coated her, they began to subside, and she slowed her tempo and eased her pressure on my cock. My entire body felt tingly, as if every nerve ending in my body was applauding her efforts, and having it’s own orgasmic experience.

When I stopped pumped out my own goo for her, she slowly traced circled over her belly and her chest, smearing herself with my cum. I lay there, with her still on top of me dazed, exhausted, and completely spent. She then slipped off my chest and lay next to me, draping her arm and leg over me as we both caught our breath and layed there in the abyss of our collective orgasms.

After a long time laying there listening to each other breathing, she leaned close and whispered to me, “wow, thank you, now it’s time to get in the shower Birthday Boy…let’s go.” We both slowly got up off the bed and made our way into the bathroom…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32