Birthday Surprise

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What a lousy way to spend your 50th birthday, I thought to myself as I pulled up in the driveway. My wife the law partner was out of town on some trial and there was no knowing when she’d get back. My high school age son was out of the country as an exchange student. It was the middle of the week, so there wouldn’t be any celebration until the weekend.

I’m a photographer. I like to consider myself a nature photographer, but like anyone who wants to be an artist, I spend most of my time in my home photo studio doing portraits. Today though, I didn’t have any appointments (by design) and I had gotten up before dawn to go shoot at a state park near our home. The day was gorgeous and the fall colors were magnificent. I hiked all morning without seeing anyone. I love going to parks in the off-season.

Then I spotted what looked like a trash bag on the ground by the trail. “Great. Just great.” I thought to myself. “Two people on a thousand acres and one of us is a litterbug.” Another step or two along the curving trail and I realized it wasn’t trash – it was a jacket. Then I saw them. Two girls, apparently college age, both slender brunettes, and both naked, deep in a session of 69 on the picnic bench beside the trail.

I had been hoping to catch some pictures of wildlife and I already had the zoom lens on my camera, so without disturbing them I clicked off most of a roll of film during the half hour that I watched. My cock swelled in my pants and I played the voyeur. I thought about joining them, but I really didn’t think a couple of teen lesbians would really want some guy their dad’s age crashing their party so I went around them on a side trail and continued my hike. I finished my hike and made my way back to my empty house.

I checked my email and phone messages when I came in – my wife had called to say the trial was going well but should still last all week, my son sent two lines in an email from Australia – and I stumbled up the stairs for a nice long soak in the tub where I started thinking about the two beauties that unwittingly put on a show for me in the woods that afternoon. I was stroking my stiff prick with a slick hand when my soapy reverie was interrupted by a phone call on my business line. That one I always answer if I can. Grumbling, I toweled dry just enough to answer it without leaving a puddle. It was my niece, Jenna.

A little bit about Jenna might be in order. She’s my wife’s brother’s daughter and has always been my favorite niece. Being the first niece to be born might have something to do with it, but Jenna and I have always been close. She started spending the summer with us at age 10 and during her Middle School and High School years she and I always managed to talk on the phone or the internet almost every day. Now 18, she had chosen to attend a college close to us. Because of her love of makeup and hairstyling, I put her to work as a photo assistant. Jenna is a tiny little thing, barely 5 feet tall and 95 pounds, with perky A-cup breasts, big blue eyes and a cute little butt that gives me too many ideas if I watch it for very long.

“Happy Birthday, Unky!” Jenna giggled. “Are you going to be busy this evening?” I told her I had no plans and she said she’d like to bring a friend over for a quick photo shoot. “She’s really pretty Uncle Al,” Jenna breathed. “She wants some sexy photos for her boyfriend back home. When she told me she was thinking of getting someone to shoot pictures of her, I told her you’d be glad to. Was I right?”

She was most definitely right. Like I said, Jenna and I are close. Once after a routine portrait sitting with a pretty High School senior, Jenna commented to me that she’d seen the way I had flirted with her to make her relax and smile for the camera. She said, “I saw the way you watched her every move. I bet you were wishing you could see what was under that sweater of hers, weren’t you?” That was when I admitted to Jenna that I had always wanted to have a model pose for me in the nude, but had always been a bit too shy to actually ask anyone to do so. Jenna didn’t say anything, and she didn’t offer to pose herself, so I thought nothing more of that. Apparently she did, and now she was bringing this girl to pose for me. I think she said her name was Emily. They’d be over in about an hour.

I finished rinsing the day’s grime off me in the tub and dressed in some khaki’s and a polo shirt. Downstairs in my studio I set up some basic lighting, picked out a few backdrops and made sure I had plenty of film. My cock was twitching at the thought of finally getting my dream-cum-true nude photo shoot. I worried what Jenna might think about the whole thing. I didn’t want to offend her. She’s my niece, after all, and much as I might fantasize about such a pretty little blonde like her, there are lines you don’t just rush to cross.

I heard Jenna’s voice upstairs in the entryway. “Uncle Al? Are you home?”

“In the studio.” I shouted, and heard the girls coming down casino oyna the steps to the studio. “I’d like you to meet Emily,” I heard Jenna say, and turned. I stopped. Talk about a double vision of loveliness! The girls were dressed in identical low-cut, spaghetti-strap, black silk dresses. Both were obviously braless, as evidenced by the hard nipples poking thru the tight bodices. Even their shoes matched. That was where the similarities ended. Jenna is tiny, and though Emily wasn’t taller by more than two inches, she had a much more voluptuous figure – her hips were fuller and her breasts had to be at least a C-cup. But what really made my groin twitch was the fact that Emily had strawberry blonde hair that reached almost to the hem of her short dress and that her skin was like fragile pink china – not a freckle or a blemish could be seen. For many years now, redheads have caught my eye and been the subject of a lot of fantasies, but never in my wildest thoughts would I have imagined that one so perfect as Emily would find her way into my studio asking me to take sexy photographs of her.

I realized I’d been holding my breath and awkwardly stuttered some kind of greeting. Jenna seemed amused by this. “I told her kind of what we’d be doing, Uncle Al,” Jenna said in a surprisingly business-like tone. “We brought several different outfits and her makeup and some other stuff.” I nodded dumbly.

Finally I pulled my professional demeanor back into place and said, “Well, then. Shall we get started?” Emily grinned nervously and nodded. Jenna showed her to the posing stool I had set up under the lights. Expertly, she adjusted the key light and the fill to the right position for Emily’s height, then started to touch up her makeup and comb her hair. She whispered something in Emily’s ear which made her blush and they both giggled excitedly. Meanwhile, I selected a colored backdrop which I thought complimented Emily’s divine hair and moved one of the accent lights so that her tresses would positively glow in the photos.

I picked up my camera and cleared my throat. Jenna stepped out of the frame and slipped over by my side where she likes to stand when I’m shooting. I began clicking frame after frame of this vision my sweet niece had found and delivered to me, all the while wondering just how sexy Emily meant these photographs to be. I shot from several angles including different heights. I’ve found that shooting from up high often gives portraits of women a look of innocence. I was a couple of steps up on the rickety stepladder, happily clicking away at Emily, when I felt Jenna’s hand on my hip. “Steady there, Unky.” she laughed, “You’re gonna fall down and hurt something.”

Maybe it was the scene I’d witnessed earlier. Maybe it was the masturbation session I didn’t get to finish. Maybe it was the fact that this 20 yr old redhead was posing for me. Maybe it was the lust for my sweet blonde niece that finally couldn’t be denied, but my cock gave a twitch and I felt a spot of pre-cum forming a dark damp spot on the front of my khakis. I could see through my viewfinder that Emily was looking right at it. I watched amazed as she half closed her sultry green eyes and ran her moist pink tongue along her upper lip. I had just enough presence of mind to fire the shutter.

Click. Whirrrrrrrr. That was the last frame on the roll. The camera began its automatic rewind and I suggested it was a good time for Emily to change into another outfit. I pointed her to a screened-off area in the back corner of the studio and then excused myself to go upstairs after a drink of water. My mouth was extremely dry.

* * *

Uncle Al was reloading the camera and I helped Emily to the ‘changing area’. We decided that for the next set of photos she would wear the lingerie we had brought. I pulled her dress over her head and as she stood naked in front of me we whispered about the treat we had in store for my Uncle that night. She stepped into the silky panties of the baby doll pajamas and as I went to hand her the shiny silk camisole I couldn’t resist leaning over and giving her perfect pink nipples a quick lick. I felt her shudder at the touch and I slipped back out to wait with Uncle Al.

When Emily emerged from behind the screen in the purple lingerie, I thought that my Uncle’s cock was going to burst right out of his pants. I asked him what he thought about using the white fan backed chair for this set of pictures and he agreed. Poor man was so engrossed in Emily’s hard nipples pointing at him through her silky top that he would have agreed with anything at that point. The plan was working beautifully. He snapped off another roll of film and as he did so, I made sure to stand behind him and let him feel my nipples pressing against his back. I knew that his cock was throbbing as Emily and I went to change her one more time.

When we emerged from behind the screen this time he almost dropped the camera. Emily was the very image of a perfect sexual slot oyna submissive. She was wearing thigh high black fishnet stockings with six inch ‘fuck me’ heels, a very short and very tight black leather skirt, a black leather bra that had to work very hard to contain her full and luscious tits and a black leather collar. I was dressed similarly with thigh high black boots, black leather skirt and vest and a black riding crop. I explained to Uncle Al that Emily’s boyfriend had a fantasy of her as a submissive and that she wanted to get some photos that would really get him worked up. I asked Uncle if he would mind shooting the two of us together and I took his stuttered reply to mean that he was OK with that. I attached a leash to Emily’s collar and led her to the center of the room where I ‘ordered’ her to kneel beside me.

We then began a session that would make a monk horny. Emily licking the toe of my boot, Emily’s ass in the air as I held the crop over her…it wasn’t long before she and I were dripping wet. I left her on her knees in the middle of the room and walked over to Uncle Al. I leaned over to whisper in his ear, “Unky, Emily is very turned on posing for you and seeing the effect she is having on you.” He asked what I meant and I responded by reaching out and letting my hand brush lightly across his raging hard-on. I asked him if he wouldn’t like to ‘use’ my little slave slut and his moan was answer enough.

I turned back to Emily and told her that the price for her photo shoot would be to ‘serve’ my Uncle’s every desire. She readily agreed (of course she would as this was all a part of our plan) and she crawled over to kneel at his feet. She looked up at him with from beneath her beautiful mane of hair and said, “Yes Sir, of course I will serve you in any way you require. You have only to tell me what I may do to please you.” I thought that Uncle Al was going to blow his load right there in his pants and I moved to grab a camera and record the action as he led Emily by her leash, back to the center of the room. I couldn’t wait to see how Unky was going to enjoy this birthday present. And I secretly hoped that before the night was over, he would be using me as well…..

* * *

Emily’s next outfit was a purple baby-doll nightie that was almost transparent. I was in a daze of lust as I snapped shot after shot of Emily draped over a white wicker chair, but at the same time I was also highly aware of Jenna. It seemed no matter which way I turned, my arm would drag across her hard nipples. At first I apologized, but after a while I only had enough “civilization” left in me to keep the photo shoot going. Besides, if Jenna didn’t like the way I kept brushing up against her tits, she should move. What was she up to?

“This is living up to my old fantasies so far,” I thought to myself as the girls changed again. It started to surpass my fantasies when the girls both came out in black leather. Jenna told me Emily’s boyfriend liked BDSM stuff and that they wanted to pose together for this one. Jenna had a riding crop in her hand. Who am I to turn down a lady with a riding crop?. This set was hot! Suddenly, Jenna strode boldly up to me and whispered in my ear about how much this seemed to be exciting both Emily and I. I guess some part of me was still trying to be a professional and a proper uncle, so I asked her what she meant. Her only answer was to grab my cock through my pants and give it a squeeze.

“Wouldn’t you like to ‘use’ my little slave slut?” she asked. She ordered Emily to serve my every desire. Emily crawled right over. The leash was in my hand. To hell with being professional. I led Emily to the middle of the room and told her to strip me and suck my cock. She didn’t even hesitate. I didn’t give a thought to the fact that my young niece was even in the room at that minute. All I could feel was Emily’s warm breath on my hard 8 inches. I pulled on the leash, making Emily take me deeper until I felt her nose brushing against my pubic hair. God that felt good. My wife quit sucking me a long time ago, and never could take all of me even when she tried. My mind flashed on a few other things my wife wouldn’t do and I began to wonder just how far this little slave slut game would go.

I told Emily to strip for me. She moaned like she was disappointed, but let my dick fall from her mouth with a wet plop and stood up. I held her leash as she stripped down to just her fishnet thigh-high hose and spike heels. Then I ordered her back on her hands and knees and got behind her. I guided my raging hard-on along her soaked slit, then poised myself at her entrance. ” Do you want me to fuck you, slave?” I grumbled. “Yes Unky, I mean Master. Please fuck me. Fill my pussy with your hard cock. I need to be fucked right now”

I’m not much into the dominance thing, really. If I were, I think I’d be a submissive anyway, but it was fun to listen to Emily begging for me to fuck her, and it was exciting to pull on the leash and canlı casino siteleri make her back onto my erection. I slid all the way in on one stroke. God was she wet. While I was fucking her I eased a finger into her tight little asshole – something else my wife would never allow – and it set her off in a huge orgasm. That gave me another idea. I pulled out of her pussy, scooped some of those copious juices up from her pussy to her ass and then pointed my cock at her back entrance. “Does my little slave girl want Unky’s big cock in her ass?” I said. She only moaned. I could see by the way that her anus contracted that the mere question had sent her into another climax.

Just as I was pushing into Emily’s tight ass I was aware of the flash of the camera and the distinctive whirr it makes when it rewinds after the last frame. I looked over at Jenna. She was nude now, except for the black boots. A camera in one hand, the riding crop dangling from the wrist of her other hand – which was working furiously on her blonde mound. I smiled at her and beckoned her over…

Jenna smiled and took the few steps toward me, threw a leg over Emily’s back and stood facing me. Taking the riding crop in her hands like a bar, she dragged my head toward her. Her pert little breasts were right at mouth level and I opened my mouth. As my tongue swirled around one of the hard nipples that had teased me all evening I heard Jenna moan. I looked up. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy. One arm circled her slender body, pulling her closer to me. My other hand found its way to her pussy. She was so wet that I easily slid two fingers deep inside her. I used my thumb to trace lazy circles on her hard clitoris. Jenna responded by pulling me even tighter to her tiny chest.

Emily, meanwhile was moving herself back and forth on my erection. I could feel the tight ring of her anal sphincter moving along my shaft as she took long delicious strokes. I could feel her coming over and over again. Her moans were undistinguishable from Jenna’s, both of them crying out as wave after wave of pleasure washed over the three of us.

Jenna took Emily’s leash out of my hand and pulled on it, keeping Emily and I together as I was pushed onto my back on the studio floor. Without much trouble Emily began riding me while Jenna perched her soaking slit over my mouth. Her words still ring in my head. “I love you Uncle Al. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this to happen. How many times I”ve wished I could feel your tongue sliding through my wetness, to feel your lips sucking on my hard clitty.” She pressed herself down on my mouth. “Lick me, Uncle Al. Make me cum!” Almost from the first stroke of my tongue, Jenna erupted in an earth shattering climax. Her moans and writhing were all it took to set off my ejaculation, and from the feel of it I’d say the whole scene sent Emily off as well. It felt as though my rod would be chewed off as her tight bottom squeezed on me and I shot jet after jet of stored up semen deep into her bowels.

When the girls rolled off of me, they snuggled up against my sides and kissed either side of my face at about the same time. Jenna whispered in my ear. “Happy Birthday Unky. Do you like your presents?” I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, then told her I’d never gotten better presents for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to play with them some more. We set off up the stairs for the master bedroom – and the master bath with its huge whirlpool tub. The girls started the water as I made a side trip to get one of the bottles of champagne that was chilling for my “official” birthday party that weekend. Three glasses and a bottle in hand, I stepped into the bathroom where my two “birthday presents” were already waiting in the tub, and sharing a deeply erotic kiss. My cock twitched at the sight as I stepped into the warm bubbling water.

* * *

As Unky stepped into the tub Emily and I broke our embrace and turned our attention to him. The huge garden tub was perfect for three people and we were soon toasting to Unky’s birthday. I drained my glass and set it aside so that I could slide behind Uncle Al and wrap my legs around him and wash his back. As I did so, I saw that Emily was taking great pleasure in washing his front….particularly his cock and balls. I heard her purr and looked to see that Unky was sporting another beautiful hard-on. We washed each other and stepped out of the tub. While Emily slowly and lovingly dried my Unky, I took the remaining champagne and the glasses into the bedroom to get things set up for round two.

By the time they emerged from the bathroom, the bedroom lights were off and the room was illuminated only by the light of several candles scattered around the room. I knew that as they moved from the bright light of the bathroom into the dark light of the bedroom they would be virtually blind. I went to the door and as they stepped through I led them to the bed and poured us all another glass of champagne. We drank again and the glasses were set aside and soon forgotten. I pushed Uncle Al onto his back and asked if he was comfy. He assured me that he was and I moved between his legs to enjoy something I had long dreamed about.

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